Long Past Time to Destroy the Middle Eastern Plagues in Our Midst

It’s a (((tumorous growth))) at the heart of our very existence as a state. The only things you can do with a tumor are cut it out with a knife, radiate it or poison it. However you do it, you have to kill it one way or another.
While we are at it, it is long past time to excise the Saudi and Gulf cancer in our midst. That’s almost worse than the Israeli one. And this notion that the Sick Man of Europe for many centuries, one of the worst countries on Earth, the resurgent Ottoman Empire formerly known as Turkey, is one of the US’ closest allies is going to drag us down like an anchor of death. You lie down with nations of dogs, you get up with an infestation of political bubonic plague on your shores, replaying the fated landings in Sicily of those deadly ships 3/4 of a millenia ago.
It was 770 years ago, or it was next year. The plague came at night from Genoa, on ships of death, to the shores of Messina. It was dark as the sky above. The people waited but did not know. It was over before they knew what hit them.
The people gathered to the shore that warm October night, cheering as the death ships slowly moved into port. The cheers were stopped dead in their throats when they soon realized that most of the sailors on board the ships were already dead. The rest were deathly ill and could not keep any food down. Worst of all, they were covered with pustulating wounds of oozing sores. The panicked authorities ordered the death ships back to sea, but it was too late.
The sickness came from the South, the Mediterranean. Really it came from the East, where just a few years before it had blasted a trail from China to Palestine.
Their Plague came from East, and so does ours. From the East, where life is cheap, blood is hot. and mercy is scarce and weak with the exile of the Church from its native soil.
Within only seven years, the Dark Night had spread across all of Europe. It would not be before long 20 million humans, fully one third of Europe, lay dead.
The plague-carrying ships of today carry our Middle Eastern allies and their noxious citizenry infected with blackened political death. The dark Middle Eastern buboes and their fellow travelers move slowly inwards to the heartland draped of black robes and carrying scythes. In the Flyover States, the reapers of the Near East are welcomed with cheering crowds. Little to they know that they raise and roar for their very own doom.
Lie down with dogs, wake up with deadly fleas. Famous last words of ‘Murrica.
United States of America 1776-2017. RIP.

We cannot allow our friends in the Middle East and Persian Gulf to play our hand for us, for it is all too often in their interests to have us come fight their wars, which are not necessarily our wars.
The Israeli cancer, in the body of the United States, has spread so much that there are only two outcomes;
1. The patient will eventually become so corrupt that it will die a moral death, or
2. The cancer will be surgically removed. That means all ties to the cancerous state of Israel must be severed.
We are fast approaching the first one and if we want to avoid this outcome, we the people, must rise and demand our gutless representatives to think of America first.
Our leaders need to take care of the Americans first. We must stop our expansionist policies in the world. They need to ask questions of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the State Department, such as; why are we in Africa? what national interests do we have in that far away land. (49 of the 63 countries have American forces present). Why are we in the Middle East? Before the creation of the Zionist state of Israel, Arabs, Jews, and Christians lived in harmony. Since its creation, the British, the French, and now the United States has caused mayhem in those countries. Now, Muslims are fighting Muslims while Israel enjoys the freedom every individual must have.
The Pentagon and the weapons industry have gone amok. The industry makes new weapons and the Pentagon is eager to try them out at the expense of innocent people. The Golden Rule that, “do unto others, what you want them do unto you” has been turned upside down. Now we “do unto others (Muslims) what we don’t want them do unto us.”
If we don’t come to our senses, there is going to be a big payback someday. Mark my words.

We either kill this cancer or it kills us all. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice, does it?

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61 thoughts on “Long Past Time to Destroy the Middle Eastern Plagues in Our Midst”

  1. One of th reasons we get inlking war, when in the heck are we going to pdate outo small scal skirmishes is for th military to test their new toys. I prsonaly hatewar, bt sometimes it’s necesarry. We have weapons that only few know abot it, as do Rssia and China. IF IT TOOK war to rif the scorege of the world I would back it. While we are talking wapons when in the heck are w going to update or power grid,what do we do with N Korea? Told probably incentiviza this nut job to fir any and all nkes. So, here we are..

