Just Resign Already

Just get it over with. Enough is enough!
What’s even more frightening than than frighteningly bathetic president is the fact that at any given time, 35-40% of the American people continue to support this psycho. That means that close to 40% of the American people are supporting an out and out fascist from an increasingly openly fascist political party. I don’t care whether they personally identify as fascists or not. They don’t have to. All they have to do is support fascists. That’s all it takes. Their own views are irrelevant.
I wonder if there is anything he could do that would make them quit supporting him? I honestly think he could drop his pants and shit on the White House lawn in front of scores of media cameras, and he would not lose one single point. His fans are with it to the bitter end. They’re going down with the ship, dammit.

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87 thoughts on “Just Resign Already”

  1. I’ve read a lot of posts in forums by Trump supporters. It seems they are animated by hatred of the left more than love of Trump. Since Trump is driving the left bonkers, they are loving every minute of it. I think this cartoon sums up what is happening:

    1. For most of them, Trump is simply a bomb to lob at everything and everyone they hate. The left, “snowflakes”, immigrants, Muslims, socialism, LGBT, political correctness, BLM, environmentalists, etc.

        1. As if the gay in San Francisco or liberal in Manhattan cares that he is “hated” by Indians (More or less what the Flyover prole amounts to) in the interior of the country.
          Juanita the lesbian Chicano don’t fish or hunt anyhow.
          In an extreme situation perhaps the growers of the wheat and herders of cattle could turn New York or LA into a bunch cannibals by cutting the supply lines. But this is far-fetched.

      1. TULIO Impotent Haters
        If you are sitting in say, Wyoming or Iowa and hate them it really does not matter to them because they are on the East or West Coasts or Chicago.
        If they hate the interior (Flyover white proles) and do not kick out Fed money from the DC counter of their Manhattan central command the Flyover white is pretty much as screwed as a reservation Indian.
        Which is sort of how an Irish Catholic lawyer in New York or a West Coast gay Jew sipping latte in his boyfriend’s Bistro might see the interior white.
        As an Amerindian of sorts.

        1. TULIO Irony
          Sean Hannity is a “New Yawk” Irish-Catholic from city streets if I ever saw one.
          The Hispanic-Asian West Coast and Italian/Irish Catholic/Jewish economies of the East and West Coast are going to putter on no matter what whites in Idaho or Wyoming believe. Show me which part of Orange Country or New York is dilapidated or shuttered.
          Trump will come and go and be despised and probably never deport anyone but a few babies and gang members. But the West Coast and East Coast will thrive and prosper.

        2. TULIO “Snowflake” Response (I’m an expat so I speak with authority)
          Liberals really do not depend on white proles for any kind of bailout. Though of course in theory the white prole states control the food supply to the East.
          Liberals do not have kids or only one kid so they are not in position of being family-dependent. A San Francisco gay who sucks c*ck will never starve. Nor will the Lesbian.
          Liberals are not propagandized to the same extent as Flyover Proles because the higher your IQ the less you can be affected by mass media. The raw-palmed drooling Flyover Prole in Missouri who purports to be a Born Again Christian is pulling his pud raw not the native of San Fernando Valley who rents his apartment out to porn crews.
          Liberals are slightly more adaptable.
          Liberal Hispanics (Macho but siding with Democrats) have lived in US barrios since Trump’s grandfather had not even heard of the US. Trump is an anchor baby.
          Liberals more or less understand that the only way to cope with NAMS is to make obtaining charity require a fixed address that localizes them to South Chicago or Newark and contains them. They are not going anywhere and Zaire or Senegal do not want them anyhow.
          Liberals in general have an IQ of 110 or above.
          Liberals will not care about the OD’s in Appalachia or whatever. This to them is akin to the Amerindian drinking himself to death.
          Liberals will not show up for foreign wars anyhow and the US military industrial complex understands this so they create a volunteer army. If 30,000 US soldiers died in Iran they would not be from San Francisco but rather from Dickfork, Alabama.
          Liberals are near the ports of entry of trade anyhow.

