Down with Colin Flaherty

The problem is that Colin Flaherty’s whole shtick is that he is not racist at all in any way whatsoever! No, really. That’s exactly what he says. And that’s how he comes across, endlessly, in article after article and video after video. And that is exactly why this man is so dangerous.

Mr. Flaherty is a journalist and a good one at that. But in his middle age, he has decided to branch out into the area of Black crime, except that his focus has a twist – it’s all about Black crime against Whites. The subtext of every Flaherty article or video is that Black people are deliberately singling out Whites to attack as hunters single out prey. Nothing could be more nonsensical. Blacks do not preferentially prey on Whites. It’s nonsense.

89% of Black homicides are of other Black people. Most Black crime is Black on Black crime. Much is made of Black men raping White women, but Black men rape Black women at 5X the rate that they rape White women. There are all sorts of nutty arguments that try to deal with these uncomfortable truths while keeping the lousy theory alive.

The principal one was symbolized by the noted theory of Le Griffe du Lion, a very racist White professor of…get this…sociology! He did some fancy mathematics showing that Black people mostly see other Black people all day long and don’t see many White people. So of course they prey mostly on their own kind. That’s who they are around all the time! If Blacks were around Whites just as much as they were around Blacks, their propensity to hunt Whites preferentially as a predator hunts its prey (Le Griffe’s exact words) would come out.

But the other side can play that game too. There are 6X more Whites than Blacks. If Blacks displayed no preference at all in victims, they would kill 6X more Whites than Blacks, right? This argument spouts the rejoinder of “But they are only around their own kind all day…” which is probably a tautology and is certainly not falsifiable, so it fails as theory on its face.

Flaherty wrote a book called White Girl Bleed a Lot. It’s all about Black crime against Whites. Yes, Blacks commit some very bad crimes against Whites. But they commit just as bad or worse crimes against their own kind. So only writing about Black crime against Whites is lying in a sense, and worse, you are selling a form of poison to the masses. Racist poison. A really nasty racist poison.

Because nothing drives Whites up the wall more than the idea that Blacks preferentially prey on them as victims. Some of these theorists even go as far as to say that Blacks are waging a low-level guerrilla war against Whites. Oh, what nonsense.

But if you study ethnic conflicts all over the world, one of the things that sets off massacres and ethnic cleansings is the notion that Group B, the outgroup or the other guys, is trying to kill us, Group A.

Hitler set off the genocide by saying the Jews were trying to exterminate Germans.

The Rwandan genocide was set off in the same way.

The Sunni-Shia wars start off in exactly the same way. ISIS propaganda goes to great lengths to show how the Shia are preferentially singling out and slaughtering the Sunni. “They’re trying to kill us all,” is the message.

This was the line that the Young Turks used to kill 1.7 million Armenians. “The Armenians were starting a war against the Turks, and they were trying to kill all the Turks.”

The genocide against Muslims in Bosnia was set off by Serbian lies that “The Muslims were trying to kill the Serbs.”

Even the anti-Communist slaughters of the last century which the US fully participated in, each and every one of them, were all predicated on the idea that the Communist killers were going to seize power and kill lots of people. Hitler justified his genocide against the Jews by saying that they were Communists and that the Communists were mass murderers who were “killing millions of Christians” in the Ukraine. Yes, the fake Holodomor, the terror famine that never even happened, was used as a pretext for the Holocaust.

Remember that the next time any of you wants to rant about “Stalin’s terror famine.” Every time you say that, you are repeating Nazi propaganda. Does it make you feel good to parrot Hitler?

Many of the massacres of Indians were predicated on the notion that the Indians “were coming to kill us all.” In the original wording of the Declaration of Independence, there is language about how savage the Indians fought, knowing none of the rules of decency in wartime. “They’re savages, so we need to kill them all.” See how that works?

In Indonesia in 1965, there was supposedly a Communist coup to take over the government. All the world’s media reported it exactly that way. Except that it never happened. There was a fake Communist coup to take over the government. “The Communists tried to take over, and they are going to kill millions of people” lie was then used as an excuse to kill 1 million Communists all over Indonesia in only a few months. Most were hacked to death with machetes. Islamic fundamentalists were used by the US and Indonesia in this slaughter. Remind you of anything? Afghanistan, anyone?

The CIA was on the scene immediately and they supplied the new government with lists of known Communists. These lists were then used to single out people for killing. The US media then lied about the whole affair, with the execrable New York Times leading the charge. Later there was an attempt to bury this mass slaughter as “unfortunate but necessary and a good idea in the long run.”

It was only years or even decades later that we learned the truth about the fake coup and the mass slaughter. The Left was devastated in Indonesia and has remained in a meager state to this day. Obviously people in Indonesia have gotten the message about what happens to Leftists, which is always the general message of anti-Communist slaughters.

Hence it follows that once White people get it in their heads that “the Blacks are trying to kill us,” we can set ourselves up for some serious persecutions of Blacks based on that narrative. I doubt if we will start massacring Blacks, but “the Blacks are trying to rape and kill Whites” was always the excuse for lynchings and Jim Crow.

It’s an ugly narrative, and it’s a lie.

I could write articles about this sort of thing too, you know. I see articles all the time about Black people acting terrible, killing each other, killing White people, you name it. 98% of the time, I choose not to write about it. Why write about it? Yes, yes, we know Black people commit tons of crime, including violent crime. Yes, we know Black men have a high homicide rate.

Yes, we know that Black men kill many White people – but they kill far more Black people, and by and large, they prey mostly on their own kind.

Looking at the larger picture, Black criminals simply prey on other humans. They rob, rape and kill Hispanics, Asians, Whites and Blacks. They attack everyone. They are not real particular.

And the evidence shows that if anything, they by far preferentially select their own kind for violence, and they preferentially select against White victims. So if anything, Blacks prefer to prey on their own kind and it looks like Blacks actively avoid preying on Whites. If that’s the reality, then it’s quite a poisonous stew to cook up to sell the lie that Blacks preferentially attack Whites. “They’re coming to kill us! The Blacks are trying to kill us White people!” It’s not only a lie, but it’s a very dangerous lie, a mental poison with grave effects.

Just to see what sort of vibes Flaherty is churning up, look at the commenters. Looks like Niggermania, Chimpout, American Renaissance and Stormfront. There are all sorts of very vicious and ugly remarks against Black people as a race on there. So even if Flaherty really is a non-racist as he insists, look at all the wild racism that his irresponsible (or worse) videos and articles sprout. He’s fertilizing the land with poison, watching the weeds he watered grow and take over the land and choke out all the good and Ā decent crops, all the while protesting that he had nothing to do with it, he was just some innocent farmer trying to grow crops. Yeah. Crops of weeds.

Whenever I see that language, I think, “This person is promoting hatred against Greg, Tulio, and Alpha.” I think that’s unacceptable. None of these Black people do much of anything wrong. They live like good, law abiding citizens, and in short, they are good people. Selling hate propaganda against good people just because they are Black is wrong.

