Average IQ's of Liberals Versus Conservatives

Jason Voorhees: Liberals in general have an IQ of 110 or above.

Quite an exaggeration. More like 105. 75% of the population has an IQ below 110. On the other hand, he is onto something.
We don’t call em conservatards for nothing, I guess.
Liberals are actually smarter than conservatives! Quite a bit smarter. And the more liberal you are, the smarter you. And the more conservative you are, the dumber you are. It’s a linear curve.

Liberals       106
Centrists      99
Conservatives  96


I would argue that the reason for that is that conservatism is basically stupid. So of course stupid people support it. Fiscal conservatism is intelligent if you are rich and possibly if you are upper middle class, but it’s idiotic for everyone else because only the top 20% make money under rightwing economics. The entire 80% of the population loses money.

Political ideology
Ha ha! Conservatives are stupid! Liberals are smart! Something we always knew. No wonder they are called conservatards. Neener neener. Conservatives are so stupid they probably spell dumb “dum.” LOL.

Rightwing economics is a massive wealth transfer system from the poor and middle classes to the upper middle class and the rich. It’s basically a scam. Pure class war. Incidentally this has been proved all over the 3rd World, especially in Latin America. Surveys in Latin America under the neoliberal decades of failure showed that only the top 20% benefited under rightwing economics. The entire bottom 80% lost money. Furthermore, death rates skyrocketed and education figures collapsed. Neoliberalism has killed many millions of people. We may not have yet found a good alternative to capitalism, but capitalism surely continues to kill as sure as night follows day.
Oh and there is a reason why liberals control most US institutions. Although the idea of a liberal media is pathetic, 89% of media whores, I mean journalists, call themselves liberal. But universities are liberal. The only major US institution that is not liberal is business, which is conservative for basically self-serving interests because conservatism serves to line their pockets better while it picks the pockets of the poor and middle class. Steal from the poor and give to the rich. Reverse Robin Hood. That’s conservatism in action. The fact that the people calling themselves Christians in the US support Reverse Robin Hood is truly pathetic. Obviously they know nothing about how the Main Man lived his life.


Carl, Noah. 2014. Verbal Intelligence Is Correlated with Socially and Economically Liberal Beliefs. Intelligence, Volume 44, Pages 142-148.
Stankov, Lazar. 2009. Conservatism and Cognitive Ability. Intelligence Volume 37, Issue 3, Pages 294-304.
Thompson, James. November 29, 2015. US Academics: Lefty and Liberal Because of High IQ? Unz.com.
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67 thoughts on “Average IQ's of Liberals Versus Conservatives”

  1. I think we all agree that it is stupid to be an average income/ lower income person and support policies that are geared to the benefit of the wealthy and corporations at the expense of the commoners……But there are rather intelligent, yes even high IQ people, who believe in some more ”conservative” cultural positions, even if they are quite liberal economically.
    If you are an intelligent yet religious Christian, and you support a socialistic approach to economics you could still be opposed to such things as legalized abortion,gay marriage being legal or held in the same esteem as heterosexuality that go along with supporting most economically leftist or liberal politicians and policies. There are those capable of highly analytic and introspective thought who not only seriously believe in the existence of a ‘knowable’ God,….but they hold what they see as the laws of God as prescribed in the Bible as taking unquestionable priority over a more fair economy. They might rather see a world of 98% of the population in slavery to the wealthy scum but at least have the cultural/ societal rules given by God, applied to our governance….. instead of humanist society that supports violation of the traditional Christian principles and mocks God’s laws- if they had to make such a choice. Such is their choice in voting for the rightists or the leftists.
    Many atheists, of course, are going to believe that the belief in a deity, especially in form as shown a collection of ancient manuscripts just amount to superstitions of the dull minded but this is a fallacy. Throughout the Christian world there are some of the most highly intelligent who believe, even in literal interpretation of the Holy Bible …(just as within Islam some of the most logical and prolific minds will cling to the fundamentalist views of Islam). The fact that a higher percentage of intelligent people relinquish fundamental views or even a belief in the possibility of a God, than do the less intelligent, is truly more a function of the current scientific based train of thought, ( Science is THE ultimate answer!), that is instilled in them through repetition throughout their education, and through ridicule of traditional belief systems by countless academics and the academic establishment.

