WB Jim Crow, LTNS

Thank you, Donald Trump. Thanks for this. I had nearly forgotten what it was like back in the good old days of Bull Conner, etc. Appreciate the reminder, Donald.
It’s not back to the future. More like back to the 1950’s. Here we are in the pre-Civil Rights Era again. How long before the Supreme Court guts the Housing Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act the same way they gutted the Voting Rights Act? Anyone taking bets?
Boy, when we White people think our backs are against the wall, we sure turn into vicious racist shits, don’t we?
God forbid when we turn into a minority. When Whites are a minority, it’s time for Apartheid, fascist dictatorships, vast, fetid Brown and Black slums on the mountains with raw sewage running down the streets, and of course don’t forget the death squads. Logically, the reaction is an armed Left. What sort of reaction would you expect?
White civilization, White decency, White manners, and stable and prosperous White societies are largely illusory. Whites only play that game when they’re a big majority and the non-Whites are a small minority. 
White people really can’t get along with other races, nor can we live in peace with them. We can only be decent to non-Whites if they are small minorities. Whites can only be decent at all when they are a majority and a solid one at that. Barring that, we are basically a race of ratfucks.
The Chinese are mostly the same. Chinese people are only decent at all when they  are in a majority Chinese country like Taiwan or China. When Chinese are a tiny minority as in Malaysia, Indonesia and especially the Philippines, they turn into a race of monsters.
There must be some larger pattern here. High achieving races can only act decent when they are the vast majority of the population. As minorities, they are thorough scumbags.
This is so constant that it must nearly be a rule of Sociology and Political Economics.

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413 thoughts on “WB Jim Crow, LTNS”

  1. JASON Y
    I recall South Park from the last few years I was in the United States and was amazed that the television show is still on the air after 20 years. Even for a cartoon that is astounding.

    1. Privileged teenage dickheads who make snarky remarks and draw funny pictures of the teacher and students – make life hell at a school.

        1. To be in your early 40’s and a worldly man who was earning his living in Korea when they were being shoved out vaginas must be ignominious on a college campus.
          When I was in college the average student was like Brad Pitt in True Romance.

      1. …For a man in early middle-age?
        I sometimes get confused about your actual age. To have taught in Korea in 1992 would have made you at least 20 at the time and born in 1972. But probably older than that.
        Today that would put you at 45. Approaching 50.
        Yet you claim to be bullied on a campus. Not high school but community college.

      2. “Privileged teenage dickheads”
        They bother you in your forties. And how privileged can teenagers from a small city in Appalachia attending community college truly be?

        1. They’re engineering students, some of them. The others aren’t really privileged – but they are attending college.

      1. There are times when I wonder if Jason is not putting me on. A man in his forties being picked on like a victim of bullying in junior high by 19 year old conservative bullies in a Community College. Local hicks having a STRAW DOG reaction to a Facebook post. Helplessly pinned to walls and assaulted because of his hair texture by teenagers.
        “Privileged Elite” at a Community College getting an Associate’s Degree? Children of military officers in Dicksburg, Tennessee.
        I just cannot swallow all of it.
        And yet Jason IS clearly my age and clearly somewhat worldly.

        1. I was never physically assaulted in my life. It’s all teasing and a large unfriendly attitude.
          Yes, believe it, These brats don’t respect their elders – not one bit – not even The Elders of Zion 😆
          Maybe it’s just cause I’m tall and skinny.

        2. Who in the hell said brats respect their elders? I even remember a bodybuilder teacher getting a rough time from a middle school girl. She called him “muscle man son-of-a-bitch” I sort felt sorry for the teacher. But that clearly displays the fact that no matter how hard you try in life – some people still hate you.

        3. I’m not trying to sound like a whiny wuss or anything – but these people – truly are pack animals, tribalistic – just like the blacks they hate so much. Being on Facebook literally was like setting off a nuke.
          Anyway, yeah, we all know blacks are tribalistic. That’s why Appalachian whites cannot get along well with them. See, you have to be diplomatic. In other words, you have to shut up around blacks. Otherwise, it starts a firestorm.

  2. JASON Y “Around College”
    When I was in college in the 1990’s the core purpose of them was to train people in a particular professional capacity.
    I entered university in 1993 and colleges were apolitical purposes. There were conservatives and liberals that resembled the Brad Pitt character in “True Romance” who smoked marijuana out of honey jars and a great many average people just trying to earn a degree.
    But neither was forcing politics on the other.
    It is interesting, having left school about the same time I left the United States, to see how it has changed.

    1. I don’t think school has changed much. It’s just some peckerwood asshole was spreading shit about me from stuff I said on Facebook and also I was in a phase of having longer hair. See, the whole thing in school is about blending in. That’s why so many are normies.
      Note, my first go-around at school I had short hair and there were no social media. I generally got along well, except for occasionally you’d run into some asshole who would glare at you.

      1. JASON Y
        In the mid-1990’s nobody had hair shorter than their college. Everybody looked like Brad Pitt from True Romance.

      2. JASON Y
        This is 43 year old my age trying to blend in with kids who were being born when you were in Korea.
        Why not take your courses by correspondence.
        When I was in college everybody was trying to be different. They all ended up looking like Brad Pitt from True Romance.

      3. JASON Y
        A man of the world being taunted by students in their late teens. You must be in your mid-30’s by now.
        Do you get upset when you are not invited to their Frat Party beer busts too? Do you feel left out because they get minor in possession tickets and you can’t? At 37 do feel left out of their tailgating parties during the game?
        Why not take your classes by correspondence.
        You are not MUCH younger than I am and if I had to return to the United States which I would never do I would not want to be around 19 year olds.

        1. What’s wrong with going back to school if you want to change your profession?
          I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s brave trying to change one’s situation, because it’s hard work going through college again.