And that is why you, Mr. Flaherty, are wrong.

And that is why you, Mr. Flaherty, are promoting a very dangerous lie.

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157 thoughts on “Down with Colin Flaherty”

  1. Amren is not QUITE as ignorant as some of the other sites.
    I’d describe the site as the top of the white racist food chain.

  2. Some White-on-Black Crime Stat Variables Here
    A Black in Greater Detroit or Stockton is stomped by Polaks or Oakies. Whether Northeast or California we have all known a few whites to do this simply because the black is alone.
    White assaults on blacks go unreported:
    A) No robbery motive. Assaults are harder to get to the bottom of in terms of culpability and white on black assaults are aggravated (Black responds to a taunt and is jumped).
    B) Injuries are relatively minor.
    C) Blacks do not want to interact with police much.

    1. It would be helpful if you gave us a source/URL for the story you mentioned. I couldn’t find it. All I came up with was a white man being beaten badly by blacks in Detroit. It was caught on video.

      1. SIR – Back in 87 when so-called Beastie Boys jumped a black in Ann Arbor it went unreported unless the black was seriously injured (Jews of Southeast Michigan having a particular reputation for bellicosity).
        Usually it was an aggravated assault initiated by a black japing somebody around Geddes Road or the Jewish Fraternity.

      2. AMONGYOU
        Usually the Detroit Black was out of his element in Ann Arbor somewhere and unwisely giving the Necro types backchat outside Mr. Zimmerman’s deli when he should have simply kept silent and continued walking. Such incidents of Jewish-American on African-American violence would be described as “aggravated assaults” as oppose to completely unprovoked.

      3. AMONGYOU Disclaimer
        I would not wish to have my anecdotes construed as a generalization of any sort but my own Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor district happened to be a SLIGHTLY downtrodden Jewish-American area.
        So of course some of them were real tough. There was a sheer fearlessness about them. Even some of the Ladies Auxiliary were quite formidable.

  3. Dear Robert
    You are absolutely right. The combination of the facts that blacks commit far more crimes than whites and that there are far more whites than blacks insure, for straight mathematical reasons, that crimes by blacks against whites will be far more numerous than crimes by whites against blacks. Suppose that blacks are 1/8 of the population and whites 7/8. Suppose further that blacks commit 50% of crimes. In such a case, if victimization is completely random, then B against W crimes will be 43.75% of total crimes, B against B will be 6.25%, W against W will also be 43.75%, and W against B will be 6.25%.
    In other words, B against W will be 7 times more numerous than W against B for the simple reason that blacks commit as many crimes as whites and that whites outnumber blacks by 7 to 1.
    Regards. James

    1. Detroit Native on Black Crime
      a) many white victims leading borderline criminal lifestyles whose activities draw them into poor black population clusters-white druggies or johns.
      b) white girls who ill-advisedly associate with thugs or wiggers once more in the proximity of poor black population clusters
      c) whites in nighttime public places drawing high numbers of poor blacks like a Detroit KFC or public movie theater.

      1. Negros will destroy anything they get their hands on. Detroit was destroyed by niggers not by any other thing and serves a forewarning of what your city will become once it becomes niggerfuxated. I’ve been to Detroit during its prosperous times and couldn’t even find the remnants of it now when I visited the city a few yeara back for a wedding. Even the churches appear shanty and dilapidated. Aside from the few working class whites likely friends who dont have the heart to leave their home town, all we could see now are niggers with their little sprogs running wild. Because of section 8, few white families remaining are forced to have nigger neighbours and in some years they’ll soon have to leave in order to survive or get killed.Detroit serves a stern warning for other cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago about the long term effects of being niggerfuxated.

        1. TONY
          Whites who stay are
          Some Polish or Appalachian elderly who did not sell their house in time or their house suddenly was worth nothing. Good luck GIVING the house you worked your whole life to pay off AWAY. Ditto Flint.
          Some white trash (Usually Appalachians) who really have the same disadvantages: kids-out-of-wedlock etc.
          Some white petty criminal crack-heads who enjoy living in Detroit to be near their own criminal activities.

        2. My friend is Italian/polish, you’re right there are many people of polish origin living in present day Detroit ruins also called Nigtoilet. They arent hillbillies nor hopeless junkies.rather they are all hard working people who increasingly live in fear as more and more niggers are moving to their neighbourhoods. It’s just that they lack the funds and motivation to move out.

        3. Number of White kids born out of wedlock pales out when compared to unwed sows breeding out sowlettes and future criminegros in that godforsaken hellhole.

    1) Even if totally Anglo, dress like a “Guido” if you live near concentrations of poor blacks. Open shirt, gold chain, slicked hair. The black tends to take exception to the “Peckerwood” look of the cowboy with his “ALABAMA” t-shirt and his cowboy boots and hat.
    2) If you take drugs, buy them from another white. You might pay $10 more for your bag of marijuana but you will be miles from the source. Smoking crack cocaine will always put the user in harm’s way of blacks. Make it yourself if you are a crackhead and purchase your cocaine from a white.
    3) Don’t get involved in black’s personal affairs whether you “know” them or not.
    4) Whiggers and dating black males are also dangerous.
    5) Own a car.
    6) At night and even at daytime avoid “KFC” and cut-rate supermarkets where you might bump into a person accidentally.
    7) If you use prostitutes, get their cell number. Rent a decent hotel for the sex transaction, don’t get “hummers” in the ghetto .
    8) Don’t stay in “SCARFACE” type cheap motels. Here you are in a potential deathtrap.

    1. It’s the other way around black predators worm their way into peaceful white neighbourhoods and commit crimes. Remaining few whites in Detroit are enduring a south Africa like situation.There was a VNNForum commenter named Chris who lives in Detroit, often gave a clear picture of what’s it like to live in around Detroit around nigs. nigs burn everything they set their sights on and revel over their carnage.

      1. TONY Detroit Blacks who make trouble in Warren or other outlying suburbs of Irish-Catholics or Albanians or even in Hamtramck (Polish Detroit) get the absolute shit kicked out of them. This I have seen.
        “Italians” Blacks won’t even TRY IT OUT ON THEM in Sterling Heights. Italians are reasonable but you generally want to tiptoe around them because most of them are strong and good at fighting.
        “Gats” don’t really help the black as much as you think who can barely fire it and it is in his pocket when he ends up IN a fight. Most blacks in Detroit do not know how to fire a gun with any accuracy and when they have provoked some big Polack to the point that he is kicking their ass it is hard for him to actually retrieve it.

        1. That’s not the point they have the majority and have the reputation of hunting in packs. So it’s not surprising to see a muscular Pollack taken down by a pack by criminigs. No wonder Sam was angry about the Jews as these Satan worshippers are the ones who tries to integrate these feral savages into peaceful formerly white neighbourhoods in Atlanta. Would you like your area going down in front of you?