  2. Contributing Factors
    Middle and lower middle class whites were staunch Left-Centrists into the Clinton era because it was in their best interests.
    Democrats are usually from the lower or middle-class and by dint of intelligence, cunning and cynicism rose in the ranks. There has not been a Democrat who came from real money since JFK.
    Republicans since 2000 have come from money and have no political experience. In the case of Bush junior he was a genuine screw-up until 35 while Trump simply worked for his father.
    Predictably Gore probably would have been more functional than Bush.

  3. Lifestyle Choices and Conservatardation
    I’ve known many poor exurb and smaller town whites with IQ’s over 105 but the following factors are preexisting
    A) Their parents cannot or will not send them to private schools. Democrats who tend to be white ethnics are Catholic or Jewish and suburban/urban so there is no choice but to sent their kids to Parochial school. Here the level of education and discipline is higher and actually the environment safer. Blacks who could afford it sent their kids to Catholic school as well.
    B) They come from the sticks and whereas a low IQ person in an urban environment kind of absorbs some cultural IQ points by osmosis the opposite happens in the sticks.
    C) They marry younger. The liberal who has spent his 20’s backpacking, partying and single accrues a bit of wisdom before settling down to responsibilities. The conservative marries at 23 or 25 and lacks the worldliness of the amoral Leftist.
    D) They tend to be brought up in homogeneous environments.
    E) They are not cynical.
    If you examine the urban WASP or Jew (Whose much-vaunted IQ was never obvious to me) and they have an IQ of 95 they will:
    A) Usually travel or bounce around for a few years.
    B) Not marry before 28 or 30.
    C) Be completely on their own and further away from the parents younger (18 or 20)
    D) Become quite cynical.
    E) Be street smart.
    If you met Andrew Dice Clay in Brooklyn he might be a moron but he would seem smarter than someone who graduated top of their class from the 4-H club.

    1. If anything conservatives have a wider range of intellects, although the median is lower.
      They merge Skinhead rednecks with wealthy burbian types.
      Liberals tend to straddle the center; fewer people on either extreme.

      1. POOL BOY Self-Preservation
        The Skinhead-type needs more “law and order” police presence.
        For that matter, he needs cheap gasoline.

  4. Agree, this is why the wealthy ones can bamboozle the lower-class whites into voting for wars in the hopes of getting cheap oil or simply sacrificing their own lives. This was never so obvious as in the Bush era. A few big-business types from Yale are able to harness the resources of the other 80% who are poor and have a GED or high school education.
    Liberals tend to be uniformly educated and closer in income with blacks/Hispanics as sort of an auxiliary that cannot really grasp the finer points of social justice but are promised a greater slice of the pie. This is like Mormons who go to India and give poor people sweets to convert.

    It would be much harder for a Hispanic president in DC to convince a Jewish liberal in LA that his son had to be drafted into a war against Iraq or Arabs would leap out of Sinbad Dhows swinging scimitars on South Carolina beaches.
    Again, cynicism is quite common among liberals from the city who are decadent anyhow. It is really quite impossible for the media to bamboozle them as easily.

  6. TRASH
    The first mode of the alt-right tends to be autistics in their late teenage years. They were small children at the time of the Iraq war.
    The other mode tend to be “low IQ rednecks”. Their is a toxic hyper-masculine culture that leads them to say “go get ’em boys” or “nuke ’em” to any country they are told is the enemy (Iraq, etc.).
    They were the biggest cheerleaders for those wars, yet know they blame Jews, and slightly less masculine “beta males” despite the fact that they warned against the wars.
    In the coming years burbian Whites will become more and more angry with these people.

  7. Latin America is a embarrassing example on why right wing economics don’t work and it will never.
    Conservatives are stupid because they are not capable to see that we lefties are proposing is about reducing future class conflict and political violence. A country with extreme inequality and poor infrastructure is a failed state or a kleptocracy.
    Another bizarre thing about conservatives is their extreme and irrational hatred of the state; they seriously think the state is totally illegitimate and doesn’t have the authority to collect taxes. This is an extreme denial of human civilization, as the state has been collecting taxes since at least 6k years ago.
    Conservatives also don’t see the value of having a healthy population, healthy children, clean water, clean air, protected forests; they really think we humans don’t need those things.
    Conservatives values are responsible of the majority of the past conflicts, as conservatism rejects diplomacy and prefers militarism.
    Conservatism is mostly an anti-political, anti-historical ideology, as the terrible mistakes of the past could be repeated again because humans haven’t changed that much; we still commit genocides against each other.