  2. I say we cut out the cancer of middle eastern religions. The religions of the middle east have us worshipped hateful, violent, evil gods who destroy entire countries and races of people. The god of the middle eastern religions is a blood-thirsty monsterous tyrant.
    Whereas the old pagan gods of the white race were playful, light hearted, and openly sexual. These are the gods of the Aryan race, which originated from the Aryan brahmins. Either way the white race would be a million years more advanced right now if we hadn’t been cucked with all these jewish gods and war-mongering gods from the barbaric middle east

    1. yOCUT THE TUMOR OUT , YEA THAT what i say. BUT, what if the tumor is maticized. An exampls in our country they hide secretly and greet you with a smile whic is just a frown turned upsid dowm. Now That you cut the tunor out, you must go and find the cells whre it has developed. That is the hard thing. The lovers of hate in our country and government. I SAY AT A LIBERAL PRO MUSLIM VALLEY THEY MEET MANY OF OF US EVEN OUTNUMBERED 2-1 AND SQUASH THEM. They want to take our country away, no way no how. Whatever medicine it may take it must be given.

    Your Hindu pan-Aryanism is crudely displaying itself here: Aryans split off from existing Slavic populations and co-opted the Harappan Hindu religion as a way to place themselves at the top of a social-economic caste pyramid.
    Dravidian people invented Hinduism and Aryans (Some rogue Slav males, another words) somehow adopted it.
    Considering that every Indian knows that many Brahmin girls are dirty whores and many Brahmin men are child-molesting fairies it is hard to understand how the average Dravidian can still perceive them as a divine being.

    1. STFU you cuck. You indians want white people to be slaves and so you are happy to see white people being brainwashed by christianity. As for Hinduism, it does NOT belong to you indians. It belongs to the Aryans who created it. How dare you subhumans try to subvert and claim Hinduism as your own. You’re like a bunch of braindead monkeys thinking you can shoot for the stars

      1. “STFU you cuck. You Indians want white people to be slaves and so you are happy to see White people being brainwashed by Christianity”.
        That seems to be an incredibly STUPID statement. The grass eaters can never play the Movers and Shakers anywhere because first, they rarely stick well together, and second, they are both physically and intellectually very RETARDED, and the entire blame lies squarely on the motherfuckers called BRAHMINS. They do not understand the WEST at all. In fact, they badly underestimate the West despite being in awe of its outward beauty.
        “As for Hinduism, it does NOT belong to you Indians. It belongs to the Aryans who created it. How dare you subhumans try to subvert and claim Hinduism as your own. You’re like a bunch of braindead monkeys thinking you can shoot for the stars.”
        What exactly is Hinduism? Who exactly are the Indo-Aryans?
        In my humble opinion, the West is far better off with Christianity WHITE folks despite their wild, restless ways tend to stick only too well together thanks to the Christian values of compassion and kindness.

        1. MAGNETO
          You are a fake-White Paki troll anyhow with a name like Babu who lives with his parents when his 23 and blogs from his call center job.
          Sorry Paki, but your syntax is obviously second-language English. You’re no white man.
          You are a stupid lower caste Indian.

      2. It seems that you are quite taken by the Indo-Aryans, I reasonably think that you are married to a Brahmin girl. Don’t go around trusting them (except your Wife) too much. They have miserably failed their own people for ages. Don’t take Hinduism too seriously. Besides moderation, it has little to offer, and it is very vague and self-contradicting. God only knows from where you get the notion that Indo-Aryan Gods were sexual and playful. Relaxed and detached, yes but still upright, though Krishna was deeply spiritual, but even he did not go around sleeping with Radha and the Gopis. That would have deeply offended the common Hindu psyche.

        1. MAYUR
          The only intelligent Indian poster who every showed up on this Blog was a Brahmin. The rest of you (Including Magneto, who pretends to be white) are uneducated and dim.
          Brahmin probably are slightly more intelligent than other Indians (Which does not really make them Einstein) and easier to educate. At any rate, they seem to be the group most likely to be educated.
          SHI demonstrates the tendencies of Brahmin to attempt to over the head of others to administrators (Typical Brahmin behavior) and attempt to shift blame to others underscored by a sense of entitlement that turns to ugly hysteria when they do not get what they want.
          Brahmin are still kind of stupid for the most part and they are still smarter than most other Indians.
          Which is one more indication of what a horrendous underclass we would be importing if we open the borders of the US to South Asian immigration entirely.

      3. I’m not Indian, you fake-white Paki troll.
        I am all Gora. German, Northern Midwest origins, US passport.
        Your inability to read English gives you away as a stupid Indian who pretends to be a Gora for his own trollish reasons.
        White culture-obsessed Punjabi ape.