      2. TONY “Worming”
        Underclass blacks spearheads into white areas are usually financed by hard drug sales.

  5. Black on white female crime
    a) dating thugs. Goes without saying.
    b) smoking crack. I never knew a white crackhead female who did not end up being gang-raped.
    c) hanging around black women.
    d) public parks with forests or foliage.

    a) switch to meth if you are a coke head. Its cheaper and blacks don’t traffic in it.
    b) mid-level white dealers will eventually be crime victims.
    c) don’t go into the ghetto to use drugs.
    d) if you “pick up” in the ghetto or black areas the white cops will register your license plate and run your address off of it and make a note of where you live.

  7. DETROIT Interracial Crime Avoidance
    A) If you are a poor white, sell your house now and live in a barn since places with dense concentrations of blacks will have no economic opportunities any. Better to live in remote suburbs.
    B) If you are a poor white do not have children and live in the city or their experience in public schools will be traumatic. If you cannot afford to send your children to a private school you should move to remote suburbs or the country.
    C) When the first black mayor is elected you should consider selling your house. If your municipality is entirely run by blacks it is too late. Eventually you will not be able TO GIVE YOUR HOUSE AWAY (See Detroit).
    D) Public parks at night even in smaller cities are risky.

    1. @Jason vourhees
      C) Dumb advice. Anyone that would have sold their house when Tom Bradley become mayor of Los Angles or Dinkins became mayor of NYC would’ve lost a fortune in appreciation.

      1. Tulio, I was wondering if you have any comments on Mr. Flaherty and my exegesis of him in this post. Personally I think he is dangerous as hell and he’s selling pure poison. Perhaps worse is he is doing all of it under the guise of “Hey, I’m not racist or anything like that.”

        1. Yes, I strongly agree with the main premises of your posts. In fact I’ve frequently made some of these same arguments to WNs that makes claims of black crime war targeted towards whites. Some of the true wingnuts go as far to call it genocide on whites. Which is actually hilarious when you think about it. Right around the time that White Girl Bleed A Lot book came out, there was a moral panic over the so-called “knock out game”, which seemed to be mostly fake news. Police agencies across the nation said there was no such phenomenon going on. It turned out it was a media concoction, but that didn’t stop right-wing and WN media from framing this as out of control blacks “wilding out” and randomly assaulting whites. Now sure, there were some isolated incidents of such happening, but like you emphasized in your post, blacks are more likely to be victims of this sort of thing than whites. In fact, getting punched in the hood by random guys might just be the result of walking into the wrong hood, rather than some sort of “game” per se.
          Whether Flaherty considers himself racist is of no consequence. Even unabashedly racist whites think they’re not racist.
          On the flip side blacks do the same thing in reverse. If a white cop kills a black, blacks will march in the street as if blacks are being ethnically cleansed by whites. Yet ignore that 99% of blacks are murdered by other blacks. That’s why I can’t sign on to the whole BLM movement. I have no issue with them standing up to genuine cases of police brutality, but a lot of these people are like the reverse of Flaherty.

        2. Tulio has a point that WN paranoia and general black nationalist paranoia is at the same level. Again, more focusing on the enemy, while ignoring the shit committed by your own group. It’s what you call “identity politics”.

      2. TRASH
        Black mayors appease the Black populace.
        Hence, it is a sign of stability in many cases (good for all sorts of speculative markets). The problems of Detroit are far deeper as I’m sure you know.

        1. POOL BOY
          Somehow, someway whites found a way to move out if only 30 minutes away.
          Blacks in Detroit were so poor that even this is impossible. Additionally, they lacked the skills.

  8. STEVE On White-on-Black Crime
    Money and financial desperation are never the reason. White males DO assault black males out of sheer racism and sometimes just plain boredom. It happens. Let us not paint white males as the constant victim of black abuse.
    If African women had never been sexually assaulted by white males than every black in American would resemble an African.

  9. As I have said before in other comments of this blog, black crime is not the same everywhere. Black Colombians are polite and educated. They behave bad en Cali, but they don’t misbehave in Choco or Barranquilla. It’s really something bizarre.
    Choco is a impoverished black majority department and is dangerous because is a “zona roja” of guerrilla vs the colombian army battles. The people there is nice and polite.
    Black crime in the US has a very strange pattern to me. It seems more like the result of class friction and frustration. Let’s not forget that white americans (not all) are very reactionary and have an attitude “tough on crime”

    1. Colombians in Miami associated with gangland crime were either pure Spanish with Basque names like Ayala or so close to pure Spanish that they could barely be called Mestizo.
      It was never Afro-Colombians or even Indian Colombians associated with Cocaine Cowboys. It was pretty much pure Colombian whites.

      1. Same with Mexico. Interestingly, the whiter parts of Mexico are the most dangerous. The southern part of Mexico is safest and it’s the most indigenous/zambo.

    2. White on black crime=boredom, racism or Italian vs. Black crime gangs in cities like New York in the late 20th century (Kind of gone now as the mafia were busted or killed off or Italians just grew up to be middle-class).

  10. “Even the anti-Communist slaughters of the last century which the US fully participated in, each and every one of them, were predicated on the idea that the Communist killers were going to seize power and kill lots of people.”
    Exactly, this argument was used to exterminate the lefty “Union PatriĆ³tica” in my country. The Colombian right said they were evil commies and they were planning a extermination campaign against “the decent people” translated in Spanish as “la gente decente cristiana y trabajadora”
    They targeted everyone suspicious of being a lefty: union members, students, pro-union lawyers, journalists from liberal newspapers (in Colombia being liberal = SocialDemocrat), indigenous and Afro-Colombian leaders, human rights activists, transgender people (a crime still very common in Colombia).

  11. …and white thugs attack blacks FOR NO REASON AT ALL. The assertion that whites do not commit despicable (Truly despicable) crimes in America (And sometimes Mestizos do as well) against blacks is absolutely false.
    I want to say that Italian-American neighborhoods were considered “no-go” areas for blacks at one time but in the last 40 years that has changed. This was known as the “Spaghetti Curtain”. We associate crimes against blacks with Anglos wearing sheets but the Italians also committed there fair share.
    Economic sexual rape-black women forced to have sex with white males for lack of any other work at all-is happening as we communicate. White male abuse of black prostitutes is a fairly frequent and horrifying thing.

    “Class friction” blacks were not free from stereotypes and even to this day Italians have a reputation as thugs to blacks in America.
    The black migration North was into poor white areas full of “Honkies” (Black term for any Slav but a mispronunciation of Hungarian) or Dagos (Black mispronunciation for Diego the Italian name) or “peckerwoods” (Woodpecker found in the South).

