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27 thoughts on “New Comments Thread for the Contact Page”

  1. I do enjoy reading your threds although they are quite morbid at times. So who do you think the mystery killer is I have stated I think it was MP and CP

    1. Jackie you have been very bad on here before. That is why you got banned. If you promise to be a good girl, I will let you back on the site.
      I do have a POI of course, but I am not going to say who it is right now. I definitely do not think that MP and CP.

      1. I owe you an apology, Robert. Some time ago, I read your blog and lashed out at it. I felt you were spreading town rumors that did not reflect all that well on the victims. I’ve had a moment of enlightenment, and change of heart.
        These town rumors need to be brought out into the open, rather than whispered in ears. You brought them into the light. True or not, they need to be considered and examined. All too often, cases go cold leaving only whispers behind. I applaud you for posting it…all of it. It keeps focus on it.
        I’ve noticed a few discussion sites for this subject have been taken down. I’d like to think they have found a suspect, but I also fear they were downed because of threats of liable. Then I saw your blog went private. This saddens me, because you were the only one with the courage to really address this case honestly. This is how a case goes cold. When the truth is bullied into silence, or hidden into whispers.
        I would urge you to make your blog public again, but I would completely understand if you didn’t.

        1. I would also like to add. If people are shocked and disgusted by what you are saying….then they should be. The whole world should be shocked and disgusted by this. Two young girls provided police with a photo and voice recording of their murderer, and it is still not solved yet. Thank you for speaking out about it in such a brutally honest way.

        2. You are free to come to the private site if you wish. We are mostly discussing one man anyway. We are quite sure that we know who the man on the bridge is. We have assembled quite a bit of good evidence against him.

        3. Thank you Kit. I am getting bashed for telling the rumors going around about what was done to these two girls. Of course in cases like this, what was done to the victims is often pretty sickening. But it still needs to put out in the open so people can see what a monster he is anyway. The girls can hardly be defamed or embarassed by this information anyway, so it doesn’t much matter what we say about them.

  2. I am sorry that you are getting bashed for just repeating what people in the town are saying. People deserve to know, and you are brave to post it. I don’t know how to get to your private site. It says I need a password.

    1. Well we do charge minimum $10 to get in to keep the trolls and spies out. Once you donate, you can comment on any posts on this site forever. If that’s a hardship for you, we will see what we can work out.
      You do not have to pay the fee, but that’s the only way to get into the private forum. Most people are just paying it without problems to be honest.

      1. I can’t say that I blame you. I’d love to join, but I’m really just a novice at this. I believe a person involved is online visiting these sites. I have been in contact with a close relative of Liberty, and I believe I know why the sites are being taken down. Even a site on 4chan about this was taken down…which is highly unusual for 4chan, from what I have read.
        Again, I’m sorry to see you go private. You were about the only site where people were allowed to discuss the case. I hope the case is solved soon, and we can finally see justice for Abby and Liberty.

  3. The 4chan thread was taken down around the same time Websleuth took theirs down. A Reddit one was also taken down at the same time.

  4. Hello,
    Can I have the password to the locked site page discussing the Delphi Case?
    (Love your blog)

  5. Robert Lindsay, I recently read an article about Nigerians being LOUSY people. I hate to say that I have to agree. Currently in the news is this: “NIGERIAN MAN RAPES A MENTALLY ILL WOMAN WHO LIVES IN A GROUP HOME THAT IS OPERATED BY HIS WIFE”. My son who was excluded from housing because he has a mental disability currently lives in a group home that is operated by the accused wife. I fought a 6 months lawsuit that I filed in court because I sued Wake County Human Services for violating the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988 and other laws for making housing unavailable for my son because he has a mental disability. “WCHS” eventually filed a motion to dismiss, which prompted me to file a motion for Preliminary Injunction, pending trial. After a cross examination on “WCHS” Assistant Housing Director, I won my motion for Preliminary Injunction, pending trial. Please do a Google search and read in the Indy Week Newspaper, March 16, 2016 Edition titled, “WHY WAS A WAKE COUNTY WOMAN’S LAWSUIT SETTLED AGAINST HER WILL”? I lost my Guardianship of my son, because I had no housing for him, AFTER he was illegally excluded from housing because he has a mental disability. The group home that he was placed in by a Public Guardian has been HORRIBLY and majority staffed by Nigerians. It has been one problem after another. The operator(Wife of the accused rapist) has recently received substantiation and given an A1 SERIOUS NEGLECT CHARGE for failing to ensure that my son and 5 other men were protected from BED BUG INFESTATION IN WHICH THESE BUGS WERE FOUND IN “EVERY” AREA OF THE FACILITY, EXCEPT THE KITCHEN AND IT WAS INFESTED WITH WHAT LOOKED LIKE “GERMAN’ ROACHES TO THE EXTERMINATOR. THESE BUGS WERE FOUND, “ALIVE” IN AREAS WHERE FOOD AND FOOD SUPPLIES WERE STORED. The Operator also failed to give my son medication as authorized by a Medical professional and this is not all, as this is just the “TIP OF THE ICEBERG”. Since I learned of the accused rape of her husband, I did a Public Records search on these two and IT WAS NOT GOOD. I am seeking supporters for my son and I and also am looking for people to sign our petition to “STOP NIGERIAN RAPE OF MENTALLY ILL WOMAN WHO LIVE IN GROUP HOMES IN THE UNITED STATES” It can be read for signing on or on facebook, please support. Yes, all of the Nigerians that I have met are LOUSY PEOPLE. If you have problems finding it, please contact me at

