IQ and Racial Background of Latin American Indians

Granted, they are primitive Austronesian Asian people with an IQ of 70 and it takes all sorts of social programs to keep them fed and clothed and away from the alcohol but you Gallegos Basque do not even pretend to give a single rat’s ass.

First of all, Amerindians are not Austronesians. Austronesians are Malays, Filipinos, Indonesians and Taiwanese Aborigines. Other people  speaking Austronesian languages such as Polynesians, Melanesians and Micronesians are only part Austronesian.
Polynesians are 1/2 Melanesian and 1/2 Austronesian.
Melanesians vary, but the some of the Austronesian speakers in the Papuan coast and eastern Indonesia are 20% Austronesian and 80% Papuan. Austronesians only settled the coast of Papua, so the interior remained Papuan. The Austronesians brought language but few genes.
I believe Micronesians are 1/2 Polynesian and 1/2 Papuan.
Amerindians are simply Northeast Asians, the same folks as Chinese, Japanese, Mongolians and Siberians, but they are closest to Siberians. The main difference is that the Amerindians are from a more primitive and archaic type of Northeast Asian that may not have gone though the high IQ mutations. I would call them Paleomongoloids, whereas the others are generally Neomongoloids. So Amerindians are just an early version of the highly functional Northeast Asians.
Some relation to the Northeast Asians can be seen in their features and sparse, Northeast Asian like body hair. The hair on their heads looks very Northeast Asian too. Whereas a Northeast Asian baby is calm, cool and collected, an Amerindian baby is silent but very aware and watchful, like an Indian hunter hiding in the woods waiting for a deer. They are so deathly quiet that observers often wonder if they are dead. On the other hand, Black babies are precocious physically, very fast in development and tend to be very active physically and even boisterous. They are quite extroverted.
These racial differences in babies are present from the very earliest stages of life and I am convinced that they are biological in nature. I also believe that this shows that there are obvious differences between the races at least in personality. If those differences are showing up that  early and that uniformly, they cannot possibly be due to culture. Babies are not effected tremendously by culture anyway.
Amerindian IQ is absolutely not 70. They are not that dumb. Scores vary, but a figure of 87 for the whole continent seems pretty good. Some are lower. I believe that Indians in Mexico are 83 and in Guatemala is the same.
87 IQ is not a bad score. Your average human has an IQ of 89. Certainly 87 IQ folks or even 83 IQ folks do not need all sorts of social programs to keep them clothed and fed. Keeping them away from the booze is much easier. These people lived life without social programs for 12,000 years. They did just fine. They don’t need welfare to survive.
Although the 87 IQ is close to the 85 US Black IQ, Amerindians have only 2X the White crime rate, whereas for Blacks it is 7-8X the White crime rate. This shows that attempt to put White-Black crime differences all down to IQ is a fool’s errand, but that is what so many HBD types, usually racists, do. There is more driving Black aggression, crime, violence and antisocial behavior than just IQ.
I am thinking that extroversion and associated problems with impulse control and delayed gratification along with higher testosterone in both males and females may have something to do with it. Also some genetic mutations that elevate the risk of violence and criminality in Whites are present at much higher levels in Blacks. It is seen in only .1% of White men, but I believe the rate is  ~5% in Black men.
We need to stop IQ fetishization and trying to reduce all racial issues to IQ. There’s a hell of a lot more going on with humans than just IQ, and it doesn’t take a genius IQ to figure that out.

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51 thoughts on “IQ and Racial Background of Latin American Indians”

  1. The situation of all these immigrants flooding into white countries and expecting and demanding welfare has to end. They are truly parasites. Then they turn around and commit terrorist attacks against white people in gratitude. Deport all the Arabs, punjabis, and south Asians. They contribute nothing of value to society

  2. ROBERT ?
    Why is the Hispanic Indian more prone to crime than the Lakota on his reservation?
    Why does a South American Indian resemble say, a Filipino, more than he resembles an Inuit?