  4. What an idea! The US economy will collapse if you “excise the Saudi and Gulf cancer in your midst”. The financial capitalists will never allow it. It’s a monetary game.
    The Dollar needs the OPEC using dollar for transactions (of course oil is just one of the tricks to uphold dollar). Any oil producing country tried to stray away from $$$ are enemies of the US. Sadam declared to use Euro for oil, Gaddafi was working on creating an Africa central bank and eventually a common currency, an equivalent of euro.
    Oil is the single most important commodity for industrial countries. Maintaining petrol-dollar controls the world economics. Non-industrial countries are irrelevant because no industry no power, never mind how many weapons they buy from the West. And the West loves to sell them to you too. Race, religion, political system are all bullsh*t if you can’t build industries.
    With neo-liberalism, the dominant economic of the US has changed from industrial to financial capitalism long ago. So no cutting away from Saudi. Capital rules.

    1. Disgusting and depressing isn’t it?
      I know what you say is correct at this point, Yee, I just hate the thought that it is impossible to change. I guess I just refuse to accept that it absolutely cannot be changed.

      1. LYN Some Positive Points
        It is hard for Arabs to immigrate to the United States and they will never be an immigration problem. There are going to be isolated incidents of terrorism but enough Arabs cannot immigrate to create the problem that Europe has.
        Texas has oil. We are not totally dependent on the Middle East.
        If rich Arabs want to invest in the United States it does not really do any harm. Some rich Saudi buys a building in Dallas or a black stallion. Okay? That is money in our economy.
        I agree that it is terrible for women and girls in the Muslim world but this is not OUR PROBLEM. It is THEIR PROBLEM. Unlike Latin America, whose problems become ours because the Rio Grande is the nearest place, Muslim countries are too far away from America to affect us directly.

    2. Right, Ghaddafi wanted to strengthen and stabilize the third world countries’ economies through security/unity. He also proposed a SATO (South Atlantic Treaty Organization).
      He gave support to the African National Congress in South Africa as well.

      1. YEE
        Purchasing power is not anything. It makes countries prone to mass imports and destroys industry.
        Essentially, it takes an economy from industrial to post-industrial…although certainly it could be useful in Africa.

        1. A lot of “purchasing power” goes to things such as appliances, electronics, and some cheap clothes and other Wal-Mart “do-dads”. “Designer” clothes are still expensive, even though they are also made by cheap, foreign slave labor.
          When you compare what the dollar would buy 40-65 years ago to today, you see that (in relation to earning vs. spending) electronics, furniture and appliances were much more expensive. The cost of buying a house, paying rent, buying an automobile, food and utilities were much cheaper.
          Clothes were usually on the expensive side (some women made their own)
          because clothes were of good quality, and cheap shoddy options were not available. Now, clothes with a supposed designer label are equally as expensive in relation to today’s rates, but are still more on the shoddy side.
          Medical treatments in those decades past were MUCH cheaper. People could be treated for a heart attack, have a gall bladder operation or give birth and it was unbelievably affordable- without insurance. People with regular lower middle class jobs could pay the bills off easily in a year or less.

      2. BEAU
        Once Ghaddafi was removed as obstacle to immigration to Europe all of Africa has tried to sail across the Mediterranean haven’t they?
        Africans themselves have no interest in hanging around to see whether their own society could be improved in increments.
        They do not even want to hang around mafia-riddled corrupt Southern European backwaters like Greek islands or Sicily. No thanks.
        It is Northern Europe that they wish to live.

    3. If you don’t cut it out, the USA will be a zombie economy. There will be economic machinations with good figures, but no nation behind it. A household with good cashflow, and no family living in it worth a damn.

      1. ASSEMBLY
        The actual purchasing power and standard of living for the average American has been declining for 30 years. Postulations and theories of why would fill a library but this is the bottom line. Two people working cannot make ends meet.
        The wealthy have managed to convince the middle class and lower middle class that it is their fault and that the wealthy by dint of intelligence should not have to pay any taxes at all since they can afford the best healthcare, private security, private education.

