What Is Conservatism and Why It is Wrong

Ken Curtis: Don’t really say what or who to you represents American conservatism. If you’re under the assumption that Donald Trump is an American conservative, you are wrong.
Define who or what groups are American conservatives. Regardless, I’m not going anywhere unless you block my happy white ass who loves guns and religion.

I am very curious why Ken Curtis feels that Donald Trump is not a conservative.
I could block you, but if you only refrain from advocating conservative economics, you can post here til the cows come home. I have had conservatives on my site for years. They just post on other stuff, and I write about a lot of other stuff. I would not care if there were 10,000 conservatives on my site as long as they were posting about other stuff. I can’t well ban people because of their thoughts.
I was pretty mad the other day, but I am calmed down now.
I am opposed to Trump and all of his Administration and all of the Republican Party in Congress. That party has turned into a monstrosity. They have finally evolved into an American form of fascism. They’ve been headed down that road slowly since Reagan. Reagan started the long march to fascism.
What I am mostly opposed to is rightwing economics. It’s diabolical. We do not buy into this small government bull. It’s idiocy. Rightwing economics is only good for the rich. If you make over $75,000/yr, go ahead and vote Republican. But less than that, you are getting screwed. The Republican agenda is give everything to the rich and screw everybody else. If you’re rich, I get it, but if you’re not rich, why would you support that?
Americans are stupid. They are too dumb to understand class war. Class war is continuous under capitalism. The Republican agenda is to take as much money as they can from those making under $75,000 and give it to those making over $75,000. As money does not grow on trees, the only way the rich can get richer is to take money from the lower classes. If you make under $75,000, the Republicans are trying to take your money and your stuff and give it to a bunch of rich and upper middle class people. Why would anyone support a bunch of rich people who are picking their pockets?
You absolutely must support a safety net on this board. You can’t advocate even cutting the social safety net or cutting any social programs for that matter on this board. You can think that way, but you cannot voice that opinion here.
If you reject the crap rightwing economics and your only conservatism is in religion, guns, etc. I would even let you post that stuff on my board. Just stay away from partisan posting. I can live with religious conservatives and gun nuts. I can’t live with economic conservatives. I would prefer leukemia.
The problem with conservatism is that conservatives believe in rule by aristocracy. Well, if you are an aristocrat, then conservatism is for you. The Left on the other hand, believes in democratic rule or rule by the people. If democratic rule is rule by the people, then conservatives with their divine rule of kings mindset are against democracy.
And indeed, if you study conservatism down through space and time, one thing that is clear is that conservatives have always opposed democracy. They call it mob rule, rule by the rabble, populism and all sorts of nasty things.
That’s is why we are having all this vote suppression going on. Conservatives are trying to stop democracy by stopping the people from voting. You know what? That’s real crappy. Trying to keep American citizens from voting just because they vote Left. That’s downright evil.
To make matters worse, since 2000, conservatives have been hacking the voting machines and stealing elections. Bush 2000, Bush 2004, and Trump 2016 were all won by computer vote fraud via hacking those computerized voting machines.  They plotted this out very well, and the top Republicans all know that they are hacking the system and stealing elections. They just don’t care. I’m sorry, but I think that is evil. If these people are willing to commit fraud and hack votes and steal elections just to keep the Left out of power, well, they’re just evil. So you can see why I think Republicans are simply evil nowadays.
Are you an aristocrat? Do you support the divine rule of kings. Do you believe that the strong must rule the weak? Do you believe that the  Whites must rule the non-Whites? Do you believe that the rich must rule the non-rich? If you do not believe in these things,  why vote Republican? Because the Republican Party is all about all of these things.
For instance, say you are a deeply religious fundamentalist Protestant and you love your guns, but you are opposed to the Economics of the Rich and you support a strong safety net. I would even allow you to advocate that sort of conservatism on here. I’ve had gun nuts on here for years, and I never banned them. One gun nut has been here for I think seven years now.

