Some Thoughts on Patriotardism and Protestant Fundamentalism

Greeneyedpea: Thank you Robert for this. I agree.
I don’t want to mix up “conservatives” with “religious folks”, but do you have any thoughts on that? Most of the time, the conservatives that I run into are “born again” or “evangelical” Christians, and they are usually the most hateful, judgmental crowd around. I was in the evangelical movement for years, but left, b/c I could not stand the fear-based ideology – the list of no-nos, or you’ll go to hell, the fake kindnesses while you’re stabbed in the back in private, etc. Bitter…maybe. I think Jesus won’t recognize most of them.
A weird example: Many in the rural town I lived in for a while have the bumper sticker: “Proud to be an American”. I have always thought that to be odd. Pride is an emotion one should have for an accomplishment, or hard work, or a talent that is nurtured with practice. We have no say in where we are born.
If one is born in America, I think the phrase should be “Blessed to be an American” (in essence, giving thanks to God who predetermined that your life would start in America), or “Grateful to be an American”. And you would think that those conservatives that have this bumper sticker would agree with this, but no they are proud, damn it.
The ironic thing is that when I bring up an immigrant who became a naturalized citizen as being the shining example of someone who truly can say “Proud to be an American” (i.e. they worked for it via studying and passing a test most born-Americans could not pass, by the way), their face turns, and its clear they don’t like immigrants of any form (legal or illegal, especially), and there is no acknowledgment of the work this person has put in to become an American citizen, and the worst here “They are not ‘true’ Americans anyway”. Ugh. I know these are random, disjointed thoughts, but I find conservatives to be those patriotic, evangelical types. And it’s nauseating.

I am a bit religious myself, but you will probably not find a more secular Christian.
The Protestant fundamentalists are particularly horrible. I might still let them post here, but most are economic conservatives too, so they will segregate out on their own.
Mr. Pence is awful. The anti-abortion crowd makes me sick. I don’t like discrimination against homosexuals or transgenders. Most of these fundies are very hateful people, and they assume the worst about everyone because they are concrete thinkers. They’re frankly full of hate. They and I simply do not get along, mostly because they think I am an immoral scum. Plus most of them think liberals are evil and should be killed. This is one of the nastiest forms of stupid religion out there. It’s not as bad as fundamentalist Islam, but it’s up there.
It’s probably better described as just stupid than any other adjective, but as I pointed out in another post, people who engage in a lot of stupid, illogical thinking are often hateful and support a lot of unpleasant projects.
These fundies have a very bizarre opinion about Catholics which borders on the delusional. Their opinion about Catholics is false and highly illogical. They typically state that Catholics are not Christians. This is simply false. Catholics are the original Christians! For 1,500 years, Catholics were the only Christians on this planet. I was going to a heavily Hispanic Catholic church here in town for a while, and they were so much better than those fundie Protestants, it was not even funny.
I simply do not think I could get along with someone like that. It’s just not going to work, sorry. Sooner or later they will start calling me evil, and I don’t appreciate that.
My mother goes to a mainline Protestant church (Methodist), and I am OK with that.


