Donald Trump, Psychopath and Grifter in Chief

Donald Trump is now going back on his promises to save US jobs. He just exported the jobs from the latest US arms deal to Saudi Arabia. Previously the weapons were to be made in the US, but Trump sold out US workers for a buck. The man cannot even be trusted on his major issues of keeping jobs in the country. Yes, Trump is renegotiating NAFTA, to make it worse! Worse for US workers, worse for the environment, worse for governments all across the US, worse for consumers, worse for everyone but corporations who stand to line their pockets while the rest of us get fleeced.
This man cannot be trusted to keep any of his promises. As a malignant narcissist, he is by definition a psychopath and experience with this man has shown that he is a grifter, a con man, a crook and basically nothing more than a white collar criminal. He has been lying, cheating, backstabbing, double-dealing and especially stealing his whole life. Most of the Trump real estate empire was built on nothing more than theft.
In fact, the real estate boom of the 1980’s and 1990’s was largely driven by what boils down to Organized Crime of the Donald Trump variety.
Donald Trump, Grifter in Chief.

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78 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Psychopath and Grifter in Chief”

  1. Do you think Trump will be impeached after the upcoming James Comey testimony before US senate? If his just released prequel statements on Trump are any indication, the whole administration is staring down the cliff give or take a couple of months. So far, he’s been able to staff only 20% of Government employees for the administration. The United States is looking like the most incompetent country in the world right now.
    Trump is such an idiot. The way he tried to talk Comey out of investigating him screams “obstruction of justice” in every sentence (smart of Comey to record every single conversation with the big-mouthed moron) . Bill Clinton was impeached for far less. Lying under oath for having sex with another adult isn’t seen as a crime in most other countries. America is so prudish!
    The prospect of President Mike Pence sounds far more terrifying because of his massive support among religious fundamentalists and war-mongers. While Trump can only tweet, Pence will actively support incursions into Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Ukraine and God knows where.
    Trump is the lesser of the two evils in that he’s just there in the whole Presidential circus to satisfy his massive ego. It does help that he’s so blatantly stupid and incompetent that he can’t get anything passed in Congress, e.g. the Travel ban. Trump already seems to have abandoned that Mexican wall thing. None of his election promises kept except pulling the US out of the Paris accords.
    I think Trump should remain President for the sheer entertainment value he provides. I need my daily dose of comedy.

  2. Trump isn’t even a smart businessman as he would one day claim in his memoirs. I have never seen any businessman go bankrupt 6 times in their careers and live to brag about their exploits. Resilient? Maybe. But, still, you wouldn’t trust such a person to run a gift card shop let alone a whole damn country.
    You can’t help but laugh on how Trump was even able to lose money on casinos. That’s like the height of mismanagement and failure. When you fail to record profits in a freakin’ gambling house where you don’t even have to lift a finger, and everything’s managed by slot machines and a bunch of cashiers, It simply reflects that you are a lousy businessman who does not care to involve yourself with day-to-day decisions that can impact their business.
    Trump is losing money on even a Golf course in, ahem, Scotland, of all places. He’s beholden in knee-debt to several banks and financial institutions. Trump’s businesses owe $1.8 billion to over 150 financial institutions.

    1. keep in mind that Casinos are highly taxed as a behavioral deterrent.
      It is said that it is so profitable for States that sometimes they turn blind eyes to Casinos’ thuggish ways.
      I live in a formerly “fringe rural” county who joined the modern world in part due to a Casino.

      1. Beauregard
        Presumably because you are rural enough to have Native Americans.
        Casinos have actually improved their lives somewhat. The infusion of cash has not hurt them. As many films point out, the actual owners and operators of the casinos are “pretendians” with 1/8 or something but nevertheless the industry itself has allowed money to enter the reservation economy.
        If you visit Canada (Where I lived for two years) or Mexico, where there is no source of revenue for Native Americans their problems are much worse and they are a greater threat to society.

      2. Beauregard
        Native American reservation country I presume.
        Canada boasts of its superiority but Canadian Aboriginals live in Third World squalor because they do not have casinos.
        Casinos have allowed reservations to improve somewhat.

  3. @realDonaldTrump’s “presidency” is better any reality TV and the whole world is watching, perhaps if we stop watching, he’ll stop as well.
    Vicente Fox Quesada (Mexican ex-President)

  4. Trump is on the fast way out. Note, already – and it hasn’t even been a few months – impeachment and resignation are on the table. Note, with Andrew Johnson it took 3 years and with Clinton, it didn’t happen until his 2nd term.

    1. Impeachment is a pipe dream with a Republican Congress. If Dems take back Congress in ’18, let’s talk.

      1. Many GOP Congressmen want to, as the GOP domestic agenda is losing momentum due to many scandals, and that Trump is a slightly softer neocon, but I agree it won’t happen.
        GOP party loyalty in the lay public is extreme. Any who support a Trump impeachment in the House would be primaried in 2018 and lose.

        1. Republicans want stability, with Pence they get it. With Trump, no – so he’s worth the sacrifice. The question remains, though, how they were so foolish to run Trump, to begin with.