      To the credit of the Cuban whites they ARE good at business. You cannot deny them that.
      Many are highly intelligent too. They test higher than Jews, Anglo-Saxons, Blacks whoever else in Miami.

      1. Right, highly intelligent, as the whites are in all of Latin America – but also massively snooty and racist, hence why they control everything and rule of the other 80 percent.

        1. HIVE Realism
          Every Irish-Catholic lawyer or surgeon living in Manhattan is going to test higher than the downtrodden Jewish of Brighton Beach or Brooklyn.
          Part of IQ is environmental and being raised in urban epicenters sort of raises it by osmosis. The Jew or black on the streets of New York every day is going to have to be smarter than the kid at the 4-H club in rural Ohio. He is exposed to all types of cultures and all types of behaviors all day.

        2. HIVE
          Several subsets. Russian Orthodox immigrants. Cuban business elite sometimes. Certain East Asian groups.

    2. Left wing economics aren’t working out in Latin America either. Let’s face it, Latin America is dysfunctional whether it’s run by the left or right. I know Robert is a Chavista and all but the results speak for itself. They are probably a few clicks away from outright civil war.

      1. I agree that the Communist model leaves a lot to be desired and the lie is that the problems of Cuba and the USSR are being replicated in Venezuela. It’s a lie because Venezuela never even made it to social democracy. Venezuela is a capitalist country through and through.
        I will not allow you to attack Venezuela as a failure of Left economics because it is nothing of the sort. And I will ban you if you continue to attack Venezuela in this false way. You have been warned. No more attacking Venezuela as a failure of the Left or else I ban you.

        1. Mr. Lindsey
          Can the Main Cholo-who changes every 20 minutes-really even understand his own ideology when he came up the ranks as a soldier and went to military school. I don’t doubt his prowess in military science but European or Asian leaders tend to have been educated better in their ideologies it would seem that the actual system of any developing world country is less relevant than the fact that the guy running the place was a soldier.
          Trump for example. Guy is landlord and went to community college. He’s glib with the trade remarks, which he can grasp, but he does really have the intellect or education to understand politics.
          Same with an Indian down in Latin America coming out of the army. I’m sure his military tactics are quite good. But does understand Milton Friedman from Marx…I doubt it.

  8. Some of these rough types – and I don’t mean the WN weenie sub-group, generally have the opinions liberals are soft and are idiots. They might point out that the bleeding heart isn’t working after high school – but is rather living at home going to college – or that the bleeding heart won’t get tattoos or listen to heavy or country music. It’s definitely a superiority complex on the part of these rough types – or maybe jealousy?
    The WN weenies like to use the rough types to hammer the heads of the bleeding hearts while they snicker and laugh in the background like the little girls they are. It’s sort of like how some liberals use blacks to hammer rednecks.

    1. JASON Y
      “Living at home going to college” I attended a state school and never knew any student who lived at home. That is is rare.

  9. They are good at business because they used to the business elite of Cuba. They brought those skills with them. They also were flooded with money by special interest groups to create a powerful anti-communist elite in the case of an American invasion of Cuba.
    Cuban conservatism is somewhat similar to wasp conservatism but is not the same, as wasps are more respectful of the law and pay their taxes more religiously, while the rich people in Latin/catholic cultures make all kind of legal and illegal tricks to avoid paying taxes.
    But again, Do you think a country can be stable with this type of elite? No Latin American country is stable. They are prosperous thanks to the alliance they made with the Florida wasp and Jewish elite.
    Latin America have have white immigrants from EU, but they assimilate that toxic culture that keeps those countries with a caste system with zero economic mobility.
    Cuba with restored capitalism and the Miami elites back in power, economic mobility will be the same as the rest of Latin America. The USA will be flooded with million of blacks and mulattos from Cuba, I don’t have any doubt about it.

