US Foreign Policy: "Look, the Victim Is Hitting Us Back! Kill Him!"

Of course, bullies always say that the victim is attacking them, when it is really the other way around. Almost all bullies do this, and US foreign policy, which is almost exclusively about bullying and pushing around anyone in the world who won’t toe our line or be our slaves, is an expert at this. The victims of America’s bullying foreign policy are always portrayed in the US media and state as aggressors trying to attack the US and its allies. It’s almost always the other way around.
The Arab nations are completely nuts on the subject of Iran. They insist that Iran is trying to conquer the Arab World. Talk to any Sunni Arab and he will swear up and down that Iran is determined to attack and conquer all of the Sunnis. It’s almost a regional psychosis. Of course, the Israeli scum have played this nonsense up, and despicably, the US has gone along.

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27 thoughts on “US Foreign Policy: "Look, the Victim Is Hitting Us Back! Kill Him!"”

  1. Well, sorry to be a smartass here 😆 but isn’t that what the “mean boys” in your articles about bullies do? The ones being generalized as being normal average boys?

  2. All boys are mean boys. Most boys beat up on, harassed and teased the Designated Victims, most of whom deserve it.
    The sadism and semi-sociopathy of boys is rather normal. What is not normal is for adult men to run a leading nation’s foreign policy based on the immature mindset of i 9 year old children.

    1. I remember a few of them throwing rocks at geese in my boyhood rural home. No, that’s not normal. I wouldn’t do that; a lot of normal boys wouldn’t,
      As for whether victims deserve it, it’s debatable. In some cases, yes. If the boys were bullying immature brats, then yes. An example of that would be a spoiled type character, possibly spoiled by parents, who goes to school and then the other kids simply won’t put up with it. Another case would be boys who constantly bully and act punk and then they get a dose of their own medicine.

    1. The US is in some way in direct competition with China while Australia needs to sell its resources to China for its economy. To go against China which is the main economic driver of Australia and for a country isolated from the rest of west, you think Australia would heed McCain’s advice? That’s like suicide.
      McCain like many other Americans are still living in the 70s. The world has changed. The pendulum has swung back.

      1. briandamageblog
        Australia actually acquired an Asian identity and phased out of the old Anglosphere in my lifetime.
        When I was young Americans were taught that Australia was an English colony of British settlers that belonged to Britain. Ignorant and offensive but the assumption of Americans.
        Watch American films like Crocodile Dundee or Razorback for the distorted perception of Americans that Australia is essentially a cross between Britain and California.
        The reality is that Australia has become Asian fairly rapidly. Trade with China is part of this reality and so is immigration, but the bigger reason is simply geography.
        But sadly, the average American perceives Australia the way it was portrayed in the Cheech film. Shrimp on the Barbie, snotty rich Australians speaking in posh English accents while rugged Anglo-Saxon tough guys embodied individualism like Paul Hogan.

      2. In McCain’s mind Australia is an English colony like Wales that belongs to the Anglo-Sphere and white Australians are simply Englishmen living in the Antipodes.
        If you watch American films you can see how they portray Australia. Urban white Australians have posh English accents and are snooty. Rural Australians are macho tough pioneers like Paul Hogan (“This is a knife”) or crazed hillbillies like the “Razorback” brothers who feed people to wild boars.
        All rubbish of course. The average Melbourne citizen is a second-generation Greek or Italian with little connection to Britain or America. But Americans are ignorant in their perception of Australia as England’s California state.

      3. brian China vs U.S.
        Overall, America has contributed little constructive to Australia.
        Hard-liners in the United States were inspired by and supported Pauline Hanson. I’m not sure how much of a difference that makes but she had her fan base in the U.S.
        Vietnamese refugee crisis was a result of the Vietnam War and Perth was dealing with this issue 20 years later.
        America dragged Australia into most of its conflicts. Some of the major gangs-Bloods, motorcycle gangs-expanded into Australia from the U.S.
        Every so often Americans have fled some political turmoil to Australia-the last time was when U.S. air traffickers immigrated in the thousands after Reagan broke their union in 1981 during the ructions of the Reagan Revolution. Before that Vietnam draft evaders.
        If you compare this to the value of trade with China, the relationship pales.
        Hollywood films are fairly insulting in their depiction of Oz. “Razorback” where American actors playing Australians portray lunatic outback hicks feeding reporters to giant boars comes to mind.
        China brings hard cash.

