Dating an Indian Man

From the comments, one British woman’s experience in dating a wealthy Indian man. Her experience seems to be quite typical. Lousy cultures produce lousy people who then produce lousy cultures that produce more lousy people. Ok we are chasing our tails here, but the point stands. These Indian men really are some of the lousiest men on Earth, sad to say. It is possible to be a decent Indian man, but I would think that first of all, you would have to reject a lot of Indian culture. I don’t see how you can stay in Indian culture and be a decent person. The culture’s poisonous and everyone in it gets tainted whether they want to or not. It’s like a law of nature. You throw some good food into a pot of spoiled food, stir, set it aside, and now what? The good food’s rotten too. To be fair though, I doubt if the American rich are any better than this. She could have been describing anyone from the Kushner or Trump families. The rich are pretty much crap everywhere on Earth. Once again, it’s a law of nature. It’s pretty hard to make a bundle without turning into some sort of criminal, either a “legal criminal” like Trump or an illegal criminal like Millken and the rest. If you want to make a pile, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Real dirty.

I dated a Indian man. I’m a woman from the UK. He was indeed a pig, and thought he was royalty. He told me one of his parents would sleep in the same room with him every night until he was 15/16… That his father had cheated on his mother (why would you tell your son that?). We went on a trip together in his car, I didn’t like how fast he was going 140 mph! But he wouldn’t listen, instead he said to me. “It’s a beautiful day to die”. Recently he laughed at me for being “poor”. He would laugh at people poorer than him and he would lie about how much money he had and the things he owned. It was the worst experience I have had dating wise physically and psychologically although I had a strong mother figure, so he could not put me down as easily, which infuriated him. He was sexually violent on one occasion. He got arrested for drink driving in Birmingham, so his company sent him back to India and made him Director there. They should have fired him, but he is friends with the founder’s son. He told me him and the founder’s son were on a nature reserve somewhere, drunk and hungry so they killed a piglet and ate it. I’m not sure if this is true, but it wouldn’t surprise me, as I have met his friend, and although he was not Indian, he was a entitled little prick (He stuck his genitals in my face and kept talking about how great it was). I told him if he ever did that to me again he wouldn’t have one anymore. Apparently this friend also drove his car into someone and killed them but paid them €50,000 to keep quiet. Who knows if this is true…I learnt a big lesson last year: if that is what it means to have money, I don’t want to be anywhere near it. That’s the elite, people, the

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39 thoughts on “Dating an Indian Man”

  1. Just because you dated one mentally sick psychopath who happens to be an Indian, doesn’t mean that all Indian men are like that. He wasn’t brought up well. Period. And in Indian culture, there are gender roles which you will have to fulfil irrespective of your financial status. That’s the problem with white women, seeing everything with their blinded feminist ideology. I know Western women married to Indian men and they are pretty happy.

    1. Generally this is low-caste or by extension Muslim behavior. Maybe a few Brahmin or Parsi act this way but if I had to lay odds I’d say she dated a Muslim Punjabi from North India.
      Barring the slaughter of the pig on the nature reserve (Urban South Asians on a Nature Reserve?”
      Most anti-social behavior will be North Indian and lower-caste/Muslim. It will often be alcohol related.
      One Indian poster remarked that the North Indian had no “Superego” and this actually fairly accurate. So this is why England sees so much anti-social and disruptive behavior from Pattans, Punjabis and Bangladeshis while the United States does not because its own Indian-Americans are technocrats or merchants from the higher echelons of the three forward castes.

    2. vid, stop denying it. Rich indians are the biggest assholes on earth. Don’t fucking deny that. Now I do agree with you that white women are fucking feminist cunts too, but actually white women and indian men are very similar. Both are arrogant, selfish, immature, etc. I guess indian men and white women deserve each other.