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35 thoughts on “What Is Conservatism and Why It is Wrong”

  1. The gun stuff is just a trick to get people to vote against their real interests – sort of like how the Republicans point out stuff like gays in the Boy Scouts (something which is a very bad idea) to scare whites into voting for them.

    1. Some of them know to an extent.
      The problem is they address this by moving further to the right.
      “it is easier to fool a man than to convince a man he has been fooled”

  2. Of course, the disgust of Republicans with the safety net would mainly be because many know people who do drugs and abuse the welfare system. These people also cheat, lie, steal, whatever else, to get drugs. Of course, the commenter Sam doesn’t believe this is a real problem – unless of course, it’s those darkies he hates so much.

    1. Jewson-
      A big part of the problem is that “Coastal elite” type liberals are really just getting fed-up with The Flyover.
      The coastal liberals provide the safety net for the red-staters, yet the red staters rant about the opposite being true.
      Essentially, more and more are thinking like TRASH.

      1. Actually, a lot of rednecks love the social safety net. They only turn against it and say it’s for sissies and NAMS once they, the rednecks, start making a decent amount of money.
        However, ironically, though, while poor, these rednecks love the safety net – yet still, hate NAMS with a cave man brutishness. In one instance, some trailer dwellers near my home ranted about cooking a “n word’s” head, yet later voted for Obama cause they didn’t want benefits cut.

        1. Jason
          Even if that African-American’s head belonged to Will Smith or another gainfully employed NAM the rural white would despise him.
          Nobody really dislikes Native Americans anymore to any great degree and they draw more public funds than any other group.
          At its heart the dislike between Africans and Northwestern Europeans (And East Asians) is a night-and-day clash of civilizations-its always been worst between Koreans and blacks in Los Angeles ghettos who share no history at all.

        2. LOL
          TRASH (sr.) is back.
          He’s not just trash anymore, he’s a “chainsaw massacre freak”….
          I just wanted to keep the legacy alive. I’ll go back to Beauregard.

        3. Nah this is a much cooler name.
          Anyhow, TRASH, all you say is true.
          BUT I feel the GULLIABILITY is a huge problem.
          They distrust “outsiders”…with them they are overly paranoid and will ignore the fact that Muslim Congressmen advocate more for there interests than Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.
          IF “coastal elite” types can cast themselves as having the same “values” as their religion (even though many are indeed hypocritical) they can then easily brainwash these flyover types.
          For instance, Secular Jews born in the Northeast play Bible thumping red blooded republican Americans on Fox News and can endlessly promote whatever the hell they want, and the flyover eats it up.
          EXAMPLE: Chris Wallace. Among others.

      2. Junior
        The Red-Staters generally have a lower IQ. They are not going to be re-trained as software writers. Their industries are primary, not secondary symbol manipulation.
        They will continue to have babies younger and without as much forethought. These children, one of four produced by a lower middle-class white family at an earlier age, will not be educated in private schools.
        To alleviate boredom or get through drudge jobs they will continue using the most destructive narcotics-the more clever and ruthless ones will sell them.
        All of these things are exasperating to the gay Italian-Catholic or Jewish hipster or gay liberal in San Francisco. The overpopulation, the stupidity, the need for religious fanaticism to install any sort of morality, the xenophobia etc.
        Rural whites unlike blacks do not possess an entertaining subculture. They are simply dim, sordid, poor whom the East and West Coast view as a surplus population.