        3. I much enjoyed what he said about the “intellectual sleight of hand”.
          These people do not really object to “too big too fail” banks, or intervention in the Middle East, etc.
          They do not care about nor comprehend the subtle differences between “neocons” and “paleocons”.
          That sort of thing is Ivory Tower intellectual talk.

        4. For the record, I do not agree with the stuff about them believing “God made Whites superior”.
          If anything they believe “God made Americans superior”.
          Their disdain for non-Whites tend to come from the idea that the non-Whites are tools of ferins and liberal elitists.

  2. TULIO
    Trump himself is not DOING much. He’s babbled threats at Iran and North Korean which are places his voters do not give a shit about and whose leaders think he is dumb landlord to be laughed at.
    Leftist Jews in the media are discovering that as long as he pays lip service to Israel, a place he does not give a shit about I am sure, their lobby and Big Oil and Big Business are going to keep him in power.
    Muslim terrorists in Europe have helped him a bit, as ever three weeks he can declare “I told you so” when another Travis Bickle-type gets religion in jail and drives a truck through Buckingham Palace.
    Saudi Arabians will still be allowed to visit Disneyland and buy shopping malls/Trump Plaza apartments so the GOP and Big Oil are not to concerned that he banned some travelers from other Muslim countries. In fact Saudi will DO MORE BUSINESS under Trump.
    No wall is being built and probably never will be. Even if it were Hispanics in the Southwest have been in the US longer than Trump’s German-born father and have so little Indian blood in them that they can pass for a New Jersey Italian so what do they care if he deports a few Indians to Oaxaca?
    Some tinpot dictators like Duterte admire what a psychopathic narcissist he is compared to Obama.
    China will continue doing business in Africa and ignore him.
    Trump would really have to upset Big Oil and business to get impeached.

  3. Trump’s “distractions” and scandals have foiled the GOP agenda:
    No “varying rate” healthcare (even less “Socialized” than Obamacare)
    Financial deregulation may die in the Senate.
    Federal Reserve appointments who essentially say “fuck too big to fail”
    Just trolling Iran + NK not actually doing anything.
    Under Pence this will all be enacted.
    Remember the Line of Succession.

    1. Beauregard
      To begin with the mainstream press is starting to resemble the National Enquirer when it comes to Trump. “Woman gives birth to baby alien”. At a certain point the public just does not care.
      For example 20% of the public smoke. I smoked off and on. The media has been campaigning to stop smokers for 40 years. Most of us will keep on smoking because we enjoy it (Though people do not smoke 3 packs a day anymore).
      The public enjoys Trump or that part of the public that elected him. They hated the sort of people employed as reporters to begin with-educated East Coast Jews PC liberals etc.
      Generally, though, it would take much more to get Trump impeached than a few stupid tweets and firing some idiot who arguably could not do his job.

      1. It’s all about the narrative. Whether or not the public believes it (which, most do not) is one thing, but those east coast jooos have successfully dictated the narrative. Therein lies political momentum.

        1. Jews did not want Trump elected. I would doubt that 3 out of 10 Jews voted for Trump.
          What narrative? The Jews in the mainstream media (and Irish-Catholics) detested Trump and he was still elected. What is their narrative?

  4. I totally agree with you Robert. Mr. Twitter I believe is mentally unstable. Narcissist for starters. I have never seen so many lies and contradictions come out of one persons mouth. His intimidation tactics are off the wall, he goes about trying to discredit anyone who does not agree with him or to justify his decisions, such as Comey firing. He also wanted that in writing from Sessions and the deputy Attorney General. Why? To justify firing Mr. Comey, then he puts a post on twitter stating that he better hope there’s no tapes, this is a tactic to discredit. Tapes would only prove what Comey said was true, and guess what…no tapes, we all know that. Loved Sessions testimony yesterday by the way…lol