  3. Experience with Native Americans
    I lived in Northern Ontario and there were a great many pure Chippewa Indians.
    They did not seem to be capable, or inclined, to the kind of machete-decapitating madness of MS-13 or Mexican Indian gangs.
    Even in Arizona, the local Indians were pretty normal.
    It was the Aztec Indians that seemed to be the problem.
    On the same note, there were a few Mexican whites. These folks were no different than somebody you would meet in Madrid. They wanted, and had, nothing to do with the barrio or Mexican Indians. Like Carlos Estevez (Charlie Sheen).
    So one wonders why the Latino Indian is the source of crime in the United States?

    1. Lol Madrid aka Pijostan(pijos are spoiled brats, the offspring of the Spanish bourgeoisie and Madrid is their Versailles). Go to Andalucia, Extremadura or La Mancha and then you will find out from where we Andalusian and Indian mixes get our violent and impulsive character.

      1. Hey Jason, unless you have already donated, as a regular commenter, you have to donate at least $10. For $10 minimum, you get to post on the site for life. This site takes up a lot of my time, and I wish to be compensated for my labor. If this is a hardship to you, let me know, and we will see what we can work out.
        PS I really love your comments.
        Thanks for your cooperation.

  4. Canadian Natives vs. East Asians Personal Experience
    Natives are usually stronger and more agile
    Natives are more prone to motiveless violence especially when drunk
    Natives are at the pole opposite of the income strata
    Asian gangs/cartels are much more organized

  5. Thank the end of the cold war that ended closed borders of the 1st and the 3rd world. I’m not advocating for communism or the return of it, but 1st-worlders damaged the natural course of the history (I don’t know if you believe on such a thing) Take for example the extremely low birth rates of the ex-communist countries like Cuba or the Eastern Europe from developing countries that suppressed communism:
    Cuba: 1.6
    Vietnam: 2.0
    Ukraine 1.5
    Slovenia 1.6
    Romania 1.4
    Bulgaria 1.5
    And the list go on. Those are random countries, not all have such low birth rates, but they majority of the ex-communists countries have birth rates below the replacement of 2.1
    Countries that brutally suppressed communism or even social democratic and democratic socialist parties (social democracy and democratic socialism are not synonymous)
    Indonesia 2.5 <– The west empowered Suharto
    Afghanistan 4.8 <– The west armed the Taliban
    Angola 6.1 <– Portugal and South Africa
    Egypt 3.3 <– Even a minister has criticized Egyptian citizen for this
    Haiti 3.0 <– The US has interfered in this country so many times
    Almost every single African country: France is still shadow Colonial power there. The west has tolerated Israel and South Africa toppling lefty governments in the 50s-80s.
    I’m not going to blame all the problem of the 3rd on 1st worlders, or that white citizens deserve to pay the price for the warmonger-ism of their elites, but the consequences are very clear: in the past existed an alternative ideology to run a government or a economy. The west suppressed it because “it was very evil” which is bullshit
    The failed socialism that right-winger criticize, created the basic administrative infrastructures of the state in primitive or feudalistic countries that lack them like Vietnam. Bureaucracy is necessary for the functioning of any modern state.

