External Relations of Japanese and Apache

Jason Voorhees: YEE – There is some similarity between the language of an Apache and that of the Japanese for example.
Yee: That seems far fetched. My ancestors moved from Central China, but I can’t understand any of their dialect now. Language is easy to lose

Actually this is not correct. Apache does have external relations in the new Yenisien-Na Dene family (already under fierce attack by splitters), and in a larger sense to Chinese but not Japanese. But there is no similarity whatsoever between Japanese and Apache, other than that probably all human languages are related at some distant level. There is no clear or obvious relationship between Japanese (really Japonic) and any other language. Japanese is not one language. It is a group of languages called Japonic. Most of the Japonic languages are spoken the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa), where there are 5-6 separate languages spoken. These languages still have many speakers, but they are in very bad shape as the Japanese have been waging war on them for some time now. Most of the speakers are middle aged or older and transmission to the young is at a low level.
However, it is clear to me that Japanese does have external relations. The most obvious external relation would be with Korean. Even some of the hardest-core anti-Altaicists agree that there is a good chance that Korean and Japanese are related. Looking at the larger picture, Japanese and Korean are both related to Turkic, Tungusic and Mongolic in a superfamily called Altaic. Mainstream linguistics has refused to accept Altaic although the evidence for its existence is striking.
The evidence for the existence of Altaic is just as good as the evidence for Austroasiatic,l and that is a universally accepted family. Worse, people who believe in Altaic are attacked and ridiculed mercilessly to the point where if you believe in it,  you might actually have a hard time getting a professorship.
Of course, Altaicists are accused of being anti-scientific because “science” has not yet shown that there is any relationship. Adults who think like this are children. Science doesn’t know everything and science is flat out wrong about countless things. That is because many theories are simply true that are presently rejected by science due to so-called lack of evidence.
Having to go ask Mommy Science whether everything you encounter in the world is true or not is like what a child does. A child is always running up to Mommy asking is it is true that so and so etc etc. Mommy says yes or no and the kid is satisfied. The are adults who are still tied to their mothers apron strings who never learned to differentiate themselves as mature individuals. Hence they have to run the Mommy Science and ask whether something is true or not instead of sitting down and looking at the evidence and deciding for yourself.
Not all things that are true have been accepted by science. If you are going to learn anything in life, it should be that right there. Time to cut the apron strings, babies.

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9 thoughts on “External Relations of Japanese and Apache”

  1. The Ryukyu Islands wasn’t Japanese. It was a kingdom annexed by Japan in 1897, their king captured and imprisoned in Tokyo. At about the same period of time Japan colonized Korea and Taiwan.

  2. Some native American tribes in Canada/Alaska apparently did a “back-migration” into Northeast Asia as well.

  3. Nothing to do with Apache or linguistics but I perhaps a link between Eskimo and East Asians. Chinese and Eskimo have a myth overlap pertaining to foxes posing as beautiful women. The fox is also seen as seductively alluring by Japanese as well.

      1. A few Inuit communities remain in the Yupik Peninsula of Siberia.
        Eskimo are as Asian as a Hong Kong businessman in Los Angeles.
        White men were already in Greenland as the Vikings got their first. There was some intermarriage between Viking males and Inuit females that produced the so-called “Blonde Eskimos” of Northern Canada.
        They got along with Native Americans not nearly as well and the word Eskimo is an Amerindian slur that was taught to the white man.

      2. YEE
        They originated in the Yupik peninsula of Siberia. Some remain there.
        Some of the females became part of the founding population of Iceland as a result of “intermarriage” (Kidnap would be a more accurate word) and the DNA of Icelanders is about 1/25 (4%) Inuit. Sometimes more. See singer Bjork. Some Amerindian women ended up in Iceland as well.
        It took 1,000 years for them to expand across the North American continent all the way to Greenland.
        So to be accurate Inuit span from East Asia all the way to Iceland.

    The Vikings were already in Greenland when the Inuit reached it 1,000 years after the got to Alaska.
    They are relatively new to North America and some tribes live in the Yupik peninsula.

  5. YEE
    You had to build a wall to keep the rest of the world out so China was popular long before America for migrants.

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