Update on Mueller's Investigation of Trump

Mueller’s criminal investigation into Trump is proceeding along three broad fronts:

  1. Investigating Trump for ties to Russian organized crime, especially money laundering (via real estate and casinos) and other illegalities tied to his business dealings with Russian ‘shadow’ banks and criminal oligarchs.
  2. The second front is the Trump campaigns and their collusion and coordination with Putin/Russian Government during the 2016 election.
  3. The third front is Trump’s crimes as president especially obstruction of justice.

There is a high degree of confidence that Trump has committed impeachable offenses on all three fronts.
2 in paticular goes a lot deeper than that. The allegation is that the Russians hacked into voter rolls in many states and then gave that information to Trump and Trump used it for targeted advertising. It’s not certain whether this is illegal or not, but it seems to be impeachable.
3 Trump is surely guilty of obstruction of justice. He’s far more guilty of this than Nixon was. And he keeps hanging himself more and more every day
1 is really the kicker. There is some excellent evidence for this one. We have names of the people involved and the corporations they set up to do this. Jared Kushner was up to his neck in this crap too.
PS Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn and Mr. Manacourt are all under investigation. There are also rumors that Paul Ryan himself is under investigation. This mess is absolutely huge and it threatens to take down much of the Republican Party itself. This party has been wicked for a long time now, but now they are as corrupt as a Third World banana republic kleptocracy like we see in shitholes like Latin America, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Stans, the Philippines, many African nations, Turkey and other failed and collapsed states.
At one point the GOP stood for something halfway noble. That ended when Reagan came in and turned it into the party of the UltraRight. Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford would not recognize today’s Republican Party. It’s like the Goldwaterites resurrected from the Dead and went zombie for three and half decades of living dead horror as conservatives roamed the nation, massacring its best and brightest while cannibalizing their brains. It’s a Republican Zombie Horrorshow!

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148 thoughts on “Update on Mueller's Investigation of Trump”

  1. I am surprised you do not think ‘The Russia Scandal’ is neocon propaganda.
    Pence is really no better than Trump in any genre and will surely support “nation building interventions” or whatever they are called now a days.

  2. And he keeps hanging himself more and more every day.
    The thing is Donald Trump is as resilient as a mutant, radioactive insect. Considering that he survived at least six bankruptcies in his entire career (which can break any normal person), Trump has developed a fairly sophisticated mental shield that is immune to accusations and scandals. Watch him hang on till the bitter end.

      1. Why would Indians care about Donald Trump?
        If anything Pakistan has been somewhat distracted by the United States and was less of a problem for India than it was in the 1990’s before Bush began his jolly excursion in Afghanistan.
        No president of the US has been quite so stupid as to get mixed up in Kashmir.
        Trump’s not going to block rich Gujarati’s from buying real estate in the United States.

        1. Trump’s not going to block rich Gujarati’s from buying real estate in the United States.
          Steve Bannon might.

        2. “Why would Indians care about Donald Trump?”
          Obviously because of Trump’s previous anti-China rhetoric like his claim that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy, their deep buttal scars of the 1962 Sino-Hindu war, and Trump’s anti-Muslim posture. Trump had at least once ‘praised’ the US Hindu community; apparently the latter didn’t realize that it was just electioneering.
          The Hindus in US have a high concentration of upper castes, which tend to be quite elitist and care about the IT work visas which will be cut back by the Trump Admin. Those high-caste Hindus celebrate Indian brainpower in US as a sign of Hindu prowess.

    1. Tomorrow Narendra Modi will meet Trump at the White House which is expected to be a match made in heaven. Finally, Trump will meet a politician who will like him for who he is. Here are a few things that Modi and Trump have weirdly in common.
      Both ran as anti-establishment populists in their respective countries creating shock victories that defied pollsters and political pundits, going on to win absolute majorities in their respective legislatures.
      Both pandered to right-wing, fanatical constituencies driving fear into the hearts and minds of religious and racial minorities. Since being elected, both have moved towards a more centrist position. That does not bother their loyal “base” of know-nothing right-wingers.
      Both are unrepentant narcissists and champion bullshitters who love the adulation of fawning crowds and frequently lie about details like crowd size. Modi has almost the highest Twitter following of any global politician, a close second to Trump.
      Both use shock and awe tactics to force the media to discuss them 24×7. Trump with the Muslim ban, and Modi, with the recent demonetization of Indian banknotes which was a complete disaster.
      The only difference between Trump and Modi — America has a relatively independent media which won’t allow Trump to get away with his lies so easily. The Indian media, to a fault, is pro-establishment and Modi has corporate sponsors who help him dominate the air waves.

      1. You omitted the major difference……..Trump is a clown whereas Modi is seasoned politician.Modi has spent an entire lifetime in politics whereas Trump is a complete novice ……it clearly shows.

        1. Trump is more cunning than many politicians rolled into one. He’s just a maverick, I wouldn’t call him a novice. He plays to the gallery.
          Trump understands TV and media ratings very well, a skill he has used to his advantage to pull a sensational election victory.
          No upper-cases this time? You’re learning.

  3. Parsis have been successful in India, all this said. They showed up in the 7th century without a pot to piss in from Iran and look at TATA etc.
    Somehow they have weathered all storms. British Raj, Partition, Kashmir, Indira’s assassination, Sikh revolts etc.

      1. Aryan stock? High-caste Brahmin have a vague Slavic look and their language seems to resemble Ukrainian more than Farsi.
        Parsi look like Persians.

        1. You always seem to forget that Indo Aryans are an ancient people ….besides,they gave up meat ages ago…..and there’s a lot of heat and humidity here.
          Sanskrit which happens to be their native tongue is definitely an Indo European language.
          And I clearly pointed out their Imperial ways.
          Slavs are quite possibly the Germanic or Nordic tribes who drifted towards.Volga.Many Slavic girls look very WHITE to me though they are much less bustier and thinner.
          Slavs once they lost their way towards Russiaseems to have lost their ambitious,restless ways….they became quite Asiatic….possibly due to the harsh climate there.

    Trump has been pandering to rich Indians (And Middle Easterners) his entire life. Steve Bannon is not going to change that. Trump’s relationships with them as a real estate salesman go back 40 years.
    Dude is a capitalist. Modi is a capitalist (Being a Gujarati). They were were in love at first sight.

      That’s rich coming from TRASH. It’s like Bill Clinton saying “I didn’t have sex with that woman” or Trump saying “Believe me. I’m telling you the truth.”