  6. As I’m from the 3d world, the majority of the readers should be careful when you racialize non-white crime in the US, because the US is a unique society.
    In Latin America, Colombia, the majority of the crimes are committed proportionally by every ethnic group. Ironically, Afro-Colombians commit very little crime.
    The most violent cities of Colombia are Cali, Medellín, Pereira, Cúcuta y Palmira.
    Medellin, Pereira, Armedia and Cucuta are white-mestizo majority. Very few Afro-Col live there
    Cali and Palmira have a large Afro-Colombian pop.
    Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Quibdo: more than 2/3 of total pop of these cities are Afro-Colombia and they are poor but not very violent.
    Indian-Colombians do not commit crimes, the fact is, in the towns where they are the majority, crime does not exist because is not tolerated. They even have their own “judicial system”, not joking.
    The avg criminal in Colombia, if you the readers of this blog dare to check the online Colombian newspapers, is a Colombian of mixed race: it can range from being brown to very light.
    In other words:
    Afro-Colombians who very cultural integrated in their culture and communities but are excluded from the majority white-mestizo pop, their crimes rates are low.
    Indian-Colombians with their culture preserved in their communities, the crime rate is very very low. Cundinamarca has cities with large Indian-Colombian pop and they are the safest cities in Colombia.
    Crime is a thing of social exclusion and economic or cultural integration. The US with its suburbia-type economy and high resistance to distributive economic policies, high crime rates will always be a problem.
    More bizarre stuff, ask any Colombia about crime and that person will answer that the crime there is always rational or justified, it’s not so random, as american internet users describe the violent crime in american cities like something random and senseless.
    For example: Detroit and Cali have similar violent crime rate (homicides) of 54, but Caleños take measure to avoid crime: no expensive shoes or jewelry in dangerous places, not walking alone.
    According to Americans, in Detroit and other cities, the crime is totally senseless: you can be randomly assaulted for any reason, while in Colombia such a thing is rare.
    Colombia is almost a failed state, the administrative state is weak and corrupt, the impunity rate is > 90%, so 9 of every 10 crimes are never resolved.
    In the US criminality is explained is something new age, magical or very complex, like something irrational.

      Detroit native here
      Crime has declined in Detroit because it is a ghost town now and there is nobody with any money to rob.
      When it was Polish, Jewish and Appalachian blacks endured a fair share of assaults that were motiveless (Especially from the Polish). A few were fatal. Detroit was never at a loss for white thugs when it had an economy.
      The impression is black criminals running amok but the Polish and Albanian neighborhoods were a trip to the hospital for a black at night with no robbery motive; a white was more often robbed for financial gain by blacks.
      Albanians and Italians had some organized crime related violence in their districts (Known as Greek town). There is a huge Arab quarter in East Detroit.

    2. DETROIT
      White on black violence in Detroit prior to economic collapse.
      It was always Eastern European (Albanian and Polish) whose Detroit neighborhoods had a fair number of aimless thugs.
      Money was never a motive. Often a white was simply robbed. The black could have $500 on him and his Polish assailants would not touch it but would stomp him, sometimes fatally, for sheer entertainment.
      Organized crime was all Italian in Greektown.
      Hispanics drug cartels were the best behaved in fact. They did not want any police attention.

    1. SOCIAL DEMOCRAT “Senseless Crime in Detroit”
      When I was young and Detroit was not yet a ghost town some of the most “senseless crimes” were committed by Polish or Albanians on blacks with no financial motive whatsoever. The white was usually robbed by the black or hijacked. The black was usually stomped by bored whites (Almost always Eastern European ethnic neighborhoods) with zero motivation.
      The only true organized crime-nothing like Colombians in Miami but not insignificant-was Sicilians in a single fruit market street called “Greek town”.
      Mexicans dealt drugs but were not involved in street crime for the most part. Mexican drug cartels in Detroit never wanted to attract much attention to their activities.

  7. What you are saying is something so exotic for me: I used to have friend who live in a dangerous part of Pereira, a city where I lived for many years, sometimes he used to ask me to visit his house to play videogames or magic cards. It was a really poor part of the city, called “La Isla” in the big barrio Cuba, of Pereira, you can check that neighborhood in google maps to see it for yourself. But the local thugs never touch me or assault me because he was a beloved barrio boy “chico del barrio” that “everybody knows him and they are not going to touch him” “todo el mundo me conoce y no me van a hacer nada”
    As you can see, crime there is not so irrational or unprovoked.
    When the local thugs accustomed to my presence, they still asked me questions, but they adopt a strange attitude: like a mixture of protection, curiosity and dominance: “We know who you are, and we are not going to hurt you, but you are still a stranger here”
    That’s a totally rational attitude, there is not senseless brutality here.
    Murders were somewhat common, but according to my friend, there were justified: people from other “barrios” selling drugs to the locals, snitches, thieves and vermin AKA thugs who have killed so many people, that they have become too dangerous.