    2. I don’t know why universities have turned into insane TOTAL political institutions and I don’t understand exactly how it happened. It has infiltrated down into high schools and even primary schools. Maybe some of it has to do with the internet?

      1. I was 20 when the internet went public in 1994 and for the first 5 years it was associated with perverted males who wanted to look at dirty pictures and social derelicts who could not interact in public.
        College was once a place where people attended to get a profession. Of course I grew up in an industrial blue-collar state where the emphasis was on acquiring a skill that allowed you to become middle-class.
        There were hippies and potheads of course and beer drunk frat pigs but people with very extreme viewpoints did not express them.

        1. It seems like politics is 85% of school influence now. It is seriously messed up. The Vietnam fiasco fueled some of the politics on campus- but I think it came from the students and not the professors and administration.

        2. College students fear for their future. They’re going to live the longest, and with greater inequality of wealth, etc. the future is scary.
          SJWs are presumably far fewer in number than it is stereotyped.
          Plenty of College kids also like infowars or are “BernieBros” (anti-SJW Bernie fans).

        3. College students fear for their future. They’re going to live the longest, and with greater inequality of wealth, etc. the future is scary.
          SJWs are presumably far fewer in number than it is stereotyped.
          Plenty of College kids also like infowars or are “BernieBros” (anti-SJW Bernie fans).

          It could be the case to some degree. Nonetheless, a lot of times it’s just wussy psychos trying to pose as something they’re not.

      2. LYN Gen Y Theory
        In a working-class Blue State in the 1990’s most whites were only 1-2 generations out of immigrant poverty (Far worse than Mexicans endure today). Central Europeans of whom most of us had been raised on the horrors of poverty back in Central Europe. Most of us born in the 1970’s were the first generation to be middle class.
        Generation Y, born in the 1990’s would seem to be spoiled somewhat. They have known nothing but prosperity, if white or East Asian.
        As late as the last decade of the 20th century you attended university to stay out of poverty or dead-end jobs. Period.
        Most students also attended college to drink, smoke marijuana, have casual sex and all the other things that seem so fascinating when you are 19 or 20.
        But politics was kind of irrelevant because college was the pass to the middle-class.
        Overseas most of my adult life now it is amazing how polarized the years that followed the Clinton era were. There does not seem to be a rationality anymore.

  3. JASON Y
    I’m not a Jew but if Jews had been responsible for slavery they would not be influential as they are today because slavery was in the agrarian South and the centers of power were in the industrialized North around NYC and D.C. on the Atlantic seaboard.
    Most of the success of Jews has been geographic. They were in NYC at a time when it emerged as the center of finance and then they were one of the first groups drawn to Southern California.

    This must hit young people born at the height of prosperity in the 1990’s quite hard.
    They were born when the deficit was zero and the Cold War was over and anyone who could walk and talk had a job.
    It must have been a downer for them to come of age into a decade when people with master’s degrees are unemployed.

  5. TRASH
    Left-leaning Cynicism of modern College Students:
    Remember propaganda that got us to invade Iraq. Parents told them it was “for oil” or “for the military industrial complex” as liberals are more likely than flyover conservatives to be able to send their kids to College.
    Remember Bush sometimes acted like a monkey “on stage” so to speak.
    The 2008 Financial meltdown served as an eye-opener that the system was not tenable.
    Could not find fast food jobs in High School because adults now filled these (showing unemployment statistics aren’t quite an accurate measure).
    “The savior” Obama was either insincere or stalled constantly.
    May not find a job after graduating college.

    1. College Cynicism
      Pot makes users cynical. Its a psychoactive depressive. Conservatives tend to drink beer, which has a more mindless physical effect. In the 1990’s marijuana smoke hovered over campuses like a cloud. Especially mine.
      Bush was elected three years after I finished university in the year 2000. Which is odd because the 1990’s imagined the year 2000 as the beginning of a glorious technological age of peace and unforeseen prosperity.
      His actual election was always suspect. Cynically speaking the 2008 crisis would have happened no matter what and 9-11 but Gore would not have entered Iraq having survived the quagmire of Vietnam himself.

    2. Obama was a terrible president internationally but domestically history will demonstrate that he did a fairly decent job of pulling the US back from the brink.

    3. Beauregard
      Bush is fascinating in that his election was 17 years ago, when I was 26 and only 3 years out of college myself. Yet the damage of harnessing the votes of redneck idiots to elect the sort of moron they would be if their father were rich-an alcoholic derelict cocaine user who found religion when he was 42.
      The world is coping with refugees from the disaster of Iraq. German women are raped by Muslim homeless men in public swimming pools. France is in an insurgency.
      Oil went up to some record-breaking price during the last years of the 2000’s.
      Domestically, one crisis after another like Katrina was ignored.
      It is interesting to note that one election in the year that we all expected to mark the beginning of a glorious perfect future-the year 2000-really wreaked things.
      Also interesting is that Republicans always elect Presidents with no experience who happened to have money that they inherited. Bush, more or less, was a bum. Trump was a landlord who worked for his father. Bush Sn. also came from money.
      In the old days, the Republicans were self-made at least. Reagan, Nixon etc.

      1. If I was rich like Bush or Trump I’d be partying it up as well. Let’s be honest. Money is the root of all evil – so they say.

        1. Bush bankrupted the United States. Clinton left office with a zero deficit and 4% unemployment in the year 2000.
          Obama, a middling lawyer with a decent grasp of domestic issues who really had no idea what he was doing internationally, more or less did damage control after the Bush era.
          No Democrat has ever bankrupted the United States like a Republican.

