About That "Stab in the Back"

Many German Jews were very patriotic during World War 1. Quite a few fought and died for their country and its lousy cause. The problem was that the war was a lousy cause, like the Vietnam War and just about every war we ever fought after the Great War.
Germany started losing, and a dissident peace movement similar to the antiwar movement in the Vietnam era sprung up in Germany. Some of these people, but many others were just good Germans sink of junkers, kaisers and disgusting mess that was incipient German imperialism and militarism. The antiwar movement helped end the war, which was a good thing. After the war, which ended in Germany’s defeat, this protest movement began challenging many of the traditional views of the land which had dragged the nation into a stupid militaristic adventure that led to the massacre of a generation of European men. Many liberals, media people, comedians, musicians, show business types, politicians and intellectuals joined this movement.
Of course some were Jews but most were not. Keep in mind that Jews were maybe 1-2% of Germany at this point. The point here is that these Jews were not traitors at all any more than the rest of the liberals were. They were calling for a Cultural Revolution in Germany and challenging the reactionary views that led the nation to war.
This was the “stab in the back” that Hitler referred to. There was no stab in the back anymore than that the Vietnam War Protest Movement was a stab in the back.  Hitler and the Free Officers were reactionary militarists. They were not OK people. They were like McNamara and LBJ on steroids. They were a bunch of lousy killers, militarists fighting for a no good cause. And really the entire liberal intelligentsia stabbed the country in  the back, if anyone did.
But the stab in the back more than anything was self inflicted. Germany was losing a lousy war they started for no good reason. The Army and the militaristic state was stabbing its own self in the back in a form of perverse hari kari.

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99 thoughts on “About That "Stab in the Back"”

  1. The Jew dogs never deserved to be there among the real Aryans in the first place.
    Not even the so called Whites are anywhere close to the Germans…it’s just that the Germans ain’t very sophisticated like the COLONIAL BASTARDS and their offshoots…Germans suck terribly at bullshitting and bragging…of course, they are too upright and straight. Hitler was one rare exception though.
    Too bad the Germans got carried away with the initial success of the Wehrmacht…too bad they underestimated the SLAVS and their off shoots…too bad HITLER got carried away with his own propaganda…the WORLD never got the opportunity to discover GERMAN imperialism at it’s very best.

      1. Of course,the NAZIS were racists to the core……like any WHITE imperial power….but they did intend to SETTLE DOWN and DEVELOP their LEBENSRAUM…mostly by themselves…in particular,their LEBENSRAUM in the EAST.You know it would have been really something special……the GERMANIC or the NORDIC States of Russia……far,far superior to the WHITE States of America…..what all the GERMAN imperialists really wanted was RUSSIA….world domination was a far fetched dream for all except the RACIST cranks.

        1. HA HA Mayur, It was nothing more than “small man complex” Germany never had a colonial empire. Also, I doubt if it would be superior to the US, simply cause of the racist myth that America is “too mongrel.”

  2. Actually, the cultural movement: feminism, jazz etc. started in America and came to Germany – and of course was accepted by the German masses to some extent and of course, liberals, but of course, at the same time, aroused the fury of traditional folk.
    It’s just the same thing with the KKK in the US and the current backlash against the “n-word” culture in the US, the feminism, the feeling that mocking the disabled like a 10-year-old is a god given right, stuff like that. Note, up to a point, the cultural conservative make sense, but after a point, they just seem like harassing assholes.

    1. Note, I’m referring to fabulous coneheads of the 20s, not today. They were a massive backlash against the “flapper culture” of the time – and you had Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism (Ford was Hitler’s hero).

    2. Jason y,all the so-called isms are supported by Jews at the expense of us hoping whigger turds like you will buy what ever they sell. Like a faithful servant sjw scums buy even if they sell shit as scent. As to bullying a strong man takes the bull by its horns,it’s only the wussy scums that come up with phrases such as harassing assholes.

      1. Whoa! Not everybody who is quite a LIBERAL has an underlying agenda…some people are naturally BOHEMIAN…like me…and what is so special about the WHITE folks…other than that they are goodlooking and quite the wild ones…they always listen to their heart. But they are at the most 15- 20 percent of the global population…Human race is much more than the elite, snobbish WHITES.

