73% of Venezuelans Continue to Support Chavismo

Tulio: Robert, I have two friends from Venezuela, a married couple, the female is white, the male is dark brown. I assure you they are not racist, they have never called me “mono” and they have been completely and 100% kind to me as long as I’ve known them. I have even visited them and stayed in their home, and they have visited me and stayed in mine. Never seen their bank account but I’m pretty sure they are not rich.
They are probably middle class by Venezuelan definition. They are 100% opposed to Chavismo. I don’t even know where they fall on the left-right continuum per se. They really don’t even talk much politics with me outside of opposing the condition their country is in. They are now living in Santiago, Chile where they worked and resided since the rise of Chavez, but frequently go to Venezuela to see family. I’m not an expert of Venezuelan internal affairs by any means. I’ve gotten a lot of my info directly from them.
Neither of them seem “right wing” to me in any sense that I understand the term. They seem to want nothing more than a stable, functional and non-authoritarian government. I also see massive marches in Caracas. I can’t believe all those tens of thousands of people are rich, right wingers. When I see close up photos of the crowd, they look like just ordinary Venezuelans to me. You seem to be painting a broad brush here and assuming anyone against Chavismo is a hard right-winger

Any Venezuelan who has the money to travel out of the country to the US or back and forth to Chile all the time, all by plane, is by definition not middle class. I would call those people upper middle class.
There will never be a government like they want in there as long as Chavismo is in because the Opposition will always be rioting in the streets and tearing stuff up like they have been doing ever since he got in. These people say they want a non-authoritarian government, but they supported the coup against Chavez. The first things the putschists did was to dissolve Congress, the National Assembly and Courts and put in martial law. They put a dictatorship in as soon as the coup took power.
The poster’s friends say they want a non-authoritarian state, but they support the extreme dictatorship that took power in the coup. The Opposition riots in the streets and calls for a coup every time they lose an election. This is because every time they lose an election, they insist against all evidence that it was stolen from them. Their calculus is that the only legitimate elections are the ones that they win. If the other side wins, it’s automatically stolen due to fraud, and we need to have a military coup to put “democracy” back in power. That ideology does not sound very democratic to me.  To the Opposition,  the definition of democracy is “when we win.” The definition of dictatorship is “when the other side wins.” Sound like a democratic project?

A decptively large Opposition crowd in Venezuela. You will not find one working class, low income or poor person in that crowd. Everyone is middle class to rich. And no matter how big that crowd is, the Chavista march will always be a lot bigger. That crowd represents 27% of the population. That’s called a minority movement.

They lack majority support. That crowd is the upper class, the upper middle class and unfortunately a lot of the middle class. There are a lot of middle class people in those crowds.
This is where the poster is getting his ideology from. Them and their lies. The Venezuelan Opposition is out of their minds. They are not rational and they are not honest. They lie constantly. They are as bad as Trump and the Trumpster Republicans, and in fact, both movements are very similar.
The project of the Opposition is extreme rightwing. I told you that they regularly call Chavez mono and that they removed Bolivar’s portrait because he was a bit too swarthy and not White enough and replaced it with a more proper Nordic one. The poster’s friends may not be racist reactionaries, but a lot of the people in the Opposition are very racist, and the poster’s friends are not denouncing that. I guess they are OK with it.
The project of the Opposition is to dismantle all of Chavismo and to go back to the way it was.
They are going to take it all down – the free health care, the free education, the neighborhood councils and circles, the public housing, the redistribution of oil income to the people, the cheap government-subsidized food and household goods to the people, the free houses given to the people, the public spending on infrastructure, the whole nine yards. Before Chavez came in, you never went to the doctor, the dentist or the eye doctor because you could not afford it. You either got over the medical issue or you died. Raw sewage ran down the streets of the shantytowns on the hills. In 1989, 91% of the people could afford only one meal a day and that was the same percentage of people in poverty. Venezuela had always been like this since Independence. The oligarchy had always been in charge and had never lifted one damn finger for the people.
All of the opposition politicians want to go back to that. All of them. The poster’s friends may not realize this, or perhaps they do not care. The Latin American middle class has always lined up with the Extreme Right project of the rich and the oligarchs, much to their detriment. This is because they consider the opposition to that  project to be Communists, and they think that is worse.
In Latin America, it’s Commies or Fascists. That’s your choice. Pick your poison. That’s because moderation or a Centrist project never works down there. The problems are too severe, and Centrist projects never touch the power of the oligarchs, so nothing ever changes.
Venezuela has never been more democratic than under Chavez. Venezuela has the freest press in Latin America. The authoritarian dictatorship crap is another big fat lie the Opposition made up.
73% of the Venezuelan people continue to support the Chavista Project because it’s the only one that’s for the people. The Opposition has no numbers. Those people you see marching above are part of the 27% opposition, and that is why they never win. I would also point out that pro-government marches happen at the same time as those Opposition marches, and they are almost always much bigger. You just never read about them in the Western media.
Those 73% are not stupid. They remember life back when the oligarchy ruled. They know that the Opposition wants to go directly back to that and not change one thing. This has been their project from Day One. Yes, it is a very far right, reactionary project. Compared to what the Opposition wants, most of the people want to stay with Chavismo.

