The Most Evil Heavy Metal Music Ever

I realize this stuff is pretty horrible, and I am sure that this band, from Satan Records, truly worships Satan, which is problematic to say the least. And the lyrics and album covers of a lot of these (pornocore is the worst) seem likely to lead a few people down the wrong path. It’s dangerous art, as dangerous as violent pornography which some of it is based on the album covers and lyrics.
This band is called Sewer and they are on Satan Records, which advertises itself as the most evil music ever made.
Even though this type of music is so dangerous on certain levels that some of it should arguably be banned, I hate to say it but…I really like this song.
Hangs head in shame.

This music kicks, period. Good musicians too.
The song is called, er, Pedosadist. I know that’s terrible, and true pedosadists or more properly mysopeds are definitely very dangerous people. Even I think that’s terrible. But it’s still good music no matter how evil and dangerous it is.

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51 thoughts on “The Most Evil Heavy Metal Music Ever”

  1. I must confess I am a metal fan, preferring progressive metal, groove and symphonic over the black/satanic stuff. This track though is pretty good.
    I’d have to say, one of the most carthartic, ‘extreme’ metal tracks I’ve heard is Strapping Young Lads Shitstorm.

  2. So how do you guys feel about Marylin Manson? He claims Satanism is just about being your own God, sort of what the Nazis taught.

    1. Would devil-worshiping thuggish metal head stoners have still killed themselves if they knew their bad ass idol from Judas Priest was a gay queen?
      Considering Rob Halford is as gay as possible this kind of puts a bit of irony in their macho act of self-annihilation.
      If the guy had come out in the 80’s he might have saved lives.

      1. Right, coming out then would have ruined his career and made the fans look like huge fools. Those “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” types didn’t like gays – for sure. In fact, seeing Wayne and Garth from that movie – of the same name – like Queen was probably more fiction than reality.

    2. JASON Y
      That issue probably peaked 20 years ago with the Judas Priest trial and Satanic Messages. There was even a cheap horror film “Trick or Treat” made about that time that was intended to capitalize on the frenzy.
      It seems ridiculous now. Glam-rock or leather headbangers with teased hair taken seriously as agents of ultimate evil.

      1. The big joke is that all popular music has those messages in one way or another. Who are we kidding here?

      2. Alphas now are into bald heads, tattoos, and Pitbulls – and they let their 3-year-old children play with them – even if they have a history of abuse.

        1. JASON Y
          That has not changed in 20 years. There was a stage when the lower middle-class Alpha wore shoulder-length hair but it was shaved around the sides in a kind of reverse mullet.

    3. JASON Y
      Again, you are my age (roughly) and were probably a pre-teen when mild gay English singers were accused of telling kids to kill themselves to appease the devil.
      This was in the mid-80’s and reached its peak with the Judas Priest trial as Rob Halford sat accused of convincing a drugged teens with juvenile records going back to age 9 in Reno of blowing their heads off because they played the record backward and heard Satanic verses.

        1. Andrew Dice Clay summed up the Jewish thug look back then in Detroit. For some reason they imitated Elvis with big gold stars around their neck.
          Their drink of choice was Mickey’s Malt Liquor.

        2. The “Diceman” summed up the Jewish thug look of that era.
          There was not much variety there. If you saw a guy who looked like the “Diceman” and acted like him (Fake New York accent even that Jew was from Kentucky) you knew his religion.

    4. You should know Satanic musicians are the standard. Manson is not rebelling against the system, he’s just a sock puppet for the system. To have staying power longer than the Nazis, you have to sign your name in blood. Katy Perry stated she sold her soul on video and her latest vid features cannibalistic spirit cooking ala pizzagate.

        1. My point is upfront Satanist musicians are not really as hardcore or rebelious as often percieved. Not exactly going against the grain. Still slaves to the same master as pop artists.

        2. HA HA. The biggest joke is that Satanists are proclaiming a message, and Marilyn Manson actually came out and said this directly (sort of), that’s no different than Dr. Phil 😆

  3. He’s old news. And by the time he came around on the tail-end of grunge Judas Priest has already been in court accused by parents of inciting suicide.

  4. HIVE Judas Priest Trial
    When accused by the parents of two teens that committed suicide to Judas Priest of putting Satanic verses that encouraged suicide the band stated that if they could do that their message would be “buy more records”. Halford of course came out as gay down the road.
    Musicians are dictated by shareholders in the companies that put them on the market.