        1. Nah not a coalburner, would rather die than being one. But it seems youre still butthurt after your sow ditched you. Moral- don’t be a oil driller.

        2. Jessica is prejudiced against overweight people. What a mean lady. Does the hate ever stop with these WNs?

        3. What prejudice? What is so proud about being obese? Sad to see cucks like these who are drowning themselves in sjw kool aid. Yes Robert I’m Greek on my dad’s side and my mom is English.

        4. What prejudice? What is so proud about being obese? Sad to see cucks like these who are drowning themselves in sjw kool aid. Yes Robert I’m Greek on my dad’s side and my mom is English.

          She just proved my point. Nazis are mean people who mock others over stuff they have no control over.
          I mean, do you think those with a genetic predisposition toward obesity are to blame for their condition? That statement I made isn’t even an extremist SJW one. An extremist one would be more on the line of support Eskimo/gay rights or something. Again, though, I think guys can knock it off with the leather parades, but obese people are a different matter.

      2. Who ever forced the general American public to accept “the new freedom” that exists? It’s a bunch of wusses who play blame games rather than accept manly responsibility.

      3. The personal motivation of WN females (Jessica aka Jess) could be more complex than we think. Coming on these boards, many of them, to get even for the past where they accepted Negro cock and now their racist cousins or whatever have turned them the opposite way. It’s sort of like that woman on “Too Kill a Mockingbird” who falsely yelled rape from a retarded black – and everyone believed her.
        Note, a few of these Scottish-Americans are a despicable lot. Just like we see bad strains in other ethnic groups.

        1. Family ties are sooo strong. 😆 I see another example in my hometown. Some black loving girl dates blacks, has mulatto kids, she had a hard time with them, they break up, and then cousin Festus and the like take her back in with open arms – and then the whole family lashes out by becoming SUPER-RACIST – 1000 times more than before.
          What a bunch of monkeys. I despise these country people.

        2. Jason Y, no self-respecting white dixie girl dates outside their race. Coal burning is not as much in Dixie as in Yankee lands. They have been told stories about muh-dikers right from their childhood. Do you a problem with that, old wimp? Is that the reason you are having an orgy in the comment section?

        3. <
          Jason Y, no self-respecting white dixie girl dates outside their race. Coal burning is not as much in Dixie as in Yankee lands. They have been told stories about muh-dikers right from their childhood. Do you a problem with that, old wimp? Is that the reason you are having an orgy in the comment section?
          Ban this poster.

        4. Jason Y, no self-respecting white dixie girl dates outside their race. Coal burning is not as much in Dixie as in Yankee lands. They have been told stories about muh-dikers right from their childhood. Do you a problem with that, old wimp? Is that the reason you are having an orgy in the comment section?

          And I am sure the women in the WN movement are southern belles. What percentage are we looking at?

        5. Living in Tennessee and acting like a wimp?Seems you’ve invested too much sjw jizz. It takes special Jew media to make white men completely wimpy and scrawny like Jason Y. No wonder you were bitching on being bulldozed by country dixie kids half your age on the other thread.

        6. Jason Y, no self-respecting white dixie girl dates outside their race. Coal burning is not as much in Dixie as in Yankee lands. They have been told stories about muh-dikers right from their childhood. Do you a problem with that, old wimp? Is that the reason you are having an orgy in the comment section?

          See how these WN hypocrites act civil to NAMS in one thead, but then call them mud people and racial slurs in another.

        7. Jessica is free, she may die but she will be on her feet. Jason, you are innocently childlike but it is likely too late for a tamed goy of some years to get off his knees. Ultimatly, it was not the White bullies direct monkey noises but the Jew groomingly bullied your mind into mental slavery.

        8. Justin, I will it this means one vote for banning Jessica, correct?
          Well you will need more votes than that as she is not violating any rules as yet. It’s not against the rules to be mean to other posters.
          PS Jessica is not Scottish. She’s a Med White. Or either she is or her husband is. Name looks Greek or Maltese to me.

