True Crime: Todd Kohlhepp


Anyone heard of this guy? A serial out of South Carolina. Article from November of last year. They think he killed seven people. I had never even heard of this case. Wow these serials are getting so common that I am starting to miss even the big ones, and I am a serial watcher. I think this is nothing new, as it’s been going on for a while. The FBI says how many serials are running around the country at any one time? 35? More?

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  1. Robert there is a 7 part documentary called The Killing Season on A&E and it’s free with the A&E app. I highly recomment it. Law-enforcement never wants to hear the words serial killer but I think there are a great deal more than we think which are active at any given time. I highly recommend watching this documentary series, it totally changed my views on this.

  2. MEG
    It is harder for a John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer to kill 33 people in his apartment in densely-concentrated area of a city than it once was. Public surveillance, CCTV, social media, cell phone satellite towers.
    The crimes of Gary Ridgeway who killed 70 people or something could never occur now with electronic surveillance and also DNA, which caught him 30 years later or something.
    Between the genome and digital video the serial killer is caught quickly.
    Additionally, we live in a PC world where critics of the past serial killers rightly point out that the police and public ignored victims because they were black gays (Dahmer) or street prostitutes (Ridgeway) or homeless (Gacy).
    I think, thankfully, the days when a single serial killer would murder 70 people are over.

    1. But at the same time I think the serial killer who kills 6 to 7 people is much greater. Especially Long Haul serial killers (truck drivers) who kill drug addicts and/or prostitutes. Knowing that people generally aren’t gonna fight and go out of their way for these victims. Look at the woman rescued who was held captive by Todd Kohlhepp. She had her cell phone with her and they didn’t ping it to where she was being stored or where she was being held for MONTHS. I personally think that she could’ve been rescued much sooner. Or in the LISK case five victims haven’t even been identified yet. And the killer was most likely finding his victims online! There is no excuse why we don’t have the victims ID’d by now or more evidence or a named suspect, Or, best of all, the Delphi case. We have a photo and a recording of the killers voice and the police still have no named suspects….
      Yes there are more cameras and online trails to follow in this day in age. But if it is a random serial killer who chooses random victims it is still extremely hard to solve. Especial when LE doesn’t want to hear that a SK is a possibility.
      I mean also, just think of all the people who are currently missing in the US. How many John and Jane Does.
      I think because they are so trained that 99% of the time the victim knows the killer they don’t want to hear that serial killers are an option but I really do think that they are more common than people realize and it’s dangerous to under estimate the number of them.

      1. “6 or 7”
        I agree. There are a few reasons:
        Adolescent females over-exposed to Pornography becoming sadistic serial killers (Rise in female offenders) as a result of aggression fusing with their sexuality in their developing years.
        Women born before 1980 were not saturated as prepubescent girls with Internet Pornography when it had to be sought out in sleazy red-light area bookstores. Straight women born after 1980 have been bombarded with the pornographic objectification of males (From their point of view) ALL OF THEIR LIVES.
        So more female serial killers
        More “opportunity victims” because of the sinking standard of living in America: homeless, prostitutes, police overworked by rising street crime.

      2. MEG
        Proliferation of Serial Killers
        A) More straight female sexual sadistic serial killers in addition to males (Probably because of pornography and younger female adolescents exposed to it than pre-Internet).
        B) More opportunity due to wealth division. More homeless, more people of all genders trading their body for cash as the sinking economy creates bigger casual sex industry (Craiglist killer) etc.
        C) Internet.
        They will all be caught sooner than in 1991 when Dahmer was caught. The days of ridiculous numbers of serial killers are cancelled out because of DNA/surveillance.
        But you are correct that their will be more of them scattered across the country.

  3. Joanne Dennehy and the Rise of the Female Serial Killer
    You notice it among women born after 1980 or so that have been exposed to pornography on the internet their entire life (I was born in 1974).
    Internet porn has seemed to cause a fusion of sex and aggression in younger straight females.
    There are many more young heterosexual females acting out in a sadistic sexual way now than before.
    Another words we are seeing more sexual sadistic female offenders. And yes, they’ll get caught sooner.
    I’m convinced that the exposure of girls to internet porn has created a fusion of sex and aggression.

  4. Yes. I believe one of his victims escaped actually… was held and tortured in a storage container in insane heat and horrible conditions. I believe this is the same guy, killed her boyfriend prior to and also a group of people at a bike shop. His mother said he isn’t a monster 😳

    1. The bugs and the heat in SC alone in that container probably having to pee and being terrified… worst nightmare. She’s so lucky to be alive. So glad they got him.

  5. Another case where LE screwed up. The killer was using her phone, yet it took months for them to rescue her. And if it isn’t LE’s fault and it takes months to get that info from the phone company, that is a huge problem also. It’s cases like these that confirm what Robert is doing is a good thing. Real lying on LE in this case should have cost her her life and did cost her months of torture.

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