        2. Of course, but you have to understand Trump is basically a GOD to these people.
          I have known people to tell me he was sent on a mission from God to save the United States.
          If these gop congressmen impeach him, then they’re offending GOD in the eyes of their constituents.
          I just saw an old interview where Corey Lewandowski went on about how Trump was an athlete ‘on par with Tom Brady’…..
          he is the perfect human. There can be little criticism of him, much less an impeachment.
          And that’s not so bad as #penceisworse

  5. Jason
    On the fast way out?
    He seems to have become a tool of the Neocons-claiming that he will not allow the UN to bully Israel and selling weapons for the arms industrial complex-so he has sort of gotten with their big business program.
    No matter how he runs he gaffes or displays his buffoonery-telling Iran they deserved to suffer a terrorist attack one week and dismissing London bombers as “losers”-as long as he complies with the Neocons he’ll survive one term.
    Would he run for a second term? I doubt it. But Pence will.
    As long as Flyover white proles can be convinced that Yemen will invade America if we do not sell weapons to Saudi Arabia the guy is going to have the Neocon support.

    1. Neo-cons cannot save an obvious law-breaker – no matter what a puppet of them he is. So Trump will probably resign and that will look bad for Pence, but unlike Gerald Ford, he might be able to bounce from it – considering he has a lot of morality (by neo-con, Christian fundie standards). Note, Pence was an altar boy as a child – and one of the most enthusiastic of them.
      Oh, by the way, Robert mentioned Trump is a psychopath etc.. but in reality, all the rich and famous are like that. The narcissism convinces them they can do anything without paying for it. In that case, Trump becoming corrupt so early in his term isn’t surprising.

      1. By the way, some of the rich, like Arnold Schwarzenegger can control the narcissism to some point – maybe cause of all the discipline and self-denial in bodybuilding. Also, he had a real strict Catholic upbringing. Nonetheless, even him is affected by corruption to some point – in fact – screwing a maid I believe.

      2. Jason
        Psychopaths abound in world politics and Trump is not quite as intensely crazy as Colonel Ghaddafi for example.
        But he is also dumber. He lacks that bazaar-trading set of skills that Arab or Asian psychopathic leaders have.
        He is just a landlord who denied his German ancestry to Jewish renters to get leases signed and went bankrupt 5,000,000.
        To be honest stupidity is his worst quality. Oh he is ruthless but in the hands of an intelligent left-centrist Democrat this can be a functional asset.
        GOP like himself or Bush who merely got elected because they could afford the campaign costs through Daddy’s inheritance are no more qualified than Clint the aging dropout beaten up younger kids at a high school kegger.
        Being a “psychopath” is his lesser evil. Pure stupidity and inexperience is is strong suit.

        1. As I was explaining to Jew-lio, you cannot break the law. This isn’t Libya; It’s the US and Trump’s crimes are just too obvious. I mean, the Republicans can only sugarcoat it so much. Only so many excuses can be made on Fox News.

    2. Michael Jackson in sex scandals or Elton John? I’m not surprised – as the rich are constantly spoiled. You know – kind of like how tourists in Southeast Asia are. Basically, money buys the illusion that you’re special and beyond the law or common decency. I mean, the nerve of my tour guide’s rich Italian friend coming there, acting like Scarface, and getting prostitutes by the dozen in some poor-ass nation. 😆

  6. Ultimately, the biggest thing to take note of is the fact Trump’s fall was highly preventable. Note, this isn’t some scheme by Mexico, SJWs, or globalists to sink him, but rather he dug his own grave voluntarily. He made all the dumb moves – as his narcissistic personality commanded him.

  7. His supporters don’t give a single fuck. I’m not nearly as livid at Trump as I am the collective power of millions of imbeciles to thrust this venomous snake upon the world. These people are run the gamut from nihilists of the Bannon type that want to burn the house down, to alt-right racists, to the hopelessly naive that actually thought Trump was a juggernaut that would “drain the swamp.” Even if Trump were gone tomorrow, these people numbering in the tens of millions are still with us just the same. In a odd way I’d feel better if Trump had took over the nation in a coup against the will of the people. What particularly hurts is knowing this man was democratically elected. That of 17 options the Republicans had to choose from, they thought he was the most capable to be leader of the free world. Donald…fucking…Trump. It would be the equivalent of the DNC running Al Sharpton against 16 other far more capable and vastly more experienced and decent candidates, but Democrats choosing Sharpton.
    I don’t know if the world will survive 4 years of Trump. We may be at the cusp of a nuclear showdown with N. Korea. Or a war with Iran further down the line. And if we did go to war, stupid Americans will probably rally around the commander in chief. If there’s another 9/11 level terrorist attack, all hell is going to break loose. Our institutions will be under tremendous pressure to cave to Trump and who knows what the hell could happen at this point, we could be a full blown military dictatorship by that point. I cannot forgive these people who were irresponsible enough to put this man in office.