      1. Aren’t I a product of Indian capitalism in its lowest form?
        My Cochin boss once said I was “mad” and my time ended there with some of his biggest employees making sure I left.
        But for a short time, I served a purpose.

    2. Modi ain’t a Patel,he’s an OBC to let you know even though he is a Gujarati.Worse,in his childhood,he used to work at a tea shop run by his family at a railway station.
      Trump inherited a business empire and always remained a capitalist his entire life.He knows little about how politics works at the ground level.He is there in the White House by accident…..of course,he campaigned aggressively but his complete lack of familiarity with politics was clearly evident in those presidential debates.

      1. MAYUR
        You are actually correct.
        Modi will get with the program though.
        Especially regarding Pakistan, for which Trump wants him to be the watchdog and buffer.

  5. I have to agree with Mayer, who seems more sane than usual.
    Modi has never been anything but a politician apart from a stint running a tea stand in Gujarat as teenager. Being capitalists Gujarati are always going to like Trump more than a socialist.
    Trump has been doing business with Gujarati people all his life. He knows them well as they fall into one of the groups (Jews, Saudis, Japanese) that he sold his real estate to.
    But none of this matters because Trump and Modi both have an adversarial relationship with Pakistan which is a enemy of an enemy is a friend of mine philosophy.

  6. SHI
    He’s not cunning or anything…..it’s just that he knew the White American history pretty well and he campaigned aggressively in the typical American over the top style which caught the fancy of the common White folks there……it’s all about knowing the facts and knowing the minds of the people.He made a complete fool of himself in those presidential debates.
    Anybody else with the same manifesto and with the same campaigning style would have won the last U.S. presidential though with a bigger margin.

    1. Hillary like Indira had simply been around too long and irritated too many groups of people.

    2. He’s not cunning or anything…..it’s just that he knew the White American history pretty well and he campaigned aggressively in the typical American over the top style which caught the fancy of the common White folks there……it’s all about knowing the facts and knowing the minds of the people.He made a complete fool of himself in those presidential debates.
      At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if he made a complete fool of himself. His risky tactics won him the election.
      Anybody else with the same manifesto and with the same campaigning style would have won the last U.S. presidential though with a bigger margin.
      This election was in the bag for Hillary Clinton. No other Republican nominee could have caused such a shock upset.
      Donald Trump’s maverick techniques were a carefully crafted strategy even though it makes him appear as a bumbling fool.
      Trump nearly isn’t as dumb as was previously thought. Yes, he has some dementia issues owing to his age. But, many political leaders have functioned properly despite dementia. For example, India’s former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

      1. Trump will press Modi to build a wall with Pakistan. The core issue of their relationship will be Pakistan.
        Clinton was like Indira in 82. She had been around too long and made too many enemies.
        Trump had no technique whatsoever. That was part of his charm.

        1. Trump had no technique whatsoever.
          C’mon, give credit where it’s due. Here is a list of Trump techniques which are unprecedented for any political campaign anywhere in the world.
          Insulting your opponents with innovative monikers. “Lying’ Ted”, “Low Energy Bush”, “Little Marco”, “Crazy Bernie”, “Crooked Hillary” are more than funny names. They are a highly effective means to discredit their positions on Live television and the Internet. Jeb Bush, a front-runner in the Republican Primaries, was the first victim of Trump’s name-calling game. Trump has practically ended his political career.
          Narendra Modi used similar tactics in the 2014 Indian elections to discredit his main rival, Rahul Gandhi of the Congress party, frequently calling him “Pappu” which means an imbecilic child in Indian. Rahul Gandhi was a serious political candidate, but became the butt of jokes on social media.
          Leveraging rightwing Internet forums No other group of Internet users can be as passionate about their cause as right-wingers. Lefties are slackers for the most part. Trump’s ascendancy came at the same time as the growing Alt-right movement. Breitbart proved to be a more powerful outlet to air your views than MSM. Trump knew this. That’s why he pressed for the Muslim ban and the Mexico wall. Playing to the gallery with right-wingers was really tapping into a lot of hidden votes.
          Accusing your opponent of stealing the elections, and projecting all your misdoings on them This was a classic dick move. Right on the date of the election, Trump complained that the election was being stolen from under him. And his base, as if on cue, came in large numbers, to vote for him. While doing everything he accused his opponent’s supporters of, like voting multiple times, fraud with electronic voting machines.
          Trump played dirty, and won.

      2. This election was in the bag for the Conservatives…….I had predicted a victory for Trump once I became well aware of the immigration laws of the NEW WORLD………I used to live in the OPEN BORDER era.

        1. I Have Mental Issues BUT
          Trump will push Modi to intensify actions in Kashmir and Jammu.
          Trump will push Modi to build a wall with Pakistan.
          Trump will push Modi to take a strong approach with Muslim Indians.
          Modi will push Trump not to change H-IB work visas. Trump will comply.
          Modi will forge ties with Nikki.
          Modi thinks Trump is a fool privately, which of course he is.

  7. MAYER
    Slavs are not Germanic, never will, speak another language. Their skull shape is different and so is their blood type (Same as a Brahmin’s in fact).

        1. Brahmins a large number of them are pretty big boned like the Germanics besides being extremely to moderately light skinned.
          Even the Irish are pretty big boned….does it make them Germanic…..I think it does.

    1. Hey Mr. Knowall,I have ground breaking news for you….the more the so called SLAVS drifted towards RUSSIA the more they intermingled and mixed up with the natives there…..and eventually became more and more Asiatic.
      The original Brahmins,beyond any doubt,did not intermingle and mix up with the DRAVIDIANS etc ……to a significant extent…….anywhere….neither in the NORTH nor in the SOUTH even though they indeed gave up MEAT ages ago under the influence of BUDDHISM and JAINISM.

  8. Brahmin share the same blood type as Eastern Europeans who do not share the same blood type as Northwestern Europeans.
    This is unrelated to Modi offering to do what Trump wants him to in regards to Pakistan so we are derailing this thread.

  9. SHI
    You seem to have forgotten HITLER or are you unaware of HIM…….Trump is heavily German on his mother’s side….to me,he was clearly aping Fuhrer throughout the last U.S. preseidential election.

    1. His daughter married a Jew so this is unlikely. So did his son, come to think of it.
      His father was from Germany. His mother was born in Britain. He looks quite British.

        1. His mother was from Great Britain. His daughter is married to a Jew.
          What’s the point of this link?
          His father was born in the United States to German immigrants.