Patriotards can probably post here, but almost all of them are also economic conservatives, so they are going to self-segregate out like the religious folks.
American Patriotardism is just dumb. It’s based on this very stupid idea that there is something inherently good about America, it’s culture, its history, its politics, its military and its foreign policy.
There is nothing inherently good about the United States! Or any other country for that matter. For Chrissake. A nation is only as good as its leaders. And no culture is inherently good. Good cultures can go bad and bad cultures can go good in a heartbeat.
These Patriotards people also believe in “My country, right or wrong!” This is Patriotardism. It’s stupid! If my country is wrong, I am going to oppose it, dammit! If I dislike the culture, I will oppose that culture and work to change it. If the politics blows, I will dislike the politics and work to evolve a better politics. If the government is crap, I will hate the state and try to throw that group out and put in a better group. If my nation’s history is bad, I will admit it, regret our bad behavior and work towards changing my country’s behavior so my descendants do not have to apologize for our awful behavior.
There is nothing inherently good about the US military! I assure you. A military is only as good as its generals and civilian leadership. If those are terrible, they will give orders for the military to do some pretty bad things. US soldiers are not inherently good! They are as good as their generals and civilian leadership. If they are given lousy missions to carry out, US soldiers may very well end up doing a lot of bad things. And this has been the case in recent history. A soldier is like an automaton, a robot. He simply does what he is told to do.
Many nations have had decent militaries that turned monstrous and vice versa in history. It could and actually has happened here. We were on the side of good in World War 2, I will admit it, but in Vietnam or Iraq. It is idiocy to support every war your country wages in the name of “support the troops”! If the soldiers have been given a malign mission to carry out, as in Iraq, they should not be supported!
The war must be opposed on the grounds that it was of malign intent, and the soldiers should be supported in the sense of getting them out of that wicked war where they will be killed and injured for an evil cause. The best way of all to support the troops is to keep them from getting killed! I cannot think of a better way to support the troops than to call for an end to a diabolical and nasty war with a malign agenda.
There is indeed an ideology behind the US military. The Pentagon is not a non-ideological institution. Having studied Pentagon ideology for a long time, I assure you that the ideology of the US military is not good at all. Actually it is quite bad. Therefore, the US military must not be supported in its bad objectives. And its ideology needs to be changed to support positive and decent objectives instead of nasty and vicious ones.
Hatred of immigrants simply for being immigrants is just morally wrong. And it is caused by stupid thinking. Of course an immigrant is a real American. If he has become naturalized and is a US citizen, I say, “Welcome to my country, my fellow American!” I actually say this to some immigrants who have become citizens. I am happy that they have come to my country and liked it enough to become a citizen alongside me! Many of them also like the better things about our culture that were not present in their nation, though we are approaching the banana republic and tinpot dictatorship and generally awful politics and even culture of the Third World ourselves now with our recent descent into fascism.
Why hate a legal immigrant just for being an immigrant? They did it legally and fair and square. They stood in line and often waited for quite a few years. My ancestors were immigrants too. They came from Europe. Why were those immigrants ok but these new ones not ok? Why were my ancestors real Americans but recent Americans are not real Americans? That sounds like lousy, stupid thinking. It seems to fail a number of logic tests on its surface. This is simply emotionally driven, petty, irrational and hateful prejudice. It is a stupid and illogical thinking style that is also harmful to many innocent human beings. It’s pretty disgusting.

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35 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Patriotardism and Protestant Fundamentalism”

  1. Hi Robert. I am a bit confused about your stance on the immigration issue. You stated on another thread that you are against H1B visas because they hurt U.S. workers. I agree and believe basically uncontrolled immigration as we have now (imo) mostly all hurts U.S. workers. If we just took in scientists, innovators/inventers, etc. in a very selective fashion, that would be good to me. I think our immigration policy is too excessive, and that Americans here now must come first and that immigration should benefit U.S. citizens as a whole. I do agree that immigrants who are allowed here and new citizens should not be hated and should be respected after going through a lot to become a citizen. So, it’s the immigration policy that the U.S. has that I hate- not the people who legally immigrate. I just like the idea of having a decently low population.

  2. The mission of USA military is to support USA elites in their plunder of the world and to destroy any dissenting states.
    You cannot have both morality and imperialism.
    It is not automatically clear to peasants that USA is the world biggest parasite unless one reads voraciously.
    Unlike the old colonial power, the main levers of USA plunder is USD as the world reserve currency. Wall St is the main institution of nation-raiding. And USA military is just the enforcer of Wall St.

  3. Patriatardism and IQ/Ethnicity Correlation]
    If the U.S. were successful in plundering any other country in the last 50 years I do not know about it (Apart from Desert Storm). The US managed to convince fools in the Flyover that Yemen would invade South Carolina if Iraq was not invaded. The only thing that has been plundered is the US tax payer.
    In point of fact Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even previously Europe were somewhat cleaner, safer, wealthier than the U.S. and basically better places to live.
    Patriotards do not know this because they cannot afford to travel.
    Most will be Protestants of Old Settler stock from the Flyover while East Coast Democrats will be Asians, Jews, Irish, Italians, Germans, Slavs who are aware of life outside the United States. Being “American” is all they have: there is not the ethnic support network system that Polish in Chicago or Italians in North Jersey possess which in the case of the Sopranos was almost a government of sorts. Flyover whites have nothing but the government to rely upon and it is run by Jews and does not give a shit about them. The Italian-American in North Jersey or Korean in East LA has an ethnic safety net of sorts.