  5. Holy shit I just had one of those moments where a light bulb turns on in your head. The truth of what Robert is saying finally hit me. I realize fully now that just because Trump triggers feminists and SJWs doesn’t cancel out the huge number of negatives he is also doing.
    What drove me to this realization is I was talking to a white female Trump supporter and she said “I oppose sharia law”. I said “Do you also oppose feminism, which is far worse than sharia and has destroyed tens of millions of men’s lives in divorce?” and she blocked me.
    It just made me realize that it doesn’t matter if an American woman calls herself a liberal or conservative. American women are so deeply brainwashed by feminism that they cannot be saved from it.
    White female Trump supporters are the worst. They CLAIM to be antifeminist when in reality they are just as much a feminist as anyone else. At least with radical feminists and SJWs, they don’t try to lie to you or hide the fact they are feminists. Actually radfems are far more honest people.
    White female Trump supporters are just pissed that they are losing their privileged position and they are claiming to be “antifeminist” so that men will marry them and financially support them.
    In either case, women will vote for their own self interests. It’s all they know how to do and is what God has programmed them biologically to do.
    Islam is actually a pretty great religion. It’s just the culture of some islamic countries as well as the race of such countries that causes them to act like animals. Without Islam, they would be far, far worse. So Islam has a civilizing effect on people, at least people who are already savages.

    1. That is what the Arabs thought and Islam generally seems to have taken hold in the tropical world while Christianity spread West.

    2. Women in red states tend to dislike feminism.
      They prefer masculine men but do not hypocritically state otherwise.
      It’s not necessarily about how bad the feminist ideology is, it’s about the massive hypocrisy that comes with the territory.

      1. Feminists secretly love men to be assholes. The holy grail for feminists is turning a straight woman gay. They also want males to conform to their “evil” male stereotypes they see in Lifetime movies. Feminists like Christine Fair hunt this elusive “evil” male by acting out, mounting any human response by men on their social media. In reality, most straight men love women but the dominant feminists are ugly man-hating dike kikes.

        1. If a Feminist was presented with the choice of sex with an Alpha or a Beta they would choose an Alpha.

    3. MAGNETO
      I am from a the reddest state and I had 3+ women tell me that Hillary could not lead because she was a woman; they were not feminists.
      They were religious types who did not really get involved with men much at all…so actions matched up with words.
      I would not say all American women are feminists regardless of ideology.

      1. Hillary was a relic from the Clinton era dragging a bunch of scandals along with her and under investigation.
        Sanders was too openly socialist and came across as that weird Jewish Economics professor you had in college with a picture of Marx on his office door.
        Nobody wanted to pull the lever for her.

        1. TRASH
          Hillary could not motivate minorities to vote for her.
          Obama won them by 62%, and they were 28% of the electorate.
          Hillary won them by 52%, and they were 30% of the electorate (Wikipedia).
          That accounts for the 2% shift to Republicans in the popular vote, and explains losses in States with some minorities like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She did the same among Whites as Obama in 2012.

      2. Beauregard, they are just saying that cause they want your dick. Even radical feminists will act all submissive when they come in contact with an alpha.
        In India, a couple of girls who were very westernized and most likely feminists and all that SJW shit were being super submissive to me. Why? Because they wanted my white dick.
        The only way beta males get sex is through prostitution. Hence why women voted to outlaw prostitution. Women HATE beta males, even though beta males keep society functioning and running.
        If we took away women’s voting rights? Prostitution, marijuana, drugs, gambling, all these things would still be legal

    4. It’s the shitlets like Magneto who think with their genitals strutting around with a sense of entitlement thinking they could get away fucking orcs for simply having a dick and conveniently blame the women for putting out with other orcs. No sane women in the South likes Modern Day Feminism and hangs out with orcs. It’s the MGTOW crowd which is welcoming Islamic rapists like Roosh V and following his line of talk.
      There are plenty of women in the West that are race-conscious just like the Alt-Right folks. In fact there are many women writers who write brilliant articles in the Alt-Right circle. It’s only the MGTOW crowd that sneaked in are giving the whole Alt Right movement a bad reputation. If you like Islam, go and settle in the sandbox. The West is Christendom that was created by the Whites, and it’s for the White race. The West is infinitely better off without oildrillers like you.

        1. Jews do everything under the sun to defame and discredit nationalist movements and their important figures. Nonstop attacks on President Trump by the fake news media filled with them and their lackeys and defaming Alt Right leaders like Spencer and Andrew Anglin just proves that. They hate anything white and pure ably supported by their Semitic pals Muslims and the homegrown bucks and sheboons.