    1. I’ve never been South of Phoenix in my entire life. I know nothing about Latin America whatsoever apart from a few conversations with Chicano.
      You mentioned Detroit and I happened to be from Greater Detroit.
      As to why so many Colombians are in Germany, this is mysterious. What are they doing there?

    2. Never been South of Phoenix, AZ in my life so no idea of Latin America.
      Detroit never had many Latinos as it was too far North and not a huge job market an immigrant could walk into.
      Population was Eastern European, black and Appalachians. Greater Detroit was Bavarian German and always had been.

    3. SOCIAL DEMOCRAT Some Misconceptions Abroad
      Latino crime syndicates in Northern cities like Detroit usually have legitimate fronts that are making big-money anyhow (Trucking firms to transport their drugs, lawyers).
      They are not hypersensitive thugs like the Sopranos kicking somebody’s ass for looking at them the wrong way in public. They are white-collar professionals with their own lawyers, bail bondsmen, accountants, dummy corporations.
      Italians got phased out because they were not as sophisticated as the Latinos. They were the Tony Soprano dumb thug type and the cops needed to show that they could arrest gangs so they busted the Italians because, well, they are dumb thugs lacking the sophistication of the Latino cartels.

    4. “Detroit” Stereotypes from a Native
      Polish in Detroit aka “Fool-lak” or “Polak Bastard” was regarded by the general population (Especially blacks) to be the most primitive specimen of Detroitus Nativus. His neighborhood was “Hamtramck”.
      More than any other race he was likely to be horrendously intoxicated and found sleeping in the play section of a Supermarket with a half-consumed bottle of Relsky’s vodka.
      His crime pattern was the utterly motiveless drunken assault or brawl. Mostly though a public assault of anybody walking down the sidewalk at night without a word to him and often from behind.
      Finally he was known as a ridiculously petty thief. This is the source of Detroit dumb Polak jokes about the Polish American castrating himself stuffing a lobster down his pants to steal from a supermarket or stealing the bike with training wheels.

  8. White babies mature slightly faster than Asian ones and slower than Black ones.
    Black girls are earliest to reach puberty (11) and white girls 2 years after that (13) and Asian girls 2 years after that (15 on average).

    1. LOL but the problem is white women age like shit. White women hit their peak fertility around age 16 or 18, whereas Asian women are fertile til at least 40. A 40 year old Asian woman looks only 25 whereas a 40 year old white woman looks like she is 60.

      1. Blonde women.
        But regrettable this is true. Black women and Asian women both look younger.
        There is some thinking that this is the core motivating factor for the white male inclination towards barely-legal sex partners.
        When you hear that an older white woman of 55 has been raped you know it is usually a black male. When the white female was 12 and met the guy over the internet you know he was white.

        1. I’ve had many blacks and Mestizos say they prefer very young White girls. I doubt it’s just a White male inclination. The nursing home rapes I’ve read about have been black rapists but you’ll see far more black men picking up their underage wb from elementary school than driving Miss Daisy. Those with a preference for Whites may often prefer them young. because of the quicker aging.

  9. My own impression of the Canadian Indians:
    Very normal people, except I heard they’ve quite a bit of inbreeding. One Indian I met, not sure if she tried to be ‘diplomatic’ to me, said she was glad that she was often mistaken as Chinese.
    According to a Canadian lieutenant Army Colonel at a certain military site, Canadian Indians have great sense of distance or spatial sense and make very good snipers. Not sure if it has something to do with the vast wilderness in Canada or East Asian inheritance.

    1. I read an article somewhere about body odor notes that American Indians, like East Asians, have no body odor. And that’s a result from missing a certain gene.
      Maybe American Indians indeed are people moved there from NorthEast Asia.

      1. YEE
        There is some similarity between the language of an Apache and that of the Japanese for example.

        1. That seems far fetched. My ancestors moved from Central China, but I can’t understand any of their dialect now. Language is easy to lose.