    1. His supporters voted from him because he is a New England Brit who promised Anglo-Celtics their country would remain in the Anglo-Sphere and split off into the Meso-american Red Man Sphere of Latin America.
      This I can understand the lure of the campaign. Its the reason Gallegos Cubans like Cruz are GOP. They too detest Indians and Mestizos.
      Muslims, North Korea…all auxiliary issues surrounding the core desire to prevent Andalusian families below the border exporting their Red Man/White Man problem up North by leaving Aztecs and other tribes no option but the United States.
      As for war in Iran the educated, college-attending, helicopter-raised Jewish and Ethnic white Blue State Democrats’ sons will avoid it. The lower-middle-class children of Trump-voting Anglo-Celtics in the Flyover from small cities and towns nobody in Hollywood or Chicago or Manhattan would ever drive through will be the ones who would die in the dusty Iranian plateau for 10 or 15 years.
      This will make no difference to the gay son of a Jewish doctor in New York or an Irish Catholic corporate lawyer in San Francisco or British-born casting director in Hollywood. Not his kids. He does not know anyone in the military and would not go to a cheap Ribs Joint where sailors drink cheap.
      GOP morons elected by the sort of Flyover whites whose names reflect Cumberland roots in the North English border country and drive pickup trucks with stickers that declare that “guns and guts made America great” and believe that black males in the ghetto can be made to stop earning $1,000 a day selling crack or pimping if we “get rid of welfare” actually started with George Bush 17 years ago.
      If you remember the 1990’s (I am 43 years old so I do) Bill Clinton was a left-center hustler but he kept the economy and racial tension a minimum. When Bush was elected, the United States went downhill the same year.
      That is why we in our early forties at the tail-end of Generation X remember the 1990’s with such fondness. Bush destroyed the United States shortly afterwards.
      It’s been downhill ever since that November of new millennium

    2. Possibly Pence, after Trump resigns, will be the monster Tulio envisions. Also, yeah, as Jason Voorhees said, Trump fits the bill as being really “white” so that’s why voters liked him – but it won’t’ save him from obvious law-breaking and a 9/11 attack won’t either. He’s toast.

      1. Jason
        At the bottom of his election was antique Red Man vs. White Man conundrum. Trump voters did not want the country to turn into a Latin backwater of jungle primitives run by a syndicate of Andalusian Creoles like Jorge “Go back to Univision.”
        This at least, is understandable. The United States, if immigration from Latin America was completely unchecked, will turn into a country of Indians run by a few Mestizos and Creoles with no responsibility to anyone.
        Notice too, that the focus was not on Florida although white Gallegos Cubans more or less overran South Florida. Voter fears were directed at Mexico because as Che himself remarked, “Mexicans are a brigand of Wild Indians”.
        Iran, North Korea, Yemen. None of these things are important to Trump voters. The crucial issue was American Indians from below the border. Muslims from the poorest parts of the planet will never overrun the U.S. because they do not have the means for a plane ticket.
        Terrorism is a threat of course, but it is the encroachment of Amerindians from the South whose presence made itself known with MS-13 and other gang violence that led to the voters decision to elect Trump.

        1. As TR@SH said, right-wing economics is a major safeguard against this.
          NPR did an interview of an upper middle class White woman complaining about the building of a section VIII Housing unit ‘too close for comfort’ but she was intelligent enough to use dog whistles as opposed blatant language, so she couldn’t be called down as “racist” (this is what redneck types don’t seem to understand).
          Rednecks also do not understand their neck of the woods; “fringe rural” is not browning. And even if it was, rightwing economics would not save them from living with them (they do not have high income or education).

        2. @Beauregard
          This is also a major impediment to building good public transit networks. They have been trying for decades now to build a subway that runs from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. The so-called “subway to the sea”. They managed to build a small stub of it that was never completed. It’s practically useless as is. The rich in West L.A. fought it tooth and nail as they will not stand for a subway system running through their area as they feel it will make their neighborhood easy to reach by undesirables from the wrong side of town. I mean someone could jump on a subway near Skid Row and be in Beverly Hills in 20 minutes. The horror. It’s kind of laughable. Most those people that would be taking the subway to Beverly Hills from the east side would be almost all nannies and housekeepers. Poor people aren’t just walking around in Beverly Hills for the hell of it.
          I’ve also heard about the same going on in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I know in Rio that the subway stops short of the nice areas of Ipanema and Leblon, even though it would have been very useful to have it connect to those areas with the Olympics. I guess the rich Brazilians ain’t having it.

        3. Robert- Yes. But how do we account for poor Whites in all-White areas (the typical republican)?

        4. Tulio- “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck”.
          It is about economic mobility. Essentially we will have economic apartheid, although everyone will have similar legal rights in the purest sense.

    3. I don’t know if the world will survive 4 years of Trump. We may be at the cusp of a nuclear showdown with N. Korea. Or a war with Iran further down the line. And if we did go to war, stupid Americans will probably rally around the commander in chief. If there’s another 9/11 level terrorist attack, all hell is going to break loose. Our institutions will be under tremendous pressure to cave to Trump and who knows what the hell could happen at this point, we could be a full blown military dictatorship by that point. I cannot forgive these people who were irresponsible enough to put this man in office.

      The thing to watch is how people would rally around the orange-head, but they still won’t be able to stop his resignation. That will be interesting.