    1. They co-operated with WASPS but they drove the Jews out of Miami fairly quickly for the most part. Mostly because the Jews were lawyers and business people and these sort of jobs Cuban whites excel at.
      Blacks were too poor to move and complained that unlike rednecks who grudgingly gave them the worst labor jobs the Cuban whites just ignored them completely.
      In fact I would say the blacks got it worst in Miami because of the Cubans economically and socially.

    2. The irony is that these elites support right-wing economics which is good for them, but bad for the US – cause the US is a dumping ground for everyone they fuck over.

      1. SO in that sense, the real poor whites, not WN weenie suburbanites, have a cause for real concern. It’s sad, though, that they’ve given over to such demonic hate.

    3. We have snobby elites in the US and snobby neighborhoods. Even one member of my family lives in one. The snooty-ness is off the charts.

  10. JASON Y
    “Living at home or going to college” You meet these types in Michigan who have a kid at 20 or maybe two or three. They seem to have a masochistic streak and want to make their life is hard as possible when they are young-the bad hearing at 30 from listening to loud music, the drunk-driving convictions, the lousy ‘tude in high school, the long affair with booze or maybe hard drugs, the unprovoked remark to some disinterested blacks that ends up in a hospital visit, the idiotic tattoos, the hanging around high school kids in the same town when they are 23, the motorcycle accidents that break their legs.
    Then one day at 30 after a lifetime of stupidity and bad decisions they wake up and blame liberals, Jews, blacks, middle-class whites who never missed a day of college in their life or screwed without using a rubber.
    “It’s your fault.”
    “I am being ignored.”

    1. “Your such a weenie Jason, lol” šŸ˜† “Why don’t you get a tattoo or grow a beard???” Why aren’t you working at Burger King 7 days a week like a real man?

      1. Marriage: “She’s going to have a kid and I am only 19. That is how strong my dick is.” 2 years later…I have warrant for failure to pay child support and the cops are looking for me.
        2 years later…she lives with her mother’s Mom. I can’t get any kind of job.
        Music: “You’re plugging your ear in my car, you pussy? What? I can’t hear you man.” 10 years later…I can’t hear a word you say.
        Interracial Crime: “We beat up that coon and there was only three of us against him.”
        Cops: “They didn’t have to pull me over for drunk driving all over the road, I was almost home anyhow” 2 years later…its my third conviction, I’m going to jail.
        Patriotism: “Iran. I’m going. Where is it?”
        Tattoos: “Daughter. I haven’t seen her since she was 3 and I was 22 and never paid a cent of child support but I tattooed her name on my arm to always remember her”

        1. I guess they work at fast food – like always. But you were saying now fast food was an in-demand job. But actually, that’s not true. They’re as desperate as ever. Always fast food,waiting tables (especially at The Waffle House (the Santo-Domingo of Tennessee))

      2. Burger King? I thought the macho types worked as automotive mechanics or for the city. How do they afford the new truck from a Burger King job. When I was young they still went to trade school and became truck drivers or something.
        Get some barely legal girls drunk and blow in them with no condom to prove how strong your penis is and let the mother’s tired parents raise your kid.
        Jerk off to black males with 15 inch penises having sex with blondes and blame it on Ron Jeremy.
        Do I line of crystal meth one night and spend the next 5 years in and out of a jail on burglary offenses.
        Have fistfights in Sports Bars and then complain that jail is full blacks who are tougher than you are.
        Blame the Jews for the war in Iraq when your own Dad voted for Bush and ended the prosperity of the 90’s.
        Call the Middle East a sandbox the next time some oil rich Arab comes into town and pays $100,000 cash for a Black Stallion at the local stable.