      2. YEE
        Joan Chen, a Chinese actress, played American Indians. Some tribes look like Manchurian Chinese. None look like a Han.
        Maybe a Lakota Indian from Minnesota could walk around the Northeast and pass. Maybe.
        They are not nearly as intelligent as East Asians, in my own personal interactions with them.

      3. Yee
        Asians have fewer sweat pores/surface area than Whites.
        This may have to do with a colder climate.
        I have also heard Asians have no sweat glands in the armpit, and hence deodorant cannot be purchased in East Asia.

        1. Beauregard,
          That’s true, very difficult to find stores that sell deodorant in China, even in the largest cities. Jason V hasn’t lived in East Asia so he doesn’t know. I suppose Jason Y who actually lived in Korea would know.
          95% – 99% of Chinese, Korean and Japanese have no apocrine sweat gland, which is responsible for body odor, and ear wax too. East Asians also have dry ear canal. Ordinary sweat glands don’t cause body odor, only apocrine do.

  10. “Nursing home rapes” are simply the combination of sex-drive testosterone and shamelessness as well as being jacked up on crack cocaine.
    I’d also suspect the black offender has no psychological problems motivating the assault like Dahmer (Abandonment by parents, rejection, control) or even sexual sadism. He just wants to “get his freak on” and the vagina of the hapless nursing home patient is nearest.
    This is why white gang rape is so uncommon. The white man might be sneaky in his desire to have his way with a 16 year old girl but he is not standing around in a park with 30 other males in a gang rape. Or it is rarer.
    White rape of white women drops off at 28 or so. At 40 white women are almost never raped by white males. I believe some evolutionary embedding in the white psyche of an atavistic nature is related to aging.
    These are statistical averages not without exception but if we were study sex crimes it would work this way: the white sex criminal like Dahmer is more likely to commit the crime on his own property under false pretense or deception while the NAM rapists simply bursts into the nursing home with his penis out.

  11. YEE
    Why whites didn’t mix with American Indians
    1) More families immigrated from Europe because it was similar in terrain but it was harder to encourage Spanish women to immigrate to malaria-infested jungles so below the US border there was more marriage. Hence the modern-day Mexico.
    2) Arranged marriages with Chinese peasants (The Barbaric Foot Binding became outlawed during this importation of Chinese Brides by the US government) for Chinese males out West.
    3) Fair number of female laborers needed for factories.
    4) Some prostitutes.
    5) Intermarriage with American Indians outlawed in some states. White men were forbidden to marry black women in the South into the 1950’s.
    6) American Indians were remote populations in the West and North while most American whites were Europeans seeking work in industrialized cities.

  12. Native Americans’ IQ distribution essentially debunk two ideas:
    That brain size determines intelligence (they have heads often times larger than Europeans but score lower on the IQ tests) and that sexually spread mutations from the cold weather are responsible for IQ (they could not cross into Americas until land bridge formed during the ice age.
    Blogger Not Politically Correct has argued genes for efficiency increased IQ in certain ethnicities because of agricultural developments, not hunting to survive during the ice age.
    This is most plausible.

    1. POOL BOY Ontario Anecdotal Support
      East Asians are towards the top of the tree in earning power and Aboriginal Canadians are the poorest
      East Asians have far less social pathology and Aboriginal Canadians have the most (More than blacks)
      East Asian crime syndicates are very well organized and Aboriginal Canadians are not even at the level of white street gangs

  13. YEE
    Nivea sells deodorant in Hong Kong. My wife has some and she is 100% Yunnan Chinese.
    I’m terribly sorry to differ with you but some Koreans purchase Nivea. I’ve seen it in Korean stores.
    I live on the Laos-Northern Thailand border and I buy my deodorant at the local store where it is amply stocked. In an entirely Yunnan Chinese section of the city.
    When in Hong Kong from Philippines for visa runs I have observed it on the shelves in supermarkets.

    1. Maybe HongKong has a larger number of resident Whites and South Asians who need deodorant. But you won’t find deodorant in ordinary supermarkets in mainland China. Very few stores stock it.
      The “odor problem” is so uncommon here that people will go to hospital for operation as a cure, as it’s seen as an illness.

