November 22, 1963: The Day the Music Died

A very nice comment from one of my commenters.
A friend of mine had lunch with a former attorney for LBJ who had worked in the LBJ Administration. He later got wrapped up in Watergate somehow, I believe as part of the prosecution. Keep in mind that LBJ’s own personal attorney says that LBJ was part of the plot to kill Kennedy. .Some of the gunmen were part of LBJ’s own “hit squad.”
Believe it or not, a lot of big US politicians have their own “hit squad goons.” I believe that George Bush did and I believe the Dick Cheney did too.
In fact, I think that Cheney’s goons killed Paul Wellstone by sabotaging his plane. Barbara Boxer herself has hinted the Cheney killed Wellstone, but she also hinted that everyone who knows is too afraid to speak on the record about it.
Bush’s goons will do things like break into your home, poison your dog, etc. His goons poisoned three dogs belonging to one whistleblower, killing all of them. Some of Bush’s enemies have ended up dead “drown in bathtubs” and by mysterious “heart attacks” in cheap hotel rooms.
Drowning you in your bathtub is a favorite CIA/Mossad/KGB intelligence agency way to kill people. I believe that all three of these agencies are capable of injecting you with a drug that will give you a heart attack and leave no trace.
This man, a high ranking member of the LBJ Administration, told my friend that JFK was killed by “the foreign policy establishment of the United States.” That’s a long way of saying Deep State.
Ever since then, I think every President knows that the punishment for going against the Deep State is “the Kennedy treatment.”
As much as I despise Trump, I realize that the Deep State has it in for him mostly for kissing up to Russia, telling NATO justifiably to go to Hell, and making pretenses at a less imperial foreign policy with fewer wars and armed conflicts.
There was an internal coup in the White House and Steve Bannon etc were sidelined in by a crowd around (((Jared Kushner))). (((Kushner)))’s group were the Deep State neocons. Soon after the coup, Trump attacked Syria as if he were ordered to by his new masters. Trump is now just another neocon in addition to being by far the most Jewish, or really Jewy, President in history.
These Alt Right antisemites need to think this over. Trump is New York, in flesh and bones. Forget Israel. New York is the Jewish state. These idiot Nazis are supporting a fanatical Zionist who is frankly the most Jewish President we have ever had. He’s a Judaized Gentile, but still, if you see Jewishness as a spiritual feature as opposed to an ethnic or religious one, Trump is surely more Jewish in spirit than any President we have ever had. Why these Nazis are falling all over themselves from President Donald SuperJew is beyond me. I think these guys didn’t get the memo.

RL: Everybody who was alive back then knows exactly what they were doing when they shot the President.
When democracy died. When the dream of America died with the Deep State coup. When the joke of American democracy was shown as the pathetic sham it’s always been, a think veneer for Deep State and oligarchic rule, the very story of America itself.”
CB: The day the music died.
Eisenhower warned in his farewell address of a dangerous military-industrial-scientific elite; he’d separately spoken of the CIA’s “legacy of ashes.”
Over the following three years, Kennedy, a womanizer and drug user who very likely owed his victory to vote fraud in Chicago,

  1. Engaged in back channel contacts with Khrushchev and Castro (the public didn’t know of course, but doesn’t the charge sound familiar?).
  2. Turned down the Joint Chiefs’ Operation Northwoods Plan to use false flag attacks (a precursor to 9/11) to justify an invasion of Cuba.
  3. Refused airstrikes in support of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion.
  4. Fired CIA director Allen Dulles and his top deputy.
  5. Refused a first-strike nuclear attack during the Cuban missile crisis.
  6. Secretly agreed to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Soviets pulling their missiles from Cuba.
  7. Told associates he would splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind, etc.

The Deep State was mightily pissed with Kennedy, and Kennedy knew he was in danger.
The same Deep State still runs things of course, and they are much more open in their hatred for Trump than they were with Kennedy (Hillary was the Deep State/Establishment choice, beloved by the intelligence agencies (at least the people at the top), Goldman Sachs and the other big banks, the EU, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Chinese, Rupert Murdoch and most other billionaires, the Bushes, etc. etc. The same media types that covered up for the real assassins of the Kennedys and MLK (and continue to cover up subsequent Deep State crimes) are even more rigidly controlled now than during the days of Operation Mockingbird, open in their allegiance to their Deep State masters.
You don’t have to like Trump to consider that he, like Kennedy, has made some excellent enemies.
Peter, Paul, and Mary were good, and I even saw them in concert once, as well as at Newport. But the song that gave me chills in 1963, and still today, was Dylan’s Masters of War.

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8 thoughts on “November 22, 1963: The Day the Music Died”

  1. Trump is hated because he, like a lot of these other wussy-dork WNs, are very rude. They’re the type of little girl that has to be slapped – if you know what I mean. Remarks against the disabled among other retarded blatherings are just the tip of the iceberg – with such a narcissistic child.
    Anyway, the deep state does hate him, but people might see Trump as another Kennedy – if he just wasn’t such a wuss.

  2. I think you might be right right, Trump really is Jewish by osmosis. I’d say that any NYC native who happens to be wealthy is a Cultural Jew by default. He’s likely had countless business dealings with wealthy Jews, long before he had any serious presidential ambitions. He probably didn’t even have two thoughts about marrying off his Aryan princess to (((Kushner))).