      4. brian Razorback Re-watched
        I was revisiting my wasted youth by re-watching RAZORBACK which I had seen at age 11 in 1985 on Beta.
        Seeing it again I was surprised at Hollywood’s depiction of Australia and ignorant American perspectives.
        Two lunatics in the outback-stereotypical Bogan hillbillies-played by American actors with BAD accents are feeding people-also played by Americans-to a giant boar.
        The film seemed to sum up the entire squalid ignorant perception that Americans had of Australia: snooty people with English accents in the city and then hillbillies out in the outback doing dreadful things.
        At the point in the film when the American actor stumbled on a hick girl taking a shower at a sheep station I groaned aloud.

  3. YEE
    My favorite thinking Chinese woman is back. And so am I.
    McCain is such a fascist lunatic that Australians write him off as a revolting specimen of American stereotypes and would take him no more seriously than a child.
    America revolts Australia as a cautionary tale gone awry: the horrors of raw capitalism and wealth division; the hopelessness of the working class; lack of egalitarianism; racism; lunatic religions; gun violence; the crime; poverty; ignorance.
    Nor does Australia really want to be dragged into another US conflict with Communism. They were pulled into Vietnam which more or less China won. Iraq and all the rest of the pointless protracted conflicts. I doubt the U.S. trade war with China is something that really draws them in.
    I doubt Australia lends much credence to John McCain.
    China is a trade partner and investor in Australia. Perhaps they sneer at the local rubes and are buy up whatever Australians are willing to sell to create their own fiefdoms but their relationship is to important for an obscure madman and relic of the Bush disaster to really take seriously.

    1. Welcome back, Trash.
      You always simplify a situation base on how yourself would have handled, which is quite different than most people. You must remember you’re a weird case, Trash.
      Aussies has already agreed time sent more troops to Afghanistan, I heard. It’s doesn’t matter what make sense. As long as the US wants something, they have it. It’s the privilege of the dominant power.

