PUA/Game: Single Men as a Societal Problem

Single men live much shorter lifespans because they don’t have a woman to take care of them. Men hate going to the doctor. Single men drink more, take drugs more, gamble more, eat poorly, do not mind their health, get into more fights with other men, commit more crimes, drive faster, and take more risks. All of that adds up to a shorter lifespan. Single men are actually a problem for society, and this was one reason that the marriage institution was put into place.
The Gold Rush was a great example of what happens when you flood a state with countless single men from all over the world with greed in their eyes, guns in their pants, and no women to control them. The crime rate in the Gold Rush was 20-30X what it is now. That was exclusively a feature of a hordes of single men, little or no law enforcement, lots of guns, and way too much gold and money. They had hangings in the Gold Rush camps every weekend. Men would get roaring drunk on Friday and  Saturday night, go to the hangings on Saturday afternoon, and clean up and go to church on Sunday. The few women who came to California were prostitutes, and there were not nearly enough of those.
Society realized long ago that single men were a problem and were bad for society. Landlords used to charge them higher rents because they caused more problems. Many occupations discriminated against single men. Eventually it became quite taboo to be single past a certain age when it would be assumed you were homosexual or there was something wrong with you. A lot of the prejudice was simply homophobia but it was also rooted in a deep conviction that the fewer single men you had around, the better and that marriage ameliorated a lot of societal problems.
Prescriptions on premarital sex for women and extramarital sex for everyone made it difficult for single men to get sex without paying for it. These restrictions on women were in part to control female sexuality as all societies do, but they were also as a weapon to be wielded against single men.
“You want sex? Well then, get married. You want to be a bachelor? No problem. No pussy then, guy.”
Back in my father’s day it was not an exaggeration that many men married for sex. Sure, they were in love with their wives too in many cases, but women really do not want to hear about how many men married for sex back then.

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3 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Single Men as a Societal Problem”

  1. Not at the moment. There was a woman trying like crazy to marry me a few years ago and another one who said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. There was even an 18 year old girl who said she wanted to marry me several years ago. And there was a long term, 5 1/2 year gf who never stopped trying to marry me. That may be over though.
    I do not think anyone is trying to marry me at the moment. In the last several years, there have been ~4 women who were crazy in love with me and said they wanted to marry me or spend the rest of their lives with me. I guess that’s one a year.
    I don’t really give a damn. I just like to be in love and have a woman in love with me and hopefully lots of sex, The rest is immaterial.

  2. It’s actually stupid good guy that happen to be everyone’s problem, as I’m nothing but a needless drain on societal resources, as my good guyness allows me to be taken advantage of,stumped upon, being bullied by others, as for my stupidity, well I keep on screwing things up, like not paying attention, screwing up the obvious, in the kind of ways Gilligan would do. & for that not only I’m not girlfriend material, I just happen to be too beneath women to be good enough for the friend zone as well. I happen to be a sorry,piss poor excuse rotten excuse for a human being, also for a white male as well.

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