      1. Jason
        Darth Cheetoh is being restrained by the strings of puppeteers who own Big Oil, Military Industrial Complex, Neocon etc.
        He can ONLY DO WHAT THEY LET HIM. He can run his mouth to the amusement of rednecks about Iranians “deserving terrorism” and make other GOP wince at his gaffes but CAN HE AUTHORIZE AN INVASION OF IRAN without BIG BUSINESS AND OIL BEHIND HIM. Impossible.
        Was it his idea to make the arms deal with Saudi for $1,000,000? Unlikely. But Big Oil, Military Industrial, perhaps Israel told him to put his signature on the deal and so he complied.
        How much progress has he made with THE WALL. THE REAL REASON HE WAS ELECTED. Very little. ICE has deported 80 people here and 50 there. That really makes a dint.
        Trump cannot do shit whether you support him or not. Because ultimately, illegal immigration might serve the unholy purposes of Big Business Lobbies along with partnerships with Saudi Arabia and cooperating with Russian.
        And GOP is run by Big Business, not Flyover peasants. They used to understand this as late as the 1990’s when they voted for Clinton. It was not until PC made them feel marginalized by minority representation that they shifted from Michael Moore-ish Democrats to the Republican Party.
        As late as 1988 the Republican party was synonymous with the better-off, the educated, the privileged and Democrats like Dukakis or Clinton represented the white working class.
        Only post-2000 has this changed.
        Never mind that it was Bush who made life worse for the Flyover prole white.
        Interesting to note that when I left the United States in 1999 the Democratic party was still largely synonymous with working class whites. And life under Clinton did improve a great deal.
        So the party-swap to the GOP has been somewhat recent.

        1. Yeah, I remember when I was a kid I was for Reagan – cause my dad was a military man who was a big Republican – and in this poor Appalachia area, well at least where my elementary school was, I had to take a lot of heat for my opinion.
          However, now people are so racist that they’ve probably even convinced the families of those kids that Republicans are totally the party that represents them – even though, they live in trailer parks.

        2. But then again – you got a subset of so-called white trash who want to cook Will Smith’s head, yet at the same time, will vote for Obama.

  8. “What hurts is that this man was democratically elected”
    Stupid people out-breed educated ones. There are more Red-State peasants from the Mid-South of the United States West to Nevada and South to Houston than Blue State intellectuals. These voter’s parents were hippies in the sixties or seventies attending graduate school who worried about zero population growth.
    Red States parents were more likely to get their f*ck on for lack of the resources or imagination to come up with anything more immediately diverting back in 1960-1970.
    Therefore there are more rednecks and Flyover hicks than their are Blue State liberals because these folks either practice birth control or are sucking each other’s cocks.

    1. Martin Lindstedt in the Christian Identity movement often says evil people get evil government. Sounds true with Trump here. He also says many of the so called prominent WNs are not real whites but Mamzers pretending to be net nutzis.

      1. Well, I won’t argue with that, but the definition of evil is up for grabs. It’s incredibly up in the air, almost subjective like beauty.

  9. Ultimately, the right-wing will get their military rule – but it will be via Pence. What Tulio says is right on the money, sort of. Pence is way more dangerous because he doesn’t have the personality flaws or criminal record of Trump. Basically, he’s unstoppable. Very well, there could even be some semi-fundamentalist dictatorship with him in power.

  10. Mr. Lindsey
    Middle-class minorities do not really want to be around the poor either in all fairness.
    Minorities tend to be better organized in terms of gang violence-Italians in dense concentrations have a veritable government of sorts in the form of Tony Soprano type organized crime families-but unfettered white trash can be spur-of-the-moment dangerous as well.
    It is doubtful that Bill Cosby wants to be live in rural degeneracy…unless he wants to slip Bonnie Sue a ‘lude.
    Being around the extreme poor is eventually dangerous BECAUSE of right wing economics which deprive the poor of the most basic dignity.

    1. As Voorhees was saying, I too don’t think there is some love between the white middle class and poor whites. That’s a racist illusion believed by many on the far right and also among the alt-left. The middle-class whites despise the poor whites because they are a threat crime-wise and also the middle class is often yuppy-ish and finds the poor whites tobacco smoking, tattoos, lack of PC beliefs, and lack of concern for health, etc.. to be offensive.

      1. Despising the Poor
        Poor and lower middle-class people are more likely to smoke cigarettes (Only recently as everybody’s parents or grandparents smoked) but rich liberals are more likely to smoke high-grade super-level THC marijuana and be pushing for its legalization. I’m not sure if pot is better for your lungs (It made me cough in college) but tobacco does not impair your ability to ride a bicycle or turn you into a zombie. Unless your job is to run marathons, it does not make too much difference.
        So more rich liberals are walking around in purple haze of skunked-out bliss complaining that they can smell the cigarette smoke of the rubes huddling outside their minimum-wage workplace in circles in the rain.
        “Drug test” is a code for “this corporation does not trust you Flyover prole peasant”. How many white-collar jobs test for drugs? No, you have to apply at Wendy’s (I know, I took Niacin to pass the whiz quiz in college) to be screened for drugs since National Security depends upon it.