  5. LYN Why do we care?
    It is tough on women and children in Saudi. But this is not OUR PROBLEM and unlike the problems of Latin America which seep over the Rio Grande the Arabs are halfway around the world. They cannot mass immigrate. They will always be a minor problem (Though not for Europe).
    If Muslim countries choose a low-standard of living and keep women barefoot and pregnant and are 50 years behind the West that is their business.
    Saudi Arabia is rich (As is Houston) for oil. Okay. Not many Saudi want to immigrate to the United States (Or could) and they do spend money.
    Latin America’s problems affect us, Tunisia’s do not.
    Iraq and Libya turned out so badly that it will be decades before the United States can actually convince its citizens to invade another Middle Eastern toilet bowl. Go ask young people how they feel about giving their life in Syria and you would find that Trump could not raise a volunteer army no matter how often he and Putin hurtle accusations at one another.

    1. Jason,
      I actually want ALL immigration into the US stopped. It has been an uncontrolled flood for 30 years. Many more illegals and legal immigrants have come in during that 30 year time period than during the 1800-1920 Ellis Island years. At least during the Ellis Island years innovation and manufacturing were increasing wildly. Now, of course, we have increased immigration and massive outsourcing of most everything. Many immigrants are in social programs or are subsidized by them (actually it might be more accurate to say that their traitor employers are being subsidized).
      I do agree that Muslims are the most dangerous immigrants over all. Just look how many have been allowed to immigrate here since the early 2000s.
      It’s quite alarming. Before that time, we had comparatively few Muslims here- so it’s a disturbing new development that goes hand in hand with the so called wars in the middle east- Africa.
      I don’t care how people live in Muslim nations. I think a lot of women there think that is the way they are supposed to live and do not want to change. I want to leave them over there, and leave them alone.
      I agree that we have enough oil and gas here, and along with other technologies and a little trade with some non-Muslim nations, we should never need to deal with the Muslim nations again. Of course it would be essential to keep a relatively small population as well. It’s a money game for a few- and they have been allowed to take over the economy and set our policies.
      It would indeed be an upheaval if we change these policies. If Americans were smart enough, wise enough, versatile enough and mature enough, and just half ass united, we could stick together and come through it to a much better future. It probably would not be as horrific or take as long to turn around as people fear. However, American people are not capable of pushing for the change and helping each other enough to get through it, imo. That is what depresses me so much.

      1. LYN Dubai KFC Story
        I lived in Dubai and saw this little girl of 6 alone carrying a load of takeaway.
        So I asked this little 6 year old in a Burka where her parents were because I was concerned and she told me in Arabic (I learned a little) that her father was making her go in and get his food for him and walk across a busy road back to the BMW where he sat.
        I felt a bit of sadness for her-this little girl would be a “beast of burden” for men all of her life. First her father, then her husband, then her sons.
        But as I said there is nothing that anybody can do about this. This is how they want to live in their countries and the society that they want.

      2. LYN
        The US is not going to split off into the Arab or Asian sphere.
        Muslim countries are always a guarantee for a backwater even if some of them have enough money to play with the price of oil. Saudi is still a backwater. They could not successfully invade Egypt across the Red Sea much less Texas. None of them have a Navy.
        It is the old Red Man/White Man conflict we face: splitting off into a Latin sphere swamped by primitive Amerindians from the Amazon to the Rio Grande who are run by a syndicate of Criollo landowners.
        If working and lower-class Americans want war so badly their own sons can be killed in Iran by terrorists who’ve been fighting in the desert for 20 years. I guarantee you that the college educated Blue State young women and men will find some way out of the conflict. Pentagon and top brass know this so they will not attempt to re-instate a draft that would put the lives of Democratic congressman’s daughters or lawyer’s sons at peril in faraway deserts.
        Nope, it will be the young men from small cities and exurbs in the Flyover who lose their lives.
        I find it difficult to believe that any Madison Ave advertising department could mount a campaign that convinced the American public that war with Syria or Iran was necessary for National Security. They will not convince anybody in the Blue States.

    2. Trump doesn’t want any enemity with Tsar Putin. It’s the (((fake media))) that is eventually going to make him turn against Putin. Back when Russia was Soviet they mocked us for sparring with them,now when Russia is reverting back to being a Tsarist traditionalist Christian nation, suddenly they become our enemy no 1.

    3. “Iraq and Libya turned out so badly that it will be decades before the United States can actually convince its citizens to invade another Middle Eastern toilet bowl. Go ask young people how they feel about giving their life in Syria and you would find that Trump could not raise a volunteer army no matter how often he and Putin hurtle accusations at one another.”
      Well, I hope that you are right about that, but I doubt it. All that is needed is a false flag and most will be gung ho to send troops in.
      I think that until the vast and LOUD majority come out against it AS A NEVER ENDING PRIORITY, it will continue. Their plan is never ending war. If people stop joining the military they will bring in more foreigners- military service for citizenship. They will draft.
      Immigration, job outsourcing, war as it is conducted now- are the 3 things Americans have to stand together on or we are lost. There are other VERY important matters that divide us- but if we can’t stand together on these things, we are lost and the rest won’t matter in the long run.