      1. MAGNETO
        Well the girl’s story exemplifies this: she wanted a bit of the rough stuff and exotica that some boring white automotive mechanic in her middle-class or working middle-class neighborhood could not deliver.
        So she found some sweaty macho Punjabi guy with a rich father in a bar whose masculine indifference to the societal norms of a white country lubricated her, so to speak.
        Pretty soon his equally brutish friends were sticking their genitals in her face to demonstrate their deep respect for white women.
        But not to fear because at the end of the day his parents will arrange a marriage with some other member of their community and he won’t care because the white woman was boring to him by then.
        So it is another case of white women being used by brutish men of other races like Tyrone Da Bone or Ricardo Vasquez whose sense of masculine confidence seemed so exciting.
        And if she were pregnant the Punjabi would blow away like the wind. “Ain’t mine, bitch” he would think as he left no forwarding address.

    1. That is indeed how it works in India. You could literally kill someone and just pay off the police and they won’t prosecute you or anything.

  2. FEROUS & SABRA Tale of an Indian Wife-Beater
    Sabra was a low-caste Muslim woman who worked as a makeup artist for a company that I was hired by in Dubai.
    Her husband Ferous was an electrician and good at his job but was an alcoholic. They were both from Mumbai but their parents were Pakistanis or grandparents.
    Ferous was always getting drunk and beating her up. Eventually he was arrested in Dubai for it and deported after spending about a month in jail. This I heard from another co-worker when I asked where Sabra had gone.
    She was deported too.
    She finally called me up, one time, back in Mumbai and poor to ask for $50. I Western Union’d it to her.
    Never heard from her or Ferous again but I bet he is still beating her up.

  3. UK Immigration and Kate’s Ordeal
    At the bottom of this is the UK immigration policy that allowed a greater number of Pattans, Punjabis, Bangladeshis and North Indians in general onto British soil.
    The United States, whose immigration policies always attracted the high-caste technocrats and Hindu merchant castes from Gujarat managed to screen out a great deal of the social pathology displayed by South Asians in the UK or Europe. This is because they were not low-caste or Muslims.
    Generally the three-forward castes will behave better. At least one Brahmin or Parsi has probably been a psychopath who hit his wife but generally the UK no-go areas are a result of charming specimens like Kate’s companion arriving from Northwest India.
    I’d lay odds on his particular background: He’s NOT from India but a Paki. If he is Indian, he is Punjabi. But probably a low-life Pattan.
    In economic terms, more Indian companies are likely to have opened their headquarters on UK soil. This then results in instances like the drunk-driving incident.

    1. Agreed, Punjabis are the lowest form of life on this earth. Indians in general aren’t really assholes. It’s the PUNJABIS that are fucking complete monsters. And Punjabis aren’t really indians, they are descedents of the Arab invaders of North India. So actually we’re talking about the Arab race here. Arabs are the lowest scum on earth and I am very happy America invaded two Arab countries and slaughtered millions of them. The only tragedy of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars is that we didn’t kill far more of them.

      1. Punjabi are not very intelligent either. You can reason with a timid black Dravidian Indian but the Punjabi is a sweaty wop macho grease-ball who makes everything a testosterone fest.
        Generally they are not intelligent so they mistake things for a slight on their manhood easily or just get angry because they do not understand abstract concepts.
        They are big brainless Arab scimitar wielders.
        No surprise that Canadian cities echo with the bullets of nightclub altercations and drive-by shootings that were once quiet working-class white neighborhoods.

  4. Working-class white UK females at risk in urban Britain
    Kate’s situation is analogous to that with which the working class-white girl in urban America finds herself at the hands of blacks and Mexicans.
    The earning power of parents puts her within geographic proximity socio-economically. This is no different in London than in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    Khan in East London or Bradford is appealing for the same reasons as Tyrone Da Bone of Tulsa to the white women. His unapologetic masculinity, bravado, macho code, uninhibited by PC or guilt. He’s all-Id psychologically and pure asshole, which is exciting to the lower-class white woman. The white males she meets make her vagina Mojave-dry. They lack confidence, status, masculinity and are mostly wiggers (Chavs in the UK).
    Gradually Khan, like Tyrone Da Bone, reveals himself to be a sociopath possibly with a few sadistic sexual features.
    The situation is confounded in the UK or Europe by the fact that South Asians with money are arriving in downtrodden white working class areas.
    Unworldly white working class girls who have never traveled find this exotic specimen a breath of relief from the English chav.
    This is also why “grooming” is so prevalent among Pakistanis and poor whites. Which is to say working-class white girls of 13 or 14 plucked by Pakistani gangs of pimps and trained to work the street.
    Sadly in the UK the situation has progressed much further both due to geography-it does not have the vast expanse for whites to flee from invading South Asian Muslims as American might-and a former colonial relationship between the countries.
    “Genitals in the face” is essentially how the South Asian male Muslim feels about the Gori. “I thrown my sex in your face” is his primitive Pattan/Central Asian brutishness emerging at feelings of inferiority that colonialism has installed in him. Only degrading the white woman can change this.