      3. My Son
        Why we are sick of them (Or I was back in the 1990’s)
        They breed. Frowning upon pornography, homosexuality, prostitution or abortion the resulting lack of outlets for a climax is a high population of children from lower-middle class parents who struggle to support them. How often does this happen to the East Coast Democrat. The liberal is referred to as a “fairy” or “cuck” by the macho Republican redneck who unreflectingly blows his load in women too dim to buy birth control pills. But it is not the effete urban Democrat who is having children he cannot afford to support.
        They get hooked on stupid drugs and turn into the sort of meth-addled morons the Philippines president shoots. The gay San Francisco Democrat enjoys his Molly or his marijuana but he does not steal in order to obtain it. One stupid drug epidemic after another hits the Flyover: crack, then meth, then pain pills.
        They are always moaning about Blacks and Jews. The obsession with “Big Black Cocks” and Jewish conspiracies are tedious.
        They are religious hypocrites.
        They are often unattractive in manner and dress-obese, badly-dressed, mullets. Their music is awful: the worst sort of tinny country music wafting from their trailers and pickup trucks singing about square-dancing in Texas.
        They are violent and easily offended. Some of the males will rape.
        They are ignorant and unworldly because of course they have never traveled which is why the government can convince them to show up for wars or Yemen will invade South Carolina. No New York liberal who spent several summers living in the South of France believes this.
        They elected Donald Trump.

        1. They are often unattractive in manner and dress-obese, badly-dressed, mullets. Their music is awful: the worst sort of tinny country music wafting from their trailers and pickup trucks singing about square-dancing in Texas.

          And if you criticize them – you’re labeled a queer.

        2. <
          blockquote>They get hooked on stupid drugs and turn into the sort of meth-addled morons the Philippines president shoots. The gay San Francisco Democrat enjoys his Molly or his marijuana but he does not steal in order to obtain it. One stupid drug epidemic after another hits the Flyover: crack, then meth, then pain pills.
          They are always moaning about Blacks and Jews. The obsession with “Big Black Cocks” and Jewish conspiracies are tedious.
          They are religious hypocrites.
          Right, you can do all the sin you want – but you cannot say God doesn’t exist or be a Satanist. You must be like Lynard Skynard and sing Simple Man with it’s praises of Forrest Gump while beating your wife, getting drunk and stoned, and molesting your daughter. 😆 All while dressed as The Freaks of Wal-Mart

        3. SOrry mistake in HTML so repost
          Right, you can do all the sin you want – but you cannot say God doesn’t exist or be a Satanist. You must be like Lynard Skynard and sing Simple Man with its praises of Forrest Gump while beating your wife, getting drunk and stoned, and molesting your daughter. 😆 All while dressed as The Freaks of Wal-Mart

      4. My Son
        Conservatives are loathsome because the are not very intelligent. Their ignorance is then something that the rest of society has to deal with or sometimes unscrupulously exploits.
        For example, the oligarchs in big business can convince them to show up for stupid wars (However their purpose benefits the military industrial complex or oil companies) by manipulating them into believing Yemen will invade Missouri.
        Their evangelical leaders convince them to over breed, but despite their emphasis on “family values” it is their own families that collapse into single-parent households, domestic violence, runaway teenagers etc.
        They are stupid enough (IQ of 95-ish on average) to just frustrate educated and responsible Democrats.
        It comes down to intelligence and circumstance. The East Coast liberal or San Francisco Democrat is just grossed out by Dog the Bounty Hunter types with the fat loud pushy wife and meth-addled kids with mullet ponytails.

        1. Mullets? Come on. 😆 Those things aren’t even in style – where I live – anymore – and this what the hotbed of them. More than likely around here you’d see some guy who shaves his head, has tattoos, and a fashionable beard.

    2. Sociological research indicates the complete opposite of what you say above. Welfare fraud is minimal and does not warrant shutting down the safety net. And, so what if people use drugs? Lots of rich people do.

      1. Zuma
        Intelligent people are more likely to use recreational drugs for years and years but less likely to end up performing oral favors in an alleyway for crack cocaine or meth.
        There are particular drugs that lower-middle-class to working poor groups use that wreck their lives overnight-crack, meth, heroin.
        The “hipster” who uses Molly for chem-sex on his weekends will probably not end up robbing a liquor store to get more.
        But the poor peasant from the Flyover or the barrio who is introduced to pot by his cousin at 11 and graduates to meth at 14 will eventually end up in jail.
        As for welfare, withdrawing it from the white populace might be possible but in the case of NAMS you would see a DAWN OF THE DEAD scenario of cannibalism within three weeks or so.