  5. Ah yes, the Satanic Panic. That was the event that was basically the birth of my political and social consciousness. I was an innocent 15 year old who just wanted to listen to Slayer and play Dungeons and Dragons until Geraldo Rivera’s 1989 expose on Satanic cult activity in America.
    To say that the whole thing was yellow journalism would give it credit it’s not due. But that’s beside the point. Next thing you know, I’m losing friends, getting into fights at school, getting called into the principal’s office, arguing with my parents all the time. On and on due to baseless accusations that my friends and I were Satanists. We never did live it down, but eventually used it to our advantage. “Leave us alone or we’ll hex you.” That kind of thing.
    The whole experience put me off of religious conservatism and moral panics in a way that’s framed my whole worldview ever since.

    1. RYAN Satanic Panic and 2 reasons
      The Judas Priest case involved two long-term youth offenders who would have been locked up at 16 today (Vance had about a billion felonies on rap sheet including arson, trying to strangle a teacher at age 9, stealing cars and James the other one gun charges for shooting his neighbor’s dog with an unlicensed gun, arson etc) but in the 1980’s hardcore juvenile offenders like the Sean Penn “Bad Boys” character went into reform school at 16 for crimes that would be life in prison today and then 2 years later on their 18th birthday they were released (Penn’s character tried to hijack drugs, shot at older thugs, stole a vehicle and RAN OVER THE DRUG DEALER’S BROTHER and was sentenced to 3 years if you remember BAD BOYS). Crazy white trash today are simply getting locked up as adults when they are 14 in adult jails forever.
      For a brief time from 81 – 85 PCP was the drug of choice in working-class white subculture (Crack and then meth replaced it) and all of the lower middle-class whites listening to “Priest” or “Ozzy” were on it at the time they committed suicide/crime sprees.

      1. Of course, this whole madness, like Rap later, is all considered “entertainment” and a “youth diversion”. It’s just kids having fun and,no different than Elvis or Beatle-mania

        1. JASON Y
          I remember when gangster rap was born with Colors in 1988. Before that, no white had ever seen a buttoned up shirt and chinos.
          At that time the Alpha male looked had a carefully trimmed mullet that was an inch long at top and down to his shoulders in back. His bands were Poison, Warrant, Aerosmith.
          No white thug who imitated a black would last 4 minutes.

    2. Satanic Teens
      If you are my age you remember how lenient courts were with “juveniles” who today would be in adult cells bouncing off the walls in solitary for life. All of the kids involved in the Satanic Panic were in out of reform school for years and had rap sheets as long as their hair.
      Penn’s character for example nearly kills 2 inmates with an improv weapon (cans in the pillowcase) IN JUVENILE HALL and at the end of the film he only has 6 months until he is released which is why he refrains from killing the Cholo (That is the size of his reform, he wants to get out).
      These days sentencing laws are so harsh that Penn’s character would not be out until he was 60 years old IF EVER.

      1. Satanic teens now would be mocked as fags</b even by the most rebellious youth in today’s society. HA HA. They hairdos look ridiculous and gay to people nowadays. Now it’s all big beards, tattoos, maybe baldness.

        1. Sorry mistake in HTML
          Satanic teens now would be mocked as fags even by the most rebellious youth in today’s society. HA HA. They hairdos look ridiculous and gay to people nowadays. Now it’s all big beards, tattoos, maybe baldness.

        2. JASON Y
          I remember them in the 80’s as looking like the Sean Penn character in Bad Boys. Long matted shoulder length hair, dirty jeans, comb in the back pocket, old leather jacket, sneakers.

    3. Satanic panic? You mean when the local guitar store all had guys like on Wayne’s World? HA HA Can you imagine that nowadays ??

      1. Jason Y
        They went through phases. In the 70’s they looked like Clint with sideburns and t-shirts and jeans. Then in the 80’s like John Bender in Breakfast Club. Then they took to shaving the sides of the heads and wearing their hair long like a “reverse mullet”. Then for variety they shaved their head but kept the goatee.
        Cholos looked like Richard Ramirez until about 1986. And listened to the same sort of metal as the whites. Then in the 90’s Cypress Hill came in and the look was defined by the sleeveless and chinos. Don’t know what it is now.
        For black thugs Ice-T was the first gangster rapper. The look was a shirt buttoned at the top. Then Snoop Dogg came into style and the sag came with it.

      2. Right, AIRHEADS era.
        “You listen to Winger!!!”
        Grunge actually sort of made that out of style overnight. It was interesting how fast that happened.

  6. In response to Hive, Jason Voorhees:
    These satanic artists are no different than Madonna, The Beatles, or even Justin Bieber or Bread.
    It’s not about the style. They’re all proclaiming the same message which is the New Age mantra. It’s basically saying Aleister Crowley’s: “Do you whatever you want – as long as you don’t hurt others” and “You are your own God. You make your own rules.”
    So, OK, I know this isn’t a theology blog, but what could possibly be foolish about such statements? 😆 It’s all just rehashed Fredrich Nietzsche or Hitler big hero.