  3. There is way too much urban legend about JFK : had he survived his shots in Dallas, like Reagan, he would have been remembered more likely for what he was : a playboy, a salon talker, and above all an Oriental despot as regards his sex life, far more a Nero or even a Caligula than a Tiberius Gracchus. The deep state (first and foremost LBJ, together with Edgar Hoover) just judged he would render a far better service to his own cause (the corporate fake left) and to his country as a dead hero than as a living mediocrity, about half way between Pierre Trudeau and Obama. What he could say now and then about the CIA or about the Jews or other nasty special interest groups is routine among those politicians, actually Nixon and Jimmy Carter made far more private offensive remarks. JFK was actually very fond of false flags or virtual reality creation, to a degree even his colleagues found beyond admissible : for instance his idea about the Bay of Pigs was to simulate a supernatural apparition of Christ or of Virgin Mary, the operation failed because much of the personnel wouldn’t go on with a task so blasphemous. His point of view was that the cold war to be won was a war of propaganda that had to be won by way of deception rather than by way of conventional military intervention, America had to win it as the most capable producer of make-believe : that could be somewhat frustrating for boots on the ground professionals but as regards the most perverse aspect of American imperial power he was a first class pioneer. He has studied Soviet propaganda and especially its use of a certain form of thought-impeding political correctness and imagined how the capitalist world could do the same with even greater success. Kennedy was fond of mafia societies and considered oriental despotism as the inevitable end result of modern civilisation in the long run and America had to accept that evolution so as not to be robbed of its initiative and privileges by another world power such as Russia, which he deemed to be a mere classical Oriental despotic system and little else (in Wittvogel’s sense), or some Asian country. JFK represented in this respect the dark side of Catholic thought (even though he pretended he represented only the humanistic and progressive-protestant-compatible aspect of it for the gallery). Another academic legend is as regards his alleged opposition to Zionist power. Quite the contrary, he was as much a Jew by being a family member of the Bronfman clan through his mother as a Catholic through his well-known Godfather-like father figure : he would take no serious decision and especially no serious decision regarding Jews without talking first to some Bonfmans in Montreal, but this clan judged that young Israel was far too young and above all far too idealistic and socialistic at that time to be entrusted with all American-built nuclear facilities. Anyway that is a perfectly false debate as 100% of American nuclear physics and industry was in Jewish Zionist hands only and as Israel is but an offshore private haven dependent of a capital city which is none other than Manhattan. When JFK said he was to bring in the Best and the Brightest he meant that non-Jews needed not apply. When JFK spoke about an all-encompassing conspiracy he only meant (like Edgar Hoover who used the same expressions) international marxism as was normally expected on any American head of state’s part, and the solution was to have even more numerous and brighter Jews working for the American-led counter-conspiracy. In other word JFK was already some sort of neocon. The problem was that by temperament he was a sort of bungler, as he was fond of overdoing operations in quite a gross way sometimes, not by lack of bad intentions, but by lack of political touch : he would be more useful immortalized through tragic death. When politicians become too whimsical and uncontrollable (not real dissenter though : as for positions such as the POTUS the risk has always been nil since Benjamin Franklin : never anybody was allowed to approach the inner sanctum of American power without stemming from of family of initiates since at least three generations, the founding Fathers having been of a degree of supernatural perversion unsurpassed even now) character assassination is operated first : never anybody judged no so obedient is allowed to enjoy a good post-mortem repute, in American parlance he is denied apotheosis first and he is recorded by all historical narratives as a bad guy. There has been no Jewish-led take-over of America resulting into the demise of American dream. America started out that way, a native-killing and negro-enslaving state devoted to the cult of a God whose manifest Grace is money, and has been reverting to its own true nature after a rather short period when geopolitical contraints and the opportunity to acquire world imperium forced it ro behave in a more civilized European way so as to empty Europe of its most resourceful people, like some Gulf principalities who can afford sometimes to disguise themselves as British-style constitutional monarchies for a little while the necessary time to attract high-level man-power, and revert to sheer Oriental Despotism as soon as the need is no longer felt.

    1. You are so full of shit. Put up or shut up. There are no sources, and there is no evidence, for your accusations of Kennedy. Propaganda does have its limits, thankfully.

  4. Kennedy’s electoral victory was such that even without Illinois, he still would’ve defeated Nixon. It’s time to dispel this myth that fraud was responsible for Kennedy’s victory, Illinois shenanigans aside.

  5. Trump is coming against immigration. That’s why he’s “the toast of the alt-right”. He’s the only president to seriously come against immigrants. However, now everyone is coming against him for crime.
    Anyway, as a side note, Trump wasn’t so bad before he became president. I liked to read his “get rich” books and whatnot. However, though, his attitude against the disabled and chum with the alt-right made him an enemy.

  6. Do you think Trump is basically not a bad fellow but that his stances sort of put him in a boat with the alt-right – whether he likes it or not? Anyway, the remark against the disabled man seemed to be more like a dementia episode than real bigotry. I mean do we pay attention to grandpa when he says the n-word ??

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