Repost: Average IQ's of Liberals Versus Conservatives (with References)

Thought I would repost this with references. This finding is very robust in social science. Liberals are smart. Conservatives are idiots. That’s all there is to it, folks. But you knew that.

Jason Voorhees: Liberals in general have an IQ of 110 or above.

Quite an exaggeration. More like 105. 7 We don’t call em conservatards for nothing, I guess. Liberals are actually smarter than conservatives! Quite a bit smarter. And the more liberal you are, the smarter you. And the more conservative you are, the dumber you are. It’s a linear curve.

Liberals       106
Centrists      99
Conservatives  96


I would argue that the reason for that is that conservatism is basically stupid. So of course stupid people support it. Fiscal conservatism is intelligent if you are rich and possibly if you are upper middle class, but it’s idiotic for everyone else because only the top 2

Political ideology
Ha ha! Conservatives are stupid! Liberals are smart! Something we always knew. No wonder they are called conservatards. Neener neener. Conservatives are so stupid they probably spell dumb “dum.” LOL.
Rightwing economics is a massive wealth transfer system from the poor and middle classes to the upper middle class and the rich. It’s basically a scam. Pure class war. Incidentally this has been proved all over the 3rd World, especially in Latin America. Surveys in Latin America under the neoliberal decades of failure showed that only the top 2 Oh and there is a reason why liberals control most US institutions. Although the idea of a liberal media is pathetic, 8


Carl, Noah. 2014. Verbal Intelligence Is Correlated with Socially and Economically Liberal Beliefs. Intelligence, Volume 44, Pages 142-148. Stankov, Lazar. 2009. Conservatism and Cognitive Ability. Intelligence, Volume 37, Issue 3, Pages 294-304. Thompson, James. November 29, 2015. US Academics: Lefty and Liberal Because of High IQ?
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14 thoughts on “Repost: Average IQ's of Liberals Versus Conservatives (with References)”

  1. Yes but republicans probbaly have higher IQ than democrats because of ethnic minorities that have lower IQ tend to vote democrats.

    1. It is not true. Republicans are dumber than Democrats lol. Democrats are smart. Republicans are stupid. LOL!
      And the more conservative you are, the more tarded you are. It’s a linear curve. And it works the other way. The more liberal you are, the smarter you are.
      Conservatives are dumb! LOL!

    1. Blacks and Latinos are democrats, not socially-liberals. African Americans and Latinos do not have a Portland/Seattle/San Francisco life style, the fact is, they have similar socially-conservative institutions than whites but, without the reactionary anti-government/elite protestant producer-ism.
      Outside the US, almost everyone has liberal attitudes about government spending, the great difference is social-liberalism, which is very rare outside the US or EU.
      White Americans are the only people in the world who have such extreme anti-government positions. Thomas Edsall, one the best scholars on right wing America, has described American conservatism as a type of right wing anarchism; that shit is ultra-rare in the world.
      Americans conservatives might be dumb, because the evidence is overwhelmingly: their quality of life have gotten worse, while the well-being of almost every ethnic group has improved. In other words: conservatives refuse the admit that class warfare will affect them too. A powerful example is the technological disruption (sex apps, automation, robotization, AI) of the Silicon Valley oligarchs against traditional American institutions and conservatives fail to realize that right-wing economics will destroy their civil norms too.
      Outside the USA:
      Liberalism: right-wing economics, sometimes can be mixed with socially-liberal attitudes on sex and culture. Very unpopular.
      The welfare state: Very popular. Protests and riots against spending cuts are a routine in the world.
      Cultural-liberalism: rare to somewhat rare: socially-conservatism on sex and culture is the norm in the most parts of the world.
      American puritanism: The thing that gives Americans a rally bad reputation in the world, because even if the rest of the world has similar puritanical attitudes, the extreme hypocrisy of American conservatism forces people to move to the left on economic issues.

  2. what specifically are the right wing economic policies that leads to the wealth accumulating at the top? Is it just that tax is lowered for the rich?