    2. Hitler didn’t win any election. He successfully hijacked the German government using Nazi mobs while using Jews as political scapegoats. Donald Trump, for better or worse, cannot be compared to Hitler. He won the US elections democratically, albeit with a little Russian help. Trump’s simply a self-serving plutocrat who’s in the whole thing only to advance his family’s business interests. Trump does not have any ideology beyond lining his own pockets. He’s a centrist who will play to the gallery depending on who votes for him.
      Steve Bannon, on the other hand, has a real, anti-Semitic ideology. It’s called the Alt-Right movement.
      The Nazi rise in Germany can be compared with a hypothetical future where the RSS takes over India under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath by scapegoating Muslims and Christians. Luckily, Narendra Modi is a centrist who has long distanced himself from right-wing Hindutva elements in BJP party, except when they serve his purpose to win elections.
      The German economy was in very bad shape in the 1930s, and inflation and consumer prices was seriously out of control. It was an opportune moment to seize the government while encountering minimal resistance.
      Plenty of normal German people were opposing Hitler. Once the Nazis established their firm grasp on power, middle-class Germans were left with no choice but to toe the line, or leave the country.

  10. Modi has a shady past indeed. It is hard to believe a man involved in an uprising-I recall being in India during this time-could become prime minister of a country.

    1. He’s as clean as a whistle…….come on,India belongs to the ancient race of Indo Aryans who happen to be Hindus…everybody is entitled to play the bully once in a while in his own backyard.

      1. Modi was once denied a US visa on account of his alleged role in the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat.
        He’s now on a state visit to Washington. How things change.

        1. It’s all pretty cyclical,in my humble opinion……..conservatives,liberals,conervatives,liberals……..conservatives had to prevail there everywhere in the WEST……changing the demographics of the imperial WEST ain’t a joke……….conservatives will stay there and even here for quite sometime now……unless something incredibly insane or stupid happens.

  11. “Heavily German on his mother’s side” He must have been upset when his daughter married a Jew then.

    1. Well,I tend to be a bit too spontaneous…..my memory ain’t sharp like the typical Indians….but he indeed has a heavy German influence on his father’s side….it is impossible for him to be ignorant of Fuhrer.
      Well if he indeed was not a conservative then how could he have garnered the whole hearted support of the conservatives and the white supremacists in the last U.S. presidential election.
      Of course,Jews are fabulously wealthy there……..and fabulous wealth can indeed buy you almost everything……even a green card of a very covertly racist and wholesomely snobbish country.

      1. Trump’s grandfather was a draft-dodger in Germany during World War I. Having emigrated to the United States as a young man, he had serious differences with the Kaiser and his countrymen. A German nationalist he was not.
        Donald Trump was a draft dodger too, during Vietnam war. The Trumps have a very low opinion of ideals like nationalism, patriotism and self-sacrifice. That’s for useful idiots and suckers. Trump’s really like a Gujarati Bania businessman. He’s an opportunist who only cares for money.
        Trump’s the most Judaized Gentile one would ever encounter. His favorite daughter Ivanka, converted to Orthodox Judaism after marrying a Jew. Trump made most of his fortune in Jew York City and is completely surrounded by Kike lawyers who would be happy to sue anyone who uses the Trump name to promote their products.
        Besides, Donald Trump is half-Scottish on his mother’s side.
        The Hitler connection is far-fetched, and pointless. Trump may have dictatorial tendencies, but it’s more on Robert Mugabe style.

        1. I am talking about the possibility of TRUMP having completely aped Hitler to win the last U.S. presidential election…….it is impossible for him to be aware of Hitler…..within his heart,only he must be knowing the truth……….I have seen the most orthodox Brahmins marrying Punjabis and Sindhis…fabulous wealth can wipe out all your past sins and correct all your basic flaws more often than not.

        2. SHI You’ve never been around Jews in your life. For an Indian stuck in India apart from perhaps a one month backpacking holiday to Eastern Europe you have not been on Western soil.
          I at least HAVE LIVED in your country. I have walked its streets. I have been EMPLOYED in your country.
          And the first thing I can tell you is that you never met any Jews besides sharing a joint with some Israeli guy on Goa beach.
          You have not been near the United States or Canada.
          Much less interacted with Jews.
          The only Jews in India are a few in Cochin and you’re the type of Northerner who would not visit the South.

  12. I am talking about the possibility of TRUMP having completely aped Hitler to win the last U.S. presidential election…….it is impossible for him to be unaware of Hitler…..within his heart,only he must be knowing the truth……….I have seen the most orthodox Brahmins marrying Punjabis and Sindhis…fabulous wealth can wipe out all your past sins and correct all your basic flaws more often than not.

    1. WTF is the thread derailment with Brahmins marrying Punjabis, Sindhis etc.? There is no connection.
      You are like an intelligence vampire. Instead of draining the victim’s blood, you prey on their ability to think logically. LOL.

    2. You guys, you MUST stop derailing this thread, which is about Donald Trump, into endless discussions of India. You guys derail every single damn thread into a discussion of India. I am going to delete all derailing threads from now on!

      1. SIR
        You are right but the interactions between Trump and the Indian President are going to be an issue that India is concerned about.
        As you can see, other countries have been impacted by the election of this man.
        This derailing is my fault.
        I am off.

        1. Did you ever leave somewhere and forget all about the things/persons/places that irritated you until one day years or decades later you meet one and all of the sudden it is as a single second has passed since the last time a similar thing bothered you.
          That is me and India. What is amazing is how constant certain things are about India: Brahmins will act manipulative pseudo-Westerner would-be intellectuals, lower-caste Northerners will be clueless braggarts who degenerate into comical macho stances (“My dick up your ass!”) and the South Indian will be pissed off at everything above the Hindi-speaking like and blame it on higher-caste Northerners (“Sucking up to Brahmins”)
          Nothing has changed in the years or even decades since I was a young man in India even if the Bengali hookers I knew are now 46 year old grandmothers by now.
          MAYER looks the same as dirtbags on the fringes of tourist centers always seemed-the hard eyes reeking of jail and mental issues and the leather jacket and the sleazy goatee.
          Every Indian on this board is an archetype that just never changes.

        2. Of course Jews never change as well. Just like how you cannot take India out of an Indian, a jew is always going to jew. It does take special jew genetics to piss off people across all races.No wonder they are despised all over the world. Thanks to the internet, now the whole world knows about them.