      4. As to bullying a strong man takes the bull by its horns,it’s only the wussy scums that come up with phrases such as harassing assholes.

        Articles on Daily Stormer about mixed raced kids is not “harassing assholes”? Or how about the random WN cocksucker who makes monkey sounds around blacks or calls random white people he doesn’t know – nigger (even ones who don’t dress up or talk like blacks)?

        1. Jessica is free, she may die but she will be on her feet. Jason, you are innocently childlike but it is likely too late for a tamed goy of some years to get off his knees. Ultimatly, it was not the White bullies direct monkey noises but the Jew groomingly bullied your mind into mental slavery.

          Another WN monkey.
          Why can’t a person have a different opinion – or at least people can mind their own business? This is America – not Nazi Germany. People can think they way they want.

        2. No, they sound like monkey sounds to me, partner. It’s a bunch of FUCKING harassment. No, I am not conditioned into mental slavery – you Bob Marley WN mixer. No, more like people are bullying me into conformity. And they’ve done that for hundreds of years…

        3. They want to put the chains on – so I will be like them – with no free mind. Why do I want to be some alpha – dipshit cocksucker like them? What’s the appeal?

        4. No. I’m against babies being called tar, cracker, ect. babies too. I doubt Histories least raping army would approve of White Sharia. “We’re going to have to start killing White babies” was said by at least 3 black nationalists on youtube if you want to play that game. I’ll take Jessica over a gossiping emotional hen any day, I vote she stay.

        5. OK, Hive – I don’t think all WNs are monsters – but I think that the ideology leads to what we see on Daily Stormer – but so does black and Asian nationalism.

        6. The ideology also leads to chauvanism and bullying – because WNs are convinced their race is superior (and also other nationalism of other races has a similar thought pattern).

        7. Jasony ,families turning super racists aren’t wrong. You forget the part what the girl had to endure at the hands of the beast. Southern belles are ofcourse too hot to handle for semi-literate maggots and no wonder you look out of place there.

      5. “strong men takes the bull by the horns” Note how Jessica believes in strong men, old normie women don’t. “Men are only good for sex, I’ve got my husband well trained, ect.” are what modern normie women think. The only respectable normie women I’ve met are Asian. In the West, girls need to reject the mainstream because the standard is incapable of true love and happiness.

  3. In regards to stabbing in the back and hari-kari as Robert mentioned, well, Germany could have won the war. It had a better chance than the US did in NAM, a way better chance. Note, they had already defeated Russia, forcing them to sign a humiliating treaty where they lost the Ukraine etc.. But, low and behold, the Yanks came in and turned the tide.
    Anyway, well, the US might have been able to win in Vietnam – if it had done land reform – but then again, the Cong had the support of Russia and China, basically all the weapons they could dream of from them.

    1. WHITES are almost no match for the ASIATICS or even the AFRICANS in conventional wars……in a conventional war,it is always the numbers which do much of the talking……. Americans had to lose in NAM.
      GERMANS could have won in RUSSIA in World War Two but they were pretty much under prepared for a long,guirella sort of war in the heart of Russia with it’s biting cold……besides,they were almost all alone and were fighting on two fronts…..with the RICH and RESOUCEFUL WHITE States of America on the opposing side.

        1. JASON Y Riviera
          I recall the episode where the German couple in New York were assaulted by Skinheads on Geraldo (One of the skinheads was Jewish! and another was Polish-American).
          If you remember the German immigrant was with his wife and kid waiting for the train and the Jewish Nazi Hammerstein tried to get him to do a Nazi salute and then hit him in the side of the head with a beer bottle.
          Germans in the United States really do not take white nationalists too seriously. I don’t think Trump does and his father is a German.
          What is irritating is how these people blame Jews and portray Jews as these powerful god-like beings who control their thoughts.

        2. Skinhead days are over, I see pro-Whites use them as examples of what not to look like. I know a lot of those neo-Nazis on talk shows were fake. Germans in the US are very proud of their heritage. Jews to their credit, were never normies. A high percentage of Jews bought David Irvings books and at least privately questioned the WWII narrative. You need to seperate hotdog venders with elite Jewish families. Pro-Whites I watch on youtube are largely about self-improvement, the ones more focused on Jews get banned.