    1. I don’t think southern USA people are that dumb to believe Yemen could invade, but they have a strong macho culture. Note, this culture was made fun of big time on the show Eastbound and Down on HBO way before you even came on the scene. Basically, it’s just a real reptilian world with mullets, sports, army life, big pickup trucks and all other sorts of silly stuff.

      1. JASON
        The problem is that their numbers create a voting bloc capable of electing alcoholic bums or New York landlords who filed for bankruptcy 4 times but claim to be able to get the world economy back on track.
        Europe is essentially still dealing with Bush’s decision to invade Iraq and Clinton’s obsession with getting rid of Ghaddafi.
        Sure, they were monsters but like Tony Soprano who tolerated no street scum in his corner of North Jersey the former rulers of Iraq and Syria tolerated no religious extremism. They terrorized the terrorists.
        Since leaving the scene, refugees pour in from Afghanistan and Syria and Iraq and Libya day after day.
        But the redneck, who cannot comprehend his own future beyond next week, was could only envision that the hearts and minds of countries he had never visited would be won.

        1. “Europe is essentially still dealing with Bush’s decision to invade Iraq and Clinton’s obsession with getting rid of Ghaddafi.”
          After Pence invades Iran fascists will be elected all over Europe.
          The same people who mindlessly supported the invasion of Iran will then take to bashing Europe for being “effeminate cucks” who “let in Muds”, despite the fact that they basically caused it.

    2. Possibly it’s a thing where the southern redneck wants to obey – cause the alternative makes him a wuss. In other words, they’re pre-conditioned to basically do whatever they’re told and, on top of that, winning in battle or at least showing up, impresses the ladies and folks back home, regardless of whether or not the cause is justified. It’s a test of manhood, so to speak, like going to prison is for blacks or Latinos.
      It’s like how Aztecs in past might want trophies in battle to give themselves a name in life or how gladiators would fight to the death cause all they have is their name and fame etc…

      1. Definitely, it’s evolutionary. OK, so what if the cause is right or not – it gets me laid back home, married back home, gives me some money, gives me a future and most of all, respect. Nobody will fuck with me (reverse pun not intended, lol) after I’ve proven myself in Iraq. 😆

    3. Welcome back “Jason”. The world has changed so much in the past 20 years that your so-called Flyover Whites will have a heart attack if they open their eyes and minds. Good luck trying to make sense of the 21st century world using a 1970 template.
      Productivity, wealth, efficiency and power have shifted toward North Eurasia+North America(NENA) and the world order is dramatically different from what it was 30-40 years ago. These Flyover Whites need to chuck that outdated template out the window and all will be fine. I am sure if they do that, they will start to improve their lives. It is time to accept the inevitable. Terrorism, wealth disparity, international migration and a community with all kinds of people from different background.
      Areas of instability such as the Middle East will continue to get worse as petro reserves dwindle and declining in value. As wealth disparity gets wider between NENA and non-NENA, colonial blowbacks will accelerate with France and Britain bearing the brunt of it . Wait a couple of decades when food become scarce. It will be 10X worse. The population would have grown by a couple of billions and most of them are in non-NENA regions.

        Its awful hard for Yemenite or Egyptian Holy Warriors to do any damage in Iowa. They don’t have an Air Force or Carrier Vessels. Europe is different by proximity.
        Arab countries will never be a threat to anyone in terms of full-scale invasion. All they can to is produce more warm bodies through mindless procreation like the African countries. This might affect Sicily or Greece but not North America.
        Pacific Rim might be someplace Australia has to factor in but again, it is much too far from the United States to have the same ramifications.
        Big business types in the Flyover (Or actually New York or LA where their headquarters are) were simply greedy and wanted that 24 hour plane on standby so they shifted the factory to China or Indonesia. This was a white man’s decision to sell out his own citizens, mostly blacks and rednecks whose entire city depended up one industry. Not really the fault of East Asia that a white owner of a company was greedy.
        I think the difference is that the U.S. and Europe are easier to wash up on than Australia. Of course you folks are going to have a few dangerous suburbs and some dodgy children of Balkan immigrants but in general it is very difficult to reach Australia.
        Immigrants who arrive in the U.S. do not enjoy a strong social safety net to ease their way into the mainstream either. That is why Italians and Greeks in Melbourne never had the Soprano-level of violence of North Jersey.
        A centralized government helps other countries. In the United States, de-centralization has led to various internal third world.
        When I was in Dubai, not many Arabs were that interested in immigrating to the United States compared to Europe or even Oz (Popular with Lebanese of whom I knew one woman who immigrated as a hair dresser).
        The United States is not going to have the problem with Muslims that Europe has and Muslims who immigrate to Oz seem to want to integrate.
        The bloom was off the rose as far as Asians or Arabs wanting to immigrate to North America, where ghettos are the worst in the Western hemisphere and immigrant horror stories abound.
        At one point, looking for any other country to immigrate to, I visited an Australian Embassy in London and listed my skills (I was a magazine writer and later a copywriter for an Ad Agency as well as selling two screenplays).
        “Nope” I was told. Not on the skills list. So I never bothered applying further.
        Point being that Australia accepted all the skilled persons it intended to and then closed the gate completely.
        So the problems Europe and America have with failed societies from the South are not going to be a problem Down Under.