      1. I was in Dubai and am here to tell you that Arabs themselves do not care about Iran or Syria. Wealthier countries that have used their oil profits to build a developed country and educate people (Although women are a beast of burden sadly) will not take Syrian or Iraq or any other refugees.
        Gulf Arab countries do not need saving. The average person there is doing better than the soldier who cannot get his VA benefits. They are driving a Lexus or Mercedes even if they are unemployed (Windfall from oil) and they do not live in some struggling town in Missouri or Michigan where the armed services is the only option for young people. Dubai is thriving-I got a job there as a foreigner.
        When I returned to the US for one week in 2007 I was shocked at how things had declined in the 8 years since Clinton was in office as I told you.
        So Gulf Arab countries really do not have the problem. Their living standard is quite high. Nor are they willing to take refugees.

      2. “Send troops in”
        Possible but only a volunteer army. The days when a draft could actually work are over. I’m sad to say that the middle-class parents of college kids are not going to allow their daughter or son to be drafted and this would include representatives to congress and all the rest of it. The US military has basically determined that as long as the army is volunteer and therefore poor young people whose parents are not lobbyists or congresswomen or university professors with the capacity for mass protests enlist nobody is going to complain.
        America has not actually won a war since World War II. Korea was a stalemate. Vietnam a withdrawal etc. There is no reason to expect that Syria or Iran would turn out in a differently. After five years of death tolls and nothing accomplished the U.S. would simply withdraw again.

      3. LYN “Well I doubt that” North/South Cultural Divide
        In the Industrial North were whites came mostly from Communism or the East Coast where they are escaping corrupt regimes in Asia or Latin Americans in Texas fleeing places like Salvador young people are aware of what war means and advertisements by Madison Avenue executives or Fox News do not affect the thinking of the children of refugees.
        It is the young person from the Flyover seeking some decent-paying job (Not particularly but $30,000 a year in small Missouri town plus training is better than retail or working for minimum wage in a Big Boy) that enlists during wartime, not the daughter of Iraqi white-collar professionals who managed to convert everything to cash and move to the United States to continue their medical profession or the spoiled sons of Iranian businessmen in Los Angeles. Sorry, Lyn, but these folks are enjoying the American Dream…not the young white male in a small town in Missouri or Tennessee who cannot get by with a job at a half-deserted shopping mall whose hours have been cut or a young woman whose parents want her to move out that has to choose between the army and a dive strip-joint for truckers on the edge of town because there is no other way for a young woman to make ends meet in her locale.
        Iran threatens Israel. Okay…impose a draft and see how many Jewish-Americans (lawyers, doctors, college professors) organize to prevent their kids from losing their lives on the Iranian plateau.
        How about Philippines and China?
        See how many Chinese-Americans on the West Coast-knowing that wars in Asia go on for 1,000 years-want to give their lives to defend the US ally of the Philippines.
        Sure, the children of Chinese-Americans will give their lives right away. Tell the “Tiger Mom” her son is going to die to defend the Spratley Islands.
        How about the War with Mexico Trump promises. Think Latinos in Texas will get behind that?

      4. “They will draft”
        See how many Chinese-American families want their son to die in a war between China and the Philippines for a coral reel down in the South China Sea.
        Syria imperils Israel but we can be sure that if the Jewish grad students faced the draft the campuses would be overturned by protests.
        Is it possible to attract foreigners with some French foreign legion type offer? Maybe.
        But “draft” Blue state spoiled Gen y (Or Z) to get off the couch and the cell phone to spend 2 years in the scorching deserts of Iran or Syria in a war like Vietnam with endless casualties every week for some incompetent landlord whose grandfather immigrated from Germany to avoid the World War I draft?
        I don’t think Madison Avenue can swing that.

    1. Lyn, Dune Coons won’t be a problem to us if they are confined in their sand boxes.they don’t have a genesis 3:15 enemity like the (((powers))) that made today’s ZOG. The same for swamp niggers( south Asians). It is the iron clad hold on our establishments by the Jews that brought those undesirables here. Vicious Jews like Angela Merkel and idiots like bush, Tony Blair, Obama all must hold direct accountability for what Europe is enduring today. They have a lot of blood in their hands that they couldn’t wash off. Murrica is headed that way too, thanks to ZOG. The only hope for the west to save itself from decadence is follow Russia under Tsar Putin.