      2. Jason Y Reasons for the rich despise the poor
        Poor whites are sullen and lack social graces. The women say words like blowjob in public and even the 10 year old children swear like sailors. They have less social graces.
        Behavior like Clint (He was middle-class but clearly on his way to falling out of that) from Dazed & Confused. The sudden, unprovoked violence against the younger and weaker when young; domestic abuse and child battery when older. Watch COPS. That was Clint 10 years down the road if he had managed to survive meth, VD and drunk driving.
        Reckless behavior when drunk and high. Or sometimes completely anti-social. The broken pool stick over a stranger’s head in a pool game. The tow-truck that plows through a crossing guard and kills 9 children because Clint has been on a 3 day meth and Tequila bender.
        Which brings us to Clint’s favorite drug, which is unfortunately crystal meth. Unlike pain pills from which the poor white user quietly dies in their sleep, meth infuses them with aggression and energy that leads to the burglary, rape, paranoiac violence, car theft, scamming and general shitbag behavior one associates with “tweakers”.
        The racist attacks against blacks that turn into a national spectacle. Clint and two other middle-aged greasers chaining an innocent black man to the back of their car and dragging him down a Texas road. When such a crime occurs every middle-class white knows the following about the perp: he is a poor white with a load of Aryan tattoos who was in prison for long enough to be raped by blacks, join a Nazi prison gang and built a physique…then he was let out on parole. Middle-class whites will know this as soon as they hear that “Clint Dickey James” and prison-pal Otis Ray Bob did something atrocious to a black man who thumbed a ride.
        The stupidity. Age 9 they will visit the ER for playing on the railroad tracks and losing a leg and at age 18 they will be delivering a child because they could not grasp the use of birth control pills.
        Tedious JOOS shit. They are the ones who support the Neocons and by extension Zionism. Possibly the Jews have in fact bamboozled them into actually believing this for their own interests and if so it is because the poor whites are uneducated enough to be bamboozled.
        Overpopulation. Out-of-wedlock.

      3. “Some Love”
        Middle-class educated whites groan with dismay when they hear that an African exchange student from Somalia was beaten to death in Brooklyn with baseball bats and know the facts before CNN broadcasts them…
        Perpetrating whites were Italians or Jews of the sort that hang around Chris at the Bada Bing and the black guy was at a public swimming pool or something.
        If it is Texas and the black was dragged down the road the middle-class white knows instantly that-
        Clint went to jail for his petty assaults and a prison black assaulted/raped him. Here he met Otis Dickey who was part of the Aryan Brotherhood.
        Hardened from prison and released on parole he and Ottis were covered in Aryan tattoos and shamrocks by that time.
        Black was innocent and walking down the road.
        Middle-class whites will groan at the stupidity of the poor white offenders.
        Instantly they will know the poor whites entire life story. The early brushes with the law, the single mother, the drug and alcohol abuse that put him prison for a relatively short time as a non-violent offender, the blacks that sodomized him or tried to shake him down, the Aryan prison tattoos, the unresolved rape-crisis-center power and control issues.

  11. Jason
    “Racism Fallacy”
    Would you want to be a poor Anglo-Celtic prole in Tony’s North Jersey fiefdom where working class non-Italians (The black construction worker, the black cop who was fired for issuing Tony a speeding ticket) or even middle-class non-whites (The Irish-American doctor who ignored Junior and was roughed up on the Golf Course).
    It is not a matter of “n***ers or beaners”.
    The issue is being a poor white prole with no money and no society connections and no education who is going to be in harm’s way whether it is the North Jersey Guinea Gulch and he is a union guy or an Okie in parts of California.
    Police do what they are paid to do-protect and serve those that pay them to. They will get a cat out of an Iranian billionaire’s tree in Beverly Hills but the dead body of a poor white woman killed by some local tweakers in a Stockton trailer park will be perfunctorily investigated with little interest.
    This is less “racism” than the horror of a de-centralized government under raw capitalism-there are places and people that the police and the city are meant to care about and places they don’t.
    Other minorities like the Jews in Boyle Heights, LA (Mr. Lindsey will support this) can move to an expensive subdivision 50 miles away, or San Francisco, or Hawaii when minorities move in. Poor whites-and I have seen this with Polish-Americans and Appalachians in Detroit-are too busy and too uneducated to follow the stock-market until their house is worth nothing and they cannot sell it.

  12. Jason
    Its a 21st Century phenomenon of which Michael Moore is something of a relic-the demographic change from Democrat to Republican among the poor whites and lower middle-class.
    My feeling is strictly that this is because the same policies that would benefit them also benefited blacks and Hispanics so they felt these minorities had assumed control of the party back when Obama was elected.
    This might have occurred during the 2000 election that Gore sort of won.
    Michael Moore seems passe but he used to sum up the white democrat.

    1. It’s really quite remarkable how the Democrat party has changed in terms of social/demographic issues.
      In 2008, neither Hilary nor Obama supported Gay marriage.
      In 2008, Hillary and Obama both endorsed the death penalty.
      In 2008, Hillary was never accused of being racist (Bernie was accused of being sexist by Hillary supporters).
      In 2008, Obama went to coal country and won a few of their votes. He was not criticized for kowtowing to ‘dumb racists’.
      In 2008, few people had heard the word “transgender” and democrats would not endorse them entering bathrooms not of their “birth gender”.
      In 2008, “phobic” could not be added to any word to win an argument.
      A “practical” blue collar guy is going to think this is anti-common sense.
      He is going to be irritated that f*cked in the head hipsters are going to condescend to him, despite the fact he is exercising common sense.

    2. trash
      “intellectual pornography”
      Much like how many highly intelligent people (typically in the intelligence industry, actually, lol) believe that neo-conservatism is essentially the noble Westerner* converting Ay-rabs to our glorious ways, many liberals saw SJWism as a “noble experiment”.
      SJW “thinkers” do tend to be intelligent. They can essentially almost fool their opponents into thinking they’re using logical fallacies (for instance, the “slippery slope” one).
      Obama presented an opportunity for this to go into action. Obama also was interested in this “intellectual pornography”.
      *”westerner” is also a colorblind term for them, since they believe in mass immigration.