  13. As I said, Trump’s tactics are very different from Hitler’s. The latter seized the German government by whipping Nazi mobs into a collective frenzy. Trump did the same with his base of Alt-right supporters but eventually won through democratic means. Unlike Hitler, had Trump lost to Hillary, he would have exited, of course not without throwing a few hissy fits. Trump wouldn’t have staged a coup.
    There are plenty of moderate Trump supporters who got scammed by this famous con artiste. They are all having a buyer’s remorse on their votes now, given Trump’s record low approval ratings.
    Hitler is a popular historical character. It’s impossible for anyone to be not aware of him. Even someone like Trump who famously doesn’t read any books.

    1. Hitler was a rootless outsider from Austria with a some distinguished military record in world war one yet he managed to seize power democratically and then became the dictator of Germany legally…… therein lies his political genius.
      It is incredibly possible for a political novice such as Trump with a heavy German influence on his father’s side to have studied a lot about the rise of Hitler and use the Hitlerian art of appealing aggressively to the insecurities of the common folks and bullying mercilessly the opposition…….to me,Trump was clearly aping Hitler throughout the last U.S. presidential……..Adolf Hitler is a political genius unmatched to this date anywhere in the world….his nuttiness and pretty common and insecure character notwithstanding.

    2. SHI Oh you were there. Or have been anywhere?
      I could accept an opinion about Amsterdam or Frankfurt since you actually might have spent some time in its guesthouses.
      Now admittedly I have not lived in the United States for nearly 20 years but mobs of angry citizens did not run up and down the streets.
      Like Indira Gandhi, Hillary Clinton had worn our her welcome with two many scandals and investigations and controversies.

  14. I am afraid Mayur Varshine is dumber than a sack of bricks.
    Did he say he was an accountant? God help his clients.

      1. Who cares what you like, you annoying poster.
        As long as you don’t learn to post properly in a serious blog such as this, it’ll be fucking open season on you.

        1. You little bitch I give a shit…….and the discussion was about the rise of Hitler and the rise of Trump…….you know shit about Hitler……..he is not a popular character anywhere…..his very name invites severe scorn in the West……go back to your Shastras……..you know shit about the West…..you are as intellectually retarded as your Indian ancestors.

    1. At least he’s stopped typing his sentences in uppercase. This means he has clearly reached the homo erectus stage of prose fiction.
      Now only if he could become fully human by cutting back on the annoying use of ellipsis, (…).

      1. If only you could blather a less like an incoherent idiot……you clearly have no clue of what you are talking about……you clearly know nothing about the rise of Hitler.

        1. I don’t change tracks. You’re too dim-witted to keep pace with the other posters. Blame your Hindi medium education background. You never learned how to properly express yourself in English.
          As TRASH once said, I went to an elite institution like St. Xavier’s, Mumbai. See the difference?

  15. You are still a DESI bitch to me……….and I did bring down your pants …more than once……and yes where the fuck are you hiding you little bitch why don’t you show up……where are you exactly from….you are loud that’s it but you talk a lot of nonsense……and you are a congenial liar……not a man of honour.
    You know shit about the rise of HITLER……go back to your gita,vedas,puranas and shastras.

    1. You forgot that back in the day, Brahmins used to be British collaborators.
      We got along excellently with the Brits and Europeans living in India, who introduced the benefits of Western Science and education to India. In exchange, the Goras picked up a thing or two on the Vedas, Yoga and other spiritual aspects of Indian society. It may not have been a fair exchange but the bottomline is that the Brahmins got along excellently with the British. And retarded fucks like you would know their place.

      1. see,that’s why I don’t like these BRAHMINS……..they are traitors to their own people….in very overt and covert ways….
        who exactly was BAL GANGADHAR TILAK,who exactly was VERR SAVARKAR,who exactly was PANDIT NEHRU and what exactly are RSS and BJP
        What is thy name,bitch….what is thy surname,bitch…where are you from,bitch…let me have a dekko at your WHITE looks……..hey do you have green eyes,indo aryan bitch.

      2. SHI
        And retarded bitch,to enlighten you,as usual,Brahmins were collaborators with everybody and anybody who could use the SWORD with good effect and WARM up to them…..be it,the KSHATRIYAS,the DRAVIDIAN kings,the MUGHALS or the BRITISH….exactly the way Marwaris collaborated with the COLONIAL BASTARDS and acquired a lot of wealth.
        There is nothing special about the GORAS or even the MIDDLE EASTERNERS……..it’s just that the BRAHMINS have had created,nourished and maintained such an intellectually and physically retarded society that it’s riches are ripe for plunder by one and all.
        You quite RELISH sucking up to the GORAS despite being a Hindu.Die sucking their dicks,DESI dog!Shame on you!

      3. SHI
        Brahmin are not geniuses by the standards of Western Europe but they tend to be so much smarter than the average Indian-one can gleam this from seeing your exchanges with Mayer-that it is no surprise that they found some advantage to being employed by Brits.
        Mayer is too retarded to know anything. Even his place. You meet a great many Indian males like him around the Tourist Centers, cast out by his own community as crazy. One need only see his photograph to know he that he is unstable.
        Anglo-Indians are not a very important group in India.
        In most former colonies they became the top of the tree but not India.

      4. “Brahmins got along excellently with the British”
        LOL You’re truly a “SHE”. British never recognized the superiority of the Brahmans and exposed them for what they are. Of-course, they did try to scheme the British as well but the British were far more sophisticated than your average dumb Indian to fall for your scheming and were also superior intellectually. So they relegated your kinds to clerical jobs. The only mistake British did was handing over the power to you slimy deceptive scumbags. India never had a chance to recover.
        We’d like to thank your kinds for exposing yourselves on the internet. The more you speak, the more it becomes easier to point your lies and put you on your places. Don’t brag about your so called achievements, there are none to speak of honestly! You exposed your racist mindset by calling dravidians “ni8888” and when someone from your own brethren like Mayur fails to acknowledge your supremacy you chimp out like a sissy girl.

  16. Mayur Varshine is the poster child of everything that is wrong with India’s education system. It produces functionally illiterate retards who are unable to express a coherent idea in English, and too pig-headed to admit it.
    Later on in their careers, these retards become doctors, accountants and computer scientists. Some of them become teachers thus, perpetuating the cycle of functional illiteracy for future generations of Indians.
    At least I had the privilege of studying at an elite school that was directly affiliated to the British Embassy. We had Western teachers, and a Cambridge curriculum.
    Sometimes I feel India should have stayed under British rule. Things would have remained more orderly and elegant under a benevolent British Commonwealth. The retards would have known their place. Now, they’re everywhere trying to become doctors and accountants.
    You spend 5 minutes with someone like Mayur Varshine in real life, their dumbness starts rubbing off on you.
    What a fucking idiot!