      1. TONY
        Arabs who come to America do not seem affected by ironclad hold that Jews have on our government and neither do Cubans in South Florida.
        It is only dumb rednecks whose ancestors were getting a pound of flesh removed by Shylock in Shakespeare’s day that are still so stupid that they watched Jerry Springer parading Flyover lumpenproletariots across his talk-show stage.
        Americans from cynical races of the ancient civilizations-Italy, East Asia, Iran-just cannot be bamboozled by Jews. Its only the redneck whose ancestors came from the moors of Northern England or the fens of Northern Ireland who becomes a human litmus test for whatever Big Oil and Big Business feel like doing.
        No Arab in the Gulf rich oil countries wants to move to Missouri. He likes his Mercedes, his Russian nightclub hookers and his skyscrapers. Better standard of living than St. Louis.
        There are already a load of Iranians in California and I bet they make more money than I or you do. Their business practices are dishonest and their tactics underhanded but they are not behaving like Aztecs who look like a Filipino for all genetic purposes and want to carry out human sacrifices. The most primitive immigrants will be the American Indians of whose countries are nearest to the Rio Grande.
        As for “ZOG” let us see Jewish mothers sit back while their sons are drafted to fight in Syria or Iran. You are talking about America absorbing casualties every week like Vietnam for a Middle Eastern toilet bowl that will churn out more refugees for Germany to cope with. I’m sure Europe will be cool with that.
        Rednecks voted for Bush and they were the ones that then suffered the most. They could not bear a hippy like Al Gore in the White House after enduring Clinton so they elected a Texan cowboy who ran up a deficit on a war that did RAISED OIL PRICES. Good job there.

        1. The US media can bamboozle white proles to a greater degree than the British press can. I don’t why this is. The US press was partly a propaganda machine during the Bush era (Though never for Trump) while the British press was critical from the beginning.
          We argue this is corporate manipulation of the media or Jews or whatever but Brits look at the telly and say…rubbish.
          The US consumer really truly believes a film like “Red Dawn” that was concocted over lines of cocaine and tequila shooters in some Hollywood Hills apartment.

    2. LYN Austin Experience
      I don’t see any problem with Germans in Austin like Hispanics seem to have.
      If a German moved to Austin tomorrow, he would not pose a threat to anyone. If 10,000 more Germans moved to Austin tomorrow it would make no difference. Some of the old leathery ones insist on speaking German between themselves in Texas hill country but they seem to have no problem functioning in society.
      By immigrants you mean immigrants from the failed states South of the border or other developing countries.

      1. YOU ARE RIGHT. There are good Hispanics that come here and assimilate. There are way too many that don’t assimilate and want to force there culture on us. I’m tired of seeing Mexican flags and the takers. They don’t want to be Americans.
        Let me give you a true story. I went to Pacoima to help coach poor kids in baseball side bar, they never had a winning season, the year before their record was 4-6 with me they went 10-2. THE POINT IS 12 OUT OF 13 kids said WE DON’T WANT TO BE AMERICANS. My mind just said you ungrateful punks. Only 2 kids thanked me. So i just moved on with a bad radre in my mouth. All I heard was Mexican music all games and practice. THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHO THE PRESIDENT WAS.

        1. BOB
          I moved to Phoenix as a young man and one thing I observed about Mexicans is that their violence was impulsive and unprovoked. You might be standing in a public place with your head down and for no reason one would attack you. They are descended from Aztecs who practiced human sacrifices for thousands of years and there is a primitive lack of moral sense and an inherent sadism to them.
          Nine times out of ten when they assault an Anglo-Saxon it is without any provocation and even in broad daylight at the most unexpected moments. the Blacks of the ghetto have particular geographies and behavioral traits you can anticipate but the Cholo will act out with murderous violence anywhere and without any reason.
          Much is made of drug violence and indeed this may fuel their gangs but the worst attacks by Mexicans involve Aztecs powered by some primitive sacrificial instinct.

        2. BOB “Force their Culture”
          I don’t even think Hispanics want us to integrate into their culture in the Southwest, the just want to kill Anglo and eat their hearts.
          What PC does not allow us to acknowledge is that they are Amerindians who come from a religion of sacrifice.

