What Language Is This?

This is one of those languages that is written in its own script. If you know scripts pretty well, you should be able at least to pin down the region. All of the scripts in this area and to the east derive from one or two basic scripts which are the sources of all the rest. Most people have never heard of this language, but it is spoken by 10’s of millions of people and is one of the largest languages on Earth in terms of speakers.

బహుశా తెలుగులో “కనయాశులకం” తరువాత నాకు నచచిన పుసతకం “బారిషటర పారవతీశం”. మూడు భాగాలను ఒకే పుసతకంలో (రంగుల చితరాలతో)2011 లో పరచురించటం జరిగింది. మొదటి భాగంలో పారవతీశం గురించి అతను ఇంగలాండ కు పరయాణానికి సిదధ మవటం వరకు రాయటం జరిగింది. రెండవ భాగంలో ఇంగలాడ విషయాలు అకకడి చదువు గురించి, యుదధ వాతావరణం పారవతీశం తిరిగి సవదేశానికి పరయాణం కావడం గురించి పరసతావిసతుంది. మూడవ భాగం అతని సొంత వూరిలో అతనికి లభించే పరధానయత అతని వివాహం మరియు వకాలతా, కోరటు వయవహారాలు మరియు సవతంతర ఉదయమంలో పాలగోవటం గురించి ఉంది. మూడు భాగ

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0 thoughts on “What Language Is This?”

      1. I suppose that the script is derived from Sanskrit script. According to Wikipedia, Telugu has 85 million speakers, so it is actually larger than Italian. Since it is a Dravidian language, is it closely related to Tamil?
        Regards. James

        1. I am not sure how far apart the Dravidian languages are. They can’t understand each other, that’s for sure. Not sure how old the family is or when the languages started splitting up.

      2. Does the script used by Telugu and other languages have only capital letters, as was the case with Latin?

  1. Erev Tov, Robert.
    I used to work with quite a few Indians, and believe it is a dialect such as Benagali, Hindi, Punjabi, or Tegulu.
    I’m curious to know others thoughts, and of course the answer. What is this from?

    1. Indeed it is Indian and it may even be one of the above, but which one?
      P.S. Those are not dialects. Actually they are full-blown languages. Worse than that, Punjabi and Hindi are macrolanguages with quite a few small languages inside of them.

  2. I lived in India and that is not Hindi or Urdu. I can read a FEW WORDS of Hindi and speak some and that is not Malayalam either. At least not that I saw in Cochin.

  3. I never saw Malayalam writing like that in Cochin. It sure isn’t Hindi, which I know well and speak a little of.
    That is some Tamil or Telugu language in the Southeast. Or maybe Bengali.

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