In America, White Workers Think They Are Aristocrats

What boggles the mind is that how many of the American people (conservatives) accept aristocratic rule over rule by the people. This is a standard tenet of conservatism, so if you are a conservative, that means that you think that aristocrats should rule society, not the people as democracy demands. Conservatism by its very nature is anti-democratic because aristocratic rule can never be a democracy.
It is almost as if your average working class American thinks he is some sort of an aristocrat. Is that it? We Whites are all little rich people, little Trumps lording it over the inferior darkies? And it follows that US Whites connect popular rule or rule by the people with “Nigger and Beaner Rule.” Once again, this is exactly like Latin America, where Brown Rule automatically means Communism and is never democratic or legitimate while White rule is always democratic and just. The Latin American Whites follow the Straussian rule: the strong must rule the weak.
These White fools just don’t get the depth of their own folly. Their enemies are not the Blacks and the Mexicans and the immigrants and the Muslims like these tards think. Their enemies first and foremost are the White rich, their class enemies. So in order to form a common front against their racial enemies, White workers have lined up with their own class enemies who have proceeded to wage ferocious class war against the White workers while the workers stand up and cheer for how hard they are getting reamed. White workers are not only little aristocrats, they are masochists to boot!

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73 thoughts on “In America, White Workers Think They Are Aristocrats”

    Ferous was married to an Indian makeup artist who worked for me on a job in Dubai named Sabra.
    He worked as an electrician but was basically an alcoholic. Both were Muslim. He was always getting drunk and beating her up.
    Finally, the police were called because he was beating her up and both were deported from Dubai. But first he spent about a month in jail.
    So finally she went back to Mumbai with him.
    To this day he is probably still getting drunk and beating her up.
    In general however, this is low-caste behavior you will see in North Indian Muslims.

    I’d describe the situation as resembling England after the Normans arrived and had to start building castles to wall the unruly Briton peasants. Whites essentially have either fled to the suburbs like some of the Celtic tribes fled to Wales or they have built up walls (Subdivisions) to keep the poor out.
    The aristocracy is probably hardest on its own race, whose poor members are derided as “white trash”. It is assumed that whites who have to attend public schools in poor areas and live in these cities in the same apartments or streets as blacks or Mexicans are “white trash” whose reason for doing so is their own moral deficiency.
    In my opinion the urban working-class whites have already been chased out of a great many parts of the urban landscape already. We saw this in your own state of California in the 70’s when Oakies began fleeing Whittier or San Fernando Valley. It occurred among Polish-Americans in Detroit who moved to Warren.

  3. Norman England
    If we could draw a comparison to the UK in the middle ages the result might be the same.
    Working-class whites moved to the exurbs and suburbs like Celts retreated to Wales. We have seen this all over California where formerly working-class white areas became Hispanic that were once Jewish (Boyle heights), Irish (Whittier), Oakies (San Fernando Valley) or middle-class (Compton).
    Normans build castles and in the United States in urban areas there is the high-rise and the subdivision both separated from the poor masses by the security gate instead of by the moat and drawbridge.
    Because American is theoretically a democracy, instead of Lords and titles the determining factor is earning power.
    Therefore the poor white must either endure the deprivations of urban or semi-urban life among minorities or he must retreat to the working-class rural areas that like Wales are so remote that the masses of non-whites have no use for them.

  4. “White rich”
    The so-called white rich aristocracy also include a great many Jews, East Asians, a few South Asians, some Iranians in California.
    The poor white is actually in the worst position. As you noted, he can either endure life in working-class urban districts where the fear of minority crime exists or he can move to remote areas of the United States where less opportunity exist.
    Whites in the high 5 and 6 figure income bracket show him little sympathy. Their true disgust and contempt is really for the poor white. His economic hardships such as the sexual harassment of his daughter by minorities because he has to send his children to public schools and crimes against him are regarded as a result of his lack of education, intellect, bourgeois sensibilities.
    Middle-class whites actually created the “bedroom community” as a modern-day castle of sorts like the Normans. Geographic distance and ZIP CODES keep the unruly poor minorities out instead of the drawbridge and the moat.
    Poorer whites have to do what the ancient Britons did when they retreated to Wales foggy mountains. Places so remote and lacking in some central economy that blacks and Hispanics do not really have an value for them.
    The working-class whites will more likely be rural or exurban or suburban.

  5. Personal Reflections on being Lower Middle-Class White and the Aristocracy
    If you were a lower middle-class white with a degree from a second-rate diploma mill from Greater Detroit you have one choice: to leave.
    By the time I left Southeast Michigan at 24 the average middle-class white who worked for GM in Detroit was driving 2 hours a day to reach the downtown building.
    In my case, I fled overseas young at a time when Americans even from the lower middle or middle-class had some degree of civilization advantage.
    If you were a poor or working-class white who stayed in Southeast Michigan you were screwed. Your property values plummeted so that the sale of your house was not enough to get you set up out West.
    The white aristocracy does not feel an undue amount of sympathy for the working-class white. He flees the minorities with more urgency because they are more inclined to quick bursts of felony violence with less provocation but his attitude to the poor white is that the person has made their bed to lie in.
    Having said all this, there are very few pockets of true white aristocracy left. Some areas of the Northeast coast along the Beltway. A neighborhood or two in Chicago. The West Coast. But Detroit and many other cities/states have long been abandoned by the aristocratic white.
    In short, the white aristocrat feels no empathy for the poor white. He is often Jewish or Irish Catholic or East Asian or South Asian or Iranian anyhow. His cultural and ethnic ties to the poor Protestant Anglo-Celt who wears a GMC TRUCK Hat into a bowling alley are almost nil. If this specimen of poor whitey americus has to send his own daughters to poor public schools where they will be sexually assaulted by minorities or crack dealers jump his kids on the way to school because he called the police on them it is of no concern to the Jewish American aristocrat working in the Finance Sector.
    White Aristocrats might actually show more empathy and fondness for the poor minority whose flashy bravado and street saavy has a sort of Tony Montana or Superfly charm. But the Randy Quaid character from the Vacation series. He’s just a poor white trash mofo to the white aristocrat.