      1. YEE
        White men tend oversimplify things like a scrap dealer dismantling a used car to its parts, true. My wife says the same thing. And an American dissident living with a Yunnan Chinese wife is not the norm.
        America is a disaster coming back from a bankruptcy. One day it is quarreling with Iran, the next North Korea. Meanwhile China is silent and simply does business-with Africa, Australia, whoever. Since there is nothing the average Australian admires at all about American crime, raw capitalist exploitation of the poor, wealth division, bad infrastructure, incompetent landlords elected to the highest office, drug abuse, police brutality and 6000 other things that place the standard of living in the US lower than their own country…why would a maniac whose own war with China in Vietnam left him traumatized and half-mad be taken seriously by the Australian public.
        To begin with although 90% of Chinatown are decent and good people even in OUR COUNTRIES white men and women do not enter them at night for fear of coming across some of the local toughs like the Hip Tong or Triads. Most whites would not wish to make trouble with tough young Chinese men in their own Chinatown of their native city MUCH LESS fight hard peasants on the frigid plains of Northeast China for a Third Party who is a madman. Certainly some Australians would share my simple logic. They know the loss of Western life would be upwards 1,000,000. I don’t think John McCain can convince the Australian public to get involved in his obscure ideological garbage.
        Australia has come to terms with belonging in the Pacific Rim sphere and China is a major player in trade. Trying to build links with Singapore. CREADERS is a tedious hysteric at times but he accurately pointed out that because Austronesian populations are low IQ the Chinese are going to be running Southeast Asian economies no matter what. So Australia has to reconcile itself to a relationship with China and Chinese ethnic run Southeast Asian trading partners. What is “Made in Australia” that America buys? Trade rules.
        Canada and France refused to participate in the Iraq War and other white countries in Afghanistan. More and more, the rest of the developing world is tired of sacrificing young women and men to obscure agendas of the US-Israel military-industrial complex currently headed by an incompetent landlord who beats his wives and children and has been divorced twice and is despised by much of his own population. I suspect ALOT of countries would sit out any conflict with China.
        China has wisely remained silent (“Keep silent in conflict” one wise Fuji-born Filipino told me in the Philippines) while American lunatics on the political fringe (Minor officials or former ones) rave about what a threat China is. Too who? Africa? They seem happy to do business with China? The Western world is weary of America’s wars destabilizing other regions of the world and unleashing waves of refugees into pleasant German suburbs.
        Australia in general is a better country than America. It knows it. Working-class people make a better wage and do not have to choose between cable television and a winter coat. No corner of any city is so dangerous that taxi drivers will refuse to drive you in broad daylight. Gun violence is low. Nobody follows lunatic religions. Capitalism, in general, is not so raw and brutal to 90% of the population. There is no part of America that Australia admires.
        Whether some Australian posters like the appearance of an alien people semi-colonizing parts of its cities with no desire to learn the language or integrate (Its possible for a white male to integrate into Chinese culture but Chinese culture is too strong for them to integrate completely into ours) or not, China brings a great deal of money into Australia. Their government and big business won’t discourage that. What does America bring besides a has-been lunatic relic of the disastrous Bush era who himself clearly bears scars from being the prisoner-of-war in another ideological conflict that history acknowledges that China won?
        To summarize, I just don’t think Australia can be made to take the U.S. as seriously as its trade relationship with China and the rest of Asia.

  4. The problem with the Arab world is that Saudi wants to be the big brother. But it doesn’t have any chance to become an industrial country, Iran with its 80 million population does.
    So of course US will back Saudi no matter what. A peaceful and united Arab world is a threat to Israel.

  5. YEE
    True, but Iran is not in the Arab Peninsula and Saudi Arabia IS. Historically the Persia is China to Arabia’s Vietnam-a Northern Empire constantly invading a smaller one. I lived in Dubai. There’s no love lost between Arabs and Persians. Take the animosity Vietnamese feel and multiply five times That is how Arabs feel about Iran.
    Iran is always going to be a world power. It brokered the silk route between China and Europe. You’ve been doing business with Iran for 2000 years. It was an ancient Empire when Alexander showed up from the city states we now know as Greece.
    It ain’t going anywhere. Trump is truly a fool to accuse of deserving an attack for “sponsoring terrorism”.
    I shudder at his stupidity. Even a child would say something more appropriate.
    As a Chinese citizen you are seeing how most of America feels about our Supreme Leader. It is questionable if Trump could possibly muster up the public support to do anything. There is no way that Americans wish to have any kind of conflict with China.
    In our heart of hearts we know that we lost the war in Korea because China became involved. Our leaders and military know it. We lost the war in Vietnam because China became involved. John McCain knows this because Chinese advisers tortured and raped him to the point that he became a very violent and alcoholic character who went through psychiatric treatment. He is however, obviously traumatized terribly by his own experiences.

    1. I’m wondering of they knew China and Russia would get involved from the get-go – but didn’t care. I mean, they’d have to be plumb retarded to not see the almost 99 percent probability they’d get involved in Vietnam and Korea.

      1. China getting involved in Korea was a surprise to the US, I believe. Because we were very poor and ill equipped then, it was suicidal. But China gave warning not to cross latitude 38° or we would go in. The US decided to call the “bluff”, I guess.