  13. Mr. Lindsay:
    American Renaissance claims 38% of Black crime is against Whites. Uniform reporting shows 28% of arrests for violent crimes are of Blacks.
    11% of all crime is Black on White. With Blacks being 13% of the population, and Whites 65%, the expected number is 8%.
    So there is slightly elevated victimization of Whites overall but only slightly.

  14. POOL BOY
    If statistics could record every violent crime a Tony Soprano committed when he decided to “whack” some dirt-bag in North Jersey the rate would rise in certain white pockets per square area. Organized violent Caucasian crime is simply under-reported. How many people were killed with 20 square miles in that show in one extended family or crew?
    Accepting that Sopranos was more or less accurate of the “weeding out” that occurs within organized white crime groups in that family of 40 about a quarter of them were dead by the time Tony himself got it in the ice cream parlor.
    White serial killers to, commit far more homicides on average per person by dint of intelligence (Manson 130 IQ, Dahmer 131, Bundy apparently nearly a genius). The guy out in Washington killed 70 women. There has probably never been an African-American who lived that killed that many people himself.
    Black crime is stupid and savage: home invasions, rapes, etc. The perps are usually caught within 2 days.
    Wary and clever Italian mobsters usually don’t get killed or locked up until 45 or so; serial killers don’t get caught for 15 years.

    1. Yes, but most people would just submit to the mafia. Few had to be killed.
      Racketeering counts as a White collar crime anyway, not included here.

      1. Who did Rudy and Mario go after first and foremost in New York?
        Do black mayor go after Bloods and Crips to the same degree?
        Being Italian Rudy knew that the mafia was nearly as powerful as the government in New York by then.
        He went after them fairly relentlessly.
        Tony Soprano became the boss in the late 1990’s and by then were not nearly as powerful as they had been at their peak.

        1. trash I was referring to Rudy Giuliani’s batshit insane behavior after leaving office.
          Talking about 9/11 every sentence and spinning Obama conspiracies. Maybe he is going senile.

      2. POOL BOY
        Does society care if a shit-bag like “Ralphie” or “Chris” is killed? If Tony raped old women in nursing homes it would be a different matter.
        Also the blacks are “youths”. Italians usually live into their 40’s. That is not a 17 year old gunned down senselessly.
        To his credit Rudy did dismantle the Italian mafia in New York from its peak in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
        Being Italian he understood it was a government of sorts itself.

      3. Essentially this happens and the mafia becomes a government of sorts.
        Since the administrators are moronic homicidal thugs a city becomes a fiefdom like North Jersey.

      1. “Not that many white serial killers”
        Can you name 5 black ones that killed as many people as Dahmer (17) Manson (35 but they only stuck him with 6) or Ridgeway (70).
        Remember that whites generally have a higher IQ and are capable of “getting away with it” for MUCH LONGER than blacks.
        A Blood is in jail by 21 for life, a Tony Soprano manages to run a crime family for 20 years. Its why Italian gangsters usually make it into middle age.
        Dahmer was a German Lutheran and looked it through and through.
        We have had some brutal Jewish serial killers but they were all on the East Coast in the ghettos of Brooklyn or the Bronx (Berkowitz, Rifkin).

      2. Again JV the rate at which blacks and Jews murder is far greater than what Charles Manson type psychos committed. The stats indicate it clearly.Dahmer was a vehement supporter of Israel chances are very high that he is a Jew. Ofcourse the media constantly references Charles Manson just to propagate whites are more likely to be serial killers. The fact that you hear none of these names as regularly as much as Manson is telling about our highly disingenuous kike media.

        1. TONY
          Blacks produce more crime I agree but they do not have the brains of a Tony Soprano-type who is so clever he gives the Feds the finger on his way to Bing every morning.
          No way can a Black Crip have a City mayor SO FAR in his pocket that he can COME INTO HIS HOUSE and beat him like Soprano did to the mayor that screwed his “goomar”.
          No “Tony” is not going to rape women in the nursing home but his absolute influence is much more profoundly felt over say 100 miles of North Jersey.
          Crips can control what? 3 square miles of ground.
          Bloods and Crips will never have the aggregate affect on society that white gangsters have. I just do not think the black IQ is that high.

      3. Maybe certain people became serial killers after the Daily Stormer called them mixed raced trash. Who can blame them? Mocking crying face, LOL.

        1. That’s Jew genetics it’s embedded with deception, manipulation and sadomasochism. Dailystormer only highlights the evil which is preeminent for our survival.

        2. JASON Y
          No black hood-rat can get a city or state cop to shoot you to cover his gambling debts in Tennessee. Happens in New Jersey.
          No black hood-rat can shave points off NBA games.
          Southerners are naive about crime in the North because your region never had the industry to attract Southern or Eastern Europeans.
          Therefore you think of crime as being some huge black oaf wrestling for a policeman’s gun or the rape of an elderly woman in a nursing home.

        3. JASON
          Dahmer was a German Lutheran. Nobody in the South would know this because your racial definitions are limited to whites, yellows, blacks and Jews.

  15. A powerful question to the readers of this blog: why Latin American cities with large black population never stop growing in population? Cali is violent but is still growing, the same thing with Brazilian cities.
    If the economic and demographic collapse of Detroit were caused by black incompetence, why Cali, despite of having a similar crime rate of Detroit, has not collapsed demographically or economically? The same thing with Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Buenaventura. Those cities are black majority and Colombia is a 3d world country. Why Black Colombians do not suffer no even a 10%-20 of the social illnesses of black Americans in spite of suffering higher levels of poverty than other ethnic groups?
    An important data about black Colombians: They are fanatics of fish, in fact, where they live, fish is their primary diet. Fish is rich in omega 3. A high consumption of this acid oil is correlated with lower heart disease and violence. The mestizo majority pop almost never eat fish.

    1. The absolute poorest blacks remained in Detroit when the industry collapsed. They lacked the money to move out.
      Whites at the poverty level managed to scrape the money together to flee.
      With the whites and employed blacks went the tax money.
      Try to recall an old rubber plantation. Detroit was a glorified plantation.

      1. Face the fact it has nothing to do with being poor. During prosperous times they could afford black pathologies when the economy slowed and they had nothing to leech on they burnt the place to ashes. They were always a liability

      They live in a 3rd world country where everyone is poor. Blacks in America are aware they are not getting an equal slice of the economic pie.
      Which is accepted in Colombia because the Hacienda-dwelling Criollos never pretended to running a democracy.
      Moreover, whites are racist. In Colombia the blending of Indian and White has sort of cancelled this out. Its hard to tell a Spanish from Mestizo but a black can simply see a white or other race and see that they are richer because they are white. Your own racism is a bit more subtle.

      1. The perception of rich isn’t always race-based. If some white lives in a trailer and dresses a certain way, then he’s assumed poor even if he has as blue eyes and orange hair as Trump.