    4. Fast food places now are desperate for people. And if it’s filled up – there is always graveyard.

        1. Well, I see what you’re saying. But it might be that people don’t want to work – perhaps they’re getting government aid or doing some under the table stuff. I mean, I was at McDonald’s the other day, and they didn’t even have enough people to take orders.

        2. BLS unemployment only consists those actively seeking work.
          I should point out that this city also has a significant population of Blacks (near 20%) and has been hit especially hard by the Opioid epidemic.

        3. Bureau of Labor Statistics only includes those actively seeking work in the unemployment figures, Jewson.
          I can only fathom what the number may be when including those who have “given up” looking.

        4. The KKK is gradually being driven away from civilization in my parts.
          10 years ago my Godfather’s neighbors in Frederick County, MD. were KKK members. They held rallies.
          Now it is more common to see a Muslim in a Burqa than a Klucker.

        5. They drove out a black/white with mixed kids couple. They’re still here but they hide behind the image of a militia or under the Tea Party banner.

        6. Who cares how they dress. They still harass anyone coming strongly against them – like I did on social media.

  6. BEAUREGARD Interesting Story
    When I returned to the US in 2007 for business for a week I stayed in a hotel in San Fernando Valley.
    I was shocked to see a white woman selling her body who was not a junkie or mentally retarded of about 30. I gave her a cigarette and a nice sweater as she did not even have clothes to wear. She asked for a pair of socks. She was wearing a fatigue jacket and dogs. I asked her what she HAD BEEN.
    She explained she had mustered out of the Navy at 29 not wanting to swab aircraft carrier decks the rest of her life and had a GED. She could not find a job and had two children and was an Italian-American from back East whose father was an electrician. Her husband was a deadbeat cocaine addict in jail.
    She had been homeless for months she explained. First she had foundto work in a Laundromat but could only get part-time shifts. Then she applied as a custodian but there was no opening. Eventually she turned to prostitution.
    She was a rank amateur with no pimp and at night blacks would shake her down for $20 here or there. She was lucky to have $80 in her pocket.
    I was shocked that a white woman who was not a junkie was reduced to prostitution.
    In 1999 white homeless were rare.
    If a person was not gone from American in the 2000’s they might not notice the decline in prosperity.
    Another thing that struck me during this brief week that I had to business was that blacks were much more angry and hostile. I exited a coffee shop in the heart of the city and a black followed me for about twenty yards from behind (Never saw him, never knew him) screaming that I was a “bitch” and to fight him as I walked to the bus stop.
    In the 1990’s no black would do such a thing in broad daylight. There was an emboldened race-war hate.
    The final ingredient I noticed was Crystal Meth. The motel was full of 30 year old users that looked 50. I even noticed a group of tweakers-obviously homeless-dumpster dive in the motel dumpster like the characters in Mad Max in the morning.
    In the 1990’s America had been a middle-class society. But eight years of Bush, globalization and the rest of it seemed to have completely eroded this.

  7. MR. LINDSEY Conservative Poster Traits
    The Conservatives who blog are such caricatures. Uneducated, from the South, never traveled in their entire life (Even to the Northern US), refer to Homo Erectus Africanus by slurs, are convinced Jews were responsible for their indigestion last night and its a Zionist conspiracy…it is simply so stereotypical.
    I do not actually dispute the basic tenants of their arguments. Certain populations of Non-Asian Minorities will turn a city into Haiti in any hemisphere. Amerindians are primitive Paleo-Mongoloid Hominids who did not evolve like their East Asian cousins. All this is true but…
    The white Republican is so inarticulate and uneducated. He can barely string together two grammatically correct sentences.

  8. HIVE My Old Sod
    Nobody ever accused Irish-Catholics in the United States of displaying selfless morality towards blacks.
    Now admittedly they were always pitted against one another in the race/class structure of the industrial North.
    But there’s been no love lost.

    “Liberal” is not used to describe economic left-wingers. Wing-nuts have all but embraced the “nanny state” with regards to Neocon sentiments, Muslim registries, etc.
    It is really used for someone who does not have an emotional connection to things like Fundamental religion, the Republican party, or strict constructionalism.
    “socialist”. Hillary and Obama are called this. This surely refers to solely the notion that the races are equal, not anything economic. That would be absurd.

      East Asians and some types of Jews with Central Asiatic admixture have higher IQ’s than whites so clearly races are not created equal.
      Economically speaking the only thing that can keep whites out of harm’s way from NAMS is the ability to earn enough to live in remote suburbs away from the barrio or ghetto.

      1. ….so this is a hallmark of “socialist” thought?
        Karl Marx and Lenin were eager to allow mass immigration of Blacks and Chollos?
        Many of the arguments of these people are just catch phrases thrown together incoherently.
        “Hellary Clit-on is a dumb Muslim atheist socialist neoliberal Zionist!”

        1. Considering what the Soviet Union DID to illegal immigrants I would not say they really treasured illegal immigrants.
          Hillary Clinton was not intelligent. Why would she be? Because she was married to Bill Clinton?
          It is doubtful that Hillary Clinton loved Muslims or Jews. The former can be horrendously sexist-rather like Republicans-and the latter a pain in the ass pressure-group.

      I would not want the world to look like Jasper, Missouri or Alabama.
      The average Republican is such a moron with his belief that “n***ers” will allow him to run their lives if the Kike did not run the government.
      We deal with the awful illegal immigrant situation because of Republicans who supported right-wing Criollo Andalusian madmen in Central America killing Indians throughout the 80’s (MS-13 and other Salvador gangs) and also because Big Agribusiness lobbied through the 80’s and 90’s to allow cheap labor even though Democrats even then saw the post-NAFTA barrioization of the Southwest by Mex-injuns.

      Simply from the Conservative posters on this blog it is astonishing how they unintentionally stereotypical they are: from the South, never traveled even to Northern States, no education above high school if even that, no shame in using the word n88888 at all, blame “Joos” for everything wrong in their life instead of their own poverty and ignorance.