        2. Trump’s “3D chess” is all concession and no gain, not even a pathway to gain.
          Spencer has observed this and denounced Trump.

      1. If you like Islam, go and settle in the sandbox. The West is Christendom that was created by the Whites, and it’s for the White race. The West is infinitely better off without oildrillers like you.
        I don’t know why I get incredibly turned ON after reading stuff like this on the Internet. For real, man. I must be a closet Nazi or probably aspire to be one. Well, the Stormtroopers wouldn’t exactly accept me among their ranks. But, who knows.
        Many eons ago, I used to troll on White Nationalist boards like Stormfront. I even managed to exchange messages with Herr David Duke on topics like Aryan Invasion theory. He was polite, knowledgeable and very racist indeed. Probably abused as a child.
        I might have a better chance with the amazing Alt-Right movement. Look at Raheem Jamaluddin Kassam, the content editor of Breitbart.
        The reason I left these wackos is because they are so filled with negativity and depression. Most of them indulge in hard drugs. Very few Internet Nazis have criminal connections though. They prefer living in their parent’s basement until the 40s and will not say 1% of the stuff they do online in real life.

        1. “Infinitely Turned-On”
          You always wonder about Indians you meet in Andheri or Goa during Tourism season whose entire life is spent on the margins of their own society who can only be accepted by foreign tourists. What has pushed them to the margins of their own society?
          Why not buy a ticket to London and slip in. An Indian restaurant owner from your own caste and village would probably hire you with an accountancy background. But the US. There’s no connection.
          “Left these wackos”
          Why the obsession with United States? Most of the foreigners in India who hang around in public places or stay in Guesthouses are Danish or Brits or Israelis.
          Where have you physically met Americans? One or two backpackers in the hostels of Prague. There are few of them there even.
          What is the nature of the fixation? India is an ex-colony of Britain. You COULD probably slip in their. Accountant for an Indian restaurant in London or something. But the US? Never happen. So why the focus?
          “Aryan Invasion Theory”
          The Aryans never lived on a small island off France that Duke’s ancestors spring from. Maybe they were Slavic and maybe lived as far West as Ukraine. You can see some Slavic in the cheek bones and height of a North Indian Brahmin buried under 300 generations of Dravidian admixture. But Western European? Nah, the Aryans were never there.
          “Very racist indeed”
          I think he actually moved to Poland or somewhere. I read that somewhere. Since blacks have been in America for 400 years its unlikely they’ll leave.

        2. Typical White Prole Ignorance
          “Go play in the sandbox”
          Which city is nicer, Dubai or some dump in the Rustbelt/Mid-South like homeboy is writing from? I know…I’m from Greater Detroit. Dubai has the most futuristic airports and skyline on earth. His city has potholes in the middle of the road. Where are the abandoned buildings in Dubai? His city will have enough in Southern Ohio or wherever he is from to support a thriving community of crackheads.
          Dubai has a nicer skyline than the white racist’s city or town, probably in the South or Rustbelt. Nobody is driving rusty old pickup Trucks to their job or having to decide between cable and a new coat for winter. More money flowing like a river through Dubai than the old mill and factory towns from Southern Ohio to Alabama where white racists espouse their ancestral connections to a Central Asian tribe known as the Aryans.
          “Oil Drillers”
          Black women usually need a bigger tool than the average white man possesses to fulfill their needs so to speak. Unless a black woman is paid by the half hour, she does not screw white men.
          “Most of them indulge in hard drugs”
          SHI you certainly drink. Possibly are a drunk who hangs around the fringes of the Tourism Centers of Andheri partying for a living with tourists. I’m of grave doubt that you don’t drink everyday. As for hard drugs, probably only marijuana and hashish but no doubt for a tip you have led Swiss heroin addicts to a dealer or scored some Ecstasy for Brits in Goa.