        1. JASON Y
          I laugh at the perception of “rich Jews” living in castles on the East Coast. Why is it that Flyover whites believe that Jews are really that rich? Some of them maybe, but not nearly as many as they believe.
          Is being a litigation lawyer or working in a bank THAT IMPRESSIVE out in the sticks?

  16. to see what sort of vibes Flaherty is churning up, look at the commenters. Looks like Niggermania, Chimpout, American Renaissance and Stormfront. There are all sorts of very vicious and ugly remarks against Black people as a race on there.

    Or The Daily Stormer

    1. JASON
      Stormfront could remember that German Americans in Milwaukee committed the highest number of ball’s out sick crimes per man-Gein’s parents were both immigrants, Dahmer’s paternal grandparents were from Germany-in that state.
      Why not a site called Dago-mania?
      I’m not picking on Italians per se but I am saying that within a few square miles in North Jersey and incredible number of Italian men have died.
      They DON’T KNOW how many. A stripper is killed here. An idiot like Ralphie ends up cut up there. Disappeared, cops don’t know or care.
      If we consider Tony as a fairly accurate depiction of a smallish mob family about 25% of them were eventually dead (Which was why New York simply decided to kill him in that last episode in the Ice Cream parlor because he had killed most of his own crew himself).

    2. JASON Y
      Out of curiosity what are most crimes that blacks commit against whites? These occur in the suburbs that most blacks of a criminal nature don’t live.
      Who is being victimized? A poor white trying to buy crack? A wigger hanging around black thugs? White women attracted to the charm of the black thug? Some white who wears confederate t shirts?
      I know there are outliers but are blacks really running riot in the suburbs or the fens and dales of Appalachia.

      1. I don’t get it. The post is about a 12-year-old girl being hit with a hammer by a black – but the girl isn’t white. She looks mulatto. I don’t get it.

        1. Trash/JV and Jason Y, what is your sorry excuse for Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore and many other blackfuxated areas.

  17. It’s scary to think people are going to these websites, but then again, considering the climate at my former community college in Tennessee, I suspect a whole crop of racist youth, emboldened by the internet are taking root. It’s definitely time to get out of this nation – even if Trump resigns.

    1. JASON Y
      Racism and stats. Nobody gives a shit if a Ralphie Ciferetto type Guido shit-bag is whacked in North Jersey by some other Guido shitbag like Tony. Nor the occasional Goomah.
      You folks don’t have the industry to attract other races but Italians committed their share of incredibly vicious homicides. Russians etc.
      In the South your outlook is awfully “black-and-white”.

    2. “Emboldened Youth” Memo
      Jews and Blacks don’t want to live in “Elvis country” as Tony Soprano once described it.
      How many Jews attend a community college?
      Where is the $1000 a day income for the black pimp in any small Southern city? Whites like pain pills so which black dealer is going to sell those?
      Rural whites make the most noise but they are far from the urban environments that blacks or Jews concentrate in.
      Blacks and Jews are never going to want to live in Appalachia.

      1. Since no blacks and Jews live in Appalachia – that would explain why the locals are so retarded and ignorant about them. They’ve had no exposure to them.

        1. JASON Y
          They probably never will live in Appalachia.
          There is no industry there to attract them.
          If you offered ISIS the opportunity of a Caliphate in Appalachia they would turn it down.

  18. Now I understand everything: All American problems have a simple source: a decentralized weak tax system. No country in the world would allow a City of 2m (pre-Collapse-Detroit) to bankrupt.
    Even the central government in Colombia fund a city like Cali, the same thing with Brazil or Pakistan, but, as almost 100% of the tax revenue of American cities comes from the city residents, this make any city in the US extremely vulnerable.
    So whites Americans are so powerful than you/them have the power to boycott and ruin a city. That’s much more destructive than any of the bad things that blacks could do it.
    In the end this bad for whites too, because high density cities are much more creative than low density suburbs: just think about all the innovation/research that was lost in health care, energy, urban planning, public transport, anti-quake buildings, just because white American have the power to nullify both the local and the federal government.

    1. States do not want a Centralized government and the complaint is that the government is becoming too Centralized.
      That is why driving from New Jersey to Alabama is like going from the first to second world.

    2. Generally whites and educated blacks leave an urban base and their tax money simply leaves with them.
      With no centralized government the people in Florida do not care if Detroit goes bankrupt.

      1. The only remnant of Detroit is Little Caesar’s Pizza. So Rome fell, so did Detroit. Note the irony. Also, there is a small city called Rome near Detroit.

      2. Possibly the only important thing in Detroit is the airport – which is the main portal to get to Asia from the eastern US.

      3. I have heard that Detroit is so damaged in terms of infrastructure, abandon homes, etc. that cannot be easily demolished, etc. that the best option now would be to turn in back into farmland.
        Assuming this is true, the problems seem beyond anything Castro or Trump or whomever could fix.

    3. If the US was like Cuba, then perhaps the government would make a special effort to help Detroit and other backward areas. Note, Castro made a commitment to improving the countryside at the expense of Havana, the formerly favored capital city.

  19. It would be helpful if the media wasn’t so damn biased. By failing to report black-on-white crime, it gives the impression that it’s hiding something. Furthermore, whenever the media speaks of black crime, it’s always described as “black-on-black crime” as if white or Asian victims of black crime don’t matter. As you state, the problem is “black crime” regardless of the victims – so don’t ignore its non-black victims.

    1. JAY- Did you hear of the Black gangster who killed an entire wealthy Greek-American Family in Arlington Virginia?
      The specific case made the national news not because the people were White, but because they were wealthy and that sort of crime did not often occur in their wealthy neighborhood.
      In order for these neighborhoods to be “secure” just miles away from the Ghetto, policing has to be fierce. So the wheels of justice do tend to work against NAMs. The media tricks NAMs into thinking they are on their side; it appeases them.
      Whites are still powerful, much of the hysteria that they losing their power is the sensationalism. If anything they are losing power to Asians, Jews (White, I know, but you get the point), Indians, etc.

      1. When a Ralphie Cifaretto finally gets whacked nobody cares. Nobody even files a missing persons report. Local cops and Feds know they MIGHT prove that a Tony did it but the amount of money that would be required for a maybe conviction is too much to risk fiscal funds.
        Blacks who wake up one day and decide to commit a savage home invasion on good citizens that usually includes the gang rape and merciless execution of the children leave enough evidence and can only afford a public defender anyhow.
        Asians and Indians come from societies so dog-eat-dog that they have a bio-social advantage as did the Cubans in Miami.
        That Jews are possibly brighter them does not matter as much as it does to whites in a democracy because Asians and Indians arriving from societies run by klepto bureaucrats possess a certain cunning.
        Unless they rewrite the constitution they will probably do what Jews have done and simply ignore the white Flyover prole.