      A white Sorority girl crashes at a female friend’s house and some Frat boys rape her and she gets pregnant. She should not have an abortion and throw her life away. For a kid who will never know his father and never feel wanted.
      “Dip” or chew tobacco. I smoke cigarettes and I think this is the most disgusting habit ever seen to man. A nice “Mountain Dew” bottle rednecks always spit chew into.
      Alcoholic. Pot brings out the inner-zeta in liberal males. Republicans drink too much have the resultant alcohol-related misdemeanors. Pot-smoking liberals and domestics? Rare when your eyes are glued to the TV. Bar brawls? Pot makes you to sensitive.
      Zionist conspiracies. These are really boring. Jews don’t live in Mississippi and they don’t care. If more of THEM were Republican and Federal Bailout money was lower than Rednecks would have it harder. Stupid Hicks in the South are lucky the Jew is a bleeding-heart Leftist liberal because unlike the East Asia, the redneck needs social programs as much as the black.
      Premarital Sex. Republicans end up having affairs anyhow and their marriage collapses more often than the 30 year old liberals who marry after having 40 sex partners each and experimenting with bisexuality. Perhaps the Beta man enjoys taking a big dildo up his but from his Alpha liberal wife. But by the age of 30 they understand one another sexually. Republicans marry at 21 and hubby gets addicted to porn because his wife did not learn to suck him off because she was so young when they wed.

      1. ON “JOOS”
        Breitbart type proles claim they do not like the elite of American Jews.
        Yet, through far-right economic views, frothing at the mouth Zionism, wanting to nuke Iran, etc. they do their bidding. Full stop.

        1. Curiously Jews do not want to the bidding of Zionists-show me how many Jews in Maryland sitting around the bagel shop want to die in Iran? Which one of them will shoot their hand up first to die there. Or vote for American to finally bankrupt itself completely losing another war.
          Right-wing economics don’t hurt Jews or East Asians. They seem to be good at making money. Not all of them of course and there is dreadful poverty in the Bronx but right-wing economics hurt rednecks much worse because their IQ is lower….only they probably are too stupid to know this.

  10. If the Democrats do not take back the House in 2018, they may go the way the Liberal Democrats went in 1900 UK.
    The Liberal Democrats were not seen as far left enough to address the “age of robber barons” worldwide. They eventually became the centrist party and were replaced by the socialist Labour party.

    1. Extra ingredient. Socialism was popular in Britain because they had zero minorities.
      Blacks and Hispanics while being homophobic and sexist as any redneck out of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel are going to be democrats and this puts off many poorer white voters who want “law and order” Republicanism simply to keep minorities down by by law because they are most likely to be in harm’s way.
      Poor whites gravitate to Republicanism in the US because of racial conflict.

      1. There were some immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe, Sephardic Jews who had been there for centuries, and Indian students in the UK at this time.
        I am not sure how many, though.

  11. BEAUREGARD KKK in Maryland
    I doubt the Jews or Blacks fear KKK in Maryland. Rednecks in suburban or urban settings are kind of out of their element. It’s like Leatherface chasing people down the streets of Manhattan-just does not work.
    No Jew is afraid of a KKK member in a Northern city. Nor is any black.
    He’s just a hick with bad teeth in a sheet in the burbs or urban areas.

    1. This is correct.
      Rednecks are basically an “undesirable class” in these rapidly gentrifying parts. A redneck woman who shouted at a Muslim couple at a pool had her face plastered over the newspaper and humiliated. Muslims are brining money and tax revenue to the area. What does the redneck offer?
      As for Blacks, the KKK avoided the Baltimore Riots of 2015. They would’ve been out of their element.

  12. YEE
    You are correct that returning to university as a mature student is difficult and challenging.
    I am being insensitive to the degree of persistence it requires to undertake such an action.
    Once again you have me standing corrected.

  13. You are talking NONSENSE here………every RACE is a BULLY when it is in MAJORITY………and if that majority is even remotely threatened,there is a huge uproar and the RACE POLITICS comes into ACTIVE PLAY.Though the WHITE folks even as a MINORITY show the same IMPERIAL temper everywhere even here in INDIA and the BRAHMINS are the FINEST example of that…….they arrogate themselves to be the FATHERS of the WESTERN CIVILIZATION of which they do not even know the A B and C.WHITE folks and their off shoots act BOSSY and SNOOTY everywhere.

    1. Brahmin have little courage and they cannot push anyone around. Maybe try to get someone else to push somebody they dislike around but they won’t do it personally. Brahmin have the guts of a goat.

      1. But they do have a LOT of BRAINS………much more than a TYPICAL WHITE…….and despite their centuries old SPIRITUAL and VEGETARIAN bullshit they still have that IMPERIAL temper………they can go to almost any extent to have their way and most of the times have their say….it’s just that they are not MONEY MINDED but they really are extremely POWER CENTRIC. ….they are clearly the descendants of the WHITES who lost their way into INDIA ages ago.And they ain’t PUSSIES…..make your IMMIGRATION laws humane and you will learn a lot about the BRAHMINS…..you suffer both from ARROGANCE and IGNORANCE.

        1. I worked with Brahmin every day in Dubai and India because they are the only Indians that are in proximity to whites due to money/education.
          The only thing they can do is run to the boss or somebody they think is more powerful than you are.
          Like I said they are fairies.
          They might be descended from Polish shepherds who had sex with some Dravidian women 3,000 years ago but so what?

    2. Brahmin have the guts of a goat and will never boss anybody around to their face. They have the guts of a goat.
      There might be a few rogue male exceptions but Brahmin are cricket-playing little sissies 99% of the time.