    2. How can you even compare World War One to the war in Vietnam, huh…?
      The Germans had quite the odds against them from the very beginning in the First World War…it was clearly the outcome of the restless ambition of the Germans who were the last to join the Imperial race there in Western Europe.

        1. LOL…….the war in Vietnam can not be compared to the World War One……..neither in magnitude nor in implications…even though,the WHITE States of America was quite involved in it.

      1. The Brits were also imperialist, so were the Americans – definitely, i have more a heart for Germany in WWI than WWII

        1. When did I ever deny that…..and American imperialism is never overt even in the Unipolar world….and how can you even forget the French,the Dutch,the Hispanics and the Portuguese,huh

      2. The propaganda against Germany in WWI was pure hypocritical bullshit. I mean, OK we’re fighting to save Europe from domination, but can we also fight to save India or Africa?

        1. That’s IS definitely a case of white racism – where only imperialism done to whites is considered bad.

  4. Black guys are dumb in one aspect – very dumb – They always go after this certain group of Scottish-Americans These are the ones that are incredibly untrustworthy. They will call you in for sex crimes, they will become super-racist as revenge for broken hearts. They will nark on you to get even. They gossip more than any other ethnic group. They’re just, in general, an evil bunch.
    However, black guys always fall for these women – to their own peril. All I can say, is they need to wisen up – or maybe they have some genetic problem.

  5. Jess still won’t attack JV – even though he’s said an equal or surpassing amount of stuff attacking Scottish-Americans.

    1. I’ve responded to him, see the other thread. He seems like a typical Yankee leftard. Nothing much sensible comes from them anyway.

      1. Well, he does have a point. You southern sadists keep blacks around and yet act like cunts regarding their behavior. You all brought them there – and keep them hanging around (and I don’t mean lynching).

        1. Southerners aren’t sadists. It’s the Jews and their tools like you. Are you just a tool or a full blooded Jew yourself? From your ramblings I guess you’re some semi-literate mulatto who’s confused about your own identity so you hate everything pure and white.

      2. Jessica, you cannot use words like Leftard and libard on here. We are liberals and Leftists here after all. Anti-SJW liberals and Leftists, sure, but we are on the Left for sure.
        Maybe Jessica should check out the Left wing of the Alt Right. She’s going to be racist one way or another. I would rather have folks like her voting our the economics of the workers than the economics of the rich.

        1. I’m not necessarily opposed to white civil rights. If only, though, they could do it without being so ugly and mean about it. Note, I have no problem if whites just randomly want to date and marry their own kind voluntarily – especially if they feel Africans are overrunning the Earth – as is predicted due to the quadrupling African population.
          I guess it boils down to being for whatever you’re for – without being a dick about it.