        3. “Sandbox” a white person should live and work overseas before expressing an opinion. “India is a shit-hole” If I had to choose between upscale Jo-Jo and a steel-town in Southern Ohio with potholes straight through main street and enough abandoned buildings to attract a thriving crack cocaine economy I’d live in Jojo.
          Nor is sitting on the beach in Goa for a single week drinking “Kingfisher” with Danish or Brits really an insight into America since no Americans are down there except well, for me.
          As for Magneto, he is probably an Indian (Possibly Muslim) playing Devil’s Advocate simply to gauge responses from whites. If I had to lay money on it I’d put him in his twenties, never traveled outside of India in his life and is merely posing as a white man living in India for shits and giggles.

        4. SHI “Oil drillers”
          Nikki Haley represents a new breed of Indian-American women who are brainless but pleasant with hot lusty Punjabi bodies who can marry into the white power structure (Husband military officer) with some success.
          Like most Punjabi women she is none-to-bright but her body and face were a match for the hottest blonde cheerleader in high school thanks to her Scythian genes and she parlayed this into marriage to a white man who could finance her own ambitions.
          Past her prime now but I am sure many a redneck penis stirred on the football field of her prime when she was a cheerleader.
          Married a military man.

        5. SHI Oil Drillers and Indian-America Sex-cess in Politics
          The Liberal Indian-American woman is none too hot like her Gora counterpart. Little Lesbian perhaps. Her husband prefers to send pics of his “wiener” to little girls over his cellphone in sexting adventures and he is of course a flaming Jewish liberal.
          The GOP Indian-American woman is hotter and comes from redneck Scythian stock in the Punjab. Her body is long and strong, so to speak. She marries a macho military guy.
          So you see the oil drillers of America prefer a different kind of Indian woman, who is not screwing her way into politics through strategic marriage.
          I will LAY ODDS on this: the Republican Indian women will be hotter Nikki Haley types.

        6. The reason I left these wackos is because they are so filled with negativity and depression. Most of them indulge in hard drugs. Very few Internet Nazis have criminal connections though. They prefer living in their parent’s basement until the 40s and will not say 1% of the stuff they do online in real life.

          50 percent may be Cabin Boy wusses on the inside – with a projected Marlboro Man machismo on the outside. 😆 So is Mark Furhman on here, ep-gah, really the former cop or soldier he claims to be? I doubt it.
          The other 40 percent I have more sympathy for, though their ideology disgusts me – that would be Sam types who had a tough time with NAMS.
          Possibly the head leadership, the 10 percent would be all-out psychos – of which only God can help.

        7. Jason Y
          Biography of EP-GAH
          A casualty of modern socialization
          EP-GAH had some form of social disorder or was not well like in school (he was bullied), primarily by NAMs. White liberals acted as if he did not exist.
          Adolescence was especially difficult.
          To compensate, he makes an effort to be industrious in school and work.
          Yet he is still poor. He feels he should be rich, and hence identifies with them.
          He pretends to be hyper masculine as a way to compensate for powerlessness felt over his bullying. This also led to his hatred of NAMs.

    5. Nazi German killed millions and this was among high IQ Germans – simply due to the fact it was proclaiming people could be their own god.

      1. Most American Nazis do not have a drop of German blood in their veins. Your average Teutonic warrior is a social-progressive Left Centrist living in Milwaukee or Minnesota.
        The American Nazi if asked is of Old Settler stock with some vague notion of a Native American great-grandmother on the family tree although he has the ruddy coloring of the Celt.

        1. People in the south are pretty Celt. Only a small minority would have significantly Amerindian DNA. Note, the South was conquered for the most part, not blended in like Mexico.

  6. Islam spread because Arabs moved East to India or South to Africa and Asia.
    You could call Islam a form of Socialism. But I was in Dubai and wasta and all the rest of it pretty much overrules this.

  7. Trump is NOT the friend of the common man. He’s an elitist, Illuminati billionaire who has ties with other elite illuminati satanic pedophiles.
    These billionaires live like pigs while the common man is starving. The 99 percent has nothing while the 1 percent has everything. I am really starting to lean more and more towards economic socialism and communism.

  8. Jason V.
    The mainstream media tends to still dislike this guy.
    They are spinning narratives that slow down his agenda, not help it.

    1. The mainstream media despised Bush when he was elected. That did not bother Bush or slow him down.

        1. Conspiracy nuts argued that he was ridiculed and despised that he allowed this to occur simply to keep him in office.
          People forget how horrified the public was when he was elected in 2000.