        1. Another Oversimplification
          Visit large metropolises in North America. Their Chinatown exists in part because there are tough young Chinese-American males (And some females are ferocious too and carry knives) who whites (And blacks, Hispanics, whoever) just do not want to run into.
          Even in white countries the average non-Chinese does not want to spend much time in these places after dark.
          The same is true with LA Koreatown. There is a weary resignation by elders that their most troublesome young men and women keep other gangs out of Chinatown or Koreatown.
          Hip Tong and Triads pushed the Italian mafia out of Little Italy. The traditional Italian mafia did not go to war over it.
          Now since Chinese can hold this sort of ground in white countries, what possible chance do whites have of seizing their territory in China?
          How long did Britain actually managed to rule China in the Boxer Rebellion years? About two minutes of history.
          Northeast Chinese are a rude, tough collection of tribes on the Siberian plains whom whites lump together as “Manchus”.
          These folks are probably the toughest people in China. Cantonese are a little more mellow and the Fuji Chinese are mercantile by nature. The Northeast Chinese-virtually indistinguishable from Koreans anyhow-are a fierce group of people.
          Whites were never going to win in Korea. This was the first instance of a loss that the American president turned into a stalemate in order to save face. But as you say the bluff was called.

        2. YEE
          Over several square miles in North American cities tough young Chinese men rule the roost. We call this Chinatown.
          Most Chinese-Americans are productive and highly valuable citizens but there are some “no-go” areas in Canada or London or New York prowled by Hip Tongs and Triads.
          You’d be surprised how few whites are there after dark. Even in daylight we would not loiter around.
          Now since Chinese have territories in White societies, what chance do you think the United States in Korea or China?
          There are Chinese-Canadian districts I would not go into. That is on North American soil.
          Occupy China? Good luck.
          I do not actually think our leaders are that stupid. Historically-speaking Russia allowed the United States to save face by stepping in and convincing China to agree to a “parallel” which Eisenhower instantly accepted to save and declare a “victory” for the sake of his own expenditure of lives and resources.

    2. I know the Iranians are not Arabs. But people in that region seem to identify themselves with religion more than ethnicity , so it’s a bit different than East Asians.
      Anyway, China was more friendly with Persians than with Arabs in history.
      Last time the Persians warred with the Arabs, Persian seeked help from China. But China didn’t give them much. A big mistake, as later China lost a war to the Arabs too in Central Asia in 752, and lost the control of the region. That’s how those Stans became Muslims.
      I think this time if the Persians war with the Yankees, China would help them a great deal more. Lessons from history, after the Persia, it will be China.

      1. YEE
        China would sit out a war in Iran and simply do business with whoever remained.
        As a micro-example I use Chinese-Filipinos (I admire them). They have quietly sat out the madness and stupidity of Malay behavior: the drug wars, the gangster-politics, the revolutions-and like Henry Sy have simply made money selling things people have to by. China as a nation will do the same thing with Iran and the United States. Business with both of them.
        Vietnam and Korea and more recently Iraq really convinced the United States that prolonged wars in other countries are not something they want to see their son or daughter be drafted into. This is why the U.S. army is now volunteer and unlike the Chinese army that attracts the children of the upper-class it is only the impoverished young Americans who enlist.
        I’m older and more worldly and cynical than the average American but we have a generation of Americans cursing George Bush for Iraq-the trillion dollar cost to U.S. infrastructure, the lives lost, the refugees flooding into Europe.
        Summoning an army of 1,000,000 to volunteer for suicide in Iran-a much bigger and more powerful country than Iraq-is a great deal to ask American young people.
        A volunteer army in Iran cannot overwhelm it and draft is not going be acceptable to the children of the wealthy and powerful.
        I just do not see the United States summoning up a million young people. It is one thing to chase terrorists around an underpopulated desert like Afghanistan or Yemen. But few Americans have a desire to go to war with Syria, which like Iran is a heavily populated more less developed country run by competent leaders (However evil) and not by deranged gangsters like Hussein or Ghaddafi.