    4. “Patriotards do not know this because they cannot afford to travel.”
      Exactly. Plus fear.
      I have been in many, many countries. When I was in South Africa shortly after Bush 2 was elected, many asked me if I voted for him. I indicated no, and they said, “funny, every American we ask did not vote for him”. I indicated to them that the ones who did are afraid of you, afraid to leave the US. I think that is true. Not only can’t afford it, but don’t want to because of fear of the unknown, the different.

      1. greeneyedpea
        Experiences with Patriotards overseas:
        I am from Detroit and had to leave America in order to survive. Here is my experience with Patriotards overseas.
        In Dubai, there was a U.S. Marine of Mexican heritage who was an Embassy Guard. Never knew his name, saw him around. He was a real shit-bag from the barrio with a bunch of Cholo tattoos. His local friends were some sleazy Arab druggies and Russian nightclub singers who sometimes sold Westerners hashish. He disliked middle-class whites in general and would give other Americans a “Richard Ramirez” type sneering grin when he saw them in public. I never spoke to him but I saw him at a hotel bar sitting with his sleazy Arab buddies and he gave me that grin. One day he was walking down the road in Dubai in civilian Marine Sweats (Not a uniform) looking dusty and disheveled and he gave me the same crazy grin as I drove past. He looked just like the Night Stalker and had longer than usual hair for a Marine that stood up in sweaty curls, jutting Aztec cheekbones and that Jack-O-Lantern sneer. Would not have wanted to see him as civilian in the barrio.
        There was a female sailor from Missouri who got off a merchant vessel in the Philippines and was looking to party. I met her at my bar and took her to my villa. It had been years since I had sex with a white woman and she was so desperate to get drunk and stoned after 4 months at sea that she allowed me to engage in intercourse with her on my living room floor.
        Later, from the crew of her previous vessel, I heard that she docked in Indonesia and two local Indonesian dudes agreed to share a bottle with her and they screwed her in a threesome on the merchant vessel right in her cabin and the Captain got tired of behavior and simply sent her home to Missouri with a plane ticket.
        I met an ex-army and Iraq Oil Contractor named Clinton in Philippines. A real redneck who moved to the Philippines after spending sometime in a jail in Carolina for stalking his wife. He was an alcoholic who drank the local Philippine Rum with the money he could bum from other Americans. By the time I met him he was homeless about 2 years in the Philippine and going crazy. His cell and ID had been stolen and he was penniless. He’d been in a relationship with a Filipino woman but she had kicked him. It takes a long, long time for Philippine Immigration Police to actually deport an American. They do not care if the American is homeless and illegal with no money on the streets of the Philippines. He’d been picked up by the local Tourism Police for punching a ladyboy that hit on him but talked the U.S. Consulate Officer into letting him remain in the Philippines. Another time some Korean vacationers got into an argument with him for some reason and beat him up and when he ran into the Tourism Police Station with them in hot pursuit, they actually continued to kick him on the floor in front of the police desk.
        So he approached me at McDonald’s and asked to stay in my apartment with me. I refused. He disliked this and a few days later followed me down the road (In Lapu Lapu, Cebu).
        He told me I was “an American piece of shit so I should help him” and I told him how I was completely unpatriotic and left America to get away from dumb redneck whites like him and how he disgusted him. He would have assaulted me right then and there but there was a guard post at the gate of the villa I rented
        But a few days later he shouted at me on the sidewalk outside of a shopping mall that I was a dickhead.
        Finally, myself and some foreigners of various nationality went down to the U.S. Consulate to demand that Domingo, then the American director, deport the guy. Finally he called the U.S. Embassy in Manila and this redneck was sent back to Carolina.
        Lee the Colorado Redneck. Lee was a boat-builder in the Philippines who had been hired to build a huge yacht for some rich Filipinos.
        His idiocy would require volumes to describe in detail. He bought a Rottweiler to guard his shipyard and it caught rabies and bit his worker so it was shot by the property owner. Then his crew cooked the rabid dog and ate it so he had to pay for their health bills.