    1. So Sean Hannity basically has a counter explanation on the video there basically claiming Comey is serving some sinister conspiracy and that he, Comey, actually, broke the law.
      What is the counter-explanation from Trump opponents?

  9. Oh, by the way, shooting of Republican leader of Congress. Was this an inside job? Good topic of another thread would be how this came about, is there a secret motive, and how this plays out for right-wing and left-wing

    We will see more like Nikki Haley in the GOP. Scythians after all, are just another breed of white redneck whose chariot was their pickup truck that they drove down the Pass through Afghanistan into Punjab farm country screeching Yee-Haw.
    These Punjabi women who marry into the white power structure will be none-to-bright like Nikki but they are hot enough in their prime to meet a white guy who can foster their ambitions with his connections.
    Since the Punjabi woman understands the importance of subservience to some degree and being a good screw in the redneck macho culture she is a good fit so to speak.
    Nikki is a little past her prime now but her body is still rocking with nice long legs and firm tits and she had a smooth light brown butt.

  11. ATTENTION posters.
    Jason “Voorhees” and TRASH are the same person.
    For those who are new to all this, TRASH got banned from here for inciting and getting into flame wars.
    You can compare Jason’s posts in this thread (topics like Andheri, White proles etc.) with a few anecdotes of TRASH
    Jason also claims to have worked with someone called Daniel, Sunny Deole’s husband. That used to be TRASH’s signature piece of boredom.
    The observations and writing styles are way too similar to be a perfect coincidence.
    Thank you.

    1. Jason “Dumbkopf=dumbass” Voorhees a.k.a. TRASH
      Stop hiding under another fake alias. You’ve been exposed already.

    2. regulars know his identity from his first comment on return itself, dumb Brahmin SHI. Yet another proof that so called Brahmin intelligence is vastly overrated. “Jason” just ignore that scammy little Brahmin and do not derail threads again please. Stick on the topic. I enjoy reading your postings.

      1. Sir
        I appreciate the support and actually do not even remember the posts the other party was objecting as that was months ago.
        But I will obey yours and the guidelines of others by restricting my comments to the subject being discussed.
        Thank you for this second chance.

      2. OPTIMUS
        I am not sure why that poster focused on old post for months and months. He has been referred to with derision by others.
        Anyhow, I will heed your advice and appreciate the second chance.

    3. Of course, Jason Voorhees is Trash – are people shocked by this? He changes names – just like William or aka Beauregard.

  12. Exposed by who?
    Your issue with this previous poster “John” seems to be a private obsession that I and other posters are disinterested in.

  13. SHI
    I do not have a sock puppet named Trash and it is not my intention to incite any discord between posters on this board.

  14. Robert
    It’s obvious that TRASH is back in a new avatar calling himself Jason Voorhees this time.
    The trolling has just started. There goes your board.
    I won’t return until you do a proper pest control on this troll, like last time.

    1. Yes I am aware that Trash is back, but that is ok. You guys can vote him off anytime you want to, you know. Just register a vote to ban him and I will count them up. But I will subtract votes to keep him.
      Trash was banned for derailing threads. He was told to stay over on Open Topic for all his thread derails, but he kept coming back to real posts and derailing again. He could not seem to stop derailing. I actually thought there was something wrong with him, and he could not control himself. However, he has returned, and he is no longer derailing posts, so I am going to leave him on the site.

      1. MR. LINDSEY
        I did not KNOW the resentment I had in me for these places until some Indian and Filipinos communicated with me. Gone from India and Philippines for years I had forgotten myself. Frankly it surprised me.
        Perhaps even my experiences as a white man in India and the Philippines left me with psychological problems.
        My fault. Maybe some of the abuse that ANY WHITE is going to get if they live for years in India or Philippines came back.