      2. POOL BOY Mafia/White Serial Killers vs Black Criminals
        A) Happens indoors and often the perpetrator is aware of the preexisting surroundings vs blacks often randomly select victims or the crime is in public where it is recorded six ways to Sunday.
        B) Blacks always pick the most appallingly innocent victims to commit that atrocity. Ralphie is a 51 year old dirt bag who disappears. Where is the public demand?
        C) Police presence. Blacks stopped by police have their dope on them (Gee, wouldn’t you keep the Kilo in your house) and/or gun. Watch COPS. The cops know they have a triple-quota bust (Guns, drugs, stolen vehicle) on a parole violation.

      3. Black “gangsters” never commit a calculated mob rub out. They pick a random house and cornhole everything but the toy poodle.
        A great deal of the crime seems to simply have a sexual sadistic motivation. Killing everybody is an afterthought but the primary motive is to rape a white woman, or failing that a white male, or failing that a white child.

    As an Ann Arbor native who witnessed some white-on-black assaults by Irish-Catholics or Jewish-Americans on African-Americans I want to point out a different pattern from anecdotal boyhood recollection:
    The incidents could be called aggravated assault. Usually the black was giving backchat on the sidewalk outside the Jewish Fraternity or some such thing when he should have KEPT MOVING.
    Blacks who think they can do an Eddie Murphy number in real life acting loud and aggressive surrounding by whites (Regardless of ethnicity) will usually end up with somebody taking a swing at them.
    The attacks did not involve sexual assault on a female black or robbery so police simply chalked to a more or less consensual fight (Usually the black was outnumbered however).
    As for Detroit, no whites have an reasonable reason to go there. They are either on “safari” (visiting the ghetto for sociological kicks) or searching out drugs or a few are sex maniacs.
    This is all anecdotal from an Ann Arbor native. I have no citations to support these statements.

    A) Reproduction early and out-of-wedlock. The black local has children at 18 or 20. Or is the child of a single parent. It is hard to find money to take the bus to a poorly paying job much less move anywhere.
    B) Lack of earning power to relocate. You cannot move because you do not have a quarter for the bus.
    C) Dependent upon local subsidiaries. So you are a hard-working black construction worker or even automotive mechanic of which there are many. There is no social safety net out-of-state. If you cannot find a job by the time your rent is due in California it is hard to get any benefits there. You are simply homeless in a new unfamiliar place.
    D) No social network. The Detroit white maybe knows somebody who is not poor. Everybody the black knows is poor and lives next door. There is no relative out of state to help ease his transition. Not even in the next city.
    E) Suburbs are usually WASP or Jewish or Irish-Catholic and safe from rednecks BUT they are expensive and teenagers do the minimum wage jobs there.
    F) If you are on welfare you have to stay in the country although there is some scam whites in the Philippines do whereby they live on their welfare check in Southeast Asia where it goes further. Brits do this in India. But this is convoluted and mostly you are stuck. Getting welfare or subsidiaries in a new county is a long process that requires an address.
    G) Crack. Methamphetamine seems to be the drug of white transients who are always moving because its high lasts 3 days. But blacks prefer crack and you need more in the next 30 minutes. Therefore you are less inclined to move away from the source of your drug when the high is so short and it is that addicting.
    E) Constant hassle by cops in the suburbs outside Detroit: 3 ID or your a vagrant etc. The Rambo cop moving you on.
    F) No education. GED. No master’s degree in suburban Michigan? Forget it, you’re unemployable and college kids/teenagers do all the minimum wage jobs. There are very few city jobs to apply to.
    G) Dangers of white rural degeneracy. Make no mistake that some whites in the smaller towns and cities are rednecks and a few are dangerous to blacks. There is the fear among urban blacks that on a dirt road there will be the sound of a chainsaw chord being pulled and a 6’6 maniac leaping out. In any event, where are the jobs there and how would you get to one without public transport of any kind.
    However, most blacks do get out Detroit. If only to a nearby areas that is slightly better. So it is the absolute dregs hopelessly and utterly dependent on government charity who remain.

      1. …it goes a great deal further and you can party up down there. In the old days when it was a check people could simply have their brother cash it and Western Union it. This was common. I don’t know how the scam work but many people did it.
        Europe on the other hand did not care where you spent it. Half the people in Philippines were Europeans on welfare. Brits went India. Here on a welfare check you can live in the Taj Mahal.

        1. Yeah, what a shame you can’t legally do that in the US, but I guess it irritates Republicans – you know – those lazy welfare recipients.

      2. JASON Y
        People do, of course. I knew a guy on a SSI disability. It was something like $800 a month. He lived in a nice villa and had a used jeep.
        He claimed to have injured his back as a baggage handler at the O’Hare terminal but the amount of screwing of bargirls he did indicated that there was nothing wrong with his vertebrae.

        1. Back injuries are a bit of an excuse. I know an electrician, one who once made big money during Clinton’s time, but now he is on SSI and spends hours doing pain pills, drinking and smoking. This guy can do more than what he thinks – but he’s broken in spirit. But he sure wouldn’t be overseas, lol.

      3. JASON Y
        Cedric’s Tale
        Cedric was a Chicago baggage-handler of Czech origin and a meth-head who was on disability for injuring his back and worker’s comp and all the rest.
        His brother would somehow transfer the money into his Metrobank account in Cebu.
        The amount of meth-induced chemsex scewing he did indicated that his vertebrae was just fine.
        He also build, mostly by himself to save money for more “Shabu”, a nice villa.

        1. He better trust his brother. If his brother lies or becomes his enemy, then he’s shit out of luck. Anyway, there are probably other ways in which the person has more control over the money.

    1. Dangers of white rural degeneracy. Make no mistake that some whites in the smaller towns and cities are rednecks and a few are dangerous to blacks. There is the fear among urban blacks that on a dirt road there will be the sound of a chainsaw chord being pulled and a 6ā€™6 maniac leaping out. In any event, where are the jobs there and how would you get to one without public transport of any kind.

      Nah, come on. It’s just their culture. What are you some Jew-boy who really believes that not to be the case ??

      1. “Some Jew-boy”
        Andrew “Diceman” Silverstein does sum up what you will meet in Brooklyn.
        Wherever you are poor you are going to be somewhat in harm’s way. So you are black and penniless and suburbs are out of the question. The Barrio? Nope, ethnic cleansing going on there. The sticks? Leatherface’s family owns the only gas station. Poor Jewish neighborhoods? They will probably be uber-ignorant like The Diceman (Worse maybe).
        Where are you going to go?
        See my point.

        1. People are sticking with their own group, not out of official segregation, but due to the reality of how people behave.

        2. Some blacks live in my mostly white area – but they must be a really thick-skinned though breed, though. The locals are total dicks, using the n-word at pleasure and also big time racial teasers.
          Note, there is even this Asian American working at a local fast food restaurant. When he wasn’t at work some scots-American bastard starts joking about the KKK and whatnot and all the other workers laugh with him, ha ha.. Why? Because this wussy Asian brought up race (oh, you can’t do that in this area) on the job.
          Yeah, blacks and others are tolerated – but they’re always subject to mass teasing by a few a-holes.