      2. Zuma
        No welfare in Red States where “Guns & Guts” made America great vs San Francisco liberals.
        Urban Liberal with no Welfare
        Often have ethnic support systems ie Jews, Italians, Eastern Europeans. Tony Soprano forces some restaurant owner to hire his ne’re-do-well son-in-law. No such networking in the coldly indifferent individualistic semi-rural Flyover.
        Urban liberals allow prostitution to exist as a necessary evil for the dumbest women and idle young men who wish to peddle ass to well-heeled homos. Desperate women from the Flyover whose farm has failed will be jailed by Evangelical fanatics for prostitution and hardened in jail.
        Liberals more often employed by dint of IQ and education. Most possess at least an undergraduate degree as oppose to semi-rural whites who have never been 30 miles away from the hospital they were born.
        Organized protests and attacks on the corporations and Wall Street esp. by Jews (Even those who are rich themselves).
        Sale and manufacture of Meth and Opiates rockets 9000% by the unemployed.
        Kids go hungry and die or inbred types without adequate nutrition turn into mentally retarded banjo-playing types.
        Armed raids on farms and stables for meet.
        Poor women prostitute themselves and VD/HIV rises 4000%.
        No secondhand cable or cut-rate entertainment so more sex and population.
        Religious fanaticism turning to McVeigh type militarism.

    3. JASON
      To begin with, Flyover whites are too far removed from the financial or political or cultural centers of decision-making to see a Wall Street CEO emerge from his office while homeless collect bottles outside his skyscraper. The truly mega-rich oligarchs (Including Trump) do not live in Jerkwater, USA. Therefore the sheer Bombay-levels of wealth inequality do not exist in the Flyover because outside of Chicago there are very few mega-wealthy people who want to live that far from the Ocean in a town or small city with no penthouses.
      No matter how clean-living an Evangelical Republican in Missouri is they are probably lower middle-class (At best) and the underclass will be wheeled out of the trailer park on gurneys or handcuffs close enough for them to see it. They have to smell the vapes from the meth lab; they will be approached by the 40 year old woman with black teeth in dirty cut-offs at the truck stop for a $40 oral service; they will have the turd of a younger half-brother who went to jail for selling hillbilly heroin.
      The Democrat from the Blue State with its diversified economy sees none of this-the blacks that these Irish-Catholics or Jews in Chicago or NYC meet are middle-class and personable or they would not be renting a loft for $2,000 a month. The blacks in the ghetto who trade $1.00 of Food Stamps for 50 cents in order to buy a bottle of fortified wine are not within sight. The Spanish-speaking Barrio is good for cheap Mexican food during the day, by night they are back in their loft with their same-sex partner or lawyer wife.
      The Republican who lives on his Navy pension of $1,500 a month in a medium-sized Southern city is marginalized and terrorized like Sam by minorities.

      1. I’ve always wondered about these types, though. Note, I knew another racist, a schoolteacher who once taught in Lousiana, and a Yankee for that matter. He hated blacks so much he literally told me he’s like to gas them all.
        However, how did he become so racist, in more detail? There is more than meets the eyes, and based on private emails with him, he seemed quite creepy. Could he be some pervert who got on the bad side of blacks for a good reason ??
        Do you we really know the full story of Sam? We can never know. How much pity should we give him?

  3. The inhabitants of the Flyover would argue that the East Coast does not produce anything-food, raw materials, lower-middle class bodies to be inducted in a wars serving the purposes of oligarchs who’d never want their daughter to mingle with Navy or Marines at a Myrtle Beach bar.

    The conservative-low intelligence thing is clear as day, to a degree. I am not sure how people deny this. The evidence is there, the anecdotal evidence is there, etc.
    However, young White liberals from areas like San Fran “hipsters” can be pretty damn insufferable.
    Liberals also seem to have higher rates of emotional instability.
    But the fact that liberals tend to be better connected geographically tips the balance in the meritocracy in their favor comprehensively.

    1. Notice Young Republicans purposely go to San Francisco (well, really UC Berkeley), but Young Democrats going to Louisiana are just sure to get mowed down with shotguns – so they don’t go.