      1. Like I said you know LITTLE about the INDIANS err HINDUS……..don’t take the descendants of REFUGEES from PAKISTAN and the JAT SIKHS too seriously…they are not the TYPICAL INDIANS err HINDUS.

        1. Actually I know more about Nairs than you do because I spent more time around them when I lived in Cochin. Syrian Christians too.
          I’d take Pakistanis seriously because they are more likely to try and harm you physically which is why the UK has a crime problem that America does not have because only Gujarati merchants and bickering Brahmin fairies have the money and qualifications to enter the United States which has a non-Muslim policy of sorts.
          How are you going to argue with Jat Sikhs if you are a white man in India? Going on an army base and starting a fight? Delhi is the only city in Punjabi whites ever visit anyhow. Or Chandigar maybe. I went there once.
          Jat Sikhs are Scythian Soviets from Russia somewhere who gave their services to some king as warriors so they have more balls and are bigger/stronger than some Nair or Brahmin fairy.

    3. I’d like to see a white person push anyone around in India. He’d get stomped by ten people.
      Maybe he could get away with it down in Cochin or Chennai where the Nair Dravidian people hated Brahmin so much they preferred whites but a white guy acting “Imperial” in Delhi or “Calcutta” would get beaten up.
      Whites do not push anyone around in India.
      Now Brahmin have some political and financial influence in India-sort of like Jews in the U.S. But unless you WORK with the Brahmin and he is your superior there is nothing a Brahmin can do to you. They are cowards. If they attempt to do anything it will be to get somebody else to do something to you.
      I am a white man who worked in India and I know which Indian can be crossed and which cannot. Brahmin are fairies and they will go back to their temple and put a hex on you or something.

      1. BRAHMINS single handedly create and destroy EMPIRES here throughout INDIA….have you ever heard of CHANAKYA the Indian Machiavelli….he was an unusual BRAHMIN of his era….not very fair skinned….but he was the one who single handedly destroyed the mighty NAND empire of his time and created arguably most powerful INDIAN empire ever……no not out of some kind of moral obligation but to avenge personal humiliation.

        1. Not “fair-skinned” are some Dravidians who became sucked into the clergy by learning our Indo-European language (Sanskrit being slightly like Central European languages) but without a drop of Slavic or Russian blood or wherever the Aryans showed up from.
          Moguls created the most powerful kingdom in India and no Brahmin ever did a thing to overthrow it.
          Brahmin got power when their English cousins showed up and they realized they could be “desk jockeys” for the British Raj.

      2. BRAHMINS are MASTERS of PROPAGANDA……they tend to make lives very difficult for their enemies.
        The immmigrants from developing countries live under the persistent fear of DEPORTATION throughout their miserable lives as immigrants to the WESTERN world……..their aggressiveness and conventional manliness gets lost in the ORDEAL called IMMIGRATION to the WEST.No WHITE folks rarely IMMIGRATE to the SHITHOLE called INDIA.And the IMMIGRATION laws were created by the U.S. of A. and because what the WHITE folks do the rest of the WORLD follows,similar immigration laws were created in all the countries.

        1. Immigration to the West? Canada is not such an ordeal and UK will take anybody.
          You are probably referring only to the United States.
          The Nair Christian girl marries the Mormon from Utah to GET OUT of India and have a Green Card.
          Some Portuguese use to live in Goa until 67 but ever since then no whites can immigrate to India.

    4. Also, the white majority in the US is often a bully like the high caste Hindus, but Robert would disagree. The white majority – whether it manifests itself as southern white, Appalachian, or Yankee – generally wants to push around the minorities. However, they could have times of enlightenment – like in the 60s where they push for Civil Rights for minorities, but then once the back is against the wall they turn more ugly – the ugliest being these wussy teenagers in the alt-right movement.

      1. If U.S. indeed is overtly racist how did Obama end up in the White House……I do think that the American society has evolved a lot in the post world war two era….but because the White folks who,by chance happen to be an Ethnic minority on a global basis,can not risk being reduced to an ethnic moinority in their own backyard the era of Liberals seems to have gone in the wind called TRUMP unless the conservatives end up doing something extremely stupid or extremely barbaric.
        You can not compare racism in the WHITE world to casteism here in India.

    1. Where are we talking about because I know nothing of East India.
      Punjabi and Pashtun are so stupid and violent even in the West that no white would really want to go up there or even hang around Muslims in Mumbai who are all criminal scum and gangsters.
      Spent more time in Goa than you and Jo-Jo so these places I probably know better than you do.
      Most whites do not get into the heart of India. They migrate up and down from Mumbai to Cochin.
      I spent all my time in India on the Maharashtra coastline and most of it in Cochin.
      Syrian Christians I know much better than you because you are obviously a Northie who never crossed the Malayalam line.

      1. malyalis are the loudest of all the SOUTHIES…..in fact,they are more like NORTHERNERS…..they are pretty LOUD.My chum is a MALYALI.
        You yourself concede you never visited the HERATLAND ….then why not update your knowledge.

        1. Because nobody paid me to be in the heartland. Rode through it on a train once.
          Kashmir might be the prettiest place in the North with good hashish but it is dangerous now.
          All I know is where I was paid to be.
          Goa I was not paid to be but Goa is like Brazil and worth going to simply to see the Danish girls running around topless.

  14. TRASH
    You are both FRUSTRATING and HILARIOUS in EQUAL MEASURE….GOD only knows what to make of YOU……….I generally find the IRISH to be DECENT Christian folks….though they are in the bad habit of telling WHITE lies every now and then ….like the HINDUS….you come across as an EXCEPTION.