        He was a cocaine and alcohol addict who ran up huge bills. One time he could not pay his tab in a Norwegian-owned girly bar and the threatened to break his legs so he signed over his jeep to them.
        But mostly it was his cocaine that depleted the budget for the boat he’d been given.
        Finally, he had a drunk driving accident on a motorcycle and crashed into a wall. When he got out of the Filipino hospital 4 months later some of his investors who talked about hiring a Filipino to kill him (Can be contracted for $100 or so).
        So he left the Philippines in the middle of the night. Boat unfinished and flew back to Colorado with what remained of the budget for the boat in his suitcase.
        EXPERIENCE FOUR “Dovie Beams and President Marcos”
        This was before my time but in 1968 at the height of the Marcos dictatorship a small-time actress named Dovie Beams from Kentucky came to the Philippines to participate in a Manila karate film. She was a redneck Appalachian ex-model and she started having an affair with President Marcos. She tape recorded the affair with a hidden recorder and tried to blackmail Marcos but this backfired so she fled to the U.S. Embassy and handed the tapes over which then fell into the hands of Manila radio announcers who played Marcos asking her for oral sex and complaining that Imelda never blew him. It nearly caused a revolution in the Philippines. The U.S. military evacuated her.
        Leighton the Nevada scrap dealer. Leighton was a drunk and all around redneck from Nevada. In his sixties, he met a Filipino woman online and before he even knew her, he had begun sending her money. Finally he moved the Philippines and built them a house. But it turned out that she was already married and when he entered the house her husband was drinking beer on the couch he bought for his bride-to-be that he met online. This is a classic case of the mail-order bride scam.
        Anyhow, under Philippine law foreigners cannot own property. It was purchased under her name. So there went his life savings straight down the toilet.
        He was so broke at that point that he had to sell his house in America and stay in the Philippines on $600 a month. All he would do was talk about how the Filipinos had scammed him and ruined his golden years in cheap girly bars.
        “Mark the Shark”. Mark was a redneck from my own state of Grand Rapids who loaned money out to Filipinos at high rates of interest. He was known as Mark the Shark. He also like to have sex with girls no older than 14. He’d been in the Philippines since 1996 after fleeing an assault charge in the United States. He was a specialty mechanic and had beaten a customer half-to-death over a dispute on some body work. Once he made bail he jumped to Philippines with $300,000 he had to his name and started loaning it out.
        He had a child with an 18 year old Filipino who left him to work as a prostitute in Dubai. He was stuck with his daughter. When she was six years old a Japanese elderly neighbor molester her. By the time I met her and him when she was 12 she was having regular sex.
        One night Mark was outside his favorite prostitution bar and a Filipino meth addict argued with him over a parking space. The Filipino meth head jumped him and hospitalized Mark the Shark.
        Later he was riding his motorcycle down a dark road on his way back from visiting a 15 year old prostitute and the Filipinos had not put the barrier up and his bike went off the road and his legs were broken. He never really recovered from that accident.
        I rather suspect his daughter, who never saw her own mother again, became a prostitute. It is common for the children of Americans and prostitutes to become prostitutes themselves.
        Bruce the Tweaker. Bruce was another redneck from the Florida panhandle and a painter by trade who really just moved to Philippines to get away from Meth. Wrong country to be drug-free. He was about 29 when I knew him and began a relationship with a Mama-San with whom he opened a bar. He got back onto the meth in the Philippines which is relatively cheap but his money went bye-bye. He lost the bar and all his savings but by then he had twins with the Mama-San and they slept in the open in a Neepah Hut. One day he simply flew back to the U.S. penniless. A Filipino poster has a point that he made to me, American deadbeats often have a family with some local girl and then flee to the U.S. and are never to be seen again.