        3. BOB “Good Hispanics”
          Once a Hispanic’s Indian blood is down to about 20% or in the case of Cuban whites they are actually pure Spanish the person’s behavior is really no different than a Sicilian from New Jersey-little macho and sexist maybe but a functional member of society.
          “Hispanic crime” is a euphemism for the Amerindians sacrificial instincts from the jungles and mountains below the border.

  6. Redneck Fallacy “Fight them over there or they will come here”
    Typical stupidity of the Flyover Redneck who never travel out of the US:
    1) Fight a war and you have to open your doors to refugees as a result. Like the son of the Afghani refugees who got in on asylum as freedom fighters against the Soviet Union.
    WE TAKE IRAQIS (Though not as many as promised) because the United States DESTROYED THEIR COUNTRY.
    2) INVADE IRAN=INVITE IRAN Persians swinging big scimitars are not going to storm the beaches of South Carolina if we don’t invade Iran or Syria. If we do, we will have to accept thousands of them.
    3) SHAHS OF SUNSET BOULEVARD Persians in Los Angeles (Mostly Muslim though some Jews) have been doing very well in the last 30 years aka HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG. Think THEY will be sending THEIR CHILDREN to fight on the Iranian Plateau. Or Syrian-Americans? Knowing of course what war means and how brutal it is they are not going to want their med-student daughter signing up for a stint in the Marines.
    4) TRY TO IMPOSE A DRAFT IN THE US AND SEE WHICH AMERICANS PROTEST THE LOUDEST…Jewish-American Democrats who cannot bear to see Murray or Andy drafted to die in Syria and rich Iranian-Americans who do not want Samiran their waster son who cruises around the strip every night to nightclubs dying in Tehran. The poor redneck from the prole would die in droves in a small town in Tennessee or Missouri.
    5) Do Jewish Americans wake up shuddering that Syrian soldiers will burst through their door if America does not prevent them from “coming over here”. These folks are at the greatest risk of course. Nope, it is the unworldly redneck from the farmlands of Missouri or the small struggling cities of Appalachia who can be convinced that poor Iraqis in a Middle Eastern toilet bowl run by a half-mad gangster despot like Hussein would cross the Atlantic if they did invade Iraq.
    6) At the bottom of all of this is that redneck only has relevance in war. Rarely (Though it happens as with Sam Walton) does he rise to any importance in business or culture in the United States far removed from the centers of influence in California or New York. So he has less to lose.

    1. “Do Jewish Americans wake up shuddering that Syrian soldiers will burst through their door if America does not prevent them from “coming over here”. These folks are at the greatest risk of course. Nope, it is the unworldly redneck from the farmlands of Missouri or the small struggling cities of Appalachia who can be convinced that poor Iraqis in a Middle Eastern toilet bowl run by a half-mad gangster despot like Hussein would cross the Atlantic if they did invade Iraq.”
      The real risk is of home-grown terror.
      In the United States that means reasonably intelligent Black kids from poor backgrounds (they have enough intelligence to realize their status and resent it) becoming Muslims and behaving like the MOHAMMAD AND MALVO.
      In the UK the situation is similar except with 2nd or 3rd generation North Africans.
      They represent 15% and 5% of their nations’ population respectively. Somewhat worrying.

      1. ANGLO Muhammed
        The military seems to have a worsening effect on Non-Asian minorities often times.
        They exit angrier, more rebellious, less disciplined, more dysfunctional.
        I personally witnessed this during a brief stint in the National Guard. Military service does them little good and often exacerbates their existing tendencies.

      2. BEAU ANGLO
        Good point. I posit that 80% of African-Americans are too amoral to become religious fanatics-loving crack cocaine, malt liquor, pimping, gambling-but possibly 10% can possess the discipline to be motivated fanatics.

  7. Immigrants?
    Which Australian songwriter who immigrated to California or Canadian tax lawyer in Florida is responsible for the decline of the United States?
    Immigrants from South Asia or the Middle East who are legal are experts in dishonest business practices and corner-cutting. This is not a good thing.
    But the core endangerment is the age-old Red Man/White Man conflict coming over the Rio Grande.