    1. The Irish you probably met were in some bar drunk in Mumbai or Goa but most likely Mumbai around Play Park.
      You strike me as the sort who hangs around tourist centers. Tourist guide maybe.
      What you have from me is the opinion of an American who was in India for personal gain which you can accept as the opinion of most whites who go to India for some sort of personal gain.
      Since I was in India to make money and not learn about your spirituality or history and when the Nairs took me to a British fort once I was really bored and did not give a shit (Being of German ancestry so no historical link to India) what you actually get from me is the true opinion of some white who was employed in India.
      Whites employed in India have to develop some street smarts and cunning.

      1. No I think that I have access to your facebook profile,MIKE D or MIKE HEALEY or whosoever you really are,IRISH MAN.I like your exuberance but I seriously dislike your LIES.

        1. Was smoking marijuana on Goa’s Red Hills and having sex with Bengali prostitutes on Wasco Beach when you were a child, son.
          I have to return to India for business so I can never tell you who I am.
          FACEBOOK is for lonely teenagers and I am a US National of German descent. Not Irish.

      2. Naaah you ain’t even remotely GERMAN……….you just talk too much besides you get excited too easily……GERMANS tend to be more respectful towards the INDIANS.

        1. I was running around your country when you were a child. Cochin to Kashmir.
          But that was nearly twenty years ago. I’m now in my forties and have not set foot in India in 10 years.

  15. I give a SHIT…..I ain’t a BRAHMIN I ain’t a PUNJABI, I ain’t a JAT and I ain’t a SINDHI either but I can do more HARM than THESE……to let you know,INDIANS all of them have this tendency of acting as a GROUP……you will rarely find an INDIAN lone wolf…..you jump to conclusions too fast but at least be fair enough to revise them in the hindsight…..you seem to persist with them FANATICALLY….like a MULLAH.

    1. Of course you are not a Brahmin or you’d have a job and would not have done time in jail and would not be desperate to leave India.

  16. I give a SHIT…..I ain’t a BRAHMIN I ain’t a PUNJABI, I ain’t a JAT and I ain’t a SINDHI either but I can do more HARM than THESE……to let you know,INDIANS all of them have this tendency of acting as a GROUP……you will rarely find an INDIAN lone wolf…..you jump to conclusions too fast but at least be fair enough to revise them in the hindsight…..you seem to persist with them FANATICALLY….like a MULLAH.
    You STINK of IGNORANCE…..AKBAR the GREAT who created arguably the greatest HINDUSTANI empire ever was a wholesomely INDIANISED Mughal….he did a lot of ASS licking in very COVERT ways…..he constantly used to win over the HINDU rajputs to his side by simply marrying their daughters and sisters………….the MOMENT the MUGHALS forgot that they were among the HINDUS they were GONE like a WIND………….ask AURANGZEB the darling of the MULLAHS.

  17. You are talking ANCIENT fucking HISTORY……..ten years back,moving to the WEST was easy but now moving even to CANADA is demanding and pretty time consuming…..U.K. has almost closed it’s doors to the DESIS……I am hardselling myself here shamelessly for a REASON.

    1. I am pathetically recalling some old stories from glory days long passed in India when I was a young man and being an American impressed South Indians.
      So you are correct.
      Don’t know anything about India now.

        1. You spent some time in jail and now you are in your 30’s and cannot get a job in India but you are too lazy to move to Dubai or UK.
          Other Indians in your community think you are crazy and so you hang around Goras at Play Park or Andheri English bars.
          Maybe you claim to be a “Tourist Guide” from time to time.
          Guessing your a Rajput from your appearance.
          Might even be a criminal type.
          None of this is a lie. You are recognizable to an white because I saw your type when I was a child.
          That is no lie.
          You bore me now and your country bores me to remember and we are derailing a thread.

        2. Muslim. Who wants to explore your poor villages or go 30 miles into the country from Goa beaches?

  18. Come on you are that MIKE D err MIKE HEALY and you are a KIWI currently based in AUSTRALIA married to an aussie girl……but if you indeed are the MIGHTY AMERICAN you know I am quite the COWBOY myself……besides ROBERT thinks that I look very ARYAN……so why not either shut the fuck up or act less snooty.

    1. You look like a Rajput.
      But I don’t care about your country where I cannot get paid anymore and this thread derail is really boring.

  19. We are derailing a thread and I have never been to New Zealand in my life.
    You look like a Rajastani or some other Northern Indian the Northwest between Gujarat and Punjab.
    Seen 1000 like you hanging around tourists in Andheri. Thirties, semi-employed, minor criminal record maybe, little nuts, no connections with other Indians anymore, hang around Goras.
    Yeah, Rajastani India.

    1. Hey I have GREEN eyes……and I am big boned though only 170 cms tall…….and I am from U.P. though I am your classical NOMAD.I sure as hell fancy myself writing COWBOY stories some very fine day…..and hey didn’t you read the recent thread ‘an unusual request’ .

  20. MAYUR Did some time in jail or a mental institution I can see that from your eyes. You reek of small-time craziness and being around Hindu dirtbags that convert to Islam that ride around in old vans telling Goras they are tour guides.
    Beware the white tourist to India. These are the types you meet in Goa or Andheri.
    They have nowhere else to go and they drift from every part of India to hang around whites.
    I remember your type from Andheri. Crazy Hindu converts to Islam.

    1. You know what RETARD I would have been making MERRY away from this shithole had I been wise enough to fly away from here on a study visa at the right time…it’s all so fucking age bound.And please don’t INSULT me by calling me a MUSLIM…..I am a de facto CHRISTIAN….I believe in COMPASSION and KINDNESS.

  21. You don’t strike me as the academic type and you are the sort of Hindu with criminal tendencies who might convert to Islam after being pushed out of your community.
    You probably saw the insides of some jails or a mental hospital as your stray dog stare reeks of mental instability.
    So I doubt you could immigrate anywhere.
    One thing I am certain of is that you were marginalized from your own community and hang around whites in India.