  6. These White fools just don’t get the depth of their own folly. Their enemies are not the Blacks and the Mexicans and the immigrants and the Muslims like these tards think. Their enemies first and foremost are the White rich, their class enemies.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the face (actually two faces) of rich White privilege. Don’t you simply wish that you looked like these two characters.
    if you happen to be a Trump, you can get away with “trophy” hunts in Africa. So adorable, I mean the dead cheetah.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/hunt30n-8-web.jpg
    In my next life, I’d like to be reborn as a character similar to Uday and Qusay Trump. I envy them so much.

  7. Brahmin and upper-caste Sikhs run rampant over lower-castes far more than rich whites over poor ones in the United States if one compared Manhattan to Jo-Jo, Mumbai or Delhi.
    If Trump’s kids were employing Slumdog Cannibals who preyed on local children and they walked free like the Sikh boss of your low-caste Jeffrey Dahmer did even though he PROBABLY KNEW (And possibly helped dispose) of his slumdog cannibal employee’s crimes then our society would be in trouble. Thankfully money does not equal caste yet because the racial/religious part of the equaision is missing.
    Whites Christians have no privileges over Jews or even some Gujarati merchant who owns a motel chain in the United States.
    There ARE Jews and an Indian-American or two as rich (Or richer) than Trump.

  8. Outside Russia I don’t think it is possible for white oligarchs to run rampant over other whites to the extent that say, a Brahmin can do to a low-caste Indian in Andheri or something.
    Iranian millionaires and Gujarati businessmen and of course Jews are unhindered white privilege.

  9. Once you see the way that people in 3rd world countries live, that is brown and black people, you will realize that we must PREVENT them from turning white countries into the same shitholes. Brown people have a much lower standard of living and they are willing to tolerate and live like animals. No white person can tolerate the hellish standard of living you see in South Asia or Africa.
    If we have to side with rich white elites to save our white countries from turning into 3rd world shitholes, so be it. But much better would be to side with a nationalist socialist leader. National socialism takes care of the common man (socialism) AND prevents immigrants from invading (nationalism).

    1. Jews are irritating flaming Left Wingers in politics and slippery in finance but the poor white is so wrapped in their shenanigans that they cannot grasp what a country run by a Syndicate of Brahmin or East Asian plunder monkeys would look like.
      And by the way, these folks have been the foreign agencies of globalism that sent Cletus Ray Toole’s job in the shoe factory offshore. They exerted tremendous pressure to get foreign money/investment into the economies to create a fake middle-class to take the heat off their own corruption and indifference to the circumstances of their populations.
      Mexicans are going to turn the Southwest into a hellhole in great enough numbers anyhow. But at the rate it continues Canada will be building the wall because Vermont will look like El Paso.

    2. That’s what the Alt Left is. It is national socialism (lower case). Not National Socialism, which is racist fascism. Instead we are simply socialists who also happen to be nationalists as opposed to internationalists. Face it, internationalism has failed.

    3. Magneto, rich white elites love immigration.
      It’s the conservative parties in Australia and the UK which are most gung-ho about mass immigration. Sure, they don’t praise the virtues of it, but the more labour they can bring in, the more demand for housing, the better.
      The “racist” Liberal Party in Australia were the ones who almost tripled our immigration intake. The wealthy business owners, like mining magnate Gina Reinhart, or property Tycoon harry Triguboff, Australia’s 1st and 2nd richest people, are both adamantly pro-mass immigration. They would love nothing more than the borders thrown open for exploitation of people. Gina wrote a poem about it. Triguboff wants to make us Asian.
      The idea we have to side with the ‘rich’ to protect our race is nonsense. They sell us out on ALL measures. They simply want THEIR neighborhood white, while the rest of the country gets turned into a congested mass of faceless consumers, workers and people they can generally profit off and exploit.
      The most sensible attitudes towards immigration come from working people, who actually face the brunt of mass competition for labour and living space.

      1. ASSEMBLY
        Vietnamese immigration was the fault of the United States point blank and at the top-level your own elite for whatever reason back in the 70’s was told by Nixon that for the next 20 years after the Vietnam War your country would have to be the refugee camp. Or many Nixon just did not care if the Vietnam war echoed into Australia for the next 20 years.
        I would say that Oz gangsters saw the opportunity to create a heroin industrial complex and used the Vietnamese refugee exodus as a pipeline of sorts. Same thing happened in Europe with Iraq: it became a war refugee camp while Bush like Nixon retired to write his memoirs.
        Oz Fruit Companies use to send “Picker Recruiters” to Detroit to our colleges because they wanted seasonal pickers in Australia. They seemed to want college kids and offered a so-called “Working Tourist Holiday” at high wages back then for an American young person (Like $10 Australian per hour).
        Point being that indeed your elite seem to want cheap labor.
        But Australia succeeded in created an educated middle-class country with a great many professionals. So of course you do not have the warm bodies to do the absolute worst jobs.
        Also in the Reagan era when he broke the Air Traffic Controllers union there was an enormous emigration of U.S. Air Traffic Controllers to Australia (Something like 15,000 with their families in tow) and your government encouraged this in 1981. I don’t know why.
        Pauline Hanson was more adored by America’s “respectable” middle-class (at the height of her fame circa late 80’s when she was doing US talk shows) while in Australia she was scoffed at by your middle-class.
        It has to be said, too, that Australia kind of fell out of the Anglosphere into Pacific Asia quickly. When I was young (Born 1974) Oz was still regarded by Americans as England’s California and a British colony. A Melbourne Greek would point out that this is an ignorant perception even then but Australia was re-orientated towards Asia REALLY QUICKLY in the late 20th century.

      2. ASSEMBLY
        Wealthy business owners sell to Chinese developers. His bottom line would be today, working-class whites problems with it down the road.
        It is causing Australia to split off from the Anglo-sphere but at the elite level the world is like an airport anyhow.
        Generally immigration serves some purpose for elites at one particular moment with no thought of how it will affect the working class 10 years down the road.
        Nixon for example, made some sort of arrangement with your prime minister that drowned regarding Vietnamese refugees with no thought of how that was going to affect Australia for the next 20 years.
        It was not going to affect the prime minister or his elites even though they probably figured back in 71 that Oz organized crime kingpins would used the refugees to build a heroin industrial complex in the suburbs. Sure, they figured this would happen but their own agenda was much more important than a bunch of dealers battling out in white working class areas for drug territory.
        Probably Chinese investment is bad for the working-class Australian. But no matter, it is suiting the agenda of the moment.