    1. I have to admit I had missed TRASH’s posts. I wouldn’t give “Jason Voorhees” a welcome back, but he sure is entertaining.

      1. I have apologized for differing with you but I have no recollection of your conversations with this poster at some previous time at all.
        NARSELVUM called you a Brahmin slumdog-inaccurate because most Brahmin do not live in slums.
        I’m not stating anything offensive to any particular poster at all.
        This is a derail of the topic and we are wasting the time of others on this matter so hopefully you accept my apology for being unable to recollect the nature of your exchanges with this previous poster.

        1. It feels weird replying to a comment from 2017, and I doubt anyone cares at this point, but I can’t help it. You Brahmins spread so many lies online.

          Brahmins are the same as the rest of Indians. I live among them and most of them are poor and filthy. Many of them do live in slums, and some of them are even working as sweepers these days. Most of the rapists in Uttar Pradesh are Brahmins. Brahmins are getting caught raping 10-12 year old girls in schools.

          Nirbhaya’s rapists were all Brahmin or Thakur, except for one who was Muslim. Thakur too are all Black/dark skinned mostly, and they commit an enormous number of rapes. So do the farmer castes Jats, Gujjars, Yadav, Ahir, etc..

          These are all ugly black Rapist castes that cannot be trusted, but they love to spread lies online about how they are ARYANS LOL (WE WUZ ARYANZ ‘N SHIEET!!!) Wannabe white insecure Indians! Brahmins in particular are too obsessed with wanting to be White. Tell Brahmins to stop raping and asking White girls for Bob & Vagene first.

          1. Trash/Jason Voorhees is mostly German with a little Jew. He’s more pro-Jew than German though. A lot of people see Indians where they are not. The Whack-a-Indian game. Trash did this a lot. So dark-skinned Indians are more likely to rape? I thought Brahmins were light.

  5. Rich Indian/Pakistani brats are jerks in a manner not very dissimilar to rich Saudi and UAE boys in their Hummers with gold chains. The cultures of South and West Asia are deeply materialistic. Money has corrupted men’s souls. That is why they behave like entitled pigs.
    I’d say the Trump sons have more class and decency than your average wannabe rich Indian brat.
    I can corroborate this British girl’s experience with this douchey Indian guy.
    Recently he laughed at me for being “poor”. He would laugh at people poorer than him and he would lie about how much money he had and the things he owned.
    Yes, rich upper-class Indians are shallow and materialistic. They hate poor people. They consider themselves as some kind of aristocrats who deserve to lord over the plebs.
    This is very typical behavior.
    We went on a trip together in his car, I didn’t like how fast he was going 140 mph! But he wouldn’t listen, instead he said to me.
    “It’s a beautiful day to die”.

    Sadly, this part sounds very true. For sure, this prat was only trying to impress the blonde British girl with his “daredevilry”. Don’t blame him. He has never picked a book in his life. He is basically misogynistic having been raised by a misogynistic father and is generally unfeeling and uncaring towards women. The Rooshes and Tucker Maxes of the PUA scene are able to express more decency than the sexist rich guys of India. It’s a culture thing.
    What I’d be worried about is the last sentence where this idiot takes complete leave of his senses, “It’s a beautiful day to die!”. Really, are you fucking kidding me?
    But, honestly. This is normal and predictable self-harm behavior that many Indian males have a predilection for. But, let’s not restrict the blame only to Indians. I have seen Latino males with similar “macho” behavior. Generally, Anglo-American-Nordic-German males will not behave in this imbecile manner.
    Mexican and Indian cultures are similar in that they don’t really care much about dying and self-harm. I once made a Mexican friend in Poland. He had a similar death wish as this Indian guy. His drunken, careless behavior caused the both of us to run into a bunch of skinheads, one of whom threatened to glass me with his empty vodka bottle.