        1. Filipinos are generally nice people, but if your away from your tour guide, you run into a lot of jealous ones.

        1. BEAUREGARD Exile
          I’ll probably never return from exile. Republicans say “love it or leave it” and some Gen X left when it was globalization was still in its infancy in the 1990’s when we were young.
          I’ve no desire to see 45 year old white males with undergraduate degrees doing jobs teenagers used to do.
          Nor see the roads resemble India with entire families of middle-class whites homeless-in fact middle-class in America are MORE LIKELY to be homeless than middle-caste Indians.
          Clinton was too close to the throes of blowjob-induced orgasms from dim Jewish sluts to grasp how globalism would affect the US and NAFTA would open the gates to machete-swinging Austronesian Inca primitives from below the border but when big business and oil’s front man had to let his derelict alcoholic bum of son named Bush serve as president the situation in the US got so much worse so fast that nobody overseas like me wanted to return.
          I was in Canada and Australia and UK at the dawn of the 2000’s and America has fallen far behind.
          You were only 5 years old when Clinton was in office but if you could remember the country then believe me it makes the one you live in now startlingly deteriorated. Not that Clinton was anything more than a Left Centrist philanderer but never mind, he was competent.
          Feel sorry for you Gen Y types whose parents were born in 1960 or so who probably were born between 1990 and 1995. You’ve simply seen the US go downhill since then.
          I have no pretenses as a white male with a useless degree now in his early 40’s. The United States sucks in comparison to other developed countries like Japan or Australia.
          So I’ll be in exile for life.
          Don’t miss the United States in fact because I was young when I left and my entire working life was spent overseas.
          Dubai makes the small cities and exurbs and towns of the rednecks who call it a “sandbox” look like Escape From New York. No potholes in the middle of their main street in Dubai. No crack houses or tweakers down on Main Street lurking in the darkness at night because Sam Walton wiped out every business they had and then his Republican minions got idiot Republicans to believe that the family hardware store and other small businesses would “come back” if capitalists did not have to pay any tax to repair his infrastructure.
          Even Asia, possibly because of hijacking middle-class jobs from the United States to create a middle-class of its own, is starting to have a better infrastructure and with Non-Asian minorities of course slums transformed into suburbia stay that way.
          You were beginning kindergarten when American proles managed to hijack the 2000 election so you do not remember what it was like to live in a country without a deficit or a Triple-A rating.
          More Democrats like Jason or other posters have been overseas so they can grasp how fast the US has slid into second worldism. Poor white Republicans who think questioning anything is for “college faggots” and do not own a passport and think an enlightening holiday is the local amusement park cannot grasp this because they do not travel.
          Republicans are too patriotic to accept that their country now sucks because they hijacked the election from Gore in 2000. It sucks worse for them in their Red States than for the gay liberal in Hillcrest, San Diego. But never mind, they will not see it.

  15. Trump’s opponents have a whole narrative of what really happened with Trump, Russia, Comey the Clown etc.. Is this narrative something with real credibility? I’d like to hear the left side of the story.

  16. Jewson Yiddish
    Going on threads such as this one to brag about your masculinity or how many times you get laid is quite pathetic.
    It’s compensating for credit you don’t get in real life. You can reinvent yourself with not attention paid to reality.
    Most of those EP-GAH types are indeed frauds.
    Most commentators here can recognize that.
    If you go to a blog like pumpkinperson.com, with a much higher proportion of autistics, the people are truly clueless and buy into it. Hence why they are called the “aut right”

    1. I don’t know. I mean was ep-gah in The Marines or LAPD? Or is he just some teenage geek who gets off on acting “the big man” on the net? However, there are ep-gah types who have actually served in Iraq, the military etc.. They are a bit higher intellect than the rednecks – so they could be mistaken for teenage geek redneck wannabes.

    2. Higher intellect always comes across as more wussy cause higher intellect often equals more narcissism, sensitivity etc,, For instance, Phil on here sounds very wussy in a sense, but it’s mostly caused by the higher intellect, but I also think he has a little man complex – like a lot of the dickheads who run around on these blogs.

      1. How does Phil sound wussy?
        He’s a pretty straight shooter in my mind.
        He does lack the cynicism of you, me or TRASH, but that’s okay. Optimists and pessimists both have a place in society.