  10. Mr. Lindsey
    Look at America now. Employed people are either bureaucrats and civil servants (Because we need a police state and lot’s of cops) or they are service-sector automotive mechanics, plumbers, electricians you need THAT DAY to fix the problem. Middle-Class jobs associated with a higher IQ and abstract inner-life (Engineers etc) have gone overseas along with the manufacturing sector. Being a dentist is the only one that is safe and Medical Tourism was starting in the Philippines when I was there.
    So the Third World has become a second world country with a middle-class (The ruling class are still plunder monkeys of course because this has to do with the inability of tropical people to restrain their Id due to the underdevelopment of their pre-frontal cortex) and the divisions of wealth have narrowed.
    Meanwhile look at America. Wealth divisions are enormous and the middle-class is shrinking.
    Young people are more and more resigned to being police officers. Not because they want to be but because it is either be unemployed or be a guardian of the interests of the wealthy by enforcing the police state.
    Subdivisions have boomed. Places with walls and private security like I knew in Third World countries with the masses of rabble outside the castle moat.
    In effect, Globalism turned the Third World into the Second World and turned America from a First World country into a Second World one.
    After many years abroad I returned to the United States in 2007. One thing that struck me was how many normal working-class people are homeless in a city like Los Angeles. Prior to Globalism these would have been down-and-out winos, the insane from some institution closed by Reaganomics. But scary enough is that many normal lower middle-class people are homeless.
    Sure, Internationalism created a middle-class in the Third World because the Main Cholos of those places were too incompetent to otherwise create them. So Clinton created them with US Jobs.

    1. The people of the US and Europe need to demand that their businesses who outsource and use slave labor not be allowed to send products back into Europe and the US to sell. We are destroying our own nations with globalism.

      1. LYN
        How many young people in America who realistically just need a job have to become police officers?
        How many graduate students do you see unemployed. No idea your age but when I was a college graduate in the 1990’s you would get a decent job no matter what your major.
        Ever notice homeless people in America are now seemingly more normal. They were once winos or crazy or completely hooked on crack or heroin but now they are more likely to be working-class white people.
        Go into a Secretary of State. Notice how the minority bureaucrats are incompetent. Similar to a Third World country by decree they are given jobs by the government.
        We are becoming a Third World country. It happened quite quickly.

        1. Becoming police officers and joining the military- yes I see it. I also see how quickly it happened, it’s especially glaring in the last 15 years. I see entire families who are homeless. I have known people with degrees who were living out of cars. I know people that work two-three part time jobs who “couch surf” at friend’s places. I know people with full time jobs who live with 4-5 other people in a three bedroom house.
          I know there are numerous factors, but I believe that outsourcing and massive immigration is the main cause. Everyone should be protesting these globalist practices and all other grievances should be put on the back burner until it’s solved.
          I understand that health care is a mess, our “private prisons” are being filled with basically harmless stoners and all that- but if we don’t address the globalist issues, everything will be gone and no first world nation goals will even be a possibility.

      2. Protectionism doesn’t work, especially for developed countries. Because protectionism isn’t one way. You don’t allow import, you lose export.
        Developed countries have higher productivity than developing countries, therefore they have a bigger need for market than developing countries. Only a fool will cut himself off a bigger market.
        The solution isn’t stopping import, it’s increase export.

        1. YEE
          China does not export its intellectual capitol. In the choice between using an African engineer in Africa the Chinese business will send its own.
          This was true in Dubai with Chinese firms for which I did some economic intelligence surveys.

        2. Yes, we need to increase export- but that’s hard to do when first world companies move to other nations and use slave labor with no restrictions. I believe it’s possible for the US to be more protectionist and still thrive- in fact make a better life over all foe everyone.

        3. Lyn,
          What you suggest isn’t special, it called “Import Substitution Strategy”, it’s an economy policy for developing countries. It’s the main reason of the economy failure of Latin America.

        4. Yee
          So you’re saying regardless of a net trade balance, some industries will be hurt by protectionism, as even the overall importer country exports some?

        5. “The solution isn’t stopping import, it’s increase export.”
          The idea is that if you put tariffs in place, it will allow domestic firms to compete within a country, and hence grow. The goods of a foreign country are no longer affordable, aren’t purchased, and substituted with domestic wares.

        6. Yee
          Once tariffs are in place, prices will rise (whether buying domestically or not).
          That will weaken purchasing power, and the value of the currency, ironically countries with strong dollars have negative trade balances.
          Britain never adopted the EURO, and it’s pound was worth more. Considering the EU was its main trade partner, that killed industry significantly, part of Brexit anger.

        7. Beauregard,
          I’m not an economist. I only know the basic theory.
          A developed country has the advantage of high productivity, so it’s bound to produce more than it can consume.
          Take farming for example, an American farmer can farm 500 acres of land, but a Chinese farmer can only manages 5 using buffalos. So the American needs a bigger market than a Chinese one.
          It’s not just farming you have higher productivity, other industries, too. If you view the world as a whole market, protectionism is restricting yourself in 5% market share. But you actually have 18% of production capacity.

        8. Yee
          You’re not wrong from my knowledge (which is limited) I was just trying to understand what you mean.
          Options are good. It increasing standard of living.
          Even Trump supporters do not want us cut out of the global market they just want “better deals”

        9. Beauregard,
          The US is the 2nd largest exporter in the world, second only to China. Obviously, you have lots of stuff to sell to other countries too.