      1. Truthfully I have never been to your country in my entire life so you must be right.
        For all of my talk about “China” my wife’s family have been in Laos for 3 generations. Most Chinese-Filipinos I met were also 3rd generation.
        I’m actually quite ignorant of mainland China.

      2. Well I am a smelly white buffalo so I have to purchase it.
        My children cannot really read in English. I’m resigned to the fact that they will be absorbed into the Chinese-Laotian-North Thai community so perhaps they will not smell like a buffalo.

      3. YEE White Buffalo
        The Thai-Chinese say that whites smell and resemble water buffalo (Large shoulders, pink skin). Even my kids call me buffalo.
        They can speak in English but cannot read it. My own heritage has had little imprint upon them.

        1. White Buffalo are sacred to North American Indians. You’re too modest, large shoulders are an attribute for men. White men and buffalo are also known for having big penises.

  14. YEE
    Not to accuse my ethnically Yunnan Chinese wife of being smelly but she owns a stick of Nivea.
    Though I have never lived in China I have taken visa runs up to Hong Kong from the Philippines and I could have sworn the department store had a perfume section.
    On this note I must argue that people who sell me my deodorant in Laos are Yunnan Chinese. I live in a border town.

  15. YEE Interesting Point
    I have heard of “Amoy” from people who have never been to China in their entire life. In fact most Chinese-Filipinos in particular never go to the Fuji Province in their entire life.

  16. YEE Proud Point
    Marrying a woman from the Chinese merchant community of Southeast Asia is code among Westerners for “my wife did not marry me because she was completely desperate”.
    My wife did not marry me for MY MONEY of which I have little.
    Nor was I some old man married to a granddaughter-aged local I met in a bar.
    We are both the same age, roughly. She in fact owns the house and property we live in though I contribute $1000 a month.

  17. YEE Point of Pride
    No merchant Chinese Thai or Filipino woman tolerates an alcoholic who haunts prostitutes.
    No merchant Chinese Thai or Filipino marries a man for money, of which I have all of $1000 a month to contribute.
    A Westerner cannot be a complete derelict of his own society and marry any woman from the merchant Chinese community.
    My wife owns her house and property and did not need to marry a foreigner her own age.
    All of my recollections of life in Dubai or India were longgggg (Years, decades) before I became married.
    I’m 43 years old and a tired middle-aged man with two children of school age.

  18. “Back-migration”
    It is generally accepted and should be stated that some Native American tribes in Northern Canada migrated back to East Asia in more recent epochs.

  19. Polynesians = Descent from a few Austronesian women and many Papuan men and to a lesser extent from from Austronesian men and Papuan women. Because they existed from the intermarriage of only a small number of ancient people they are genetically non-diverse, and their phenotypes and genotypes are also different.

    Micronesians = Polynesians with extra Papuan admixture.

    Polynesians belong almost entirely to the Haplogroup B (mtDNA), and thus the high frequencies of mtDNA B4a1a1 in the Polynesians are the result of drift and represent the descendants of a few Austronesian females who mixed with Papuan males.

    The Polynesian population experienced a founder effect and genetic drift. As a result of founder effect, the Polynesians may be distinctively different both genotypically and phenotypically from the parent population from which they derived, and this is due to a new population being established by a very small number of individuals from a larger population, which causes a loss of genetic variation.

    Soares et al. (2008) have argued for an older pre-Holocene Sundaland origin in Island Southeast Asia (ISEA) based on mitochondrial DNA.[26] The “Out of Taiwan Model” was challenged by a study from Leeds University and published in Molecular Biology and Evolution.

    Examination of mitochondrial DNA lineages shows that they have been evolving in ISEA for longer than previously believed. Ancestors of the Polynesians arrived in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea at least 6,000-8,000 years ago.

  20. Polynesians fascinate me because they have Asian (SEA or Taiwan) roots and big builds. The Austronesian women they descend from must’ve been large and in charge.

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