      3. JESSICA
        So Yankee I’m nearly in Canada.
        Northern Yankees derive from immigrants to the industrial strip from NYC to Chicago who arrived as tight-knit European families with a culture and a religion but the Southerner is derived from British sailors and decadent French noblemen who Indian squaws of ill-repute as concubines. The result is a base swaggering mongrel braggart with no heritage or culture who comes up the Hillbilly highway I-23 from a subtropical internal third world into Chicago or Southeast Michigan.
        The women wear their jeans labia-tight and their shirts sleeveless and their cowboy boots are the same garish color as their nails and the males wear a dented Jack Daniels cap even when it is winter and there is no sunlight.
        Since mid-1990’s they have become “wiggers” and imitate blacks in dress and manner as if they were 40 year old black jailbirds with the coarser and more overweight girls taking up with black thugs whose lifestyle drags her into jail with them.
        Despite their professed loathing for blacks, Southerners always end up leaving within proximity to the black ghetto when arriving in the North.
        The Italian-American or Irish Catholic or Jew of the North ignores the black but the white Southerner always engages with the African and often times ends up in the emergency room or spends the evening in a jail cell for sending some black with an IQ of 90 to the hospital.
        Unlike the Northern white of wary and frugal immigrant stock the Southerner rarely waits to complete a degree before marrying at 20 and have 3 kids by 30. However they will always remarry and have a fourth child relatively late in life. Ultimately they lack the resources to improve things much for their kids who often turn rebellious in their teens anyhow.
        The latest and stupidest narcotic always becomes the Southerners obsession. He discovers crack, then meth, then Oxycotin. In the Northern city the white woman selling sex on the street is usually the Southern girl from Arkansas or Mississippi and is often addict.
        I should add that the women most likely to be used by the Negro in Northern cities are the daughters of the South. It is not the Jew or Italian girl who becomes entangled with black thugs and pimped out as a crack whore but the white girl from the Baptist background and the birthplace of Missouri who “works” hard concrete streets of Chicago or Southeast Michigan or New York in her 20’s.
        I’d add that the overwhelming participation of their young women in the most debased forms of pornography for money indicates what a low-breed of cattle the Jew is yet the Southern white far nibbles at the garbage of their culture like a rat-his “Christian” marriage destroyed by watching Jewish girls with bad blonde hair jobs being sodomized by black drug addicts or Hollywood garbage dreamed up by two Jews high on coke in some LA condo doing Tequila shooters. The Jews themselves scoff at this garbage but the white Southern dyes his hair purple like the joker and shoots people during a Batman film in a theater.
        But worse still, the Stupid Southern votes for the most unqualified political candidates. The alcoholic derelict gets his vote for claiming to have found religion and there are stupid wars which bankrupt the middle-class and leave the Southerner’s own high school yearbook a cemetery.
        Because the white Southerner does not travel outside of the country at all he is not worldly and has no grasp of actual geo-politics. He believes that savages from the steppes or deserts of the armpit of the world will parachute into small city or uninviting suburb swinging scimitars if we do not remove whichever lunatic gangster has become to brutal even for the US government to tolerate.
        The stupid Southerner is mostly responsible for the invasion of primitive Indians from the mosquito coasts of the countries below the Rio Grande because he himself lacks the capacity for unions or political organization to protect his own labor class from being undercut.
        So he instead of lawyers or community-organizers his resistance is a collection of people standing around in mismatched camo outfits.
        Mostly though Latin America is a storehouse for his narcotics and the descendants of sleazed-out Spanish nobles running them send their Indians North to prevent a revolution.
        So anyhow this is a Yankee/Canadian Border response.
        I should add however that like many Yankees I simply f*cked off from the United States nearly 20 years ago. It is hard for Southerners to do that because they are townies but the Northern white simply drifts off to Southern France or Asia depending on his cash-flow because he has no interest in hanging around his birthplace simply to see his high school’s football team play.

        1. It is obvious that you’ve never been to Dixie and its also clear that you’ve never been out of NY. From your sweeping generalisation to false assumptions everything is so typical of a entitled Yankee limousine liberal. Dixie always had a culture and it’s predominantly English and French(Louisiana) which people follow to this day and groids used to behave before the Yankee intervention in the 60s, left’s colored coddlings and appeasement politics. I take you get these ideas from watching too many jewlywood movies, degenerate Jew shows in the Talmud vision (TV)and porn parodies.its all your feigned imaginations nobody likes to be a dragqueen in Dixie. Save your long rants for wussies like Jason Y, who might love it.

        2. Look Jessica you cannot attack the Left here. I mean we are the Left. I am going to have to ban your cute little Southern belle ass until you can come back here and be a good girl and behave yourself. In the meantime, I will have to ban you.
          Sorry hun.

        3. I wouldn’t ban Jessica – I’d just tie her to a pole and burn her like a witch of old Until her eyes dangled out of her skull – so she can be as ugly as the mulatto me. 😆
          Nah, just kidding. I’m not mulatto and I would never do that. But isn’t it funny WNs love to make threats of lynching people and burning crosses, whatnot?

  6. WNs like Islamic fundamentalists, Catholics, Christian fundies, or whoever want primarily a slave to their belief system
    Naturally, they think anyone who doesn’t think like they do is brainwashed and a slave to whoever is thier enemy. So – is the BS talk of “freeing your mind” and all that”, or “taking you from being lost” or “bringing you to the light”.

    1. That;s why WNs need to be be eliminated They are the ugliest of these sort of enslaving belief systems – one of the most dangerous.