  11. Westerners don’t consider themselves being ruled because they’re tricked by some carefully design rituals to give them the illusion of being in charge of their world.
    Xenophobia is just the animal instinct in human, a normal behavior. A monkey of different species joining another larger group will face similar situation with that of human.
    I always think democracy is a moderndays religion, only missing a higher spirit.
    Like any religion, it holds the ultimate correctness that doesn’t allow questioning. And like Christianity and Islam, it’s monotheism. Also like older version of monotheism, it doesn’t tolerate non-followers.
    There’s no point arguing with a devoted Christian or Muslim that its just ancient time psycho-therapy at best, a tool to manipulate people for political power most of the time.

  12. No, Yee, I am talking about the policies that were prevalent in the US pre 1990s and to some extent pre 1980s. Before China was given Most-Favored Trade Status and companies were ENCOURAGED to outsource. The US did not always have these policies and we have been declining ever since.
    We have always had common sense trade. What I am talking about is not common sense trade.
    I also hate business MONOPOLIES. I don’t hate capitalism- independent businesses started by small business people. I hate monopolies that turn into crony capitalism and become oligarchies.

    1. LYN
      Correction Lyn, INDIA got our intellectual outsourcing when the internet came into the scene in the mid-1990’s.
      China got our manufacturing and this was bad enough but then half of the intellectual capitol went to India-engineers, accounts, IT.
      You might think dentists would stay in the US but when I was in the Philippines Medical Tourism was becoming a huge business. Visit a dentist and write off your trip on your taxes.
      Since this was not a big enough Golden Parachute for the CEO’s Indians were then IMPORTED as slave labor-and I did know some Indians who told me about the horrors of forking over their passport to the Main Indian Manager in Silicone Valley and sleeping 5 to a room in a Aptose condo. We created internal Indian sweatshops in Northern California.

      1. These issues weigh on me heavily. If people really cared about the world they would constantly protest this globalism abomination. I’m a woman, but it confuses the hell out of me when women protest against “White male privilege” and god knows what. Globalism will bring the entire west down- all the women and minorities in the west will go down with the White men. It’s happening right before their eyes and all they do is parrot the same old tired, stupid lines. The people of the western nations have got to work TOGETHER on this issue and stop staying separated by their “racial and gender” roles whining about side issues when it’s all being destroyed equally for everyone.

        1. LYN
          White privilege is the least of a Chicano’s problems in the age of globalization. When I lived in Phoenix I was struck by how primitive the Mexican Indians were. What happens when the last Anglo councilor throws in the towel along with the remaining whites and the leave the neighborhood to become a barrio? How much does it improve?
          Do you hear China or other G-7 Nations complaining about America’s white privilege? Do you think they would want Chicanos with their finger on the nuclear trigger or some black gangster-despot who smoked crack every 20 minutes.
          How often does the Main Cholo or Main Brother change in South America or Africa? China and Russia can ignore that because they cannot do any damage outside of their region but the U.S. has to big of an arsenal.
          White privilege is what prevents China from exploiting the U.S. even worse.

        2. LYN
          But your other point is equally valid: corporations, aided by cheap labor overseas, destroy local economies.
          I grew up in a small-business neighborhood of an ethnic community: Germans owned the Breweries and the furniture stores-they made it themselves; Italians owned the restaurants (along with a few Chinese) and Jews owned the Delis; Irish owned the bars. This was a college/factory town.
          Wal-Mart and other franchises wiped it out. The downtown became one great big crackhouse and rat infested cesspool populated by junkies and pimps.
          The only standing businesses are liquor stores and a bail bonds.
          It happened in 10 years.
          So not only is it globalization but also corporations that wipe out the middle class.

        3. LYN
          Chicano and blacks will have a great deal of “privilege” in a world run by non-whites whose first instinct at an America run by some syndicate of Chicano gangsters or blacks would be “Let’s nuke them because an Aztec or a black has their hand on a nuclear trigger”.
          The Mexican is not half-Anglo. He’s half Mediterranean. Which is sort of a primitive intellect combined with a half-assed manana “it’s good enough” mentality.
          East Asia would not exploit that. Nor would they care about all the nuclear weapons the Head Cholo or the Main Negro of the week had his finger on.
          Been to former colonies run by British? These are the ones where white males were allowed to bring their families which kept the base tendencies of all males under control.
          I’m white and lived my whole life overseas.
          Talk to the old-timers. Or I did in the late 90’s when I got overseas. British rule and white privilege did not seem so bad to them. Many of them missed it. These were the ones too old to be trying to get to Britain or Europe, which all the young people wanted to do.
          Subtract white privilege and you have Detroit, Tucson etc.

    2. LYN
      “Declining ever since”
      Not everybody can work in fast food can they?
      I left the United States in the 1990’s and although technology has improved the standard of living seems to have declined as you said.
      It is ironic because although Americans were watching VHS when I left in 1999 you never saw a family of homeless people or adults sharing a house or any of the things you mentioned.
      Oh, I agree that the War on Terror and illegal immigration contributed to it-I was on Phoenix streets in 1998 and even then it resembled Mexico in some places.
      But the decline happened fast. Fifteen, twenty years. Nobody at the height of prosperity in the Clinton years could imagine an America where people with masters degrees lived in their car.
      “Private prisons” where else are you going to put vast numbers of human bodies and why not circulate money in order to accomplish this? The government cannot pay for the number of people simply arrested for vagrancy, much less the ones who get caught selling marijuana to make their rent or pay their cable bill.