    1. How to tell Rightwing economics? Simple, concerning tax:
      1)less tax and more security for asset owners — financial assets, business assets, landlords etc.;
      2)try to tax more wage/salary earning workers/employees;
      3)tax money best be all paid to private companies so owners can have a profit.
      Principal rule: find ways for the assets owners to pocket more money.
      Ever wonder why there’s endless immigration? Because when you have assets, either business or land, you can benefit from having more people.
      People are both labour and consumers, they increase demand in property and consumption, thus driving up assets value, at the same time over-supply the labour market, driving down cost. It only hurt those have no assets to doing business with.

      1. YEE Asian Immigrant Woman’s Tale
        S was a Cebuano womman. She was about 30 when she found out on the Internet that California pornographers were hiring females between 20-35 and issuing a work permit no questions asked, just get there and be sent out to be one of the willing bodies on a bed.
        She showed me a printout of the Talent Agency and I told her where it was located in Los Angeles and the pay was $300 a day for any woman who walked through the door.
        I doubt this Filipino woman even had money for a hotel room. She was certainly going to be homeless if she could get paid by pornographers the first day she arrived.
        Yet sometime later, I was told by another Cebuano woman that she managed to borrow the $600 for the airline ticket and disappeared from the Barangay to the States.
        Immigrants are needed for the darkest corner of raw capitalism’s basement. Whether they are Chinese males for the railroads or Filipino women who will mindlessly screw on command for internet pornographers.
        The United States public does not want the modern-day face of immigration-Southeast Asians women who are trafficked sex workers and illegal workers from Central America.
        But what the public wants and what capitalists demand are two different things.
        In the United States, unlike Canada or Australia, there is so little concern for the public welfare that capitalists are not willing to invest in things that would make life safer or more bearable for the poor.

      2. YEE Capitalism’s Dank Basement
        C approached me on the street in Cebu and asked me an address to an agency in California that guaranteed $300 a day to women from anywhere who were between 20-35.
        It was internet pornography of course. My guess is that the agent who would handle the female participant would earn $500 and pocket the lion’s share. The internet pornographers would own the rights to the website.
        I explained this to “C” who was Filipina about 30. Also I explained that the acts would extreme etc.
        She nodded and told me she had no choice and needed the money.
        Like I said, another neighbor later told me “C” had borrowed the $600 and gone to Chatsworth to participate in this rawest form of capitalism. Never saw her again.
        To me, this was America’s darkest corner of capitalism and its need for immigrants.
        Everything the United States says about enriching their culture is an advertisement paid for by Big Business trying to hide their greed: the United States wants Chinese money in real estate and illegal aliens to work as cheap labor.

  3. YEE Immigrants
    U.S. capitalists have always wanted slaves. When this was outlawed, they imported Chinese in the West who were near slaves or Europeans in the East for appalling factory wages, then illegal immigrants.
    Immigration has always been about profit plain and cheap labor.

    1. Even without cheap labour, assets owners can benefit from immigration.
      If you go to villages near big cities in China, you will understand perfectly how this “immigration economy” works. It’s this model in its simplest. The only difference is that all villagers welcome “immigrants”, because everyone of them owns land.
      The most lucrative land with commercial value is public owned, houses are private owned. The villagers live very comfortably just collecting rent. Revenue from public land is shared by all, guarantee even an idiot will have an income. No need to tax anyone for welfare.
      Of course, this model only work when outsiders want to move into your village, so its only for those near the big cities.

      1. YEE
        This is true of Hong Kong developers who immigrate to the US or Australia but once more certain peoples are so primitive that Texas does not benefit from illegal immigration or Germany from Muslim immigrants-today they are burning cars again for some reason.
        Certain groups of people are so uncivilized that property values plummet to nothing as they become “no-go” areas.
        East Asians seem to have little trouble integrating into Western societies and English and Portuguese people functioned in Macau and Hong Kong.
        But certain immigrant groups in critical mass will destroy the fabric of society.

    2. Jason Voorhees
      You do seem to quite nail the truth…at times. The White capitalists have always been very predatory in their character…and it seems that they have badly infected the colored capitalists THERE. You are damn right! America wants slaves, not immigrants…the Europeans are kinder towards immigrants from developing countries even though they are inherently far more racist.

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