  6. Hi Robert, I just donated $20 to the forum but see that I need the password. I sent my original request to your old comments page and then saw that it was closed.
    I think what you do is very valuable and am anxious to see the forum posts.
    Thank you,
    Trish Hoffman

  7. Hi
    Like your site. You describe yourself as Liberal Leftist. i just wondered if you watched the movie Get Out by Jordan Peele. If you did, what did you think? Also have written any articles on Guyana? My parents are from there but I don’t know much about the place having been born and raised in the UK, I’m interested to know about the racial break down in Guyana. My parents would talk of how back in the day, dark skinned people would have to cross over the road if a light skinned person was coming their way. They did not speak to them, unless they were spoken to; how the light skinned and ‘coolie’, would still ‘lord’ it over you even if the black skinned were educated and they were not.

    1. Wow that is very interesting. Were your parents darker or lighter? Were they subject to this discrimination? A lot of the Blacks in Guyana are mixed and quite lightskinned. There is also a large Indian population there. I have not written anything about the place.
      Thanks for liking the site!

      1. Hi
        Thanks for responding. I’ve taken the liberty of pasting two articles I’ve written, one on being dark skinned in the UK (which also comments on my late parents) and the second, is of another asset that I found is speech ie, speaking English in manner that people perceive as ‘superior’ it strangely elevates you above your dark skin tone. As I say elsewhere, I don’t consciously go around putting-it-on but I’ve noticed whether I’m in the North of England, South Africa and definitely America, you are given respect.
        Regarding my parents – my father was dark skinned and had broad/large features. Whether he was ‘mixed’, it was difficult to say but I would say he bordered on black/African features. My mother was lighter in skin tone, she had what we used to tease as a Joan Collins type nose, it was dead straight; her hair although natural grew to the middle of her back. Overall, she was a ‘mixture’, a combination of ‘buck’, Indian, white and black – her grandfather was white, her mother was considered to be part ‘coolie’, her father was black.
        They came from outside the capital, the countryside but were from different areas. I believe they both experienced discrimination, my father more than my mother. My mother was a teacher in the village and had the respect from the community. My father however, would speak occasionally of discrimination, (with the example I’ve given) to the point I believe was part of his reason of wanting to leave for England. He was a carpenter by profession. What my parents believed was great about the UK is that it was an ‘equaliser’ or in my own words, it was consistent with its racism: ‘a nigga comes in all faiths and colours’ so you if you were light skinned and had airs and graces, you could always be guaranteed at some point, you’d be put down by someone who was a lot lighter than you!

  8. Hi, Robert, sorry to bother you when you are so busy with this website. A very short question – what is the source of the IE languages tree from this article: I only found it on your site and on an emoji site, so definitely can’t be them. Please tell me, did you do it and if not, who?
    And because you seem to need encouragement I tell you this – I probably agree with 90% of what you say and I have the guess that the rest is for show. But those 90%, man, almost need no scientific validation, is enough you read it here. I hope you will meet your merits one day – this won’t touch the idiots, it won’t move more the nice guys (who are so few and a bit apathetic) but would have a sizable effect on defining a new middle ground.
    Answer me here, the given e-mail is a nonsense. Just one tiny observation – to me this would have had even more sense if the chronology would be have been from left to right, meaning that the Anatolians separated first and the indo-iranians in fact didn’t separate (they were the last ones) and became the second stage of IE, while the more European languages evolved differently.
    That impressed me so much at this map, but your explanations seem to contradict it. Not important, you might know better, only please tell me who’s the author.

  9. I found the answer myself – it’s your work and it’s the best IE tree ever; and if it would respect the suggested chronology it would also be a good weapon against many nationalist claims.
    But I found something really troubling: recently you make your articles around the suggestions sent by the romanian Zamfir. I could never talk too much about the evil impact that the romanians, through intelligence and occult efforts, have on the most important aspects of the American and Western life – from supporting the oligarchy and the satanists projects to putting in practice internal and external aggressive policies.
    By blackmailing him, they even transformed Trump from a stupid and arrogant mafia boy to the mass murderer that prepares to be. The repealing of Obamacare? – In the interest of the romanian John Paulson who just bought recently AIG.
    I would suffer enormously if you would let yourself fooled by the Romanians. I would suffer even more to see that all of you, alt-left, alt-right, supremacists and minorities, progressive and libertarians are part of the same prank played on whom… China? Third World? God (together with the first two)?

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