  13. YEE
    Democracy and capitalism are too different things. Sweden is democratic but the wealthy pay higher taxes. The problems the U.S. faces are not so much a matter of “democracy” but a matter of taxation.
    The religion you refer to is consumerism. The problem is that when a nation is nothing but consumers who produce nothing it is not a religion.
    Also, Eurasians are Arctic people from Northern Spain East to Beijing. Our IQ is 105 on the same latitude from East to West.
    When you enter Southwest Chinese Muslim territories full of people who are not Han Chinese you yourself deal with trying to incorporate them into collectivism.
    Design rituals. I’m sad to say that much of democracy is determined by big business interests able to donate. This happens in China of course, but more to local ministers than to the person elected. Mao was, if nothing else, incorruptible.
    Another issue is the pure capitalism creates a 1% that is responsible to nobody. Yes, of course China has capitalists and some of them engage in fraud or corruption or would bribe a 4 year old to get his candy if they wanted it but the poor are more likely to be dragged along by collectivism. The U.S. relies on trickle-down economics or the idea that rats can nibble at garbage outside of a restaurant if it does enough business (basically how the rich feel about the poor in America).
    I will add that Hong Kong always had a Chinese middle class. Before and after the British. So some degree of protectionism is practiced by the Chinese government to prevent intellectual capitol-jobs of engineers, accountants, IT-from going to cheaper countries.
    The downside of democracy is that the leaders we elect have a four year agenda and then their gone with no regard for how those policies are going to affect anyone down the road. Your leaders are in the chair for 30 years and with that comes the consequence of facing their actions down the road.
    Take Bush. You would have been quite young when he was elected, maybe in your teens. I was in my mid-20’s.
    Where is he now? He and the lobbies whose interests drove him are long gone but the problems he created are still haunting the world such as a destabilized Middle East and refugees pouring into Europe and, to an extent, even the Uighur issue of Western China.
    Leaders elected democratically-usually by business interests if they are GOP-are here this year and gone the next year. Bush is now retired in Texas somewhere, his money long since made even as the country ran up trillions for useless wars that did not even the deliver the oil America was promised.

    1. TRASH,
      You think you can choose a leader to do things representing your interests. This is what I meant “carefully design rituals to give them the illusion of being in charge”.
      It’s an illusion because no matter who you elect, he serve the oligarchy. Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama/Hillary, they all push globalism and war.
      I’m not saying your system is bad. It makes sure you have a government that doesn’t lord over you, but it also make sure the rich part of the “people” do. Everything has a price.

      1. YEE
        Government does not lord it over you. No but the rich do and in raw capitalism the rich are often accidents of supply and demand as oppose to geniuses. Your leaders are selected on capability as oppose to popularity.
        Our leaders are the “lesser of two evils”. Hillary Clinton had the weary and sick-of-everything look of an old Mama San but KNEW BETTER than to behave like Trump. She’d been in politics for thousands of years and knew the rules of the card came she was playing. Trump was a landlord and has behaved like a man who collects rent for a living probably would: threats.
        An Oligarchy is always going to exist to some degree so it is a matter of how much taxation they are willing to accept for the rest of society.

        1. But fundamentally not much difference.
          I think in the long run, both your system and ours will go to the middle ground.
          Pure communism didn’t work, but pure capitalism is having problems too. Perhaps a hybrid system is the answer. Perhaps Francis Fukuyama was wrong, the US way is not ” The End of History”.

  14. LADIES
    For other countries to be dependent on the consumer base for their manufacturing sector is NOT GOOD for China either. Their economy is then dependent upon foreign consumer demand. This is not a great thing for China to be reliant on the whims of the US consumer.
    Lyn is referring to Corporatism essentially. The destruction of small businesses by franchises which has wiped out the local hardware store when Wal-Mart came to town (Which allows corporations to forbid unions, lower wages, wipe out a downtown turning into a mini-Detroit).
    This has not occurred yet in India or China partly because the price of a Starbucks is too high. If American franchises did wipe out every local business in Hong Kong it would wipe out the middle-class.

    1. China is trying to do the same thing in Africa the US has done to China in the 80s.
      Trying to moving some labor intense industries to Africa, and open their markets for our products. After all, if you want Africans to buy your staff, you must give them some jobs, otherwise they don’t have money to spend.
      Let’s see if it can turn out better for us than for the Americans….

      1. YEE
        Did not want to see a cat fight because both Lyn AND you are right.
        Lyn is absolutely correct about corporations destroying the US economy through monopoly while you are right about import substitutions.
        What the two members of the better gender fail to see is that US capitalism has no social safety net and even if it did when MIDDLE CLASS PROFESSIONS like engineering go to India…this is when the economy is dire trouble.
        Not that losing the manufacturing sector is a good thing but when engineering jobs and IT go to India and that kind of income leaves the economy…then you have nothing but a consumer economy left that produces, well, nothing.

      2. YEE
        Chinese have been been doing business in Africa since that famous navigator. Nothing new.
        Africans probably won’t complain either.

  15. (Found at another site)
    Poison for thought: US has 50,000 coal miners and also 30,000 highly-paid port workers. About time to make it a 2020 election issue or start a Butlerian Jihad. Seems historically US longshoremen are as fond of strikes as the UK coal miners.
    L.A. automated container port:
    33,270 port workers on N. America West coast
    Comapred to 50,000 US coal miners

  16. White Privilege
    To the extent that a New Jersey Sicilian has any privilege over an El Paso Chicano of about the same coloring I am unaware.
    Jews who do not look that white and East Asians have never complained about white privilege. Possibly because their IQ is the same or even 5 points higher than that of an Anglo-Saxon.

  17. I will never understand the extreme bigotry of the readers of this blog towards us, third world people with low IQ:
    All the problem Americans have ARE self inflected, the fact is, life expectancy in the third world is increasing while in the US is falling, particularly among whites.
    I can take my white friends (as a I live in Europe, I’m Colombian) to the poor town where I was born, and they won’t be attacked by these horrible mud people with an IQ of 84 you are always mentioning. Wait for a moment before you all explode:
    Violence in Latin america is a big city problem, specially in the slums of huge cities like Bogota (ciudad Bolivar), Medellin (Barrios populares). These slums were a product of a incredible fast emigration in a short period of time from rural areas caused by (mostly political) violence.
    I said Americans’s problems are self inflected, because, you vote in cultural issues, while the rest of the world, even here in Europe, vote in CLASS issues. Why is abortion still an issue in America? Why
    Why this is not an Issue here in EU?
    I’m aware about the IQ of whites vs black and Latinos, but Why Do you even care?
    Whites with avg IQ of 100 vote in cultural issues like abortion, gay marriage, guns, “Manhattan and San Francisco elites are being mean to me”
    IQ is such a predictor here.
    Blacks with avg of 80-90 and Latinos with 84-95 vote like the rest of world, including high IQ Europeans.
    As I have said. It’s your fault. Even if you get rid of all those low IQ mud people, middle American cultural stupidity won’t go away.
    Yes, my English sucks, but at least, I’m aware of my social class and I will never vote against my economic interest.