  13. TRASH in fairness Michael Moore’s people are right about a lot of things.
    If the world was all hipsters, nothing would get done.
    SJW “autistic screeching” cannot outdo common sense.

    1. Beauregard
      White prole uses:
      Not all police are white proles but no hipsters are police. Minorities, understanding only power and aggression, would probably commit more crimes and gangs would be more bold without white proles to contribute to Law and Order type policies as police, prison guards, border guards.
      Female white proles are willing to provide sexual outlets because they lack the skills for better-paying work or the abstract thinking capacity for much moral doubt. We’d have far fewer strippers, pornographers, prostitutes, camwhores or simply someone to get drunk and screw on Ladies Night at a Meatmarket. Probably rape and sex with underage girls would rise as males could not find an outlet.
      We might HAVE a problem with Muslim immigrants as we had to import mechanics, laborers, skilled masons from Pakistan and anywhere that would fill the need. Either that or so many Mexicans that California would split off into the Latin Sphere.
      Finally, we probably would have Japan’s problem. Hipsters have one child when they are 35-40 years old. Our country would be nothing but fecund Mexicans and Blacks in 2060.

      1. “Finally, we probably would have Japan’s problem. Hipsters have one child when they are 35-40 years old. Our country would be nothing but fecund Mexicans and Blacks in 2060.
        I agree about all except this one. Asians are predicted to uptick in immigration in the coming years. They will ensure the median ability level/crime rate is stable, but there will be a vast range of neighborhoods in terms of prosperity, crime, etc.

        1. Beauregard
          On losing Michael Moore populists.
          Notice that Michael Moore did not make any impact in the Trump-Clinton election. He was out of style, passe, a dinosaur of the Bush era nobody wanted to remember.
          When Democrats lose their center left types that Clinton appealed to, who do they have left?
          Blacks and Hispanics, naturally. American Indians. But the leaders of these groups are really in it for the money and do not care much if the GOP threatens Libya or the Paris climactic treaty. They want cold hard cash and Democrats are easier to tap out.
          Feminists are usually Democrats while Republicans will be better looking heterosexual woman as a rule of thumb. There are exceptions as with Hollywood but in general hot women are Republicans.
          Gays of course. Social Justice Warriors.
          But the white working male or middle-class male is the make or break.
          Curious is that populism swings both ways. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were both elected because of populist appeal. In fact white males that would have claimed to be “salt of the earth” working men 20 years ago who hated Republicans as elitist big business types represented by Reagan or Bush who only cared about Wall Street voted for Trump.

        2. Beauregard
          I live in Asia. America is no longer THAT APPEALING to East Asians who enjoy a higher standard of living in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore.
          How many Germans want to immigrate to Milwaukee these days? Even Southern Europe with its debt crisis and unemployment is to filling the planes to North Jersey.
          Japanese do not want to immigrate in droves to the West Coast.
          My feeling is that so-called Asian immigration will be from the Philippines and maybe India, Pakistan.
          That is different demographic.

        3. TRASH
          the Japanese economy is not too hot. Everything, including opportunity, will be strained with the inverted pyramid age distribution.
          Of course a shrinking tax base from emigration won’t help, but this is what will happen.
          Europeans may flee to escape Islam. Muslim birthrates over there are quite high relative to the natives.

      No White Proles…
      The first thought of a hearty Afghani or African refugee in Sweden is that “these guys are weedy liberals who suck one another’s cocks”. Muslim actions advertise this.
      Notice that Ireland and Scotland, home of our Appalachians, do not attract much misbehavior on the part of Muslims. Glasgow and Dublin are not “no go areas”.
      Nor do Muslims seem to want to hang around Sicily for very long. Most of the misbehavior is in Scandinavia.
      Muslims might think about misbehaving a bit more in the U.S.
      Our police would be a joke. Probably bull-dykes would be the only effective ones. Prison guards, ditto.
      Women, who secretly love Alpha males no matter how many women’s empowerment gender studies classes they take, would take to intermarrying with African-Americans more often when the choice was weedy hipsters with a full beard and the build of 9 year old. Hipsters are often bisexual anyhow so they would simply settle for rimming one another in San Francisco lofts.
      We would ALREADY have a Brazil simply because many white women would want the masculine take-charge black male.

      1. Trash, Michael Moore and people like him are the reason the democratic party is now in doldrums. Had the idiot spent half the time in some constructive work instead of going after Trumps jugular, people would have some belief left in him.since he decided to go after Trump with indiscriminate character assassination he just lost it and his whole shtick backfired on him. He is now nothing more than a spentforce. And what about the flaming limousineliberals of Hollywood who threatened to leave? Even though i loathe trump and altrighters like Dick Spencer and Anglin, these sjw and antifa morons are even making them good. You can’t​ help but feel for trump when he has to deal with hostility and fake news from our own media all the time.