    1. The religion of old, which said that humans were interchangeable cogs is now holding an untenable proposition. We LIKED the idea that we were all a brotherhood, all identity, just as we LIKED the idea that we were made in the image of God, just as we LIKED the idea that there was a glorious afterlife of the righteous, just as we LIKED the idea of Karma, and so on and so on.
      These ideas were wrong, and its heresy to say so.
      All throughout the West, you can see a change in the regions which are becoming less European. I’ve travelled all through Europe, and the rule that demographics determines the nature of the area is as true in Melbourne as it is in Paris as it is in Athens as it is in London, Berlin, Brussels or Mareseilles.
      The coming conflict would be avoidable, if only we discarded this Political Correctness religion years ago, but we are going to smash hard against reality soon.

      1. ASSEMBLY
        The U.S. was unwilling to accept as many Muslims and the problems of Muslim riots Australia has experienced have not taken place in the United States.
        Lebanese and Turks have not problems integrating in the US.

  8. Beau Anglo,
    “Purchasing power is not anything. It makes countries prone to mass imports and destroys industry.”
    Capital’s interest is not always in accord with national interest. Sometimes it is, but not always. Those with capital are not responsible for the country and people, only for themselves.
    Since this world is ruled by capital, the rest of us are just slaves or prisoners or hijacked.

    1. Gaddafi was a fool mostly, but he understood the game of the financial vultures. Please don’t mistake IMF for some nice guys trying to help.
      Of course, China isn’t just some nice guy either, but offer a better deal. Africa’s problem isn’t purchasing power, not yet. Its problem is lack of capital to build even the foundation for industrialization.
      With Africa’s population set to explode in the next decades, it’s more pressing for some degree of industry, because even agriculture are dependent of industry if you want higher productivity, fertilizer, irrigation, electricity, transportation, machinery etc., all result of industry.
      On the other hand, if Africans fail to grow enough food for themselves, American farmers can expect some rich years ahead, being the world’s largest food exporter. Price will rise, Mississippi is going to be rich (is the black soil region in this state?)
      I remember there’re 3 large black soil regions in the world, Mississippi River, Ukraine, Northeast China.

      1. YEE Africa has lots of untapped resources. They need to be able to buy the technology, get the educations, etc. (all part of capital as you said) to extract it from the ground.
        Theoretically they could even buy the technology on credit. They’d more able to do this with an African Union Central Bank.
        But some people feel as if they have too low IQs to do anything. Or that any prosperity would be temporary.

    2. Well, Margaret Thatcher claimed in her book that a Strong dollar actually wasn’t bad for industry in that there was more power to purchase raw materials that went into industry.
      She objected to joining the EURO currency partially because it was less valuable than the pound.
      However, a lot of the problem with the EU stems from that. With free trade agreements, the country with the cheaper currency gets the surplus.
      But people who DO have jobs want a stronger currency because they get to buy more.

  9. Lyn,
    Immigration is not the problem per se, the problem is too many people don’t benefit from it, only those with assets do, business owners, land owners etc.
    From an economic point of view, more people is not a bad thing, it’s natural. This is why cities appeared in civilizations. With people comes more business activities.
    Of course, culture or other impacts is a different topic.

    1. YEE
      Immigration is a problem if you receive primitive people from the jungles of Central America or Arab terrorists.
      The great rush of people from Hong Kong during the handover did not affect the United States at all because these were educated and affluent Cantonese.
      China is not about to accept mass immigration from Central America or North Africa.

      1. We’re over populated already, of course no point taking more people unnecessary.
        But, within China, those provinces losing population to others are very worried.

  10. Trash, you have a point.
    If you destroy people’s cities or their economy, they’d have no choice but to leave. You can’t expect them to stay in the ruin and die.
    But of course the US isn’t effected by refugees, being oceans away.
    Screw Europe.

    1. YEE Lethal Weapon Era
      During the “Handover” hardcore prostitutes, organized crime gangs, addicts from Hong Kong immigrated to North America in the late 1990’s in the period the Jet LI Lethal Weapon film took place.
      Great Britain took very very few of their former subjects. Some millionaires, bankers, a surgeon or two.. Australia some in real estate.
      My point being that throughout history other countries absorb the aftershocks of some cataclysmic event that resulted from failed invasions like the British in China or US in Iraq.

    2. YEE
      Europe did not wish for the United States to invade Iraq and remove the lunatic gangster whose brutality had a stabilizing influence on the region-when of course he was not invading his neighbors.
      When Ghaddafy was killed of course Africans saw no barrier to getting to Europe.
      Europeans might disagree with you.
      Of course you were invaded by Brits who tried to sell drugs during the Opium era and stole an island so you cannot have that much sympathy for Europeans being overrun by refugees.

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