  11. Dear Robert
    It would be more accurate to say that conservatives want to reduce, or entirely eliminate, the downward redistribution of income. They don’t really favor taxing the poor for the benefit of the rich, that is an upward redistribution of income. Rather, they favor a sharp reduction in taxes on the rich and, by implication, a sharp reduction in benefits for the poor. Their preference is to leave the market distribution of income essentially unaltered.
    In every modern country, the post-market distribution of income is much more egalitarian than the market distribution of income. This is accomplished through a combination of progressive taxes and social programs. The aim of conservatives is to make the post-market distribution of income resemble the market distribution much more closely.
    Actually, taxes don’t need to be progressive in order to have an egalitarian impact. It suffices that the rich pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits for the post-market distribution of income to be more equal than the market distribution of income.
    To illustrate this, suppose that Peter has an income of 25,000 and pays 5,000 in taxes. Paul has an income of 100,000 and pays 15,000 in taxes. Let’s assume that the total tax revenue of 20,000 is divided equally among Peter and Paul. In this case, Peter’s market income is increased by 5,000 (10,000 – 5000), while Paul’s is decreased by 5,000 (10,000 – 15,000).
    This comes about, even though Peter pays 20% of his income in taxes, while Paul pays only 15% of his income in taxes. In the market distribution, Paul’s income was 4 times higher than Peter’s. In the post-market distribution, Paul’s income is 3.16 higher than Peter’s.
    Regards. James

    1. James: with 15% for Paul and 20% for Peter we see post-tax incomes of $85k and $20k respectively? That’s more acute distribution of wealth than prior, precisely because Peter pays a higher rate to begin with?

      1. Dear Beauregard
        When it comes to taxes, we should always ask 2 questions: Who pays them? and Who gets them? If you ignore the second question, you are actually playing into the hands of the conservatives, who like to make it sound as if taxes disappear into some black hole.
        You only looked at taxes. Yes, after taxes, Peter has 20, 000 and Paul 85,000, so the ratio went up from 4 to 4.25. However, the assumption was that both men would get 10,000 in benefits. By taking into account both taxes and benefits, Peter has a post-market income of 30,000, and Paul’s post-market income is 95,000. Inequality between has been reduced.
        Regards. James

        1. JAMES
          Yes, but racism and a lack of homogeneity in the US population undermines such a distribution.
          In Norway or Japan where everyone more or less has the same IQ it is easier for Conservatives to stomach a few needy who fall on hard times.
          When an alien race to the wealthy is in need of welfare in part because they are perceived to be primitives unable to function at the level of a first world country it creates much more resistance than the Japanese widow of an insurance salesman.
          Who by the way is less likely to fall pregnant by a crack dealer next week and require more taxation.
          Let us be honest about the racist underpinnings.

        2. JAMES
          Your leaving out infrastructure and the extent to which a few poor will actually respond to free better education or training and become decent citizens.
          Australia, Canada, New Zealand all have higher tax rates. Which of these countries has the problems the United States does?
          Republicans are going to make a racist response. It could in part be true BUT this leaves out the fact that the US infrastructure is falling apart.
          For argument’s sake let us look at countries like Philippines or Latin America or India where there is little or no tax paid.
          How lovely are these?

    2. Good post James. By the way, you’re one of my favorite commenters.
      I agree with you. I think Robert may be mischaracterizing Republicans a bit. I don’t think they want to take from the poor. Well, the poor really don’t have anything to take anyway. Republicans view the free market as some sort of sacrosanct law the universe. For them it should be immutable and tampering with it is like tampering with the delicate balance of nature. It’s an article of faith that nothing but bad could come of tampering with the free market.
      I understand the appeal of that perspective, and in some ways economic/social Darwinism makes logical sense. But I also think we have an obligation as humans to reduce suffering as much as possible. Inequality also leads to instability and revolution. Best to have some type of mixed economy where we have both a regulated market system and a social safety net with economic that grows from the middle out rather than trickle down.

      1. TULIO Darwinism in North America
        Blacks and Mestizos would eat the rich whites if there was no social safety net. Probably have sex with them too. Watch “Dawn of the Dead”.
        Cut welfare for two weeks.
        Witness an LA riot. How effective was police control then?

      2. TULIO
        Blacks would find their way to more remote suburbs if they were starving to death and devour elderly, toy poodles, children.
        For that matter poor whites in the hinterlands with some control over the food supply would hoard it so that the wealthy in Manhattan were reduced to eating their own neighbors up on the East Side. So far into late industrial stage are the East and West Coast compared to the Flyover Prole that they do not produce anything but symbol manipulation when it comes down to it.

        1. What? Lol. Blacks cannibalizing whites now? No we don’t do that shit. We’ll rob a KFC before we start eating whites.
          Whites in the countryside would start. How many of them are self-sustaining farmers? Growing everything they need? Very, very few. Most of them get their supplies from the Walmart Superstore like anyone else. Most of these farms aren’t mom and pop farms, these are huge agribusiness. Country people aren’t exactly self sustaining either. They depend on the power grid, fuel being delivered to them, roads being fixed by blue city tax dollars, hospitals subsidized, farm subsidies, opiod rehab money.