    1. You think ofyoo much of yourself Brahmin slumdog. Remember you’re also a typical Indian for whatever western material you seem to post. Forget Trump asshole, restrict yourself to your Hindutva pisspul.

      1. Brahmin are unlikely to be the problem that Pattans or Punjabi Muslims from Pakistan/Northwest India are.
        They just don’t have the testicular fortitude and macho stupid inclinations. I’d say Kate’s boyfriend is named Khan.
        Hindus are too feminized and the forward castes have the sort of consequential thinking patters as Caucasians from whatever shared genes came off the steppes of Russia into both branches of the Vedic races at the dawn of time.
        Pattans are Central Asians and if they can leave the deserts of Afghanistan or Kashmir forests for the streets of Western cities you can expect chaos.
        Trump’s underlings in Immigration while not coming out and saying this by hiding their true intentions under the guise of a Muslim ban (Which curiously does not include Saudi) basically do not want Indians from Northwest with their macho, impulsive ethics to be another population like Mexicans in the U.S. cities. One more macho defiant non-white underclass would be too much for the middle-class and wealthy Whites, East Asians and Jews who keep America in the First World to absorb.

      2. NARVSELUM
        “Western Material” Being of Ukrainian or Eastern European heritage 300 generations back the Brahmin feels a vague ancestral kinship with Western Material.
        In India, he will prefer to drink in the beer houses of Andheri with Danish tourists or smoke hashish with Brits in Goa.
        Not really his fault that at the dawn of time his own Vedic ancestors split off and went South into India from other white tribes. In his heart, the Brahmin is a Gora.
        Brahmins are, in a way, displaced Westerners. Given the option, they would belong in a white suburb in New Jersey eating McDonald’s. Slavic genes run through their blood.
        Not his fault he feels a longing for the West. His ancestors took a wrong turn from the Caspian Sea 5000 years ago, that is all.

        1. Jason Voorhees = TRASH
          I’ve had exactly same conversations with TRASH before. Didn’t RL ban you recently ?
          What’s with the Dutchman “Voorhees” alter ego, TRASH ?

    2. “Latin” What is Pattan in Bradford or Sikh in East Vancouver but a Mexican to a white American? Same associations with a macho violent mentality and tendency towards nightclub shootings and making live miserable for working-class whites that did not sell the house in time.
      This, more than anything else, is the saving grace of the US Immigration system-Indians allowed in will be a few Muslim doctors or surgeons along with Gujarati merchants and some Brahmin technocrats. They wreak havoc on Silicone Valley but are not a physical threat on the streets or nightclubs with brawls.
      If in addition to Mexicans the Americans had imported Pattans like the UK did into mill towns from Pakistan (This is not a Tamil Christian Kate’s dating) or Sikhs into Canada the US would crumble under the strain.
      “Rich Indian/Pakistani”
      Kate’s boyfriend has not intention of marrying a Gori so when Mummy and Daddy push him to marry some business associate’s kid he will drop Kate anyhow. Fun is fun and done is done with the emphasis on keeping power and resources in finite hands through strategic marriage.
      Kate’s boyfriend will basically be from the Pattan gene pool from with a last name like Khan whether from Lahore or Mumbai.
      Maybe a few Punjabi in the lower to middle-cast new money category will display these traits but 90% of the time its Pattan Muslims of Central Asian stock no matter what they call themselves. Khan the actor who drove his car drunk into 6 low-caste street people and killed them sums up the type.
      A few in Canada are Sikhs.
      But Hindus rarely display this sort of behavior.
      Brahmin are notorious for typical white male crimes (Probably their own Ukrainian/Russian/wherever the Aryans were from genetics which probably have a determining factor far more than religion) like child internet porn, underage sex with girls, white-collar pyramid scams etc.

        This is TRASH writ large. Yes, indeed. The comments and writing style is so similar. So, you’re back with a new name.