    1. Hey bitch time to show up…..where are you exactly from…..are you even a Brahmin……I bet you are a Punjabi err Sindhi err American err refugee err Pakistani.
      Let me have a ‘dekko’……..time to show up…….I dare ya,you little desi bitch!

      1. I don’t consider myself a desi. That refers to your brethren.
        I don’t even get along with fucks like you. I just wish you stopped pestering me.

        1. You are a typical DESI bitch…with Punjabi or Sindhi roots……you little bitch try being nice to the indigenous Indians…for a change….you have the blood of REFUGEES from PAKISTAN or SINDH in your veins….how can you forget that so conveniently.
          Show up,I dare ya!

    2. You little bitch you are a poster boy for everything that is wrong with the DESIS.
      What is thy name…..what is thy surname…….what is thy caste …..what is thy gotra…..what is thy native state…….time to show up……please don’t be so shy,you little desi bitch.I did show up for a very,very long time…..and you have my name and even my location and qualifications……..come on,try being a man…..for a change……ohhh I forgot you are a just a little DESI bitch among the Goras……I give a shit to you and to them …..now try sucking up to them……..with an open mind and a sincere heart.

        1. The poor DESI bitch can not bear the DICK up his ass……..you ain’t an N.R.I. ……you are a DESI dog…….go suck up to your masters,bitch.
          And yes never forget WHERE you are and WHO you are…….be grateful to one and all….you brown traitor.

        2. SHI Obviously you no longer fit into Indian society and you should find some Western country that will take you. Australia or the UK maybe.

    3. Hey did you not have a good look at my facebook profile,DESI bitch….I am pretty much as convent educated as you are….throughout……and ohhh yes I ain’t a HINDU bitch like you……I am a de facto Chrisitian…….I identify myself completely with JESUS the PHILOSOPHER and JESUS the MARTYR…….not with the Brahmin motherfuckers who love to hoard power and knowledge.That’s what really counts………not your N.R.I. status you Hindu bitch.
      And yes I don’t spend a lot of time reading this blog and drafting my comments…besides,I NEVER review what I am posting on the internet…..I am all heart……not a scheming,little bitch like you….so the errors and omissions at some places can be overlooked.
      Now go and suck up to your GORAS with all GLEE……

    4. Mayer fits the same profile of every single misfit Indian hanging around the fringes of the Tourist Centers.
      Pushed out of their own community and regarded as crazy. Did some jail time for some petty offense. Premature grey in his hair and beard from too much cheap whiskey. Crazy flat stare. Cheap leather jacket he wears all the time.
      You’ll see them from Karnataka to Andheri. Wherever the whites are.

  17. SHI
    And YES you know SHIT about the WHITE States of America either.You retard,the last U.S. presidential was fought solely on the basis of the rapidly changing demographics of the bastion of the West and the flight of jobs,in particular the blue collared jobs, from America………you have no clue of what you were talking about there,LMAO.
    The very fact that somebody as inexperienced and as corrupt as Trump is there in the White House in itself speaks a lot about the essential character of the last U.S. Presidential.
    Go back to the HINDUs you do not belong here,you DESI bitch.

  18. Mayur Varshine is the reason the collective IQ of Beyond Highbrow blog just dropped 10 points.
    Robert’s going too easy on functionally illiterate posters like this one.

    1. I am sorry, this thread has been derailed partly due to my fault.
      I shall ignore this poster named Mayur Varshine in future. I’m OK with TRASH now, he doesn’t derail or hijack any threads unlike the past.

      1. What is thy name,bitch………hey you changed your track again…….FRENCH and BRAHMINS are so very similar…….they surrender so quickly……..it nearly takes away the honour from the victory.

      1. Mayur Varshine
        You are on my ignore list. I will not be responding to any of your comments and curiosities in future. Now please go and play in the traffic.

        1. I give a shit,DESI bitch.
          I brought your ignorance,arrogance and cowardice too blatantly…..that’s sufficient for me.
          And please don’t try to bully the Indigenous Indian folks…some of them may well try out to be ARYANS…….you never know,India is a behemoth.

        2. ‘Varshney’ is the GOTRA of KRISHNA ….you can use GITA to verify it.Of course,it is all mythological nonsense.
          At least,be respectful to your native faith…..how can you even mock the GOTRA of KRISHNA.
          And yes HITLER was a political genius of the rarest kind……all the right wingers literally worship him and the politicians REVERE his genius….it’s only the LIBERALS who abhor and mock him.Go ask Trump.

  19. SHI
    The goras err angrez call this exquisite poetry….in the language they really call English.Take a good look,desi N.R.I. bitch.
    Your eyes
    Your light blue eyes
    resemble the bright clear skies
    on a sunny day;
    they strike me with their brilliance,
    day and night,
    Your sedate eyes
    seem to have depth of the oceans;
    they look deep into my soul,
    scolding me for my errant, wild ways!
    you reform me, unfailingly,
    day and night,
    Your elegant, arrogant eyes
    insult my commonness!
    they ignite desires in me
    which I had believed
    were dead and buried deep
    in the cemetery of harsh reality;
    to my utter surprise,
    they gain in strength,
    day and night,
    Your beautiful eyes
    lure me into doing the forbidden;
    I foolishly dream
    of our improbable togetherness,
    day and night,
    Your talkative eyes
    converse at length with me
    twenty four hours a day;
    I grow very fond of their chattering,
    day and night,
    O, the bewitching slayer of my sanity!
    Your wicked eyes
    have cast a spell on me,
    most unwillingly,
    I fall madly in love with you,
    day and night,

    1. You’re of-course a blood jew TRASH. You shouldn’t have a problem admitting it. I had a lot of respect for you for your anti-racist stuff but your inner jew is getting the better of you.

      1. I’m not Jewish. Have nothing against them but I am not Jewish. I doubt that you personally have met many Jews in Chennai or Bangalore where you live. Or many North Indians for that matter.

    2. I wont disrespect you for being Jewish though I wish you could act better than a “textbook jew”.

        1. Mr Shylock,it’s so telling in your comments.I was wrong you’re not partially Jewish, You’re a fullblooded jew.

    I (formerly Beauregard) once thought that he was a Jew as well.
    But really he has a Jewish intelligence phenotype (high verbal) that makes him appear Jewish. His political ideology is also similar to that of an Upper Middle Class Jew.
    He is a Judaized Gentile, really.