        1. Beauregard
          Who needs the taxman to support his kids more often, the gay liberal banker in San Francisco or the macho Flyover Prole in Kansas.
          Sure, liberals vote Democratic but which “breeders” need the Free Lunch Program more.
          My cynicism was accumulated from being overseas at an interesting time-the rise of Republicanism and election of Bush.
          Is America or the world better than it was in 1999?
          It is hard not to feel very weary around the white proles at the bottom of the Republican class/population pyramid who claim that German Lutheran serial killers who preyed on ghetto blacks were Israeli Zionists or that “Jews” force them to live near blacks as oppose to IQ proximity.
          There is some contempt I admit. White proles are reckless and cocky when young and then at 30 when the child-support bills of the long-forgotten stripper or waitress fling pile up and the athletes of the favorite games are all black on the Sports Bar TV and the 4 year meth addiction or alcohol abuse has left them penniless and the city they lacked the initiative to leave unlike the college boys and gays and liberals has deteriorated until finally they blame society.
          Perhaps society is too blame but cutting taxation will not help them a bit. Nor will small businesses return.
          The “Clint” from Dazed and Confused at 17 is beating up the nerds and the geeks and the gays who are applying for college. He is hanging around screwing high school girls and still beating them up when he is 21 and the liberals are working full-time at the campus pizza joint to get through university.

    3. However, it is a fact, though, that the police and military are indeed overflowing with right-wing Republicans – which is sort of a code word for “alt-right-lite” These are truly macho men and often they are big mouths on the net. However, though, most of these blogs I think I full of mostly autistic dickhead types.

    4. I fell into the trap a little myself in college. I was a show-off in math class – so this one kid bullied me – calling me a cocksucker after class (and it had nothing to do with gayness) I might be a bit autistic myself in a way – full of narcissism. But I’m not really racist or insecure about masculinity, but some delusions of grandeur which invite criticism.

      1. The goal is “stoic” masculinity.
        Obviously shooting off your mouth and fist/living life as a serious of testosterone soaked outbursts is not beneficial to anyone.
        But once again, due to their autism (and I am not trying to be snarky here) many in the alt-right fail to see the difference.

      2. Outside of a state institution an adult risked liberty to threaten to assault another grown student.
        Don’t believe that this could happen in daylight between adults. Just don’t buy it, Jason.
        College scuffles and brawls occur around fraternities at night but on campus in the halls of academia when you can ruin his life with a single assault report?
        I don’t believe the violence is that untamed that adult males would risk liberty and career to threaten violence on another adult. Never happen, Jason.
        By the way, what is a person my age in his forties doing with 18 years olds anyhow? I mean you are nearly old enough to be their father.
        Isn’t that a bit ignominious to be slammed against the wall by Gen Y babies who were being born when you holding your own on tough Seoul streets?

      3. JASON Dubious
        In a state institution adult males of 20-22 are bellowing “cocksucker” in the hallway of a building in daylight over a math quiz? At a male who is in his 40’s as you claim to be.
        I don’t buy it. High school or grammar school I could believe but not adults in the halls of academia.
        If you were doing math problems in a fraternity at night such a scene is conceivable.
        Broad daylight an adult man in a public building is calling you a cocksucker and bullying in front of campus security and all the rest of it.
        Even in Jerkwaterborough Tennessee such a scenario is unlikely.
        Gotta be honest you are stretching credibility here and bordering on “Straw Dogs” territory.
        You verge on the fantastic J. Purported encounters with hillbillies so racist that having dark hair is enough for them to threaten assault (What, no Italians in your city) or STRAW DOGS sieges on your house because of a FACEBOOK comment.
        Now in a public institution adults presumably in their early 20’s are calling you names and threatening physical harm as your Instructor files out?

    5. “Bragging of Masculinity”
      Analogous to calling Dubai a “sandbox” when your town or small city or exurb is one long parade of old brick buildings shuttered and empty while potholes in your roads grow grass and the miasma of dead bodies from OD rises from the trailer parks and old wooden houses in putrid decay.
      The blacks will win every contest of sport and his black penis is of a girth and length now seducing poor white girls. The Mexican is more daring in his machismo. Perhaps the Italian too.

  17. JASON Indignity of an Expat
    Survived on tough Seoul streets and returned to be bullied by teenagers being born when you were surviving by your wits in East Asia?
    That has to be a downer.

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