    3. JAMES
      However the white working class has to be co-opted for a variety reasons. Consumer base, security/shock troops in the form of police and military (especially in a law and order policy), grassroots financial contributions and votes etc.
      So the rich conservative Thomas Peter Lansbury the II cannot effectively continue any of industrial complexes (Military, oil, arms, prisons) without Otis Joe Long-that vast population of rural whites that shows up for his wars, guards his prisons, can be made to believe big government is evil and corporations would shut down to let small-town businesses return to Main Street if only taxes were lower.
      This was my point about the average Republican being perhaps 5-10 IQ points less than the average Democrat and the variation between rich Republicans (Trump, Bush) and poor ones being about 20 IQ points as oppose to Hillary not being much brighter than her college educated whitte constituents (Logically NAMS are going to vote for Democrats because it is best for their communities)
      Conservatives have TO LIE or MANIPULATE more in order to bamboozle the lower class whites. Democratic voters, always skeptical, are not as easily bamboozled into voting for an ill-fated war because a lifelong alcoholic bum claims to be Born again like Bush.

    4. The upwards redistribution isn’t being accomplished through taxation (although you are correct when you say that ‘conservatives want to reduce, or entirely eliminate, the downward redistribution of income,’ an outcome which has largely been achieved in Western, neoliberal economies). It’s being accomplished by other macroeconomic means. Privatisation for instance, and the steady increase of profit share (and decline of wage share) of GDP.

  12. James
    We must also remember that “Grover Norquist” type Republicans advocate tax cuts all around (both for rich and poor).
    Therefore, tax revenue is decreased overall, and that effects social programs, which disenables social mobility.
    It also should be noted that flat tax rates ignore the utility curve- something I’d assume most economists warn against.

      This is a bit like the idea that if corporations would voluntarily retreat to allow small business back on Main Street if only taxes were lowered.
      Only someone whose IQ was below the bell curve would believe it.

    2. Tax Cuts all around. Into the Cannibal’s Pot in the ghetto with forays for resources all the way into remote suburbs.
      Sure, 6’5 inch 300 pound NAMS will sit quietly in the ghetto on an empty stomach.
      They’d eat Norquist’s cat. Homebody never stood in front of a hungry NAM in line at the KFC.
      Since the NAM is the heaviest person overall and requires the greatest amount of protein it is likely NAM’s would be eaten like a baby by Idi Amin.

  13. http://www.unz.com/jthompson/election-special-are-republicans/
    Here, this analysis finds little differences (if not a republican advantages) depending on if race is taken as a whole or controlled for.
    However, it also varies on the “type” as the Noah Carl type says Republican. These results are consistent
    “…with Carl’s (2014) hypothesis that higher intelligence among classically liberal Republicans compensates for lower intelligence among socially conservative Republicans.”
    It there seems to be trends in a specific domain of “individualistic” thinking, which is technically the foundation of both modern and classical liberalism.

    1. Phil78
      White capitalists are going to feel “I got mine and screw you” as an instinctive reaction to sharing the wealth with those less fortunate. They know enough about business to also know that corporations so completely rule the economy (Of the US) that raising taxes would not affect small businesses anyhow because Sam Walton turned Main Street small city USA into a crack house 25 years ago.
      But the white capitalist does need the less-educated white prole to be his security (Military, police) as the poor become increasingly nihilistic simply to maintain a status quo. He also needs the white prole as a consumer base/voter’s bloc. We could theorize (A stretch) that the religious Right was co-opted by capitalists to keep birth control down and create a population of unquestioning peasants desperate to feed their kids on whatever table scraps the 1% is willing to give them.

    2. PHIL White Republicans vs White Democrats
      Most Ashkenazi Jews will be Democrats (Though some are Neos) so their IQ will on average be higher than the average Republican voter by 5-10 IQ points.
      Jews have kept the Democratic party as influential as it managed to be by dint of a high verbal IQ that allowed them to influence the mainstream media and Left-wing politics. If you removed 24% of the Jews from the Democratic party it would not have won since Jimmy Carter was in office.
      Blacks and Hispanics form the auxiliary of the Democratic party along and this is a factor in the overall IQ average of the Democratic party vs the British Protestants who constitute the majority of Republicans.