        1. SHI
          NARSELVUM just insulted you, not I.
          I do not understand why your exception was taken to my comments or opinions.

        2. SHI
          I do not understand the question or how it pertains to the dilemma of Kate the working-class Gori who is being badly used by a Khan until his parents force him to marry a village girl from Lahore or a strategic business partner’s daughter from Delhi and his fun ends anyhow.
          Yes, I am from Old Dutch and English settler stock and I live in a lake in a forest. Some people say I drowned as a boy…but I keep coming back. I wear a green shirt and grey pants. I am 6’4 and have the lanky build Indians would associate with the American white. My head is bald and I wear an athletic mask similar to the goalies of your popular field game. But I am no Tamil girl playing sport. In my hand is a machete and not a stick.

        3. SHI
          I am sorry to differ with you on the subject of previous discussions on the topic of Kate’s dilemma…but I have no recollection of that at all.
          So I must refrain from any further comments on the matter of trash.

    3. “Mexican and Indian Cultures are similar in that they don’t care about dying and self-harm”
      Well you would be unusual for a Brahmin or any of the forward castes. You’d be right about Mexicans and Pakistanis. But one is the composite of Amerindians and Mediterranean white while the other a composite of Mongols, Pattans and other Central Asian nomad tribes.
      Brahmin come from a different gene pool than the Central Asian Khans. Maybe Ukrainian or Russian or Georgian but more of a white orientation.
      “Culture thing”
      It is a “Khan thing”. They will all be Khans whether born in Lahore or London. Central Asian genetics is at the bottom of it, not religion.
      For some reason these folks are able to make more money that Bangladeshis so they are unleashed from the ghettos
      What is Bradford, UK but England’s equivalent of the US Mexico problem. Poor white daughters of working-class whites who did not sell their house in time being groomed by Pakistani pimps. Gangs. Drug importation fueled by country of origin (Poppy and not the coca leaf). Same antipathy with blacks.
      “Indian predilection”
      Hindu from the forward castes huff and puff but are not that macho. They grow up in a feminized culture which is why the Brits had an easier time with them than the Sikhs or Pakistanis.

      1. Yes, I am from Old Dutch and English settler stock and I live in a lake in a forest. Some people say I drowned as a boy…but I keep coming back. I wear a green shirt and grey pants. I am 6’4 and have the lanky build Indians would associate with the American white. My head is bald and I wear an athletic mask similar to the goalies of your popular field game. But I am no Tamil girl playing sport. In my hand is a machete and not a stick.
        No way, “Lying Dutchman” :-). Why don’t you admit you are TRASH, the ex-poster who got banned here.

        1. In India, he will prefer to drink in the beer houses of Andheri with Danish tourists or smoke hashish with Brits in Goa.
          TRASH used to make exactly similar comments about me. Why don’t you own up you are him, fake Dutchman.

        2. I’m sorry to disagree with you but I have no immediate recollection of that at all.
          Furthermore another poster named NARSELVUM insulted you and not I.
          Thus I do not feel that the content of my posts is something of any issue henceforth.
          I apologize for differing with you…but I have no current recollection at all of trash.

  6. Most rich people are assholes, but rich indians are the BIGGEST assholes on the planet. They think they are fucking royalty, as you put it.
    Indians are subhumans and lack the capacity for human and moral character. That’s why in the West, some rich people might also be decent people and be polite and humble. But you will NEVER find a rich indian who is humble or polite.
    Indians truly need to be exterminated off this planet.

    1. MAGNETO
      Actually Brahmins sometimes act out angrily in Dubai or the US when faced with whites who do not give a shit what their status is.
      This crippling blow to their belief system-some white saying fuck off you are just another Indian coolie I do not give a shit about-is the only time I’ve seen peace-luvin Brahmin spiritualists get a bit anti-social and threaten the rough stuff.
      In my case it was a woman. I f*cked her and forgot about her. She was an editor and we were later supposed to have some dealings and I said no. She was just a little Bengali Gaur slut with a smelly pussy and a child-bride I screwed once but when I let her know it made shit to me she started to get anti-social. The nympho slut was getting screwed by her Arab boss and he called me up telling me he did not like my attitude. I said fair enough and that was that.
      But you give a Third Worlder some power and they will act like the Main African despot in Uganda.

