There Are No Good Guys

A frequent cause of retardation which afflicts the vast majority of people is the tendency to divide the world into “good guys” and “bad guys.” Trust me. It’s crap! It’s just another cognitive lie, a mental trap, quicksand for your brain.
This is particularly true in terms of politics and geopolitics. There is a human tendency towards black and white thinking, which is automatically retarded. Anyone who engages in black and white thinking is a retard. As you can see, most people are Goddamned retards. The tendency is to divide the world into the good guys and the bad guys. This is seen in most horrific fashion in politics, geopolitics and nationalism, three forms of brain poison sure to melt the brains of most who tread their way.
The overwhelming majority of people are black and white thinkers when it comes to politics. I have known a number of people near gifted and even genius IQ’s who engaged in this brain mush their entire lives.
My father was a notorious case. Democrats were good, always good, always pure, 100% white, angelic, detergent clean and smelling nice. The Democrats could do no wrong.
Republicans were always evil. They were the enemy, the Orcs. They were never right. They were always wrong. They wore black. They snarled a lot. They smelled foul. Their breath was sulfurous. They had forked tails and carried pitchforks.
Everything the Democrats did was good. They were always good. Everything. Everything. I mean everything. If you suggested that Democrats were human, that is, yes, they acted good a lot but they also acted evil a lot, you got a raging torrent of abuse from my father.
All through the Clinton years, as Clinton committed one political atrocity after another, I would bring it up to my father.
“Did you see the way he just got rid of welfare? Just like a good Republican, huh?…Did you how Billary just got rid of Glass-Steagal? Real “progressive, huh, Dad?…Hey Dad, did you notice that in the past week, Clinton did 12 different horribly anti-environmental things? What’s so liberal about that, Dad?…Huh?”
He would always tense up his face and start pounding the table with his fist like he always did.
“He had to! You don’t understand! He had to! He had no choice!”
OK so whenever Bill was being a good liberal once in a blue moon, he was doing what he thought was right, but all the rightwing atrocities and political crimes were because he “had to.” Why did he have to? Apparently because if Bill caved like the good Eisenhower Republican that he was (a misnomer – actually Billary was much worse than Ike), it was because Republicans were putting a gun to his head and forcing him to. And if Billary didn’t commit this reactionary outrage, he would lose the next election, the Republicans would get in, and the sky would fall. The only way to keep Democrats in office was for the Dems to spend four years acting like liberal Republicans. Because if they didn’t, you know, the real Republicans would get in, and that would be so much worse.
Really you are giving me a choice of two shit sandwiches to eat, the Democratic shit sandwich, which according to my father, was actually quite tasty, and the Republican shit sandwich, which was sure to make you retch.
The Democrats could do no wrong. When they were liberal, they were good. When they were mushy centrist invertebrates, they were good too, and why I don’t know. And when they were imitating Republicans, which was most of the time, they were good too. And how is it good when Democrats imitate Republicans?  Because they only do so in a mild way, and if they didn’t, the Republicans double down with the real 190 proof reactionary poison.
This gets very tiresome. Conservative and reactionary politics suck, everywhere and at all times. They suck now, they sucked in the past, and they will suck forevermore because there’s nothing good about conservatism. It’s rotten at its very core. I assure you that conservatism blows just as much when Democrats do it as when Republicans do it. An outrage is an outrage, whether you friend or your enemy commits it.
I still know a lot of people like this. Democrats can do no wrong.
By the same token, US foreign policy is always right. We are never wrong.
Um, um, um…
Because the flag and the troops and bullshit bullshit democracy and city on a hill and exceptionalism delusion. Because because because. Because for no reason because. Because we’re not thinking because. Just because. Because America. Because patriotism. Because love it or leave it. Because support the troops.
Because America is always the good guy. Because the friends of America are always the good guys. Because the enemies of America are always 100% evil, dark, black, Satanic black holes of pure malice and wickedness.
Because we’re not thinking. Because we’re patriotards. Because the media told us and we believe the lying media. Because America would never lie. 
Because we’re the good guys, dammit!
I’m crying! You’re talking about my country now! My country must always be good. It can never be bad. Everything must be black and white. Because I can’t think.  Because I have a 150 goddamn IQ, and I still can’t think. Because I’m an idiot. Because I’m a highly intelligent idiot, but I’m still an idiot. Because I don’t have the balls to think like a man.
Got some news for you.
Good guys are often bad in politics. Bad guys are sometimes good in politics.
There are no good guys in politics. In politics, there’s bad guys and worse guys, and that’s it. 
Geopolitics is worse. There are no good guys in geopolitics because geopolitics is based on pure Machiavellian evil. Power politics is wicked at its very core. When it comes to geopolitics, only sociopaths need apply. Anyone else will have a moral crisis. Hence all US Presidents, Vice Presidents, State Department officials, CIA directors, Defense secretaries and Pentagon generals must be some variety of sociopath. A decent person would not be able to do such a criminal job and still look himself in the mirror in the morning. He would either quit or blow his brains out.
In power politics, domestic and foreign, there are no good guys.  There’s bad guys and worse guys, and that’s it.
Pick your poison. Get it through your damned heads.
There are no good guys. There’s bad guys and worse guys, and that’s it.

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0 thoughts on “There Are No Good Guys”

  1. The game of geo-politics is learned from the Brits, but Yankees aren’t as sophisticated as Brits. So the game they play lack the subtleties and insidious of their teacher.
    The Brits are the ture evil in geo-politics. All the troubles in the world today can be traced back to them.

  2. Mr. Lindsey
    When I left the United States the most serious issue facing our president was a BJ from a vacant-looking slutty Jewish girl.
    NAFTA seemed dreadful when our jobs were going up to Canada and Mexico who were our only trading partners.
    Look at the country now. Hate Obama or love him he was mostly damage control from the Bush era. German women are being raped in their swimming pools because with Saddam gone ISIS runs the place.
    Look the deficit now and look at it when Clinton left office.
    Look at the job market. Teenagers used to work in fast food windows. There was never anytime of prosperity like the 1990’s.
    I’d take a Left Centrist philander over a man who has no idea what he is doing like the Landlord in Chief.
    If you never left the United States you would not notice the poverty. But if like me you left in 1999 you would be shocked.
    Was Clinton perfect. Far from it.

  3. It’s ALL black. There is no good. 99% of the human race is a fucking cancer that should be wiped out. That’s why I’m praying for world war 3.
    Especially in a place like India. There is no good here. The indian race is the spawn of satan and I can only hope that this entire country gets nuked and destroyed.

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