    1. You’ve got a thing with the usernames, buddy. For me Another William playfair and Barrack Thatcher were so cool. I think TRASH has some jew in him definitely. Too many giveaways but I still respect him and wish if he could behave a little better. Phil is a black boy but nobody could call him a “ni8888” given his intelligence and smartness. I wish TRASH would overcome his jewishness and be like a PHIL.

      1. You are a Dravidian who buys your coconut oil shampoo at LULU HYPERMARKET.
        You swallow red chilli peppers whole and sweat bullets in public out your pores.
        Your drink of choice is cheap gut rot whiskey.

        1. Your insults doesn’t bother me at all.i will not waste my time indulging in adhominem with you but I will call you for what you are – A blood Jew. There cant be a better insult than calling a jew, a Jew.

    2. ANGLO
      When I left the United States Anglo-Saxons were not as far in decline and Jews were still middle-class. The division was not as great.
      I told you I was shocked when I returned to the United States and a white Italian woman who’d served in the Navy was selling her body on the road for $50 because she needed the money.
      Non-gentiles (And for all I know this includes Japanese Americans acting like Blacks in LA) have slid way downhill.
      The US was a tough time to be young in the 1990’s but Bush’s election in the year 2000 (A year we all thought would be the beginning of endless prosperity) marked a real slide into the gutter.
      Jews have basically found a way to hang on in the United States. Their homes are less likely to be broken, they manage not to have children-out-wedlock etc. It is not so much that Jews have dominated America as Anglo-Saxons have just slid downhill to the point where some jungle Indian can steal their job.

    3. ANGLO
      “Acting like a Jew”
      In Southeast Michigan Jews and Irish-Catholics and Central Europeans would stomp a “whigger” when I was young. At the very least, you would be called a fairy and an idiot.
      If you did not go to a state university and you had a kid when you were 19 you were a damned ni**er.
      Polish-American crackheads shuffling around Detroit were referred to by African-Americans as ners. If you were hooked on some stupid narcotic of the time (Crack then, pills now) you were a “ner”.
      Anglo-Saxons turned into what used to be called “jailhouse fairies”-white trash with a load of tattoos, petty criminals, hanging around blacks, going to jail, coming from broken homes.
      Jews somehow avoided this and so they seem like aristocrats now?
      What happened to the Gentile race? It backslid.
      This all happened around the time Bush was elected. I’m not sure if he was entirely to blame but if Gore had been elected perhaps America would resemble Australia or New Zealand.
      Instead it resembles the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family nearing the end of their existence in that abandoned amusement park while Jews are still making films like Wonder Woman portraying Germans as the enemy when the son of a German immigrant is president.
      America just became pitiful in the last 15 years. Clinton left a country where adults had decent jobs and everybody could afford to attend college and wars were to be avoided as unnecessary expenditures.
      It is not that I turned into a “Jew” overseas so much as I left America as a middle-class Anglo and everybody turned into a n***er or a white trash animal.

      A foreigner becomes frozen in time in some ways when he moves overseas like American hippies who moved to Ashrams in India in 1975 and never came back.
      I embody the Clinon era politics of the person born in 1974 who came of age during the 1990’s. A left Centrist.
      In those days if you were a Republican you were a STONE ENEMY of the working or lower middle class.
      So my politics embody the Clinton Era Democrat of the mid-to-late 1990’s.

    Sure, I dress like Elvis and look like Andrew Dice Clay and hang around Coney Island telling women to “ride my baloney pony”.
    That’s me.

      “Mistaken for a Jew”
      Gen X born in the 70’s who came of age in the 1990’s had a great many typical Jewish traits (As did their President): cynical, distrustful of the government and authority, believed that the GOP was the enemy of the middle and working-class, bourgeois values (Look down on minorities but don’t say the slurs), attend college for the sake of being educated, psycho-active drugs (Pot and mushrooms), sexually liberated and birth-control wary, world travelers.
      One major difference between Gen Y and Gen X is patriotism. Gen X was not nationalistic. The Cold War was over and had been a crock of shit and terrorism was confined to Kenya.
      Another was that Gen X was the generation that traveled endlessly overseas. Some of us-like me-stayed overseas for the rest of their lives.
      Anglo-Saxons who have come of age in the 2000’s after Bush elected were raised at a time when Democrats became the stone enemy of the white working class and focused all their attention on minorities. In the 1990’s Democrats were whites trying to limit the abuses of capitalists and corporations.

    WHO I AM
    I am from Frederick County, Maryland. This is an area that was rural farm country at the time of my birth.
    It has essentially become gentrified in many aspects.
    As I mentioned before, there is an influx of wealthy Muslims, Jews, Africans, Asians, and more to the area. They have driven up home values.
    Grocery stores used to be Food Lions and Giant Eagles. Now they are Whole Foods.
    ANGLO rednecks types are not coping well to the change. They are essentially driven out of the neighborhood by guise of affordability. They are treated like Blacks. I am not sure if there is another place in the whole country like this…where poor Rednecks are being cleansed. This happens when the burbs extend to rural areas.
    At least one redneck had a violent outburst at a wealthy Muslim woman in Hijab and was dealt with harshly by her local Homeowner’s Association. This is typical.

    1. “Rich Muslim Woman” clearly the Middle East does not need working-class Americans to sacrifice their lives for Dubai or Qatar when these folks can price out Americans.
      On the desirable edges of the continent like the East Coast I have no doubt this will continue.
      But the US interior is not that attractive to rich foreigners and does not have an economy that generates the profits to attract them.
      Overall though rural whites are being gradually phased out.

    With the description of “Dixie” people’s views Judith Mirville outlined in her recent post, one can easily see how the influx of Dark people “economically cleansing” rednecks from their area sits as a complete reversal of how things should be.
    Rednecks are angry and may be prone to “Chainsaw massacre” type outbursts in the immediate future.

    1. BEAU
      This could happen on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard where half of New Jersey is an immigrant ghetto and the other half is Friday the 13th woodlands on periphery of Appalachia.
      But rich Muslim women do not want to move into the vast interior of the United States. Not yet anyhow.

      1. Well essentially it is that they bring Suburbian life with them.
        They eliminate the native culture. “Gentrification”.
        Maryland used to be a regular Dixie state but is now a White liberal paradise.
        This may also be the case in Western California.

