New Policy on Donations

The waiving of donations for Delphi Murders commenters will continue. However, many donated anyway, and some have donated several times. Delphi commenters are under no obligation to donate, but it’s always nice. I am going to make an amendment to that. There are a number of Delphi commenters who I am emailing with a lot. Emailing with them is taking up a lot of my time. Bottom line is if you are taking up a  lot of my time, you need to pay me for that time because in my opinion, it’s work. If you don’t pay me, you are making me work for free. Not fair. Most of these people emailing me a lot have already donated, so this only applies to a few people. And if you only email me a few times asking for say a password, then the donation policy continues to be waived. Some of these people have done some work for me with photos and whatnot. That took some of their time to do that. I think I can waive the donation requirement for them as the work they did for me was an in kind donation. Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. Yes Robert…ns is my son. He was set up with PayPal and was excited to help me get a way to donate to you. You are an amazing communicator and wish you the very best! I hope you were able to see saturday nights 48 hours episode. It featured teens that were taken advantage of with the Kik app.

  2. I was wondering if I could get the password. Seems that no matter how hard you try some people will always lodge some sort of ridiculous complaint about the work your doing.. To help give people a place to be able to read and converse about our small communities tragedy is very much appreciated even though at times people try to make you feel bad for the hard work you do just know I appreciate it! Thank you

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