A Feminist Lie: "He Can't Get a Woman His Own Age, so He Goes for Teenage Girls"

Jason Voorhees: BEAUREGARD
My real-life experience has been that the males that seek out teenage girls are losers.
We’ve all known that 20 year old that had a 16 year old girlfriend.
He is without exception always the same: an underachiever, hanging around teenagers long after people his own age have gone to university or left home, he is undesirable in his own age range etc. etc.

First of all, who the Hell seeks out teenage girls? Most males between ages of 18-21 don’t much differentiate between teenage girls age 14-17 and grown women age 18+. Most guys that age just think they are all the same. I knew many, many people when I was that age, and I never met one young man who deliberately sought out teenage girls. All I saw were teenage girls chasing the man that age. I never saw any of the other way around. I think this whole thing about the young man who preys on teenage girls because he can’t get a woman is a great big fat lie. Some of  you claim to have met such people, but I have never met one in my life.
This has not been my experience. Between the ages of 18-20, all of us, and I mean all of us, were hanging around with people our own age and some underage people.
On the contrary, the only guys I knew aged 18-21 who dated teenage girls were pretty much the studs, the Alphas. These guys were womanizers, playboys, players. Most were quite promiscuous. They were often very good-looking, and they had incredible Game. They walked into a room, and every sexually mature female in the room would look up and look right in their eyes. Those were the guys that all the women their age wanted, and the teenage girls were no different. If anything, the teenage girls were even more picky because they were very status-oriented.
The JB’s saw these men cleaning up with women, and that’s what attracted them in the first place. Women want the men all the other women want. Girls are no different. Teenage girls are just little women. Sexually, they think almost exactly like a grown woman, not much different at all. What a woman wants, a girl wants. They’re all females and they all want the same thing.
The jailbaits made a beeline straight for the Alphas. It seemed like that was all they were interested in. And all of the Alphas in that age bracket were screwing Jailbaits without exception.
Even from age 21-23, I was still hanging around teenagers somewhat because I had younger brothers. But I had given up on those girls.
JB’s are just like any women. They only want the best. They are not that picky about boys their age, but when it comes to adult males, they get a lot more selective. And the older the man is, the more selective they are. As men get older, JB’s don’t just want the best, they want the best of the best. Look at how many JB’s hooked up with famous writers, rock stars, billionaires, movie stars, and movie directors. Those are the sort of older men JB’s go after. They aim straight for the top.
I never run into this “loser who can’t get women his own age so he goes for teenage girls.” It strikes me as a bunch of crap. Anyway, no one is as selective as JB’s. Even if it were legal, getting a 16-17 yr old girl would be nearly impossible for me. The only man my age who could get a girl that young would have to be a huge Alpha. Because that’s all those JB’s want. It’s Alphas or nothing.
When it comes to men, teenage girls want the best.

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11 thoughts on “A Feminist Lie: "He Can't Get a Woman His Own Age, so He Goes for Teenage Girls"”

  1. What about millenial men who can’t relate to the SJW feminist crap of their own generation and thus they become friends with a bunch of Generation Z kids, who are really cool and smart and mature? On my Instagram I got like 1100 followers and majority are Generation Z people, both guys and girls.
    They are far more mature and intelligent than the braindead millenial SJW idiots. Hence I get along with them much better. I really can’t fucking stand millenials anymore.

  2. It seems to me that getting a woman his own age would be less work, not more work. Just saying. Perhaps these women misunderstand the intentions of said male.

  3. All men want teenage girls. It’s just a cave man instinct. Note, despite some SJW leanings, I cannot argue with that.

    1. When you think about it, “teenage” is a construct. There’s no such thing in the state of nature as teenage. You are a child and then at some point you hit sexual maturity and began procreating, that’s the way it is with all creatures. Humans concocted this idea that we divide physical development into all these different categories, newborn, toddler, child, per-pubescent, pubescent, tween, teen, young adult, adult, middle age, elderly, etc etc. These categories only exist in our minds. From the perspective of nature there’s nothing to really distinguish a 16 year old from an 18 year old.

  4. Well this is different than the topic discussed where Voorhees left his comment.
    I do not believe that there are evolutionary reasons for attraction to girls in their teens.
    There would be difficulty surviving child birth, we do not keep a partner for life, etc. I am not a biologist but I do not buy it.

    1. “Teen” covers a great deal of ground. Do we mean 13 or 19 or some other age in that long stretch between 12 and 20 years old?
      The average age of the porn model is 18-20 and this probably reflects the biological preference for a male-the very earliest years of young adulthood.
      As you noted, lower than this presents health complications. Most men do not want a 16 year old.
      A 19 year old is not even in late adolescence. They are more or less adult.
      I’ve known 18 year old women who were already badly used.

  5. Keep in mind these are Western norms. Things can change quite dramatically in other cultures. I know in the Dominican Republic many very young women go for older guys. I’ve heard this from multiple guys that go down there for sex. It’s also much easier in SE Asia. But of course it’s a bit of a transactional thing. These men help them out financially and in exchange they’re getting young pussy. So it’s a sort of soft prostitution. I briefly knew a woman from the Dominican Republic who was in her late 20s or so. She told me the best lover she ever had was some guy that was a senior citizen(don’t remember his exact age anymore). My jaw fell to the floor. Because she must have been early to mid 20s or so when this happened. Another buddy I knew went down there around the age of 26 or so I’m guessing. Girls young than him thought he was too young for them, lol.
    I think in poor countries with few economic opportunities for women(or most people for that matter) and a complete lack of feminism, the rules may be dramatically different.
    If an older guy wants to bang younger women on the regular he’s best just leaving the Western countries.

    1. TULIO Tales From Southeast Asia
      My adopted backyard.
      A young woman can meet an older foreigner. He has a pension, savings, life experience, mellowed from age.
      Or she can settle for a young Filipino or Thai man who makes $10 per day, is abusive physically, drinks, has affairs and one day leaves her with 2 children anyhow.
      It is not a difficult choice for many young women in Thailand or the Philippines.
      They marry the older foreigner.

      1. Yeah, I know SE Asian women aren’t every guy’s thing. I’m not into Asian women myself to be honest. But any older looking for play from younger women(often MUCH younger) can easily find it there. I think that place will continue to be a sex playground for older guys for many years to come.
        I’m not into prostitution personally. I tried it once in Thailand and didn’t enjoy the experience at all. I was kinda dragged into it by peer pressure with a friend. I’ll never do it again. I can’t stand the thought of a woman only being with me like a cold business transaction. But many guys don’t mind that at all. I really do wish in the West we had freer attitudes about red light districts. I think for many men that are sex deprived and frustrated this would take the edge off of them. It would be a good thing if guys who rarely got laid could just go and get some pussy somewhere a few times a month from a woman they consider attractive. But the feminists and bible thumpers would never allow it.

        1. How about developing robotic sex dolls? They already have realistic dead ones for around 800 to 1000 USD on eBay.
          They certainly need them in prisons, it would improve order and discipline vastly.

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