      1. Jewson- Neoliberals run all the prestigious institutions.
        A redneck with no ideology other than “hating libtards” would be laughed at.

        1. How many Rednecks have a PHD and are professors who graduated from Ivy League schools?
          This is like Jason from Friday the 13th getting a degree in Psychology and Social Work so he can be the head Counselor of a camp for inner-city ghetto kids.
          “Got room on the bus for my machete?”
          Try to picture Jason typing his thesis up with his black fingernails and proudly striding into the hiring agency with his hockey mask in hand.
          In reality, rednecks are usually the townies surrounding a university who dislike the campus denizens for sneering at them as rubes. When they do attend college, which some do on a GI Bill, they usually flunk out for drinking too much. Students who work off-campus sometimes face threats of violence.
          There is a clash of civilizations between the suburban college student and the redneck locals surrounding the campus.

        2. truthfully this is what some breeds of WNs advocate (Ann Coulter).
          Affirmative action mainly brought professional NAMs to the forefront.
          They may have not been quite as smart, but very few were hoodrats.

    2. Hipsters and liberals will generally express this instability in harmless ways-claims of depression and the like.
      There are exceptions-like Andrew Cunanan of course.
      The Republican redneck will express it outwardly with violence in a workplace shooting, an assault on a passing pedestrian outside a bar, domestic abuse.
      In geographic terms, the liberal is always on the move to various islands referred to as NYC and Chicago and Miami and San Francisco.
      Republicans have children younger and marry early so they do not accrue the sort of contacts or qualifications that would easily allow them to hop on a bus for San Francisco from Alabama very easily.
      Andrew Cunanan, a homosexual spree killer, was able to avoid law enforcement because he was part of the vast gay subculture that has no long-term fixed address and no family and permanent friends. Disposable and transient. Andrew possibly killed and raped a homeless man in a San Diego neighborhood in 1995, though this was never proved. He could kill two gays in Minneapolis in the gay district and then jaunt over to Chicago and kill somebody and then fade into Miami until the urge to blow away Versace arose. His ease of movement was the result of being a liberal and homosexual who was erudite and intelligent with no kids and no fixed address.

    3. I attended a liberal university in Detroit and I would agree that liberal insufferable traits are more likely to be non-violent cynicism and pseudo-intellectualism as oppose to macho chest-thumping.
      The hipster is usually non-violent and his aggression is channeled into acerbic sarcasm.
      To begin with, the hipster was usually born into a middle-class to upper middle-class suburban helicopter family in the 1980’s or 1990’s at a time when the economy was good and parents were able to spoil their children. Raised during the go-go years of the 1990’s by two educated college graduates, the hipster has never known anything but comfortable suburbia.
      Therefore he is not really capable of violence on average in comparison to the black, Hispanic or Guido. He has been to pampered.
      Mostly acerbic sarcasm will be his weapon of choice.

    4. Despicable
      They can be insufferable but mostly they sit in their lofts smoking marijuana or drinking craft beer and acting hipper-than-thou. Their weapon of choice is acerbic sarcasm, no the beer bottle or chair in a barroom.
      Liberals will not shoot up a work place. They will check themselves into a clinic for depression.
      With hippies, social anarchists and the earlier manifestations of hipsterism it was a bit different-some of the lower-class ones were rogues or violent psychopaths who’d simply let their hair grow long.
      But hipsters and liberals generally derive from the suburban middle-class of Blue States where they were born in the 1980’s or 1990’s during the Go-Go years of a wonderful economy. Dad was a white-collar guy who watched X-Files.
      Republicans by dint of the stupidity of their parents are a little different and a little rougher. They were born in to 23 year old parents and often into single-parent homes. Dysfunction is always at the edges and earning power was lower. So they are more likely to violent or aggressive because they grew up in places where such things were commerce.

  5. I don’t think all southern whites are freaks of Wal-Mart. That’s a joke like saying all blacks are how Sam might portray them. In other words, eating watermelons, eating KFC, going to church, or being in some gang.

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