      1. I think Varshne has a point. He has a right to be upset with India and to leave. Good thing the net has opened him up to cooler people. However, the sad thing is that many are too poor – like the untouchables, to leave, so they have to put up with local Joe Indian redneck and his taunts.

        1. JASON Y
          Leaving a country is much more difficult than you think. In my life I have lived in Canada (2 years) where I worked and obtained a degree. Australia (Worked) for a year.
          I absolutely CANNOT STAND being in the United States around rural whites, poor blacks, Cholos, Guidos in the city. There is nothing I like or have missed for a single minute overseas.
          Would not want my ashes sent back to America and I told my Chinese-Thai wife to simply bury me in the field of rice paddies she owns up on the Laos border…no marker no grave.
          All this because I hate the sunburned tacky-clothed overweight redneck in Wal-Mart or the Cholo with his teardrop jail tattoo on his jagged Aztec cheekbone and dark wandering predatory eyes or the loping towering black who calls everyone a bitch and would corn-hole a German Shepherd.
          But GETTING IN to another country is much more difficult than you imagine. Australia and New Zealand and Canada are developed countries that guarantee their citizens a safety net and protection from immigrants but could not guarantee this for long is every American Democrat from the Blue States showed up to take the jobs.
          College-educated foreigners think that they could get a job in Australia or Canada doing a menial position…Wrong, Australians and Canadians WANT TO PROTECT the jobs of their low IQ native population.
          You’ll get a 2 year visa. Marry a woman. Won’t work in Canada or Australia. Won’t work in East Asia.
          The few remaining decent Anglo-Saxon countries like Canada or Australia or New Zealand not opening their doors.

  22. I can see from your eyes that you spent some time in jail or a lunatic asylum.
    Sure you have some kind of jail record.
    America is happy with the Gujarati merchants and IT dorks. No need for North Indian rogue males with jail records and dubious qualifications.

    1. chartered accountancy is one of the TOUGHEST courses to COMPLETE …….worldwide…….I cleared TWO of it’s THREE stages with reasonable success….you call that dubious qualification,RETARD!

  23. HIVE
    Look WOMAN don’t put WORDS into my MOUTH…….I have nothing against any FUCKING particular RACE………I was only bringing out the BASIC WHITE character in the GOATY BRAHMINS…………they do call all the SHOTS like the WHITES though in very SLY underhanded ways…I dislike them the most…..for the ROTTEN inward looking,casteist society their ancestors created actively and passively and in which they take false PRIDE solely on the basis of it’s MODERATE and CONSERVATIVE ways.
    And if you really think solely on the basis of that comment that I have really anything against the WHITES then you are DUMB.

      1. I am in general RESPECTFUL but TRASH is not…..he seems to have some kind of personal vendetta against the INDIANS in general and the COMMON INDIANS in particular.

        1. And against Appalachians and Southern USA people. I’ve never seen so much anti-south stuff since Reverse Birth of a Nation Honestly, I can see no difference between such elitist anti-white racism and what’s thrown against NAMS.

    1. Varshne, I doubt if such a caste society is any different than a Fox News watching upper-class one in the US.

      1. JASON Y
        A Mulatto couple threatened with death by paramilitary types. A 35 year old man accosted by teenagers in the hallways of a college.
        Your town seems inviting.
        Perhaps a bulky man dances with a chainsaw in the highway.
        I’ve been around rednecks. They are large and uneducated and prone to violence. Clints loiter around Sports Bar parking lots and eyeball passerbys at night, sometimes attacking strangers who say nothing. At day meth heads lurk around the shuttered buildings of the downtown that has been stripped by corporations killing local businesses.

        1. You’re picking the easy target. Look how Indians you’ve had conflict with here behave and tell me that’s not a downgrade. Meth, crack, ect. heads are far more likely to physically attack some mixed couple than any racial nationalist. This White paramilitary coon hunter is largely fictional. Online keyboard warriors are as far as most true racialists go. Jew media/groups blow it out of proportion and have been caught doing so.

        2. No doubt, blacks hate white guys dating black women and would beat their ass Nonetheless, two wrongs don’t make a right. If whites are doing the same thing, then, well, it’s not right.
          I heard this same argument from another redneck. He was saying, “Oh, the local white high school treats the blacks with such respect, while a white going to an all-black school would get his ass beat. Is that true? Well, yes….. but….

        Where there are no sidewalks and black pavement has dirt shoulders the houses are rural Southern buildings that house unpredictable violence within.
        The redneck driving the tow-truck is drunk.
        The giant alligator in the swamp has tasted human flesh and wants more.
        …A man with a chainsaw dances in the road as the sun rises over rural America.
        The co-mingling of Celtic and Amerindian genes on the vast plains and swamps has birthed a raw rural angry America.

        1. Race-mixing producing rednecks?? Very few rednecks are mixed with Amerindians to a significant degree. Think not. Look up some real stats.

        Blacks and Italians maintain a vast profitable underground economy through violence like THE WIRE’S impenetrable drug zones or James Gandolphini’s Tony’s North Jersey private fiefdom.
        The redneck has an outburst because “YU INSULTIN MA FAMILEE” in public as the sun rises over rural America.
        Clinton pulled him into the dawn of a new era but he was easily fooled by the alcoholic derelict redneck son of an East Coast Ivy Leaguer pretending to be a Texan whose masters in Big Oil and the military industrial complex convinced him to vote for wars that raised the price of oil to $146 a barrel.
        The banks in Washington control his money supply and the coke-snorting Jewish screenwriter who has been awake for three days bangs out the script that defines his perception of the world.
        The redneck believes he is “free” when his town is a police-state run by former high school jock bullies wearing uniforms who seek to arrest him for anything to catch their evening quota. Nor is he even free to leave because he has to report to a probation officer.
        His low IQ is a litmus test that displays America’s mistakes like his meth addict sister who is now a prostitute and his brother who went to jail for his third DUI and his unwavering belief that Yemenis Bedu will parachute from aircraft into his backyard if he does not vote for more war.
        The liberals in DC give him bailouts and the German socialists feed and clothe the refugees from whatever war he supported that has sent thousands of refugee males into their small Bavarian towns.
        He believes that Arabs driving Mercedes in Dubai want to be “saved” in their sandbox and meanwhile the brick-buildings in his own downtown are shuttered but for the sports bars and bail bonds businesses and churches.