        1. Moore overestimate his own personal appeal to the public. When his information was in front and his own unappealing Canadian Bacon persona was limited to a voice-over hard facts he had an impact.
          Social Justice Warriors and the rest went after the wrong issues as Democratic spokespeople. Promoting a huge man in a dress like Jenner using a Ladies Room with little girls is grotesque, disengaging from Libya and Syria and Iran is the core issue.
          Democrats went wrong by segueing into these PC micro-issues which were ludicrous. The main threat of the GOP was Big Oil and its relationship with wars overseas. Not micro-aggression.
          But once he imagined himself a folk hero people just got tired of him entirely.
          Also he will always be associated with the Bush era. He was sort of passe and seemed like a dinosaur when Hillary came around. Maybe he managed help pull levers for Obama. Then he peaked.
          Since Trump can twitter what he wished to twitter I do not think media in all its facets bothers him that much.
          Michael Moore and Bush came from a time when the MSM still ruled the airwaves.
          But Trump clearly does not care how the media views him. His twitter states this.
          This is part of his charm of course.

  14. Beauregard
    The disappearance of practical Michael Moore type white guys from the Democratic party is probably the reason that Hillary lost.
    Bill Clinton, a central leftist, could get the votes of Michael Moore populists.
    But PC and SJW became so ludicrous and absurd in the late-Obama era that they lost the Michael Moore voters-who wants a 6’3 man like Bruce Jenner in a dress sharing a rest room with their daughter.
    In all fairness to Blue State hipsters, the issues of Flyover Proles were endlessly tedious. Let’s face it.
    Pain pills replaced Crystal Meth but another drug epidemic that has them robbing one burglarizing one another’s trailers.
    In the 21st century they still cannot comprehend how to use a rubber. Sure, hipsters are gays and dykes and amoral straights who love chem sex BUT they are not the ones who need welfare to feed their kids.
    They want more stupid wars. They keep threatening countries that nobody knows or cares a whit about-where the hell is Tehran and who is in charge in Libya.
    The refugee crisis in Europe is more or less the result of the Iraq War. To quote Moore, we did not even get the oil we were promised.
    And finally, Neocons and Big Oil and Zionists can bamboozle them because they are less intelligent.

  15. BEAUREGARD Asian Immigration and the Philippine Model
    Philippines is essentially an Austronesian population with a Hispanic admixture that was ruled over by a Creole Mestizo land-owning class who lived in Haciendas.
    Chinese-Filipino immigrants entered in large numbers when it became a U.S. colony with families because of its relative stability within a few short years seized the economy.
    They are cruelly indifferent to the Filipinos and in some instances openly contemptuous. There is some degree of resentment and friction between them and the Spanish Mestizo families-a few years ago when a Spanish Mestizo raped too Chinese girls and fled to Spain the Chinese-Filipinos snatched a Spanish girl and raped/killed her out of retaliation.
    We can expect the same thing between East Asians and Hispanics on the West Coast. Look at the anger and disgust Koreans have for Blacks. There have been instances where they shot them in their stores.
    I do not see the removal of whites as a buffer between the other races in the United States as anything but a step towards a dysgenic IQ caste pyramid with cold, rich, indifferent East Asians and high-caste Indians sneering at minorities.

    1. TRASH
      Blacks resent East Asians, and East Asians resent them.
      Asians and Hispanics generally do not care about each other.
      Hispanics ethnically cleanse Blacks from their neighborhoods, but really all races do that.
      Asians will eventually come to dominate, and it is debatable what they will do with Blacks. Likely they will have the same attitude current White elites have towards Hispanics.

        1. Asians would see Hispanics as labor, if such a need existed by 2060. White elites see Hispanics as cheap labor. Asians the same.
          Asians, I’ll add, are very rarely Republicans in the U.S. We could expect some fairly raw capitalism from a group with an IQ of 105 on average.
          I also expect that the Jews would be a source of competition and friction with their high verbal IQ’s as oppose to Asians Aspbergerishness. Asians would probably find them to be an irritant and a headache as litigators, media watchdogs, technocrats.

      1. My opinion, married to a Yunnan Chinese woman and living in Asia, is that the Asians would be completely indifferent to races that were not so stupid as to present an immediate disrupt/threat.
        Hispanics and Asians co-exist uneasily in the Philippines. The Chinese dominate business and the Hispanics are more powerful in politics, media, church, agriculture. I don’t see why the situation would be different between them in California or for that matter, between Asians and whites.
        I don’t think Asians have much use for the Flyover or can displace Jews, Irish, Italians on the East Coast. My feeling is that Massachusetts will continue to ethnic white and NYC will be a counter for Jews.
        However, the government IS getting more centralized and Chinese are experts at dealing with a Centralized government. If they can really influence D.C. then whites are going to lose their grip on the levers of control completely.

        1. yes, exactly. I come from an area that is mostly White and Black (very few Hispanics or Asians) but this is obvious to me.