    1. So why has no one caught on to this? It’s cause they don’t give a shit 😆 They’re having too much fun. They don’t even notice that’s just a retelling of the original lie given to Adam and Eve by Satan.

      1. Well, I think it is sort of a “the devil made me do it” excuse – like we all see from anti-Semites. Note, I was arguing about this with Sam for so long.

  7. JASON Y
    I WAS IN COLLEGE when Manson was at the height of his popularity in the mid 1990’s.
    Last I saw he was a bit-part actor with a paunch and short hair in the biker gang series.

    1. He looks funny with no makeup – kind of like that effeminate guy who hangs around with Kenny on Eastbound and Down. Have you seen a picture of Manson with no makeup?
      Oh, yeah, Manson, big narcissist and “little man complex”. Not much different than a lot of these college Republicans or keyboard Nazis.

    2. Coming from Ohio but sort of near West Virginia. He’s kind of a guy that would come out of a Tennessee trailer park. A really messed up dude, a lot like his namesake, Charles Manson.

      1. JASON Please, you remember the reasons
        Manson was popular with Morrissey crowd or the late-era alternative types who wore black mascara and fingernail polish even if they were males. No self-respecting thug of the 90’s listened to Marilyn Manson. He listened to Korn, Pantera. More often though he was a wannabe Cholo (As being a wigger was still unpopular) who listened to Cypress Hill etc.
        PCP came about and was popular 80-85 with lower middle-class John Bender type teens and indeed made users insane like the scene in Death Wish II when Nirvana the Albino punk threw cops around thus coinciding with the metal craze. You’d have to be on PCP to think a gay Englishman named Rob Halford was telling you to kill yourself for the devil.
        The lyrics of Slayer or Megadeth or Cannibal Corpse were so incredibly stupid that it is hard to get through them without laughing. Iron Maiden.

        1. The lyrics of Slayer or Megadeth or Cannibal Corpse were so incredibly stupid that it is hard to get through them without laughing. Iron Maiden.

          This is Spinal Tap, comes to mind.

  8. They were really just stupid riffs on old horror films like the one that Black Sabbath was named after. Cannibal Corpse being of course Romero’s zombies.

  9. JASON
    “The Diceman”
    For variety the Diceman was the Satanic Jew of that era “Hickory Dickory Dock, some bch is sucking my ck”
    Indeed some horrendous 30 year old loser repeating playground dirty limericks “Peter Piper went to see meet her but did not see her, met her brother one fine day and sucked his c**k and now he’s gay”
    PC kind of wiped him out in the early 90’s. You can mark the end of the Reagan Era and the beginning of PC in the 90’s when he disappeared completely.
    Probably you never saw any Jews in Tennessee but the Jewish thugs imitated Elvis like Clay but spoke with fake New York accents and had long sideburns like him.

    1. Andrew Dice Clay. Hilarious. 😆 Have you seen Ford Fairlane? The scene in the music studio was funny as crap !!!

      1. One Jewish mother forced the court to HEAR his album in the court case of her son assaulting the gay.
        Your Honor…”Hickory Dickory Dock, some girl is sucking my c*ck”
        Yep, it was all the DICEMAN.

  10. JASON Y Concerned Jewish Parents
    For some reason there was a spate of vicious beatings of gays by Jews and Jewish parents blamed…..THE DICEMAN! Probably you do not remember this Jewish version of the Satanic Panic.
    The DICEMAN was the most pathetic of the Satanic Panic bunch. A horrendous Brooklyn loser whose albums consisted of the most lame dirty limericks ever heard “Peter Peter came to meet her couldn’t see her, met her brother one fine day and suck his c**k and NOW HE’S GAY”
    For a brief time in the 80’s hangover of the very early 90’s he was actually a superstar and even starred in a film. Then PC totally caused him to vanish.
    But dear Andrew summed up the Jewish thug in the late 80’s. If you were from the Northeast you knew him. He loved Elvis and dressed like him and wore long sideburns and was a complete homophobe who called everybody a fag. He affected a fake Brooklyn accent.

    1. They had an episode on the wussy cuck show, Murphy Brown, where a character like Clay came on. The moral at the end of the show – was that It was all just an act It shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s just a joke.

      1. No amount of “Jewish Media Manipulation” could save Andrew “Dice Clay” Silverstein from PC.

        1. Anyone who took his shit seriously had to be – massively retarded. Even today, I think most get the point that his act is really “a mockery of racial bigots/hoods/homphobes”.
          Just like Kenny on EastBound and Down with his act. It’s just a mockery of rednecks, like Hank Hill or Archie Bunker is.

    2. People like Clay are laughing their way to the bank We don’t know if they really believe what they say – or if it’s a scam to get money – or more than likely – something in the middle.

  11. He did a reality show where he claimed to be broke.
    I don’t think he ever made a dime after 1991.

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