  22. TONY Late Industrial Technology
    To what extent can the NAM underclass BE retrained? This implies training for a more complex task which implies an IQ above the 100 bell curve.
    Public charity is kind of boring and unfulfilling to live on.
    Whites might while away the time at the library or attend a community college but NAMS lack the inner-life and when feeling restless or bored they will act out while the white will sort of preoccupy himself with hobbies.

    1. Ah the tired old reparations,as if the existing social programs, EBT, section 8 aren’t enough? How much of them are using it constructively? Dude, how much you give to them their gibsmedat screechings and a sense of self entitlement won’t stop.

      1. Don’t kid yourself, NAMS would cannibalize white suburbs in 3 days if they could not get public charity. You think that if the taxpayer did not feed them they would simply politely starve to death. They’d be eating toy poodles and children in the suburbs. Ever see a 6’4 300 NAM in line at a KFC.
        Charity prevents a civil war, cannibalism and Dawn of the Dead type chaos.

        1. JV has a point. The keyboard wussy-boys need to man up fast. They have to kill the NAMS cause their future world will simply turn them into skinny meat-sticks.

      2. “Using it constructively” Nobody visits the glorious Detroit library except its Slavonic section where some old Poles sit all day. Presumably with no need to work they could.
        Internets get viruses from the downloading of porn and in the old days of Microfilm booths they would be full cum-stains from viewing back issues of Penthouse and NAMS beating their meat.
        The NAM is sort of resigned to eating on public assistance which he subsidizes with the odd stolen car there or crack deal here or winnings on a dog fight or whatever.

      3. TONY Detroit Library
        Microfilm booths were cum-stained peepshow horror-shows from NAMS viewing back issues of Penthouse on film and beating their meat.
        I suppose this free peepshow is gone because of the internet and printout.
        Adjacent to the Slavonic section where Polish retirees read in their native tongue NAMS would pass a bottle or sometimes a reefer.
        It was also a “Bookshelf Motel” where couples could fornicate in privacy. Rubbers were strewn the floor or freshly deposited semen.
        Indeed the library was where people on public assistance went.
        As for the rest of it you (As a Southerner) assume that there is anything that can be done with this section of the population except re-sell your house every generation.
        Cutting public charity would result in cannibalism. First would go elderly people and then children. It is ludicrous to suppose they would politely starve to death. As I stated, witness the 300 pound NAM in line for food. Think YOU would not be eaten.
        Welfare also allows for sex. Cutting it would mean packs of NAMS would rape white males as happens in prisons. Your pet German Shepherd would be held down and cornholed to death and then eaten.
        Whites are having themselves on who believe that public charity-which supports a great many hard-working whites who simply cannot find work as well-could be cut and that would be the end of that and NAMS would build the next Singapore on self-reliance.
        It is a “giggle-fest”.
        EVERY educated Jew, Anglo, East Asian knows that we are paying NAMS not to eat us. It is appeasement.
        We also know that jail is fun for NAMS and free way to get “Brekfass”.

        1. JV, you talk about charity to keep them restrained and behave.italk about why feed a hostile population that is finding it hard to conform to the western civilisation. Our founding fathers envisioned a society where everyone is good enough to fend for himself. Here’s a section of population that is averse to work and perma-reliant on gibsmedat and on top of that the violent and ungrateful savages hurt those who are feeding them. Why spend trillions of dollars on NAM parasites who are always hostile?

        2. Being averse to work is such a generalization and also a lot of whites are the same.
          Anyhow, the US created these third world areas with destabilization. So now the places are overrun with war or gangs (as in Central America) so the come to the US in desperation.

        3. Actually, 50 percent of white nationalists, these narcissist wussy-boys, are averse to leaving mom’s basement. šŸ˜†

        4. Why not just give the NAMS jobs? Note, they had jobs in Detroit before globalization forced the auto companies out.

        5. JV, you talk about charity to keep them restrained and behave.

          White nationalist geeks have been restrained in their mama’s basement for years. What’s keeping them there? Can’t they do anything manly enough –
          to even pay rent? Come on? šŸ˜†

        1. Kindergarten insults and warped jew logic can’t hide the truth any longer. Jobs were created for the whites and by the whites in Detroit. It’s the Jew capitalists that destroyed the city with the help of their pet orcs.

        2. Jason Y, you want to give NAMS Jobs after seeing what they have done to Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, andMinneapolis? Actually the bellicose NAMS need to be employed but it must be inside prison.

        3. Tony, come on. Tell the truth. Are you some scrawny weakling living in mom’s basement – trying to be a big man on the net?

        4. What do suburban white geeks know about Jews? To them, it is just some hip white nationalist slang to scare parents and neighbors – and play the rebel.

        5. Jason Y, you want to give NAMS Jobs after seeing what they have done to Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, andMinneapolis? Actually the bellicose NAMS need to be employed but it must be inside prison.

          These NAMS don’t have the suburban environment where they can sit on the net all day and fantasize about being Socrates. That seems to be a biased environment, in my view.

        6. Living off moms basement is something liberal snowflakes do. They are the one acting like big boys protesting on campuses and piss on their pants when they encounter real white men. Arent u one of those antifa faggot Jason y

  23. “Excuse for Minneapolis”
    Late twilight of the industrial age. What are NAMS going to be retrained to do? Be computer coders?
    Why would a black clean chicken coups like a rural white when he make $1,000 a day selling crack, pimping, running illegal casinos or dogfights or stolen goods or whatever else fuels their Freaky-nomics?
    So the ghetto is going to run on illegal activity. Air conditioned prisons mean nothing to a NAM and 20 year sentence is pure candy to them.
    The rural or exurb white does not know HOW to commit crimes. He’d be busted in 20 seconds. Which girl is he going to pimp? To who? The local pastor? There is no underground economy apart from some cockfighting and harvesting of grass to fuel the sort of money/underground economy that gradually turns a ghetto into a Third World country.

  24. If you want the poor to work (regardless of race) – with the exception of those obviously retarded or in a wheelchair – then you need to provide jobs for them. The economy won’t give them jobs, but rather uses people overseas or non-US citizens.
    However, the US has destroyed a lot of previously workable areas south of the border and in the Arab world – creating a flood of desperate people/
    Finally, Africa is one place exploding, but not due to US policy. Perhaps we need to work on sending them to Mars or building some sort of artificial island for many of them to live. I mean, you can fit 7 million in a New York City type place.

