Where Is Telegu Spoken?

Jason Voorhees: Mr. Lindsey
Telugu meaning Tamil of Southeast India. I was there once, many moons ago.

Telegu and Tamil are two different groups and languages. Tamils are indeed in SE India, but Telegu is spoken to the northwest quite a bit in a region of Andhra Pradesh called Telegana. Telegana is the far southern portion of Andhra Pradesh. It is heavily forested. There was a movement among them to break away and form their own state a while back I think. There was also quite a bit of armed Maoist activity there, but I think most of it was wiped out.
With 85 million speakers, Telegu is one of the largest world languages, but no doubt most folks have not heard of it. It has more speakers than Italian! I am not sure how far apart the Dravidian languages are from each other, but they can’t understand each other, that’s for sure.
I met two Telegus in a nearby town and I have seen photos of others, including one of the leaders of the Telegana Movement, also a Maoist, after he was released from prison. These three Telegus had quite prominent Australoid features, at least as Australoid as Tamils.

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22 thoughts on “Where Is Telegu Spoken?”

    There was a movement among them to break away and form their own state a while back I think.
    That movement was a success. Welcome to Telangana, the newest state of Southern India. Capital = Hyderabad
    Telegana is the far southern portion of Andhra Pradesh.
    It’s to the North-West of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.
    They have a rich and vibrant culture in Andhra (and Telangana) with many traditional dance forms like Kuchipudi.
    Here’s a list of major Dravidian languages.
    Tamil – 68 million native speakers. India (Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore
    Telugu – 85 million native speakers. India (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana), USA (around ~200,000 speakers mostly in and around the Silicon Valley).
    Kannada – 45 million native speakers. India (Karnataka), USA (around ~100,000 speakers mostly in and around the Silicon Valley).
    Malayalam – 40 million native speakers. India (mostly restricted to Kerala or Mumbai which has a sizeable Malayali population). Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Nearly ~5 million Kerala inhabitants are based in the Middle-East.
    Tulu – 2 million native speakers. A minority language in northern Karnataka. They practice a matrilineal culture. Famous Bollywood actresses including Aishwarya Rai and Shilpa Shetty are native Tulu speakers.

  2. Jade Goody’s old friend Shilpa was a Brahmin. This sure showed, too.
    Hyderabadis are at the bottom of the food chain among Indians in the Gulf. Along with Bangladeshis.
    Gulf Indians. LULU Shopping Center reflects how embedded the Malbaris and especially Keralites are. Muslim ones particularly. But this is nothing new. Oman and Kerala were trading thousands of years ago.
    Practice a matrilineal culture. Yes, the macho North think they are fairies.

    1. Jade Goody’s old friend Shilpa was a Brahmin.
      Not Brahmin. Shetty is traditionally a landed gentry. In Mumbai, most of the Shetties (including Shilpa’s father) are hoteliers and restaurant owners.

      1. I’ve been around Hyderbadis in Dubai. She is a Bunt and they are some offshoot of the priestly caste that migrated down from Gujarat or somewhere in the 1700’s. Or so I thought.
        George the super of my office in Dubai was Hyderabadi. And believe me, that state’s economic condition did not improve after it went independent.
        Malayalam Nairs looked down on them, if such a thing were possible. They were really at the bottom of the Gulf Indian expat food chain.
        Muslim Nairs like Lulu have been in the Gulf for so long and Yemeni and Omanis in Kerala for so many thousands of years that they have some power.
        Dubai used to run on the Rupee remember.

        1. I have never read that Bunts are Brahmins. It is highly unlikely since they aren’t engaged in priestly activities and their mother tongue Tulu is Dravidian. Tulu isn’t a dominant lngua franca so if they were Brahmins, why would they speak a tiny Dravidian language. Brahmins in S.India claim Sanskrit as their mother tongue.

    1. “” Damn ugly DraVidian’ thats rich coming from a brahmin whose clan who created a culture of shitting on the street everywhere and reveling about others sufferings. Unlike your paradise north india that reeks of shit smell everywhere and has designated shitting Streets, the south is relatively clean. Atleast shilpa shetty isnt a street shitter like ur “beautiful” north indian women.

