The Second American Civil War, 2016-?

Great post from Judith Mirville. The country’s pretty much gone at this point in so many ways it’s not even funny. The MSM has completely forfeited its role as arbitrator of truth and instead has transformed into one of the most monstrous propaganda systems the world has ever seen. The Republican Party is two states away from calling a Constitutional Convention after which they will rewrite the Constitution to end any government role in the well-being of the nation’s citizens. They will also finally dissolve civil rights once and for all, a project they have been whittling away at for a while now. The Voting Rights Act was just overthrown,  taking us back to the 1960’s. The Housing Rights Act is hardly enforced at all. All Republican Presidencies completely defund this arm, and the Democrats don’t do much better. Every Republican President who comes in completely defunds the EEOC, which is the arm of the government that enforces the Civil  Rights Act in terms of job discrimination. With the EEOC defanged, businesses are very to discriminate as they wish. The Citizens United case was a dagger deep in the heart of democracy which showed that America was a nation whose only real citizens were the rich and the corporations. The rest of us are servants, peons, sharecroppers, bonded labor, serfs, helots, prisoners or ragamuffin vagabonds. America is the land of the There’s nothing here for the rest of us, the 9 The death of what was once a respectable tradition of the GOP began with Ronald Reagan and the move to the Hard Right. The country has been on a rightwing juggernaut ever since, much to its detriment. Since 1980, we have seen endless conservative treatises to the effect that we are a republic, not a democracy. This requires a bit of shorthand. Whenever a conservative says that, he means he hates democracy.  Conservatives always hate democracy everywhere and and at all times, as conservatism is aristocratic rule by the divine right of kings. This is antithetical to democracy on its very face. Democracy is rule by the people. Conservatism is rule by feudal lords, kings, rajahs, czars, Dalai lamas, warlords, emperors, sultans, furhers, generalissimos, caudillos, strongmen, militarists and leaders for life. It is rule by the richest men, the aristocrats, the When a conservative starts going on and on about how we are a republic, not a democracy, you need to listen very closely to that. He is showing just how much he hates rule by the common man, by the workers, by the salt of the earth, by the people. The state only exists for those wealthy enough to purchase in order to rule in their own name and for their own ends and means. Since 2000, Republicans have stolen many elections with the use of hacking of computerized voting machines. Indeed Trump’s recent victory was stolen. Not only did he lose the popular vote but he also lost the electoral vote and we can prove it. Jonathan Simon of Code Red says that the era of election theft from 2000-2107 will be an era of increasingly extreme politics. His reasoning is quite simple. If the Republicans are going to win elections no matter how the people vote, then there are no restrictions on their behavior. They can do whatever they want to without fear of being voted our of office. The politicians of the aristocracy (the Republican Party) are constrained by fears of being voted out of office. When they no longer have to fear being voted out of office, they can do whatever they want without any fear of the consequences. Hence we see the extreme Republican Wealthcare Act that throws 23 million off their health care and pulls the plug out from under millions of newborn babies, tens of millions of children, half of the elderly and almost all of the poor. It’s a death sentence for countless Americans. That’s right. A lot of people are going to die, all so the rich can get a tax cut. The Top 400 earners in the US are going to get a $4 billion tax cut with this unspeakably cruel act. Ordinarily, politicians would be afraid to be thrown out of office for voting for such a monstrosity (8 To me Trump is the proof that the country founded by Franklin and Jefferson rebuilt by Lincoln and Roosevelt just no longer exists: there is no longer any common soul uniting it. The Democratic and Republican parties, though both equally corrupt and dangerous for the survival of humanity, no longer refer to the same country and civilization. The only thing equivalent elsewhere in the world is the difference between India and Pakistan or between Israel and Palestine: the difference between both in unbridgeable, and the only thing that can bring both under a common government is military occupation of one by the other. Let’s get over it: Abraham Lincoln’s endeavor never succeeded actually: the Dixieland was occupied and wrought a slow motion revenge onto the rest of the country thanks to military industries and media industries being located in it. It is a different civilization altogether, where doing productive work, or worse still, harboring a mere mental concern for the common good, is considered a shame and something that should be reserved to prisoners and dark people having committed an offence in their previous life. The only other country like that on Earth is the Indo-Gangetic plain where Hinduism and caste are the law of the land. Lincoln tried to give a common ideal to all Americans, the self-made man, the idea that however lowly is your station of departure in life, there is no limit to your success in life as an entrepreneur, an inventor, a scholar or even a president if you put it the right amount of the right kind of personal effort. Get over it: the Dixieland never accepted that creed, it is a blasphemy of the God they adore not only as regards Blacks and Mexicans but as regards all social classes the Whites form themselves…and most of the Western Plains conquest was done by Dixielanders even though nominally under Union flag. Kennedy, exactly one century later, seeing that both countries never united actually, tried to respect the Southern Civilization in the framework of a grander humanistic scheme by devising Political Correctness and multiculturalism as we have been knowing them, and it has proven equally futile an enterprise as Lincoln’s. The Dixieland and the Flyoverland just pounced upon the opportunity given by multiculturalism to enclose themselves in their own cultural no-go zones and also succeeded in having allied recently-immigrated ethnic groups in their enterprise. However diverse is India, there is just no place in it for Pakistanis, they will rather consider nuclear war rather than accepting diversity of creeds: in the same way, in Kennedy’s new diverse America, there is no place for Dixieland; they already know that multiculturalism is a Marxist scheme organized by extraterrestrials to destroy natural law as they define it. Secession is the only solution for America. The present state of America is a Cold War between both countries with presumed spies and traitors from the other side being submitted to punishments and exclusion from professional work as harsh as in the Soviet-occupied parts of Europe (the only thing missing up to know is a new Berlin Wall as in Eastern Germany in the 1950’s just before they built it, but it is Trump’s promise he will never recoil from). It is also a military occupation of Democratic America by a Republican government in a sweet revenge for the Reconstruction Era: when the Republican cut social programs, they don’t even do it to make their own Like the Hitler-led Germans they are ready to suffer themselves all kinds of miseries and revert to Feudal Age renouncement to all modern comforts just to go on with what they feel is their duty : killing once for all the civilization of the Enlightenment. All KKK-approving lands should have been realistically subject to military occupation following that of Hitler’s Germany, and American citizenship be given back to their own people only on a piecemeal basis as to meritorious Germans at that time. The Civic Rights Movement should have been a military operation with humanistic militants trained for close combat during the Sixties and early Seventies, and devisers of the so-called Southern Strategy within the Republican Party should have been put to death for high treason before the foe. All strategic industry, especially aerospace, military and media, should have been moved out of that perimeter into friendly territory. But now it is too late: they are the occupiers themselves. It is time for the decent part of America to organize military resistance together with foreign allied countries supporting or just tolerating humanism in the world however undemocratic they are themselves. Make no mistake about it: the people of Flyover America, now onwards to be known as Murrica, consider all forms of upward social mobility and all endeavors to make the world better as the cardinal sin against their God’s law and the ability to make money in a zero sum game as the physical manifestation of their God’s grace. They consider that over-educated people, that is to say educated beyond their own capacity to make money and for another aim than personal financial success, have forfeited their right to life, liberty and happiness and should be treated as Indian Untouchables. They actually stick to that dogma with far more fanaticism and less humanity than right-wing Hindu Indians themselves, most of whom abide by that rather play a humorous game in comparison, and all they ask from an Untouchable is not to be educated in Sanskrit and other sciences they consider sacred. They have no problem with one who succeeds to make himself known as an English writer.