      2. greeneyedpea Online Patriatard Story
        Mike the Ex-Navy Lifer
        Thankfully I never personally knew this guy but I was on the Philippines Lonely Planet Blog. He was a poster. He was a Navy lifer who had to move to the Philippines-a place he hated-simply to get by on his military pension.
        Patriatards who do move overseas usually are ex-military who remembered how cheap Southeast Asia was and their poverty in the U.S. is so severe that they more or less have to live in Philippines simply to eat 3 meals a day and live in a decent bungalow. Nevertheless, they will rage forever on Blogs about the Philippines about how much they hate Filipinos (His moniker was “Failippines) even though most of them are living with one.
        Mike took particular exception to me, calling me a “coward” because I left the army reserves after two years as a young man.
        I explained that my own reason for living overseas was economic. As a young man from the Flyover myself (Greater Detroit) I could not secure any employment with my college degree in the United States. Tired of living in absolute poverty, I moved overseas.
        Mike pulled a “love it or leave it” routine. “Why don’t you renounce you citizenship at the Embassy” he demanded. Never mind that he himself had to live in the Philippines, a country that he despised, because his pension would not cover the essentials in the Flyover.
        I explained to Mike how difficult it was to immigrate to another decent Anglo-Saxon country. Australia, New Zealand, Canada just do not want foreigners unless they have some obscure trade that is needed.
        He then began to tell me that “I complained when the US benefited me in so many ways.”
        I pointed out to Mike that although he himself was a veteran his own pension was so small that he had to live in Southeast Asia because of the near non-existent social safety net that Trump intends to trim some more away from.
        Mike at this point just began to call me a “faggot” and ask me if I spit or swallowed.
        Ultimately, with Flyover Patriartards, every discourse ends in them accusing you of engaging in receptive and passive partner sexual acts with other males. There is little to them besides a homophobic macho bluster.

      3. greeneyedpea
        From the perspective of the redneck, Blue State democrats should renounce their citizenship and leave America.
        To them, we are part of the globalist evolution that has undermined them.
        If they had the power and influence, impossible because of their general educational level and geography far from the East or West Coasts, they would deport Blue State Democrats entirely.

  4. Protestant Patriotards Fallacies
    A) They tend to speak of community values but generally they do not have the ethnic base that underwrites other religious communities like Mexican Catholics or Italians, Jews. There is not the vast amount of money, grassroots politics, cultural commonality that binds the parish or the synagogue.
    B) It is unlikely that the Oligarchies and Wall Street actually care much about the Republican religious right: many of the Oligarchs are Jews. But Bush, for example, manage to get the voters to go along with it through claiming to be a Born Again.
    C) Because Protestant Fundies always have too many kids, too many bills, are less educated and xenophobic they will be less likely to question policy. Which again benefits big business by keeping the status quo. They are disinclined to form unions or boycott and form a vapid consumer base that benefits big business though globalization has affected this to some extent.
    D) They have no idea that the lives of working-class people like themselves in other developed countries are actually better. They do not travel outside of the United States.
    E) Generally, they come into contact with Non-Asian Minorities in negative ways that harden their xenophobia.

    1. Some of those people get off on being macho so much – that they don’t really question their really shitty existence. They just accept it like the untouchable accepts their fate cleaning toilets in New Delhi. Possibly, they even think people who want more are some sort of wimp.

        1. Your saying I’m some poor low IQ meth head – YOU FAGGOT ??? How dare you compare me to blacks, you smug COCKSUCKER.

      1. JASON
        I’m from a lake in the Flyover. I’m a local who was semi-retarded and had a single mother as my father left the family when he discovered I was a Mongoloid.
        I’m tall, lanky, bald and where a skeevy green shirt with grey pants and scuffed black shoes.
        I’ve never traveled and live in the woods.
        I hate yuppies and middle-class intruders who are democrats from the suburbs or cities.
        That is why I have a machete.
        Despite being retarded I can live off the land.

    1. I’m just the RPG gamer – right wing blogger geek – bearded closet white supremacist Tennesse guy 😆

    2. Old Wacky GIBSON had a farm EI EI EI Oh, With a black lynched there, and a Jew gassed there. da da da da … Old Wacky Gibson had a farm

  5. Because they paid taxes, they can now berate immigrants and minorities with impunity. I would just pay them back that $100 they paid in taxes and deny them the “right” to terrorize other Americans.