  16. TRASH
    NE Asians, Coastal Whites, Arabs & Indians= Elites
    SE Asians= Suburban Blue collar Whites
    Rural Whites= Increasingly isolated
    Hispanics= Same as they are now
    Blacks= Underclass

    1. Beauregard
      It is awfully hard for Arabs to enter the United States in vast numbers. Their only ethnic concentration is in East Detroit. I do not see how their influence could grow in D.C.
      Jews, whether people love them or hate them, are going to stay high-in-the-running simply by their wits. They are used to jockeying for an elite position no matter how the status quo changes. Also, unless we no longer have an entertainment industry, they’ll dominate that as society’s court jesters and storytellers because their verbal IQ is high.
      Coastal whites, which is to say Irish and Italians, are going to continue being lawyers and therefore politicians. Again, this verbal IQ. Which Asians cannot match.
      Rural whites. The first to arrive are the first to lose importance. Those Siberians to first populate Flyover country we now call Native Americans are no longer relevant. Anglo-Saxons from Old Settler stock will be the next irrelevant group with no real political power or meaning.
      Blacks. Agree. Hispanics. Agree.

  17. TRASH
    They will not rebel against Asian economic domination. It is most likely they will de jure have the same rights (although defacto economic factors influence that).
    The Black birthrate is scarcely higher than the White one. THEY too will be outnumbered. There will be no one to “rebel”.

    1. Here I agree. This has been the case in the Philippines.
      The difference between the black birthrate and white birthrate is out-of-wedlock births.
      Asians are not going to be nearly as sympathetic to blacks as other groups have been. You can see this with Koreans in the ghetto.

    People complain about the Centralization of the U.S. government but if it were completely decentralized the Flyover white proles could kiss their asses goodbye. Asians on the East and West Coast would not care if a tornado wiped out Kansas or Appalachian coal miners or the 100% unemployment rate in Arkansas.
    To see Africans and Asians interact is comical at times. Watch the old video of the Black girl beaten the middle-aged Korean woman until she pulls out a gun and shooting her dead in the back in that 1991 case.
    When Asians-or Hispanics-come into the population mix there is no end to the misunderstandings. Asians have an asperbergers quality about them.
    South Asians from the higher castes can be integrated.
    The downside to this is that they have no concern for the rights, well-being of other races. Period. So Anglo-Saxons in the Flyover will get no bailout from Asians running D.C.
    You’d see the same twisted trickle-down economic divisions that you see in the Philippines if East Asians got their hands on the U.S. economy.
    I don’t think Jews would allow this and other ethnic whites would probably co-operate. As much as Jews are despised and put their interests in front they would not be marginalized by Chinese and probably would form an intellectual vanguard of sorts.

    1. Debatable. The Fed channels money to the big banks in the city, this has allowed them to boom, and created “cartels”.
      Unconnected rural banks are getting the scraps.
      Trump to his credit is appointing a Fed Governor who wants to foster relationships with smaller banks, another who simply wants to stop propping up big ones.

  19. Asian Economic Domination
    Flyover whites would be the Aeta to Chinese-Filipinos. No feeling whatsoever. Whites in Appalachia would live in caves and hunt. Farmers in Missouri whose crop was devastated would starve.
    Again, complain about Jews but they probably would form an intellectual vanguard against complete Asian economic domination. I don’t know that Asians would care about Israel or that an Asian-run economy would actually be willing to see 50 billion a year go to subsidizing a second-world country with no oil in the Levant. Good luck lobbying an Asian-run economy for that.

    1. Hmmm…you’re correct about the financial aid to Israel, but the wars for profit (which benefit Israel by weakening its rivals).
      It is also true that Asians, being from homogenous countries, will MORE support Israel’s treatment of the of its own Arabs or the West Bank Arabs.
      If they had a minority comprising 20% of their countries they would treat them far worse.

  20. TRASH
    I agree Jews would be a bulwark against Asian economic dominance.
    It would be much like the USSR, with Asians being the oligarchs and Jews producing Lenin, Trotsky, etc.

    1. Bearegard
      Given the opportunity a Chinese-run America would probably have “re-education centers” to match those of Lenin or Stalin they would be sent to.
      If Asians simply integrated into our existing political system and did nothing to alter they would probably view Jews (And other white Coastal ethnics) as their real competition.

  21. US Run by Chinese Oligarchs…Welcome to the Philippines
    Chinese will regard minorities as barbarians who live outside the walls, so to speak. Forget any community outreach or anything else. They will live in Haiti levels of poverty.
    With the Hispanics as with the Filipinos a small Spanish Creole population always tends to run things and these are the folks Chinese will bribe or be bribed by when some sort of mutual interest is apparent: otherwise, Amerindians will dwell in dangerous barrios.
    Jews, simultaneously accused of being greedy pigs while at the same time usually flaming Left-wing liberals who want more government-spending for the poor, will be leaned on hard. Journalists will be assassinated (Common in the Philippines) and Tieneman Square type massacres would occur. But most of them would simply face re-education or the firing squad. The Jewish intellect tends towards the high verbal IQ so their sources of power-the media, public speakers, shock jockeys, pornographers-would be dead or working in the prison factory.
    Other whites would probably be ignored in the interior of the country.
    This would be assuming that Chinese could actually get a democratic system to play with. In the existing one, although their instincts run concurrent, there would probably be an uneasy Singapore if they took over.
    Technically the Philippines is a democracy. It is not. It is a Chinese-Filipino syndicate where anything that crosses the bottom line is obliterated. Squatters who rightfully own land but refuse to get off suffer “burnouts”.
    Then we have crystal meth. Indeed Chinese love to cook this up everywhere. It would be like wheat in Kansas, leading to further wars with Hispanic cartels in Mexico.
    Now to an extent Chinese and all other Asians adapt their behavior to suit particular places.

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