      1. Yes, your readers mostly. Look an extremely powerful example:
        The economic crisis here in Spain was horrendous, the jobless rate was like almost 30%
        Spaniards are not PC people, and they don’t like immigration much, but because austerity of the right-wing PP (partido popular) the left has resurrected, although divided.
        Notice the difference: Spaniards are not pc on immigration issues but they did not sacrifice their class struggles in the name of culture wars.
        We still have universal health care here. It’s one the best of the world. Life expectancy here is still increasing: 87 Women, 81 men. Can you believe it, despite of the brutal “crisis” ?
        The universal health care here works this way:
        (I know you speak Spanish)
        Schedule with your assigned Doctor
        The Doctor orders another schedule for multiple blood samples of all kind diseases imaginable, not only glucose or cholesterol
        The diagnosis: The Doctor prints a paper with the your medicines and the system recharges an ID card that everybody has.
        I go to the pharmacy with the health care card and the pharmacist check in their system the medicines they can sell me.
        The pharma bill is usually 0.19 € for my metformin and 0.20 for enalapril and 2 € for the insulin, as I’m diabetic.
        1, 2, 3 steps are totally free. You wait for the results for about 3 weeks.
        Could believe that? That’s how the system works here.
        More examples:
        Sometimes I have to wait more than 5 minutes in the pharmacy: a lot of old people are waiting for their medicines.
        I have seen people paying with just a coin of 1 € an entire bag containing boxes of pills
        For the high blood pressure
        For the heart failure
        Pain killers.
        And other stuff I did not recognize.
        Americans could enjoy this kind 1st world health care if you start dropping the culture wars bullshit.

        1. SOCIAL DEMOCRAT Culture Wars
          Defining “illegal immigration”. At the bottom of this is the ancient Red Man/White Man conflict forming the psyche of the British farmers who formed the middle of the United States. His ancestors fear that Mestizos (Red Man) will reclaim the land. Behind the “immigration issue” veneer is the primitive White-Red conflict that has always been at the bottom of US history. Your own Spanish ancestors were not farmers but merchants, traders, priests who integrated with Indians so this Red Man-White Man issue has never been at the bottom of your society.
          You have to remember that the low IQ whites in the middle of the United States who are equivalent to jungle Indians in Colombia vs Bogata Spanish in terms of their backwardness can be manipulated to vote for ANYTHING big business, oil or Israel wants them to.
          They will always outnumber Blue State educated liberals because they have larger families. It is victory from the cradle for them.
          As for health care, Americans can look 10 miles over the border for the solution but capitalism of the rawest drives their own medical industry.

        2. Social Democrat
          I am an American who lived in Canada and the lines in hospitals were so long that a two-tier system was being proposed to force wealthier people into paid healthcare.
          I’m not exactly saying you are wrong but the system of neither wealthy nor poor paying for medical care does create “long lines” as you say.

          Without knowing you as an educated Colombian overseas I know right away you are A) urban B) family Gallegos/Catalan with some relatives in Spain.
          This is to say you are something of a hypocrite.
          Amerindians in the States and Canada are not living in shanties like they are around your Haciendas in Latin America trying to get table scraps. You have never SOLVED your Red Man/White Man issue. Not even gave them a casino.
          The “Anglo” shelters and feeds the Red Man and keeps him away from booze.
          Your Indians are primitive I know. Ours, especially in Canada, are more similar to East Asians so they are no different than a Chinaman in New York except for going crazy with the booze.
          Nevertheless the poverty of Indians outside your Basque Catalan people’s Haciendas down there is staggering. You ignore them cruelly.
          The Anglo is coping with your Red Man/White Man problem because they cannot get table scraps from you. So it is somewhat hypocritical for you to accuse the Anglo of being ignorant when he has to feed, shelter and clothe your Indians.

      This is what you are observing. Middle America must be between 80th and 85th percentile.
      With information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the price index in the U.S. has risen 45% since 2000, but the median income just 26%.
      That’s a 13% decline in real terms
      Possibly more people could be joining the work force and family incomes look less dire, but that’s doubtful.

        “Since 2000”
        I left the United States in 1999 and it happened when Bush was elected. Plain and simple it fell directly downwards in terms of purchasing power.
        When you were born in 1994 15 year old boys were assistant managers in McDonald’s and people bought McMansions the year they graduated from university.
        Nowadays people your age live 10 to a 3 bedroom house or more often when you are 25 you are still living at home.
        You cannot remember when the US had roughly the same standard of living as the rest of the First World but this fell during the Bush administration like a fart in a spacesuit.
        Now the 1% still owned all the wealth in America back then but there WAS MORE for the other 99%.

        Well not everybody can work in fast food. What is left when you a) remove the manufacturing sector and b) send the intellectual capitol to India, Asia.
        Medical Tourism was starting in the Philippines when I left so even the dentists in the U.S. are in fear of their jobs.
        What is left? Grown men doing teenager’s jobs for allowance wages? Gee, that will spike the purchasing power right up.
        Not to mention illegal immigration, which apparently puts the rest of the working-class out of work.
        Finally as Lyn points out you have the corporations which simply erased small businesses-which the GOP were able to convince the Redneck with his 89 IQ into believing was the result of taxing the rich! Having been to Canada I’ll say this ain’t so but the Flyover Prole does not travel or even look over his border so he cannot factor this into his sub-100 IQ vantage point.

        To truly appreciate the decline from the late 90’s you must be away about 10 years (as I was). Here is what you observe:
        Far more police. A police state presence. You notice this in America. It looks like an African tinpot dictatorship where 17 years old soldiers carry rifles everywhere.
        Homeless families. This used to be associated with India. Every American, even blacks and other minorities, had a house no matter how shitty.
        Occupations. Grown men doing teenager’s jobs. Fast food is all that is left when a) manufacturing goes to China b) small business is wiped out by corps c) immigrants apparently (Though I saw few Latinos in Michigan where the immigrants were all from Germany or Poland) d) intellectual capitol going overseas like engineering jobs.
        What’s left? Plumbers and cops/civil servants there when you need them.