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0 thoughts on “73% of Venezuelans Continue to Support Chavismo”

  1. This is spot on. In my opinion, f the left in America was worth anything, this would be the litmus test. Not your take on Caitlin Jenner, conceal and carry or sodomy laws.You can be whatever, but if you don’t support a revolutionary government that is actually trying to practice socialism, then you just dont belong on the left. Also, no one on the left is organizing any real solidarity with them. Remember the Central American slaughters that Reagan unleashed 30 years ago? At least there were people working on that. For all the supposed resurgence of “progressivism” the new new left (SJWs) are dead silent on it.
    Also, no one who watches msm coverage believes that we assassinated Chavez, but this is almost taken for granted as a real possibility in Latin American left circles. Your other post about the assassination of Kennedy mentioned Operation Northwoods. We developed aggressive cancers to kill Fidel Castro. I believe they were successful in killing Chavez.

    1. ADAM Republican IQ
      Reagan policies (Sometimes air support) maintained Right wing regimes that caused the poorest and most backward Indians to flood into the very white redneck parts of the US that supported Reagan.
      Hordes of Indians bringing jungle primtivism North because of Right-wing wars did not improve anybody’s life but it made some Republican neighborhoods bad overnight.

      1. So how are they getting gas stations and motels? Isn’t there some biased funding program for immigrants? Why would Republicans support it?

  2. Maduro might very well lose the next election, they have already lost the congress.
    It’s annoying that “leftist economics” takes the blame for incapable government. Unfortunately, for Latin America, politics is a clock pendulum, swings Left then swings Right.
    Leftist economics isn’t just re-distributing wealth. You must first be able to create wealth, then we can talk about distributing it. Any economic model that doesn’t improve productivity is heading for failure. It’s not an matter of Left or Right.

    1. Their single biggest problem was that their entire social transformation was based almost solely on oil exports. That’s great until there is a downturn in oil prices or demand slows down. Both have happened. The US and its oil-producing proxy Saudi Arabia has weakened oil prices in part to weaken the Venezuelan economy. The Saudis have done their part, and that was no small factor in that 100 billion dollar weapons deal.
      Wealth does need to be created, and this is best done through a diversified economy. That was where some of the ineptitude came into play. It does suck that Left economics get a bad rap from this stuff, but so much of the supposed failures in addition to their export economy being a one trick pony are more the result of the areas of the economy that are not nationalized and privately held.
      It should be remembered that most of the economy is private and not nationalized. The rich took a lot of their money out of the economy and actively sabotaged production. So there is ineptitude, but it is magnified by the massive active sabotage from its chief export market (the US) and its local rich.
      For all the bad press Maduro gets, the Venezuelans have a positive trade balance, whereas the US is in staggering debt, adding almost a trillion a year. The reason they are running out of money is they aren’t getting the fresh infusions of money via Chinese investment. China cut off cash to Venezuela last year, as they were behind on oil investment deals with Russia and China. If they did that to us, Venezuela would look like the set of Mary Poppins next to the Road Warrior inferno that we would become.

  3. When a leader is corrupt it really does not matter what system of government they ascribe to.
    The joke about China is that while it is Communist it is defeating the Capitalists of the West in trade isn’t it?

    1. China doesn’t dare claim to be Communist anymore…
      Actually, there was a great debate when Deng decided to push the open policy. The conclusion was that, whatever ideology, the goal is for people living better life. So let’s go ahead.

      1. Let us remember that during the time of British ownership Hong Kong was an capitalist slum with British living in luxury while Chinese were in poverty.

        1. It might have only been because the Chinese hadn’t had time to develop yet. Chinese usually move up quick with education – given enough time – sort of like The hebes, lol.

  4. YEE
    People get free medical care in China and some basic cradle-to-the-grave securities. I think this is a positive side to Communism.
    Let us remember too that Hong Kong was a capitalist horror under British watch for the Chinese themselves. British businessmen lived like Kings while families of Chinese lived in slums.

    1. We don’t have free medical. What we have is a state-run medical fund that require you to pay 2% of your salary, and then 80% reimbursement for hospitalized expenses, 45% for out-patient, with a maximum of 300K Yuan. It’s all right as long as you don’t have long term illness that needs imported medicine. Doctor’s bill here is quite cheap, a meal at a not very good restaurant can pay for a visit to the doctor.
      HongKong wasn’t too bad for the poor. They have better medical scheme than us, close to free, although not as efficient as ours. And they have welfare for the poor too. But their real estate market is even more ridiculous ours, which is plain robbery already.
      HongKong actually did very well under British rule. Although largely because it was the only trading port between China and the west, as all import and export must went through HongKong.

  5. YEE
    The degree of wealth inequality between the British and Chinese in Hong Kong was quite evident.

    1. Not enough time for development. Chinese are insane about education and owning stuff. Note, they might not become billionaires, but poverty eventually ends with them.

  6. The alt-right always has a comeback. In this case, they would claim the population is too large. What is the alt-left response?
    Do you think if they had a low population that the gangster, elitist right-wing stuff would make a paradise?

  7. The poor don’t support stuff against their own interests – unless they’re an ethnic group surrounded by another poor hostile group (perhaps the typical poor white in the ghetto or someone like santoculto in Brazil).

  8. Non-white nordicists are very anoying and disturbing. One commenter called Jimmy on Pumpkinperson Blog once said that “the biggest white supremacists live in non-white countries”, and it ringed a bell in me.

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