        1. Isn’t it odd how Jess hates my retarded silly outbursts of “Stupid Hillbilly” while Jason Voorhees is saying the exact same thing – just using funny stories?
          Jason Voorhees is nothing more than a walking anti-Appalachian minstrel show.

        2. “YU INSULTIN MA FAMILEE” JV impersonating a White. This illustrates the lack of respect Jews have for non-Jewish family unit.

        3. As much as I hate this stuff – the garbage on Stormfront and other WN sites is equally ignorant and dumb. People with a free mind don’t believe Stromfronters or JV. They look at things objectively – pointing out half-truths, cruel mockery, bullying and whatnot.

  24. Non-white elitism as seen in India is also seen in Latin America, the Phillippines, anywhere else. It’s not unique to India. Also, among African peoples, the lighter ones or perhaps ones from a certain tribe practice elitism over poorer members of a nation – like the Mulattoes in Haiti.
    The whole SJW idea of egalitarian non-whites and asshole whites is indeed a fantasy.

      1. South Korea, Japan, and China certainly worship whites while giving a Jim Crow treatment to non-whites. Also, the Phillippines, despite being dirt poor, love to project their insecurity and feeling of inferiority by picking on blacks. But it’s all just good fun, right? Why are people so sensitive – to quote an American Facebook right-winger?

        1. You have changed the very definition of the WHITE race…ROFL. You truly are a revolutionary!
          Mao kicked out the Whites from China…ages ago.
          Asian societies…whether Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian or Orientals…are deeply conservative societies…not only are they still overtly racist towards Africans, but they also consider Whites to be extremely lewd, wild and morally bankrupt. Nobody really wants the White folks in Asia…all that developing Asia wants is WHITE capital.

  25. This has gotten way too much off-topic. Going back to the main topic – yeah, fly-over parts are becoming racist and defensive – and now with Trump and his likely successor, Pence, things are getting more ugly.
    Unfortunately, the demographic of the US has to be reversed, but not cause I like the alt-right, but because it simply leads to too much hate. Note, when the demographic is like in the 1980s, then people get along better in the US. We have then just enough of everybody to make a nice multi-cultural mix.

    1. Only Latinos though are causing the demographic shift, it’s not blg assed large white women dating black guys.

  26. MOONMAN A Good Point
    If some rednecks made a film about some disgusting looking Coney Island resident like DICE CLAY doing the sort of things to hapless passerbys that hicks are portrayed doing their might be some backlash. CONEY ISLAND DELI MASSACRE. Say a film about some Alabama folks who get lost in Brooklyn and are raped in a deli or something.
    Indians are not used to some white guy who did a few things in their country telling them his impression of the place.
    They can react however they want. Or actually they have reacted the way I figured they would. One tried to find out my actual identity, the others simply posted some obscenities.
    It is about what I expected: I made a few points based on actually being on Indian soil that were derived from experience and they called me white trash and so on.
    I’m not that bunged up about it.

      1. JASON Y
        You have presented Appalachia in a fairly unflattering light yourself, Jason. It is not as if anything you have stated would make anyone want to move to your city: the single mothers working in I-HOP for starvation wages; students in their late teens accosting you in the corridors of a college; a lynch party gathering over your FACEBOOK post.
        I sometimes wonder if you are “having me on” and your portrayal of Dick’s Knob, Tennessee is not the fabrication of a man playing a joke.

      2. Having a kid, getting married, run-ins with local law enforcement, homelessness.
        I might have had these problems but I left the United States quite young. Southeast Michigan is one of those places so bleak and uninviting that if a person can leave for another country-they do.
        Southerners will not leave the United States in vast numbers-they have a culture and a lengthy historical attachment to the state and its history. They marry too young and have a family to early to simply walk off out of the United States and their feeling so patriotism are too strong.
        The Northerner from the post-industrial city feels nothing.

  27. I try to maintain a balanced outlook. No, not everyone in the south is racist white trash, possibly a real loud minority, though. In that case, I cannot come against the south – too strongly without exaggeration.

  28. Wel, black on topic here, looking at Robert’s post, I’d say the reason these minority whites and Chinese act like that is because they feel they’re going to be robbed. Same case in my family with their aggression to other members.
    Yeah,I lived in Saipan at one time, this small Pacific island with mostly a Filipino type people (Chammaros) and Chinese, and the Chinese (or Koreans etc) are flat out mo-fo’s.
    There are some whites there, but they don’t own a lot of businesses and generally side with the natives.
    Yeah, well, in Tennessee, the new thing with condemning white trash is “Oh, they’re thieves.” So all the middle class people keep themselves in suburban neighborhoods or backwoods valleys with tons of security.
    But maybe they’re right. There is a huge opioid problem and probably a lot of the poor are thieves. But nonetheless, the popmous attitude is appalling!

    1. So does fear of kids being near drugs and the fear of robbery justify snobby behavior toward the poor? In family, it was the case for so long,
      So the middle class or rich Christians will pray for the poor, hoping they will end their drug habit, while meanwhile totally having no association with them, and only constant condemnation.

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