    2. “Self-inflicted”
      Our low IQ whites are the equivalent of your jungle Indians and our jungle stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles. Their IQ is about 100 and they can be harnessed by a few big interests in Manhattan like Big Oil or Big Business to vote/participate in anything that makes these folks money.
      Try comparing a Bogata Gallego to a jungle Indian and you get an idea of the “cultural distance” between the Blue State Democrat and the redneck of Alabama or Florida.
      Here’s a core difference. The jungle Indians of Colombia are small in number compared to your urban Gallegos population so they are simply ignored. In the United States the redneck out-breeds the urban or suburban democrat by 4-to-1 so they have a greater number of votes-victory from the cradle, if you will.
      Like the Spanish convincing the Colombian Indians to fork over their Gold the Washington DC GOP lobbies can convince the low IQ redneck to vote or support ANYTHING.

      The poverty of your pure Indians is astonishing. Staggering. Your blacks are not much better off, no, but it is your “Indios” that look like they are living in Zimbabwe.
      North America COPES with your unresolved class (Colonization) issue. Your Indians, another words.
      Gallegos whites let your Amerindians nibble at the trickle down like rats around garbage so naturally he comes North for Anglo table scraps, which you Basque won’t give the Indian (An educated Colombian is always Basque for some reason).
      Granted, they are primitive Austronesian Asian people with an IQ of 70 and it takes all sorts of social programs to keep them fed and clothed and away from the alcohol but you Gallegos Basque do not even pretend to give a single rat’s ass.
      (I can lay odds your family is Basque or Catalan from Northern Spain and urban and privileged without even knowing anything about Colombia).
      So you have Zimbabwe outside your Haciendas.
      If you built your Indians casinos and fed and clothed them like North Americans do than they would not have gone on the rampage in Miami during the 1980’s when cocaine was so popular-though the Anglo paid for this crisis with his addiction and the Mestizo organized it.
      I’d say Colombia has class issues tied into the original Red Man/White Man (Gallegos vs Indian) issue. Your society is built on it and your Indians get nothing.
      America does not have a high enough population of Indians to face such a problem (British farmers whose descendants are known as rednecks wiped them out totally) but we too have a huge IQ gap between the poor white in the middle of the country and the East Coast democrats. Our jungle Indians are a vast number of voters between Chicago and Las Vegas. People like Bush can exploit their stupidity by convincing them to vote for anything that his financial backers in Big Oil, Corporations or Israel see order him to do.

      1. Hey, I’m not a fan of Latin American politics, the fact is, I have a deep/extreme hatred of that horrible class/caste racist system that dooms so many people to poverty and social exclusion.
        There is not excuse for white poverty in the US. Stop blaming immigration. Even if you can prove immigration is bad for low IQ, low skilled whites, that will never justify the health decline of white Americans. You can still have a country with large unemployment, but with good social/health care.
        Why poor white Spaniards can live 80+ years while poor Whites in KY and WV live less than 70? Where is the immigration problem?
        According to Jorge Borjas, illegal immigration decrease the incomes of low iq/skilled Americans by 3% annually. It’s not a insignificant number, but it’s not very alarming one.
        I will never justify illegal immigration and I’m not for open borders. That’s a libertarian idea from reason mag and the cato institute.
        But the US is a wealthy country that could offer excellent health care to poor low skilled whites, while they still can have low paid menial jobs.
        I’m not going to defend Colombia, because it’s a right.wing country but the situation of the Indians you are mentioning is improving, the want their own virgin lands, which the government is slowly providing .
        There are not voter suppression laws against poor people in Colombia.
        Stop demonizing the mestizos and learn some facts:
        The US had the power and the money to stop the demographic explosion in Latin America. Lefty government have been historically for decreasing the fertility rate of poor women, just compare the birth rate of Cuba with those of central America
        1.62 births per woman (2014 Cuba
        2.38 births per woman (2014) Honduras
        2.26 births per woman (2014) Nicaragua
        3.21 births per woman (2014) Guatemala
        That is embarrassing for the USA, try to refute this.
        100% of all family members ( a mixture of low and middle class, they are not ultra poor or ultra rich) have voted for lefty parties and we were always for birth control, even abortion.
        The Latin American left tried for years of expand access to contraception. But the US has supported ultra-catholic reactionary right-wing governments brutally opposed to those policies.
        Bolivia wants to legalize abortion. Evo Morales is an ultra-lefty
        Guess the pro-American institution opposed to this.

        1. Health Decline
          The US healthcare system is screwed and we all know that. For that matter raw capitalism does not leave old people able to dance in Discos like German retirees do in Madrid (I’m German American). We all know that too. No quarrel there.
          US Support for Right-Wing South America
          You being Basque or Galician (How do I know this?) KNOW that Gallegos in charge in Latin America ARE EXPERT NEGOTIATORS with the US elite in DC. Cruz, Castro, Pinochet etc.
          Even in Miami the Gallegos (Cubans like Cruz) are right-wing capitalists who show little desire to concern themselves with the plight of the black, the Indian or for that matter the redneck (Who was driven out).
          Therefore there is little the US can do for Latin America. Which of course the GOP does not want to do anyhow. They MIGHT value illegal immigration or so the theory goes, as Canada does not have any. They do not even have illegal American immigration. So on some level the US elite want illegal immigrants don’t they?
          Spanish elderly
          American elite feel like Arabs in Alhambra in the 10th century. Their feelings towards the peasantry are a mixture of contempt and stinginess. Being raw capitalists they intend to do little but exploit poor white stupidity for the Big Business interests they serve like Bush did (Invade Iraq or Arabs will parachute into Alabama). Even this usually ends badly (with a load of refugees in Europe and no oil) for the GOP. And will for Trump.
          European (And East Asian countries) see the country as a family where the dim younger brother must be looked after (Same tribe) but US whites cannot bear to see other races get their tax money even if it betters society.
          In America the rich share no common kinship with the poor whatsoever. So instead of a social safety net they create a harsh police state and privatize prisons so the number of poor locked up for life for stealing a bottle of liquor three times can make them money.
          Unless the society is a tribe there is little safety net and instead fury at the “apes” (Blacks) or “savages” (Indians) getting my damn tax money (Even though the poor whites own roads are falling apart).