      1. I don’t really mean that.. lol. Just words said in hate…But some of them have gone off the loony end – like the other nationalists or other races.

      2. Jasony ,WNis all about preserving the white race and advancing white interests and most importantly saving white people from becoming maggots and wimps like you. We don’t want to share the burden of other races’ problems and genetic disorders. As simple as that nothing else. Jews are using you SJW scums as readymade tools to inflict as much damage as they can. Ofcourse like the groids you coddle you’re too stupid to realise that.

        1. JESSICA
          In my experience poor whites live in a small city or exurb or rural town because they lack the capacity to leave. These kind of places do not get an influx of Jews, Arabs, Asians or for that matter Irish-Catholics. So no group that you might regard as a pollutant would move in.
          When you get into the Deep South it is little more than an internal subtropical Third World.
          Old wooden churches and canals on flat swamp draining into the Caribbean. No thanks, the culture of the South is alien and unappealing to the “Yankee” Polack or Kraut or Jew of Wop who lives under the shadow of the skyscraper and smog or for that matter the West Coast gays.
          For all your talk of “Jews” they are few in number in places like the one that you live. You have probably not seen more than ten Jews in your entire life, especially since most white Southerners are disinclined to travel accept to Mexico for brief periods of time.

        2. JESS
          You’re right. I know little of the South. Never been there or outside of Northern industrial cities or suburbs.
          My long rambling missive is based on here say.

      3. JASON Y
        White Nationalists show little desire to move to Blue States anyhow. There opinion is only relevant when they manage through sheer numbers to elect unqualified people to office.
        I don’t think that they pose much threat to Democrats in Blue States. They are stuck where they are.

        1. Many live in Blue States. WN aren’t really a threat via numbers anywhere. They often will have the flaws of their non-WN neighbors but they have better rolemodels via non-MSM sources than an uncultured materialistic normie. The normie is in decline because the internet isn’t controlled. Look how the MSM news networks are so out of touch and floundering, this is not the America you left some time ago. Why watch “nothing burgers” when all the information is at your fingertips?

    2. JASON Y
      Well, you have the Canadian Border Yankee’s opinion. It might be enlightening to Southerners who have not traveled North.

    3. JASON Y
      These groups NEVER HAVE ANY F*CKING MONEY so they cannot enslave anyone on the political and economic level.
      Yemen, Alabama, North Korea all have a bunch of young women with bruised eyes nursing a child and pregnant with another. Men loiter around ominously in the streets in mid-day, clearly not belonging to a thriving economy.
      They are also usually low to moderate IQ (With the exception of the North Koreans possibly) of say 90-100 on average.
      Geographically fundamentalist places are always the anus of the world. Nobody wants to do business or live there. Muslims in Yemen given a choice of immigrating to Mississippi or Manhattan are not going to choose Mississippi. White Southerners would chose to live in Spain and not Egypt.
      Nobody wants to do business with them or live there anyhow.

      1. I still think a lot of this anti-Jew stuff is jealousy. Note the sissy cultures are normally Jew controlled and successful. On the other hand, Yemen or Colombia hasn’t a Jew in site and are shit-holes.

  7. When Germany surrendered, her army was still in France, and Allied have not been able to invade Germany. The trench warfare can probably still last a decade or two before UK and USA reached Berlin if they ever can.
    This is an indication that a large part of German elites wanted to surrender and sell Germany out.
    USA war effort was being overblown and people today are brainwashed to think the Germany lost because USA was too powerful.
    During World War 1, there was logistic issues in transporting USA war resources to Europe.
    35 years later in Korea, Mao knew China can defeat USA in Korea because China geographically, it is expensive for USA to supply to Korea.
    Mao won the gamble.
    There is no reason Mao can win in Korea while Germany lost WW1.
    The stab in the back by Jews may not be entirely false.