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9 thoughts on “The Second American Civil War, 2016-?”

  1. Great write up but it should include reputable sources and references, as to have it be an opinion informed by facts, rather than it being a long editorial that leaves it open to claims of falsehood.

    Judith omits the SHEER DAMAGE that Reagan, Bush and now Trump have wreaked on the 99%.
    At the end of the Clinton era we had no deficit. No wars. Relative prosperity.
    Look at the country when Bush finally left office 8 years later in 2008. Obama was little more than damage control.
    I have been out of the United States for twenty years nearly and I have seen how the Conservative party has reduced 99% of the population to serfs.

  3. Where is the evidence that the voting machines have been rigged? I wouldn’t put it past them, but where is the evidence for this?
    The problem with any type of secession is that the states are not contiguous. Even within solid blue states like California, many of the inland counties are red. And blue cities exit in red states. The real divide isn’t between liberal vs conservative, it’s rural vs open.

    1. Al Gore’s election result in Florida was suspicious to indicate the least. Perhaps you were young then in the year 2000. I was 26 years old.
      “Rural vs Open” You are dead-on. The San Francisco liberal is sickened by the ignorance of the Oakie outside Stockton with his pregnant 20 year old wife and mangy Pit-bull howling from the front porch of his trailer on the edge of the desert.
      Rednecks simultaneously dislike the Urban liberal’s new-to-the-country ethnicity (He’s a Jew or Irish-Catholic or Italian whose grandparents immigrated to work in factories while the Redneck comes from Old Settler stock) and lack of patriotism and disdain for American customs of the frontier (Fishing, rodeos, hunting, pickup trucks) and aversion to serving in foreign wars and sexuality-induced selfishness (Can a gay or a man who screws with a rubber on in expensive nightclubs really understand what it is like to have kids at 22?) and contempt for the white proles who protect him (Police, prison guards, security at his private subdivision) and exploitation of Redneck women (Reduced to strippers or sexual playthings, hooked on the drugs that Blacks or Chicano sell and reduced to a street hooker, interracial sex propagated by the media) and the High IQ tendency of the Liberal to bamboozle the Redneck with his media propaganda (Jews).
      The good news is that the ultra-Blue like me will simply leave the US in great numbers. Celebrities will go to Paris, other rich to the South of France, a few to Asia like me or to Australia (Though other developed countries are not nearly as accessible as you think).
      As my own posts indicate, those of us who are fortunate enough to move to some other developed country really don’t miss the United States. No homesickness from the flaming liberal actor who lives in Paris. ‘

      1. Well, as mentioned in another post, the disdain is especially hard to understand when you’re some tow truck operator or auto mechanic making 200 to 1000 an hour. Unless, of course, you get very little business and you happen to run into some city slicker that annoys you. 😆 I don’t think that’s the case, though.

  4. Wouldn’t a Balanced Budget strain cronyism? I mean, you have to picky where you spend your money with that.
    Plus, bond buyers are not from the proletariat. They make money off of not having a balanced budget.
    Wikipedia says Economist predict doubling unemployment and -12% change in GDP annually if the Amendment becomes law nationwide.
    It would spark a depression and would be akin to poking the sleeping proles in the eye with a stick.

  5. President Trump has pretty much shown his true colors since his inauguration… but back during the campaign things were different.
    I mean, he just came across so unhinged and unstable. It was bad for business…so did the elites really prefer him to Secretary Clinton?
    Stability is King. Remember that.

  6. Robert sort of has a dark point here. Well, for one thing, the extremist southerners were never shut down totally – so like tooth infections from sucking negro cock 😆 – they keep coming back. So would it have been a good thing to root out the worst – and actually heed Neil Young’s advice on the south aka, songs “Southern Man” and “Alabama” – way back?

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