        2. Jason, why should whites give their tax money to other races when those races have proven themselves to be worthless parasites? We give them our tax dollars in the form of welfare and in gratitude they beat and kill whites. They are a vicious parasite and you can’t blame white people for no longer wanting to support these subhuman parasites.

  18. SOCIAL DEMOCRAT Interesting Question
    I’m German-American and spent enough time in my grandparents Bavaria to answer it:
    Poor Colombians in New Jersey arrive in poor Italian neighborhoods.
    They end up imitating “Guidos” and assuming the macho defiance of the Italian-American for example.
    Actually Colombians actors from New Jersey PLAY Italians on shows like the Sopranos
    Their is not as much sympathy for the immigrant in America. Trump’s father is an immigrant anchor “baby” but Germany deported him anyhow.
    Europe is a softer place to land for the immigrant.
    This is poor white behavior taken to its extreme.

  19. YEE
    When it comes down to it, greed is legalized in the United States while it under-the-table in China. Therefore your government has to pay the lip service of medical care etc. for the poor while in America corporations can lie to the poor stupid white peasant who votes for the GOP by saying this will destroy small business…when in fact most socialist countries like China’s middle class is based on small business.
    Now of course you have corrupt ministers. But technically their bribery is illegal and your collectivism was a reaction to being exploited for centuries. So your government has to grant its citizens inalienable rights to medicine etc.
    For these reasons the huge amount of money that the 1% make from exports is not exactly trickling down.
    Another aspect of this wealth division is that China does not play with its own reserves or stock value as often. It devalues its own currency, but this has a net affect. When the US 1% or banks pull some horrendous scam it is the rest of the population that end up in the road. Your own businessmen and banks are held responsible by a government that tolerates free enterprise to an extent but not all out exploitation.

  20. That was something you watched on TV. The majority of Colombians are socially conservative people.
    Hispanics can be pro-white, seriously.
    Hispanics like Ted Cruz are the product of the Latin American caste system. That’s the reason a wing of GOP is pro-Hispanic: They love our racist/classist caste system, which is inherently anti-black and pro-white.
    The problem is that the majority of Spaniards are lefties. Galicia, the Comunidad Autonoma, is a right wing place, while Catalunya and Andalucia are strongholds of the historically anti-monarchic Spanish left.
    So Latin American descendants of Galician immigrants are right-wingers, while those of Andalusian extraction are lefties. Andalusian immigrants were the first immigrants that came to the American continent, while the Galicians that arrived in the XIX were conservatives farmers.
    More things about Galicia:
    Franco was gallego
    The founder of the current right-wing PP (it used be “alianza popular”) was Manuel Fraga, another gallego
    Galicians control the cocaine market in Spain.
    They are the target of butt-jokes, because they have a strong/strange accent, and speak another language in rural areas, el gallego.
    The right-wing franquista PP has perpetually ruled that place since Spain is a democracy.
    20 yeas ago there was a serious ecological incident, the prestige. It was the only time they switched to the socialists. 4 years later, they returned the franquistas to power.
    Fidel Castro is gallego. His sister is still alive and currently lives in Galicia.
    Galicia (Spain has a pseudofederal system) has one of the worst demographic crisis in Europe. The regions does not even attract immigrants and is losing population.
    There is research in Spain about why Galicians are so conservative, really. The rest of the country has opened to Podemos, a real old left party, but this region has resisted. Even Madrid, that used to be a stronghold of the PP; the capital is governed right now by Manuela Carmena, a former communist. She won the election with a coalition of 10 small lefty parties, “Ahora Madrid”.
    The Cuban exile is, of course, overwhelmingly Galician.

    1. I’ve been in Spain and the Gallegos come from an isolated cold Northern province so of course they are losing population.
      Andalusia is the other side of the country in the South with some Arab influence (Alhambra for example).
      “Gallegos” is a slang that Chicano people in America use for Cubans and South American whites which led me to assume they came from Galicia.
      Living in the Phoenix barrio I observed that Mexican-Americans would call a Cuban or Puerto Rican Hispanic a “Gallegos”.

    2. “Gallego” was a word I heard the Arizona Latinos use to describe Cubans and Puerto Ricans who were white. Sometimes it has a pejorative meaning.
      Andalusia is at the bottom of Spain and seemed half-Arab when I went there (Only for two weeks). Alhambra etc.
      Coming from Dubai-where I lived for seven years-I was surprised at how Arabic the South of Spain is.

    Actually the Hispanics in Texas are not Andalusian. Many for some reason came from the Canary Islands. I must make a correction there. Don’t ask me why Canary Islanders decided to immigrate to Texas but it got a great many of them.

  22. Another reason the rich, the employers, and middle managers in India have to enforce discipline on their workers to the point of abuse is that if they didn’t, no work would ever get done. Indians are the laziest race of people on earth. You literally have to beat them like animals to get them to do anything. Indians are a subhuman race and the only way to motivate them is thru force. There’s no real difference between animals and Indians.

    1. Why do you choose to live there, Magneto? I worked in India off and on, partied in Goa but I knew from day one that living there would drive me crazy.
      What motivates you to remain in India. Southeast Asia is about as cheap if you are an economic migrant like me (White guy living cheap another words).
      What is your story? Married to an Indian girl? On the run from the law in Europe?
      Just curious.

    Cruz. The guy actually would have been a better choice then Trump. Sure he was probably racist Creole (Or whatever they are called by other Latinos) and elitist and has some weird religion but he was a professional politician.
    In the choice between a landlord who was filing bankruptcy all his life and Cruz I’d have picked Cruz.

  24. OK, this is easy to explain:
    White workers, like say in the Civil War, did not benefit from plantations, but they did get a trickle down of the wealth. In other words, the plantations made a lot of lower level jobs. That’s why they all fought for the south. It wasn’t just to be bad-ass and fly that cool flag.
    So the same is true now. If some white worker goes to Iraq and dies for Bush, he probably knows he will lose, but he gets to be a bad-ass for the ladies back home – and also he gets a good paying job – especially if he can also get on as some private contractor.

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