        1. Not that I think there’s a big possibility of all out war between Iran and USA, but if there is, China would get involved.
          Politics is different than business, especially if it threatens the unity of the country. Fail to stop any part from separating, the CCP will lose all legitimacy. They can’t risk that.
          And they won’t face many objections from public either. Because, like Brazil has a whole country of football coaches, China has a whole country of strategists, we’re all chess players, everyone thinks several steps ahead. Helping Iran to keep Xinjiang safe? Perfectly acceptable.

  6. “Possibility of War”
    Communism can work better for bigger populations than democracy. Half of everyone in the United States is disgusted and revolted with the government.
    It is hard to unify people who want to impeach a president to fight a war against nations that do not affect them across the world.
    North Korea? That is really Japan and China’s problem, as far as the millions of Democrats in the United States are concerned.
    Iran? Yemen? Where are they and how will they improve the infrastructure of the United States which is falling apart.
    So yes, war against Iran is unlikely.

  7. YEE Hong Kong and U.S. Chinatown Safety
    When American-born Chinese gangs scared white tourists in NYC the Triads in Hong Kong stepped in and offered the local Chinese-American wayward young males scaring white business away two choices: run away from home or stay and die.
    Following this there was a spate of local Chinese-American young thugs from American gangs like “the dragons” who were killed as a warning.
    And then they stopped bothering white tourists.
    If you enter Chinatown you would be surprised to find that the police, fire chiefs, military recruiters are all Chinese-American.
    I want to add something here: Chinese who stay in Chinatown generation after generation are the less successful.
    The newest arrivals from Hong Kong do not live or go near Chinatown. They live in the most expensive real estate in upper Manhattan.

  8. Overseas Aggression
    More people care about an incompetent landlord being elected to highest office than participating in his aggression overseas.
    Nobody Blue State is going to vote for a war in Iran.
    NATO is not going support such a war either because the refugee crisis that resulted from removing Iraq and Libya from the firm control of gangsters has had the result of German women being raped in public swimming pools. The refugee crisis is the result of Iraq and Libya and has occurred quite quickly.
    Iran just does not interest many Americans. How many Americans have even heard of Tehran or would care to visit the place. For that matter how many Americans wake up in fear that Iranian soldiers will land in California.
    As a side notation I will mention that Iranian immigrants are among the richest in America. Their wealth far exceeds that of JOOOS per capita .
    Something worse is going on and that is that states are essentially beginning to behave like small countries. Blue States even near Washington DC are resentful of the power that a few lunatics have over them. How many people in California really want their state-level decision made by John McCain?
    This “F*ck em” attitude is why the Flyover Proles voted for Trump. They believed that the Blue State liberals were ignoring them and referring to them as the “Flyover”. The attitude was like that of the Normans to the Celtic tribes living in the mountains of Wales.
    China I will add has its own “Flyover” where the peasants are much poorer than the population of its Eastern Pacific seaboard. There is no West Coast in China either-on the other side of their own Flyover is Turkey.
    Rallying up the cynical, dwindling, demoralized middle-class of Blue States populaces to invade Iran is probably impossible.
    A war with no draft would also be impossible. Red State Flyover proles can be convinced to show up for foreign wars in countries they know nothing about but the young liberals sucking one another penises above the San Francisco head shops or graduating in Women’s Studies are not going to be drafted. Their parents belong to the remaining middle-class that has power and money so such a draft is not going to be allowed by them.
    Therefore the United States does not have the numbers for an invasion of Iran-a war that would continue for 5, 10, 15 years with 50,000 casualties a year.
    Nor can the American public be convinced that they could “win” such a war. Not after Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan. America, as most of its public knows, cannot “win” a war against a small country run by gangsters if it is bigger than Panama.
    Iran is not run by gangsters. It is running by the most cunning market bazaar-traders the Middle East has to offer.
    I’m unconvinced an inarticulate New York hustler with the diction of a cabbie is going to convince Americans that invading Iran is the only way to protect Iowa. Even Flyover proles might not be that stupid.

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