  7. White Girlfriend’s Future
    Underscoring the “screwing” of the white working class is the fact that his sisters and daughters are literally screwed. An empty vessel to be used as chattel for the brutish urges of those minorities whose geographic proximity allows them to be “pimped”. She is no different than Rhoda Jo Bobb who become the “blowjob betty” of black thugs in Tulsa or the Okie’s daughter passed around by Cholos in the back of low-riders in Southern California.
    Down the road Khan will be done with her anyhow. He has had his fun and Dad will be pressuring him to marry a cousin from his village or the daughter of a business partner.
    Because his family holds whites in contempt as lower life form infidels they could not accept a half-white baby or Gori wife.
    Khan feels the same way. Sure, he got his rocks off and had some fun but he would never marry a dirty Gori who gave it away before marriage who his buddies stuck their genitals in the face of.
    He will give her no more thought and no forwarding address.
    If she tried to approach the family their would be an “honor killing” for attempting to disrupt eons of tradition going back to the Iranian plateau from which his ancestors originated.
    The working-class white girl whose modest roots alone make her inappropriate for dowry-hungry Khan’s parents is merely a blow-up sex doll.
    Now that his sportsf*cking is coming to an end, or when it does, he will tell her to hit the road. He will have no empathy.
    This, ultimately is the weakness of white women. The PC-infused naivete and common sense.
    It is the same reason why pimps from the same society but minus the money are kidnapping working-class white girls to groom them to kneel in alleys and suck the penises of beastly men for 30 dollars in Bradford or other former UK mill towns.
    The Jew or perhaps even the high-earning white ruling class instill some sense of common sense and pride in their children but the daughters of the working white man are screwed.

  8. Honor Killing
    Kate should move on before there is an honor killing. No white infidel is going to get in the way of a Muslim Indian marriage.

  9. White Working-Class Victims and Darwinism
    Do you ever wonder if globalization and technological advances of the late 20th century are weeding out low IQ whites?
    Jews are addicting hordes of white men to images of white women-some Jewesses and some not-in degrading sexual acts. Dirty pictures are enough to “destroy white families” or simply render the man a raw-palmed sexual derelict who will never reproduce in his cum-stained room in his house.
    Pakistanis are “grooming” 13 year old working-class girls-always an indication of a weak family unit or single-mother-to be prostitutes in the UK.
    White women are entering into meaningless relationships with minorities who will use them until marrying and reproducing with their own race. Sometimes impregnating them before moving on to leave the white tax payer to pay for his fun.
    Mexicans have us hooked on “super meth”. Before that it was crack cocaine. Before that was heroin.
    Are we getting “cucked” or what. It is almost painfully comical how the whites with IQ’s below 105 or so are just being pimped out by other races.

  10. A Case Examined
    “I had a strong mother figure” She had to be as it is clear there was no father in your life.
    “He laughed at me for being poor” That is because working-class whites do not have a shred of dignity or common sense left. He is laughing at your entire race and their sad demise.
    “Paid 50,000 Pound” An Indian would push his child in front of a car for this much money. Probably more like $1,000.
    “His friend pushed his genitals in my face” This is symbolic for the feelings Muslim Indian have for Goris. Their level of respect is breathtaking. Hang around, you’ll be gang-raped and then they will drive over your skull to prevent the police from identifying you.
    “That’s the elite” That is the elite of the Third World. When these lovely elites of the tropics get their hands on the West it will make Occupy Wall Street seem like a socialist paradise.

  11. The reason why the rich indians as well as middle management and employers in india are so rude to their employees is BECAUSE indians are lazy fucks. The ONLY way to get them to work hard is to literally abuse the shit out of them. Otherwise if you don’t manage them, they will just sit on their ass doing nothing.
    In India even if you pay someone money to do a job, they will do it in a very lazy manner and screw around and waste tons of time. That’s why you see the managers acting so harsh towards their employees. If indians weren’t such lazy people, it wouldn’t be necessary to abuse them so badly.

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