        1. “Western California”
          Dirty Harry films comment on the gentrification of San Francisco’s shabby Irish-Catholic neighborhoods. The villains “Scorpio” and “Bobby” represent the working-class Irish veterans who returned from Vietnam and ran amok. Dirty Harry himself belongs to this community.
          In real life this gentrification reached its heated peak when Dan White of the Irish-Catholic Castro district shot New York Jewish gay emigre Harvey Milk over his policies that allowed gay bath houses and felch-breath homosexual druggies to overrun this formerly staunch Irish Catholic neighborhood.
          But Western California was really a series of Orange Groves. There was no lengthy history there. It was owned by Spanish farmers whose families held the original land grants from Spain until Anglo-Saxons and Asians poured into the State at the turn of the century.

        2. As a white man who lived in Dubai and Asia I can tell you exactly how these whites are perceived by the Arab/Indian business elite and African intelligentsia moving into the suburbs: peasants. This son of the soil who works with their hands and has an education no higher than community college and has not traveled is as low a life form as a stray cat in a dumpster.
          Moreover, the immigrant has contempt and a certain predatory interest in the local girls who are impressed with more worldly males than locals who have never traveled. They are easily seduced and this only heightens tension with local males. Older female Anglo also develop anger at the haughtiness of foreign women who enter the malls and stores where they work in retail and throw money around while ignoring them as servant girls.

        3. The Anglo does not really have an economy that powers him. Latinos have labor pools and drugs. Arabs and Indians have some foreign source of money and are really just investors. Asians and Africans are technocratic intelligentsia.
          But the local Anglo has only himself and his labor.
          Jews sort of making money in secondary high-end service sector capacities: lawyers, media mavens, business owners.
          Local blacks, long used to being an appendage, survive off a vast underground economy.
          But the Anglo has only his constitution and his legal framework.
          Corporations have undermined his small-businesses in small cities and rural exurbs.

        4. BEAU Northern Industrial Contrast
          Asian-Americans on the West Coast are not going to be rooted out by Iranians or Indians. They are just to familiar with corruption, kleptomaniac officials, bribery, market-dickering skills to be marginalized.
          Hispanics unlike high-caste Indians or rich Arabs lower the property value with thuggery, Amerindian primitiveness and general civic disruptions (huge families, machismo violence, drug distribution).
          In the industrial North from NYC through Philly to Chicago the Jews, Irish-Catholics, Italians, Germans (Personified by Bavarian emigre Frederick Drumpf) were not driven out by later arrivals (Arabs, Indians, Asians).
          It seems to be a rural Anglo-Saxon Protestant disease that occurs below a certain parallel.

        5. BEAU East Coast Gentrification vs West Coast Banana Republic
          Latin Americans tend to lower property values on the West Coast. Unlike the Cuban Gallegos and Puerto Rico Catalans than have seized the economy from the Anglo-Saxon pine barrens cracker in South Florida the Central American is an Amerindian primitive at the bottom of ideological and social political ructions who brings primitiveness to California-machismo violence, machete drug gangs, unmanageable drunken behavior, teen pregnancy, pollution, corruption, bribery etc.
          When Irish-Catholics and Jews of say Boyle Heights left the property value plummeted 500%.
          On the East Coast the local Anglo-Saxons are the primitives unable to cope with the wheeler-dealers from Iran, India, Middle East who possess a market-trading aptitude from rising to the top of ancient teeming civilizations.
          Even before these rich immigrants-and the Atlantic Ocean is an effective barrier to the poor or we would have 3 billion Africans in Delaware-the rural Anglo was struggling.
          There is a deep susceptibility to him that is often the cause of very stupid wars or policies. He votes for an alcoholic derelict from Texas because this man claimed to be a Born Again Christian. He showed up for his disastrous war that did RAISED the price of oil instead of lowering it which in turn helped to cause the 2008 Global Meltdown and unleashed a million refugees held in check by their lunatic gangster despots like Hussein and Ghaddafy.
          He lacks the deep cynicism of the urban Irish-Catholic or Italian-American who is equally racist and sexist (More, probably) but keeps these opinions to himself. He has faith in his government and constitution, which the Northern white whose parents or grandparents were human traffic to the owners of the factories and industry knows is corrupt and run by a syndicate of petrol companies and industrialists.
          Let us take the rural blonde Anglo Saxon female. An Arab or Indian with money-and I have witnessed this take place-can roll into the downtown in a Mercedes and the blonde girls are attracted to his worldliness and money and charm. Soon she is exploited. Equally the rural Anglo-Saxon female is exploited by the black man and often introduced to crack cocaine and blowing big black hogs in the back of a pimped out GTS.
          …Not so with Jewish or Italian or Slavonic girls from the cities (Though more of these urban young women become call girls because police in big cities do not care whereas a “prostitution ring” bust in a small Anglo-Saxon city of some Chinese happy-ending massage parlor is big news). Less of them are “pimped out” but black thugs. Or Mexican girls.
          I’m not sure why the Anglo-Saxon below a certain parallel is so susceptible to bullshit and pandering and consumerism. Jews smirk in disgust at “Wonder Woman” and wonder how many 8-Balls the screenwriter did up before hiring a former Israeli female soldier who can barely walk convincingly to go through the motions of another tired film about “Nazis”.

        6. The white redneck works by his labor. Tell me, why is a minority or maybe majority of redneck tow truck drivers and auto mechanics – are such dicks – considering they make as much as a doctor? I mean – 200 to 1000 an hour. They must be sadists.

        7. If I was making as much as them – and there is no way in hell I can – then why would I insult the customer? Are the customers so stupid as to be a fun sport? Can you imagine a dickhead doctor? It would be something for comedy.

    2. BEAU “They Call Him Leatherface”
      When the corporations have made your business defunct and Immigrants stream in who can force relatives to work 24 hours in the liquor stores or gas stations or hotels it leaves you wandering around the city your family has lived in for 5 generations adrift.
      Pretty local girls are attracted to worldly Arab and Indian sons of wealthy merchants who drive Mercedes instead of Flatbeds and long-blonde hair flows out the open window of passenger seats as they exchange their bodies for the exotic.
      The Indian or Jewish woman enters and behaves as if you are peasant who eats snails and grubs.
      You just want to grab a chainsaw and start slicing through them.

