A Very Unusual Request to My Readers

I know this is a very unusual request, but bear with me.
I have a friend in India. He absolutely hates India, he hates the culture, the religion, everything. To him, it’s just rotten. And of course he is right. It is rotten. India is where you soul goes to die. He’s a Christian, so the whole society offends him.
He is a very smart guy, an intellectual, and he’s quite learned. He seems to have quite a bit of money. He is part way through completing a course in Accounting. I have no doubt that he can become an Accountant. He seems to be a nice looking guy to me, but I am not much of a judge of male looks. He is 36 years old. His English is excellent, albeit with a strong accent. He is very Aryan in looks. Honestly, if you met him, you would not even know he was Indian. He looks like a European, albeit a rather swarthy one, maybe a Med.
He’s not particular at all about women. He has almost no requirements that way.  Just under 40, speaks English and no Indian women for some reason.
This guy wants to get out of India even though he has money. The place is literally killing him, basically because he is a good  person, and Indian society is rotten. He is also very afraid of the new fascist BPP party in power. He says there is no place in India for people like him and he is afraid that the Hindutva fascists will beat him up or even kill him.
He will do anything to get out of that place.
He figures his best shot is to marry an American woman. However, he absolutely does not want to do a VISA fraud immigration marriage. That’s a fake marriage just to get into the country. It’s a felony and he wants nothing to do with that. He was formerly married to a Frenchwoman, so he is compatible with Western society and Western women. As Indian men go, he’s not much of a pig at all. He genuinely loves women. He will only marry in a real marriage to a real woman who really wants to marry him. Anyway there’s nothing in it for her for a fake marriage anyway.  He won’t pay her a nickel for that.
She  could talk to him on Facebook, and he can call her and talk to her on the phone. He calls the US all the time. If she talks to him on Facebook and on the phone and likes him, he will fly her to India so she can meet him. She can spend some time with him there to see if she likes him or not. He wants a woman under 40.
The thing is, if one of my readers can help me with this  problem and run an amateur marriage bureau for this fellow and find him a wife, he can make it very much worth our while. And there is nothing whatsoever illegal about that.
If he is lying to me and he is really trying to do a fake immigration marriage, well, that is a felony and he may well be caught. At that point, he will have to face the music.
I do not get involved in shady schemes, but this is 100% legal for you and me, and he seems to be on the up and up. He wants to do this in a legal and proper way.
My haters are going to rake me over the coals for this post, but so what. The thing is that if one of my commenters can help me with this, this fellow promises to pay for being a marriage bureau for him. And he will pay well.
Most  people are going to say this is nuts and blow it off, but if you think you can do it and you want to make some money, comment or shoot me an email and we will talk about it.
Thanks in advance.

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258 thoughts on “A Very Unusual Request to My Readers”

  1. TULIO
    Human development in Socialist Kerala is quite high.
    I lived there for about a year from 2007-2008.
    To begin with, Kerala gets a great deal of remissions from the Gulf Arab countries where many of them are employed. Moreover, many Kerala businessmen invested in Gulf Arab countries-LULU Hypermarket etc.
    Britain created some fairly good infrastructure to develop the tea industry.
    Finally, the Nair majority kicked the Brahmin out in the 1950’s.
    As a result of all of these things, Cochin is actually quite a nice city by Indian standards.

  2. Mayur Varshne,
    Why the hell do you come to a socialist blog? All you talk about is wanting to go to the US, why don’t you go to an immigration blog instead?
    There’re 2 billion people want to go to the US but can’t, why should anyone be interested in the justice or injustice of it? Go find a blog for immigrants and stop being a pest here.

    1. Hmmm…….I am a remotely quasi socialist to let you know……and ROBERT is willing to stand firmly behind me….that’s what really MATTERS to me.
      The best way to be HEARD is to make NOISE……..kintergarden wisdom.

      1. You sure haven’t talked anything “remotely quasi socialist”, as far as I can see.
        Tell you what, kintergardener, making noise works only when people who LOVE you. If people don’t love you, no even making bombs gets you anything.

        1. YEE Question
          Do you believe Chinese-Americans want immigration? Chinese arrived on the West coast EARLIER than most whites (Late 1890’s ponytail/foot-binding era which predated whites in the East by about 30 years).
          Ask the average Chinese-American person if THEY want immigrants.
          I’m sad to say that the United States and Canada are not “new countries” anymore.
          Moreover, these days it is not the qualified and hard-working who want to immigrate.
          It is the failures, the illiterate, the petty criminal that have discreditable reasons to leave their own country.

        2. Mayur Varshne,
          So I’m dealing with kindergarten intelligence here.
          No wonder you sound ctazy. Most people in the world will grow up after kindergarten.

    2. YEE
      Of 250 million people in the United States approximately 30% live in poverty. Perhaps not the poverty of Africa or South Asia but poverty nonetheless.
      Two billion?