    1. Chinks would never be able to defeat us. Lol. If Mao was belligerent we would have stuffed his pecker up his ass

      1. MIKE
        I live in Southeast Asia and have visited Hong Kong. No foreigner knows Asia better than I although Jason about the same as he worked in Korea.
        The Chinese harbor no desire to defeat us. Our country with its vast ghettos and underclasses of Non-Asian minorities is not a temptation.
        They were glad when we beat the Japanese who were raping and killing them in China.
        China is hermit kingdom whose domestic issues take precedence.

      2. Mike,
        Mao WAS certainly belligerent.
        Under Mao, we went through civil war, war with the US, war with the Soviet, war with India. He was the most belligerent leader of China. You already had your chance.

        1. YEE
          Mao never invaded a country. Except maybe India and these were disputed territories. So blame the British for that one.
          No US president ever believed that the United States could invade China. As early as Korea it was apparent that war in East Asia would be a long drawn-out horror.
          I knew a few Korean war veterans growing up and most of them seemed as if they had seen madness and not completely come out of the experience.
          China is a hermit kingdom anyhow.

        2. That’s BS.
          Without Mao, china would still be ruled by CKS who was reluctant to fight the Japanese and his family. War with the Yanks, though bad in a way, told the world china, even just emerged from WW2 and civil war, could fight US the hegemon to a standstill. As with the Hindus, I still can’t figure out why Nehru doubted China’s resolve.
          The biggest mistake Mao made was not aware of China’s population problem. Population problem could take at least a 100 years to fix and stabilize.
          The Cultural Revolution though excessive told Chinese it is quite alright to look critically at the past. As much as I admire some aspects of Confucianism, I can boldly say Confucius is an asshole in public, and no Chinese (save some from his hometown I guess) would lynch me because of my statement. I vaguely remember I had dropped by a Confucist temple once but I can’t remember it was in HK or in Nanjing.
          The Cultural Revolution’s disruption of science and education was fixed fast. Qinghua U, as I mentioned before, has overtaken MIT in engineering research output per year.

    2. I wonder how many South Koreans would wish to throw over their country’s relationship with America so it could belong to North Korea or even to Northeast China?
      Seoul seems to be prospering.

      1. LOL… Koreans suffer from “small country few people syndrome”, a mental illness…
        They know they’re close to nothing compare to China, so they compensate by being hype-nationalists. They’d rather die than merge with China.
        But then this is after the relatively new concept of “nation state” being introduced, in the empire era, Korea was a vassal state of China.

    3. True the Germans were still in France,true the Allied s were yet to invade Germany but the Deadlock was prolonged and the Germans were fast running out of resources…….and the RICH and RESOURCEFUL U.S. had entered the War.The German civilian elites wisely realized that the War was a badly planned adventure and they had underestimated the Allied s.Of course,the German army,true to it’s very character,was willing to take the War to it’s very bitter end but the common Germans were getting tired of it…..the German morale at home was pretty low…even Hitler conceded that and the Jews were possibly making it worse.

  8. YEE
    I find the Koreans to a really crude and unlovely group of country type people (Even those from the city).
    The males can be troublemakers and they are prone to violence. I’m speaking from the time I was put in a headlock for not giving up my seat at a bus stop in Taiwan to a Korean drunk.
    So you’re talking to the wrong foreigner to get a balanced opinion about Korea. They are brash, ill-mannered, rough, country race of people.
    Not nearly as intelligent as Chinese or Japanese either.

    1. Northern Chinese was rather racist against Koreans in the past. Reasons similar to yours. So you have sound observations, I suppose.

      1. YEE
        I am passionate that Korea should work its own problems out. This problem involves China, the Soviet Union, Japan. But not the United States.

        1. What a pity you don’t run the US government…
          Not involving the United States is bad for US hegemony. Ask Hillary if you don’t believe me. She said, ” Pivot to Asia.”