  14. HIVE “Jewish Intelligence”
    I grew up in the most Jewish part of Michigan, the city of Ann Arbor which was actually settled in the 1800’s by German Jews (Geddes and some other families) but eventually attracted a hodgepodge of German Lutherans, Irish Catholics (Many) and in the 1970’s a great number of Canadians and a few Sicilians. Even a few Asians. All professional people (My own father was a doctor) in the lower echelons of the upper-middle class.
    In a white-collar population the Jews will actually be a bit dumber than everybody else because they manage to avoid the real stupid twin poverty-guarantees of out-of-wedlock children and street crime so they kind of trudge along under the umbrella of their middle-class families. They rarely rebel in their teens (Maturing a bit later like Asians).
    But if you have say, 100,000 Jews you will get some drunks and thugs and crackheads (Urban Jews like blacks take to cocaine in all its forms more than whites and also to fortified wines).
    Nobody here is from NYC but if you think a poorer Jewish neighborhood resembles Seinfeld you will be appalled at the number of women who look like Winehouse working the streets as prostitutes and dim, ominous laborer types like Rifkin the serial killer just kind of loitering around along with aggressive loud-mouthed rednecks of the Dice Clay variety.
    If THESE FOLKS are geniuses than you are one ineducable white prole who should donate your body to organ donors.
    If the Jews are running America because their IQ is 110 and democracy allows the smart to seize a population THIS says ominous things about society.

  15. TULIO Blue-State and Red-States with no taxes.
    If you are gay in San Francisco and willing to perform fellatio you are not going to starve are you?
    Likely less Blue State homos and knee-jerk liberals would suffer when all tax was down to nothing.
    Being German I can cook Cheerios or Quaker’s Oats into a piss-warm lousy beer. No expert but anyone from a German background can brew lousy beer.
    So desperate were some of the rednecks in Dubai on the oil fields to get some that I gave them the recipe for cooking oats and brewing beer. They managed to do it too.
    But alas the hospitals would be overrun by pill-billies I fear.
    Blacks might invade Mexico to get cocaine after stealing all the baking soda from the supermarket.

  16. TULIO
    True. I suspect the wealthy Republicans KNOW THIS TOO but WAL-MART SUPERSTORE and the death of the small businessman in the Flyover has to be attributed to something besides their own corporate greed…its taxes! The government turned your Main Street into a scene from Salem’s Lot after the vampires took over because the government wants to give blacks your money!
    Of course they believe it.
    As I posted earlier, the top 10% of Republicans can bamboozle the rest of them far easier than Democrats.

  17. TULIO Admiring Leatherface’s Family
    Well at least they did not go on the county, they ate passerby’s.
    They even set up a BBQ stand to feed the leftovers to the customers.
    That it is rugged individualism at work.

    1. Psychology Today.
      And they’re worse than that. Very conservative is 93 and very liberal is 108.
      It’s a fact, just what we’ve always known. Liberals are brilliant and conservatives are literally fucktarded!
      LOL @ conservatards!

      1. ROBERT IQ ?
        Why do Ethnic Whites (Irish, Jews, Italians, Central Europeans, Slavs) in Blue-States tend to test higher than Red State whites from British Protestant stock?
        If you go to Europe you will find the UK Brit who is genetically almost identical to the Red State rural white Protestant (Minus one or two Amerindian relatives) has a higher IQ than the average Pole, Israeli, Sicilian.
        Yet in the United States the Irish-Catholic or Jew from Manhattan has a higher IQ than the British Protestant in Southern Indiana.

        1. I think inbreeding may be strongly involved. Also just as much, half of the colonial america’s population were involuntary immigrants, such as being kidnapped, being deeply in debt, etc. So naturally, the descendants of those people are going to have a lower IQ, than as opposed to those who came to America voluntarily.

  18. The last time I had an IQ test, my score was 105. I consider myself some kind of 3rd positionist, alt-left kind of guy. So I can only imagine then what the average IQ score of a typical white racialist, or a racialist of ant race for that matter.

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