      1. She is talking about the INDIAN population …..in vague,approximate terms.
        Hey YEE
        I must tell THEE
        the number of immigration scams
        CHINESE do
        to reach there
        in the LAND of FREE…….
        I am convinced that I have a very genuine reason to flee this place.

        1. People with a genuine reason to flee somewhere are usual crazy or criminals, like you.
          Therefore it is not in the interest of another country to take you.

        2. Mayur Varshne,
          Sure Chinese try to go to America, didn’t I state 2 billion people in the world want to go? But you don’t hear us wailing about not being able to and being a pest in blogs.

        3. Your reason for leaving is being crazy and unemployable because you are a misfit in your own country.
          This is why other countries do not want you.

        4. America does not want South Asians. East Asians yes, they come from functional societies with long civilizations like China or Japan.
          But South Asians are primitive people from a corrupt culture. Nobody wants Indians or Pakistanis or Bangladeshis. Not really.

    3. YEE On Immigrants
      It requires the average Chinese or European immigrant an entire generation or two to exit poverty:
      The Chinese railroad worker who arrived in 1910 with his wife lived all his life in hand-to-mouth poverty in Chinatown.
      His son who is born in 1920 managed to join the military and then get some kind of skilled trade like a plumber.
      His son, born in 1950 in Chinatown, managed to move out as a young man and attend university. Perhaps becoming a lawyer.
      His son born in 1980 became an IT specialist or something.
      Do you see what I mean, Yee. It requires 3-4 generations to climb out of the poor “working class” (White word for “peasant”).
      Immigrants believe that they will show up tomorrow and be given a free house, a decent job and a nice car.
      Even though unemployment is 10% somebody will step aside so they can have a job in their profession.
      The immense naivete of the Immigrant never ceases to amaze me.
      Where are you going to go from the airport? If you are Asian you are going to find some part of the city “Chinatown” or “Little India” where maybe you can find a job of the absolute most low-paying kind in a restaurant. These people are Americans and have little regard for the newcomers. All they know is that you are exploitable-Chinese-Americans exploit their own new arrivals famously as we have read.

  3. Now you see why I left India with some apprehensive feelings. These people would overrun the earth if they had the chance.

  4. YEE
    Hey YEE
    I must tell THEE
    these were your words……
    “There’re 2 billion people want to go to the US but can’t, why should anyone be interested in the justice or injustice of it?”
    You were a bit ambiguous……even mr.KNOWALL TRASH got a bit confused……and hey the GLOBAL population is 7.5 billion.
    I ain’t being a PEST at all…..TRASH is the one who drags me into unnecessary arguments.SHE was talking about nude pictures,dick etc THERE a while ago but now she seems to have lost interest.I was rekindling desire in HER there……HEAT and FIRE are so good….they get things moving real fast.

      1. Hmmmm…….I never said even remoltely that I am still stuck at the KINDERGARTEN……in times of necessity where one’s very survival is at stake everything and anything that works is COOL…….I am just putting common kindergarten wisdom to use…..and hey I don’t doing anything even remotely ILLEGAL……I am just HARDSELLING myself.

        1. Mayur Varshne,
          So it’s your intention to deliberately wreck this place for your selfish goal. And you consider yourself not a pest?
          Frankly, I’ve rarely seen such level of shamelessly selfishness.

  5. YEE
    Then PLEASE do not drag me into unnecessary ARGUMENTS…….like Mr.KNOWALL TRASH.
    I was only talking to HER…..SHE seemed to be a PERSON of INTEREST to ME.
    Thank you.

    Dravidian people came from Australia but the Indus Valley is in Pakistan so they stayed down in Kerala because Arabs who became the Punjabi or other North Indians like the desert and tropical countries scare them.
    The North Indian resembles Mayer and has a lower IQ than the black Dravidian which makes India the only country in the world where white-skinned people are not as smart as dark-skinned ones.
    The Dravidian is a genius at math but cannot handle his booze and acts like a British mother in Spain if drinks whiskey much like his aboriginal relative in Australia.
    North Indians are basically wops who refused to live a country with a debt crisis because they all want to work in finance and nobody in Greece can get a bank loan in Dubai.
    The North Indian combs his hair with gel instead of coconut oil.
    America built Cochin because Nair Indians never had any resource except tea and Arab Gulf countries can sell oil for much more money to Americans so the Nair goes there to give his wage to Western Union.
    Syria is run by Jews who claim to be Christians but probably came from Yemen and local Brahmin women intermarried with them so they would not have to leave Kerala in the 1950’s when the Nair finally kicked the Brahmin out.
    Dravidian people in Malayalam remained black because the invading races of Mongols, Aryans, Greeks, Huns, Persians were able to find women to rape up North who were not as black. British preferred to have sex with other British men in their barracks and the old forts in Kerala have graffiti of English soldiers proclaiming their love for one another.
    Today it is language that divides North and South because Malayalam cannot even be spelled easily or spoken without twisting tongues.

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