  9. “HA HA Mayur, it was nothing more than “small man complex.” Germany never had a colonial empire.”
    Germanic tribes had always been a force to reckon with throughout Europe even in the days of the great Roman Empire. Only a fool can fail to notice the heavy Germanic influence on Great Britain.
    Germany became a country only in 1871, and the Austro-Germans were excluded from it altogether. It’s population was even at that time more than that that of any other West European country. It was only natural for this West European giant to be too eager to join the race for colonies outside West Europe. World War One was the direct outcome of the restless ambition of a young West European giant, even though since the very beginning, the odds were against Germany winning the War.
    “Also, I doubt if it would be superior to the US, simply cause of the racist myth that America is too mongrel”.
    Forget Germany, the WHITE States of America can barely hold it’s own against Great Britain but for its gigantic size and population. Besides, it always enjoyed an unfettered and a peaceful existence far, far away from Europe.
    The mongrelization of America and for that matter even West European nations began after the end of World War Two because the White folks all over the world for the very first time were truly appalled by blatant imperialism and racism. The process was effective, and the danger of the WHITE Americans being reduced to an ethnic minority in the very bastion of the West for the very first time is very, very real.

  10. YEE
    They seem like brutish and none-too-bright country people. A good number of them are violent lowlifes. Generally they are aggressive. Many more are drunks.

  11. HIVE
    MSM was a much stronger propaganda machine in the 1990’s when I left the United States. Canada’s was even stronger than that because it was government regulated.
    However deceptive the MSM was or geared towards the agenda of 10 media oligarchs (Turner, Murdoch and so on) but it created a greater collective conscience.
    Also people in West Virginia and San Francisco can air their honest feelings over the internet so there is a greater awareness of how much contempt various people have for one another.
    As late as the 1990’s a homosexual limousine liberal could not tell a “breeder” in West Virginia that he hated his patriotism and his traditions or vice versa. They lived 3,000 miles apart.

  12. YEE
    If I did run the US than North Korea would be your headache and that of the Soviet Union. Your president would understand, too. I am sure of it.
    In terms of social and political decline how does US military spending change the life of one Korean-American gangster in LA’s vast Korean ghetto? We have had problems in LA with a Korean-American underclass we cannot solve. And we think that we will straighten out North Korea.
    As for “Hegemony” this is sort of a joke. The US is being outpaced economically, socially, intellectually, technologically…wait, it has a great deal of military spending.
    Why then has the war in Afghanistan gone on for 16 years. This is like the coward waving the hand grenade when everyone else knows he wishes to die the least. What dint does a missile make in Syria, for example. What problem does this solve.

  13. “Germans in the United States really do not take white nationalists too seriously. I don’t think Trump does and his father are Germans.”
    Then how come somebody as hilarious and as corrupt as TRUMP is there in the WHITE House? The WHITE States of America sure as hell deserved somebody far, far better as it’s president. And why did TRUMP perpetuate the Birther Movement for years? Obama is definitely a nice person and did reasonably well as the president of the WHITE States of America.
    Hey, your obsession with the INDIANS seems to be over…that ‘SHE’ er ‘SHI’ seems to have disappeared out of deep shame…I smell something cooking between the two of you.

    1. Mayur, jews, Brahmins (likes of SHI, Magneto) and Wahhabis are natural allies. Hate, cynicism, treachery,and cunning binds them close. Imperialistic british (filled with jews) allied with Brahmins and handed over the power to them in India, created Israel with the help of Wahhabis.etc

    2. MAYUR
      We keep derailing threads because you Indians get on my nerves and your behavior NEVER changes in the broader cultural sense-SHI the St. Xavier-type Brahmin is cunning and self-righteous while Magneto is simply the macho Brahmin and Optimus is the pissed off Malayalam Nair or Tamil Dravidian still wishing the North Indians would go back to Russia or Afghanistan etc.
      Nothing has changed in India.

  14. Look you guys. The title of the thread is “About That Stab in the Back.” That refers to Hitler’s charge that the Jews stabbed Germany in the back during WW1. This thread has gone completely off-topic into the usual obsessions of the usual suspects. Please go back to the topic or head on over to open topic where you can indulge your quotidian obsessions.

    1. Too bad this isn’t a forum. That would work better than a blog. In that case, threads and posts could be moved to different categories.

  15. Regarding stabs in the back, the whole concept of Americana is up for grabs. I mean, many flyovers believe the US is a Christian nation – that the founders were Christian – when clearly they were cynical intellectual types. I mean the separation of church and state wasn’t done by accident.

    1. So now the liberals and their queer ways have backstabbed the America the founding fathers dreamed of.

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