      1. NASELVAM Cochin: A White Perspective
        A) Nair like Japanese are a homogeneous race. So it is easier for socialism to work than North India where everybody is descended from 500 different founding populations.
        B) Gulf Arabs had a long history of trade with Malbaris all the way back to when Syrians arrived their 1000 years ago from Yemen. Huge remissions.
        C) Muslim Malayalam entrepreneurs created an economy LULU etc in the Gulf Arab countries.
        D) Brahmin were kicked out in the 60’s or whatever.
        E) British had a huge impact on their way of thinking and presence.

  3. Tamil separatists assassinated former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.
    Southern India does not seem to have the same issues with sanitation, public works, crowding, etc. as North India does. Wanting to separate from India is at least understandable.

    1. 3 reasons
      A) socialism
      B) massive remissions from the Gulf Arab countries
      C) kicked out the Brahmin (Though the Syrian Christians who intermarried with Brahmin women Cochin in the 5th century are the local landowning elite)
      I lived in Kerala for 10 months in downtown Cochin.

      South Indians become poor when the go North. Or west if from the East.
      You have to remember that Northern India was once Dravidian all the way to Kashmir but Aryans, then Mongols, the Scythian tribes, then Greeks, the everybody else in Central Asia moved into the neighborhood.
      The South is so tropical that the Aryans did not want to go that far South you see.
      Kerala did socialism pretty well. Now of course this is because the West bought oil and coconut plantations and tea are their only local employer. Still, after kicking the Brahmin out they did okay-though the big landowners are Syrians descended actually from one or two apostles who sailed in from Yemen in the AD years. Or so legend goes.

  4. Shilpa Shetty or as I call her, Shilpa Shitty
    Thanks to that trashy British television show, Big Brother, this charlatan became a familiar face to the curious Westerners, and representative of beautiful Indian women abroad.
    There are far too many beautiful Indian girls that deserve a recognition ahead of this podgy, no talent actress.

    1. Redneck Cleveland Ohio welder Danny was supporting his wife singing in Cochin bars when her Sindhi agent got her on Big Boss. We met when he worked as an extra on a thing I was doing.
      She was hairy as monkey and chubby and nobody looked at this Canadian Sikh girl twice. Somebody said she was “too short” (5’4) to Danny.
      …but, look at them now.
      What a redneck that American was. Alcoholic too.

    2. Thought the same thing about that American singer’s wife when I heard from him that her Sindhi agent got her on BIG BOSS.
      She was a short chubby Canadian Sikh girl and hairy to boot. Thought she’d never go anywhere. He was a tall, tough, dangerous redneck. Bout 6’2 with cheap tattoos. Had a police record in the States and I was surprised he got into India.

    3. Brahminical/Muslims dominated film industry didn’t respect Freida pinto and many others as well because of scum like you worshipping fair skin and to top it, a fanatical hatred of Christians. Freida just gave a middle finger to you racist dickwads and is doing relatively well in the US and never misses a chance to berate you northie scums.

      1. Kollywood is an entirely different industry than Bollywood.
        Mohan Lal’s skin color did not affect him.

      2. Mohan Lal’s fans do not worship “fair skin”. Kollywood is not dominated by Brahmin.
        Pinto is obviously some Portuguese-blooded Goa family.

  5. Professor Sunit Kumar Chattopadhyay rightly refers to different Racial groups coming together to give us present South Asian Population.Ranging from (Caucasian) Aryan stock to Negrito,including Mogolian and Polynesian almost all the races are here.It was rightly said that the Polynesian touch is very clearly seen among Telugu who inhabit Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Andhra is a Sanskrit word for Telugu.Telugu people are there in other states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.They are there in Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa and Fiji Islands.
    I would like to add here a couple of points, not related though.
    In the process of evolution I think humans emerged at atleast three different places giving us atleast three ProtoRacial groups –CAUCASIAN,NEGRITO and MONGOLIAN. Dr V.Prakasam,( a Telugu)

    1. Dr.
      You’re right, they are not Dravidian people. I have never been further East than Cochin but I saw many Hyderabadis.
      India is much more complex than Dravidian and Aryan which is how the white man sees it.
      No dispute there.

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