  25. “Go…” Europeans on Welfare in Asia
    We all remember the Scarlet Keetling case. A wretched white trash British woman on heroin moved to India with her 15 year old daughter because you could “party it up” on welfare in India on $1000 a month. Believe me. Americans have to go through some convoluted scheme to do this (They do of course) but Brits can simply up and tell the government to please wire the money into their Indian account thanks.
    Scarlet was her daughter and she abandoned her to look for better heroin up North in India closer to its poppy source. Scarlet was 15, a drug addict herself and was raped by the Minister of Tourism’s son on the beach and then, thinking such a thing might be an embarrassment to his Dad, he drowned her.
    In the Philippines the only European I knew was a French guy on a mental health disability.
    He married a Filipino woman, got her pregnant to “seal the deal” and then convinced her to go to Paris and work in fast food and send him the money (While staying with his parents) while he took care of their kid.
    Anyhow the government of France was cool with it.

    1. I’m sure the conservative press in Britain used this case as an example of “The evil of welfare.”

      1. Half of them die of alcoholism within a few years if they are over 50.
        There are no longer Europe’s problem and since they are living like kings in Southeast Asia or India they are probably better behaved as well.

  26. Tony “Dahmer”
    Certainly a man gets his freak on with decapitated black males and still walks on such a rail that he has to bring the head to work at his chocolate factory job to orally pleasure himself could only be a “Zionist”. Because you see severing the heads of black males as a portable masturbation device is such a K8ke obsession.
    Undoubtedly Manson is a Jew though his face and name shout Appalachian Scots hillbilly.

    1. Manson is a Jew? Come on JV? Really? I thought you were smarter than that. Do you have proof? Well, we know Chris Cornell is one.

      1. Dahmer, Bundy, Bush are all Jews bro. It’s a Zionist conspiracy dreamed up by the DICEMAN. Just like Jews invented Communism to take over the World that accused them of controlling capitalism.
        Just like the Beatles song told Manson to kill pregnant women.
        Its obvious bro…you just don’t see it.

        1. The Jews taking over with Communism obviously fell flat on its face. Who sees Communism as a real threat nowadays? It’s all religious and racial extremism now.

  27. Why do Che Guevara types play the rebel in suburbia and also these WN wussy geeks? Why ??? Please tell me… šŸ˜†

    1. It seems like, and I could be wrong though, that affairs the cultural liberal morons and WN super-wussies care about so much – are none of their fucking business I mean, who asked their opinion?

      1. That fueled their reaction and their vote. Who asked Trump’s opinion?
        What poly sci or public position did he hold?

        1. Trump is an excellent candidate for WN weenies – because Trump is one, himself. I mean he mocked a disabled person Sound familiar?

    2. Why don’t they shut up and play a video game or something or what else suburban teens and pre-teens do.

  28. the problem with some types of extremist people like Flatery is that they want to be vigilantes. A great aspect of Western Civilization is at least trying to do things through the rule of law, not violently.
    They are really not much different than the people they hate.

        1. I was offering THEE a GLOBAL perspective,milord.The colonial bastards who have colonialized almost the entire WORLD raise all hue and cry the moment they realize that people of colour in their own backyard are growing at a brisk pace……of course,the ENGLISH take LAW to be the WORD of GOD.

      1. Milord,I am exactly who I claim to be……besides I do value HONOUR……I don’t LIE at all unless it is absolutely necessary….I am from the OLD SCHOOL,I know that I am an OUTDATED FOOL.

      2. Yes, I just cannot get along with Indian posters on this blog like Mayur. Indians just fry my ass and living there in their country did not help.

      Where are Christians concentrated in India?
      I am not aware that Anglicans tried to do mass conversion anywhere in the world, really.
      Catholics did however, and Catholics tended to concentrated around Goa.

      1. 1 GOA
        This was a Portuguese colony until 1967 and the Goan people are a mixed Portuguese breed similar to Brazilians who are fervent Catholics.
        2 KERALA St Thomas
        Supposedly St Thomas sailed from Yemen to Kerala in the 1 st century AD. An ancient Syrian Christian population is now sort of an intelligentsia in Cochin and there is also a Jewish population thought to have also arrive via Yemen from Judea.
        TAMIL NADU
        Chennai has some Christians.

      2. Goa, Cochin, some other places in the South. I have not heard of Christians in the East of India. To my knowledge they were concentrated along the Malabar coast (Western India on the Arabian Sea).
        British never attempted to convert anyone at all and this was partly because Brahmin, SIkh, Parsi proved excellent intermediaries in their colonies and they did not want to disrupt trade through these people.
        Missionaries from the United States are mostly Mormon.
        Low-caste Indians from the South are they easiest target.

    2. Of course,I have had been in living in a very quasi WESTERN CIVILIZATION……and for the past two years or so,I have been trying FRANTICALLY to flee this HINDU SHITHOLE with some dignity……and I am experiencing first hand the general RACIAL arrogance of the GORAS……..even Green Niggers who otherwise are decent CHRISTIAN folks consider it their moral obligation to BULLY people who ain’t exactly WHITE to look at.

      1. Whites simply do not want you in their country. Other than this I do not think they have anything against you or your color. Except that you might try to live in our countries.

        1. I wish the immigration policies were that fair…..that’s my main grouse……and I don’t like BULLIES…..not at all……..the NEW WORLD in principle is the world of the IMMIGRANTS.

    1. Hmm…….I know a lot about the ENGLISH art of negotiating,milord.Exactly why did the COLONIAL BASTARDS decide upon closing the doors on the WESTERN and CENTRAL EUROPEANS…….they simply can not tolerate a large number of CENTRAL EUROPEANS in the United Kingdom….you talk about RACIAL ARROGANCE I give you the ANGLO SAXONS…….alright it is somewhat justified THERE but how will AMERICANS who themselves are descendants of pretty ordinary European settlers justify their highly restrictive IMMIGRATION policies.

    1. There,SHARIA is enforced with full effect.CORRUPTION is endemic in Pakistan……PUNJABIS call all the shots there and they are not much different from the HINDUS here though they lack the GENTLE Indian soul. PASHTUNS are quite the men of honour….very,very old fashioned in most of their ways.

        Pashtun AKA Pattan are a primitive and violent race of Central Asians known as Khans whom the Americas are fighting in Afghanistan.
        Punajbis do not call the shots completely. Sindhi are influential in Pakistan. There’s some other tribes. Baluchi. Maybe someone else.
        The Pattan are the curse of England.

        1. Hey they ain’t congenial LIARS…like you… nigger.
          Sindhi influence is centred in and around KARACHI…… is the PUNJABIS who call all the shots there in PAKISTAN…….they even make the so called pathans feel like second class citizens in their own country.

  29. Immigration policies are fair. If you are a Gujarati businessman with over $1,000,000 please come to our country. Other than that, we really cannot have you.

    1. I told you,BOY if brown nigger bastards and the girly gujjus can reach there in the LAND of IMMIGRANTS,I sure as hell will……too bad,I realized the highhanded ness of the WHITE immigrants a bit LATE…..but I sure as hell am warming up to the great adventure,green nigger.

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