      1. ENGLAND
        As you have said before, Island countries do not have “breathing space” for immigrants. Very different types of people (Cockney quasi-rednecks & rich Muslims) live close together.
        For instance, I can recall a News report on the eve of Brexit. They interview an aggressive women with a low class accent who says “We is going to shove the Calais tunnel up Davey Cameron’s arse”. Only a block away they interview an upper middle class Black Muslim woman.
        The tension must be absurdly high.

        1. In the UK, Scotland is more chill with immigrants as it is more sparsely populated and has “breathing room”……..it also benefits more from EU trade w/Ireland as opposed to England/Wales.

        2. BEAU
          I’ve spent long periods of my life in the UK and Muslim immigration is restricted to urban England.
          Wales and Scotland are insulated by foggy mountains. Especially Wales. Much of this country is wild Moors.
          Muslims do not want to go there and bale hay or work on farms. They seek an urban economy.
          We go back to Robert’s fundamental psychology of the hunter-gatherer state from which tribal people-Mexican-Americans, blacks, Muslims are less removed. The “bush” is not appealing to them. They want to live in population centers where there is income from factory work, or pimping, or construction, or selling drugs, or stealing cars or simply a decent welfare check.

        3. BEAU “Upper-class”
          White English proles are not as bothered by rich Arabs or African technocrats. These folks at least have money and will not go on welfare and their kids will not be juvenile delinquents.
          It is the poor from former British colonies of the Caribbean or South Asia that pose the threat.
          These are the immigrants who will “groom” lower class white girls at 13, sell heroin, form street gangs. It won’t be upper class Muslim women. It will be young poor males whose parents were from Bangladesh or Pakistan or Jamaica.
          Calais is a pipeline for the poor and desperate. Wealthy Muslims do not live in the “jungle”. They go to the Embassy, file their application and pay $50,000 and then they immigrate to England legally.

        4. BEAU Question
          If walk past 4 Indians in Maryland at night sitting around in a park or 4 Latinos which group of immigrants scares you more?
          Rich Muslims are not living in “The Jungle” at the opposite end of the Calais tunnel.
          Mercedes-driving Arab housewives in London are not going to “groom” working-class white girls or sell schoolboys heroin.

        5. VOORHEES
          Wealthy Nigerian Muslim is just a n*gger. He is no different than a poor Jamaican immigrant living in slum because ‘biology means ALL NAMs are inferior to ALL Whites’.

  24. Rural areas do not hold a great deal of attraction for blacks and unlike the wealthy foreigners on the edges of the East Coast they do not possess the money to price out the rednecks.
    Inner-city economies are mostly underground like “The Wire” pawnshops, prostitution, drug dealing, arms sales, stolen items, fencing rings, underground casinos, bail bondsman.
    Immigration (Legal) keeps the poor from other countries from overflowing into the United States simply because Africans still have no figured out how to sail across the Atlantic and the Middle East is so far away.
    If they could, America might have 3 billion Africans.
    But only the very rich immigrants get in and they remain on the East Coast-like Maryland.
    Latinos are a different matter. They are more willing to work at any job.

    1. Africa’s population is set to quadruple. Note, I detest David Duke’s website, but that fact mentioned on there is undeniable.

      1. The Atlantic ocean is too wide for Africans too navigate. Their stage of technological development makes trans-oceanic travel difficult even in the 21st century.
        Bad news for Europe, but the coast guard of the US would be unsympathetic in any event.

  25. Fox News has an alternate explanation of what happened, but I think it’s going to get tougher to defend day by day, month by month. Anybody have an idea what the basic premise of Fox News’ defense of Trump is?

  26. Fox News Basic Premise
    His voters watch their channel and support the ratings.
    Its called capitalism.

  27. TRASH
    “……..Brahmins will act manipulative pseudo-Westerner would-be intellectuals,….”
    You clearly conceded the fact that I brought out the innate arrogance, ignorance and cowardice of a Brahmin quite beautifully…and to let you know, Mr. Knowall, he probably is a Brahmin of the most ordinary pedigree…I am pretty sure that he has refugee blood in his veins…I know the types…I have had been humping and thumping them for the past eighteen years of my life…in and around Delhi…the real Brahmins act with far more restraint and dignity.

    1. Leatherface dancing with a chainsaw in the middle of the road as the sun rises over rural America.

    2. BEAU
      From Greater Detroit I can sympathize however with the redneck. Unlike the Jew or Irish-Catholic or Central European his parents often cannot afford to send him to some parochial or private school so he is at the mercy of minorities in public schools in the bad areas where his parents can afford to live.
      His culture is one of in-your-face swagger and this does not endure him to others.
      He faces disadvantages. Often his parents were young when they married and are not high-earning professionals or business people. He is raised with the wolf at the door in low-income neighborhoods.
      On the street and at home there is dysfunctional behavior which is pleasant way of saying mom smokes pot and has boyfriends or Dad drinks and is abusive.
      He himself marries young in life. There is not a long period of immaturity and irresponsible behavior before tying the knot as 32 years old and one child raised under a helicopter.
      Also, he is STUCK. He cannot relocate to California to another job opening as easily as a lawyer or a dentist. If his community takes a nose dive because a factory closes or rich immigrants raise the cost of living he cannot move. In the case of Flint, the absolute zenith of such a situation, he cannot even obtain pure water.
      Drugs ravage him. He was a crackhead in the 80’s or a tweaker in the 90’s or a oxy addict in the 2000’s.
      Unlike other Americans he has no culture through which to screen out mass media propaganda. The Jew or Italian-American sees an advertisement promoting interracial relationships and recognizes a Madison Avenue scam. The redneck believes films and television are reality.
      Finally the GOP and its Big Business financiers bamboozle him. This is easy because they are more intelligent than he is.

    3. BEAU Rednecks and Globalization
      I once met a man named Clinton who was an ex-steelworker in the Philippines. By the time I met him he was homeless (Yes, in the Philippines).
      He was 54 years old when we met. He was formerly a steelworker from Connecticut.
      I see him as a fairly typical redneck in America: he had served three years in the US military as a young man and spent time in the Philippines. Then he returned to Connecticut and became a steelworker. His wife divorced him and his condominium went to his grown kids-in their early 20’s.
      He’d spent some time in jail for stalking his wife and then they divorced. He was penniless.
      So I asked him why he chose to live on the streets in the Philippines and he explained that he really would have it no better in America. There would be more violence directed towards a homeless man and “He’d have no respect from his kids”.
      It is pretty bad for the white redneck male in the US. If he has lost his money through a divorce and is in middle-age he is screwed. If he ends up on the street he is far more at risk than a black or a Hispanic.

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