    1. braindamageblog
      Bear in mind the vast geographic expanse of the United States keeps these folks somewhat separated from one another.
      Rednecks from the Flyover cannot really terrorize people immigrants in Blue States as most minorities tend to congregate in urban areas.
      Immigrants and blacks would not tolerate it. Rednecks generally do not want to be anywhere near black urban centers. Nor would they “terrorize” barrios full of Hispanic hard-men who would fight any outsider. Or Jews in the NYC boroughs.
      So while they are vocal about their dislikes, rednecks are mostly forgotten and overlooked in the center of the country between say Ohio and California.
      This is part of their anger. They are outside the centers of power or cultural trends in the Blue States.

      1. I understand what you are saying. The Flyovers just need to get over “we are great” part and get on with life. The arrogance they have just because they are “Merican” will not cut it anymore.

  6. Briandamage
    Flyover people essentially use post hoc logic in who to blame for their plights.
    Mass immigration is by and large a co-symptom of a new global economy; the jobs in industries were not “taken by immigrants”, they simply do not exist in the United States anymore.
    Instead of blaming the entirety of the elites who promote globalism (i.e. not giving a pass to Trump cabinet, cuz they is proud Whaite folk), they blame immigrants.
    There can be no “solution” until this occurs. They will not change the way they act. They will not support Democrats. They will not support the Alt-left.

    1. Most flyovers welcome nonwhite immigrants. “they is proud White folk” Something a nonwhite could never even be.

    “They is proud white folk” How many white people in the Flyover even KNOW where they are from? How many Appalachians could find the Cumberland-Scots border on the map?
    All of them will finish their racial refrain with a bogus Dog the Bounty Hunter white-trash type “I’m half Apache” (Pick your tribe) claim which no DNA test would support.
    I can tell a person’s nationality in Detroit from the Zip Code and appearance. Hamtramck? Polish and they will have those wide Slavic cheekbones. Sterling Heights? Sicilian and you can see the flicker of Saracen Arab in their Eastern Sicilian scimitar noses? Ann Arbor like me? Schwabian German or Prussian. Minneapolis? Finnish or Swedish.
    We know our race, we know where they came from in our ancestral countries.
    But Flyover Whites know nothing about their genetics. What village on the Cumberland border their ancestors derive from or the actual culture of that place.

    1. I am White and my ancestors were in the Colonies since before the American Revolution. Most were here before 1700. I know my ancestry on dozens of lines back to the 1200s-1700s (as much as it is possible to be totally accurate going back that far). Many older relatives were interested in genealogy generations ago, long before computers. They travelled to different counties and states to search through musty old courthouse records. They kept all sorts of old letters, anecdotes from ancestors, ancient photographs of all types, etc.

      1. Lyn
        Hispanic influence in South Texas is not quite as shocking to a German from Detroit, for example. Its out of control and they are from Aztec stock that might be incompatible in suburban Phoenix but in the North we are used to vast neighborhoods where some language is spoken. Like my grandfather who ran a lumberyard his entire life and mostly spoke German.
        When you get South of Ohio people tend to be of Old Settler stock. But if you came to North Jersey or Detroit or Chicago you would be surprised how Polish or German or Italian it seemed.

        1. Yes, the demographics of early European U.S. peoples is fascinating. I am a 4th-7th generation Texan, and just before that, my ancestors were in the “deep south” – southeastern US. I have lived in one north Texas town my entire life, and except for a very few far southern and western Texas counties, there was not that much Mexican influence in Texas until the 1980s.
          There were German communities scattered throughout Texas since the early 1800s. The Germans here were mostly Catholic. They liked to stay separated because of their religion and many kept their language pretty exclusively . There was never any problems between Catholics and Protestants here. The Germans had large, prosperous farms and supporting businesses in their communities. Some builders and stone masons would go all over Texas doing beautiful work.
          Most people in Texas were actually used to the “WASP” influence being all around and permeating everything until the 1970s. In the 1970s we had quite an influx from the mid west and northern US, and in the late 1970s and escalating until now- we have had massive foreign immigration, both legal and illegal. Since 2000 we have many people from the east coast, Florida, and California coming here.
          We never really had separated European neighborhoods/street blocks though, with many languages spoken.

  8. The Hispanics in Texas seem to have a great deal more white blood in them and derive from old Spanish stock than to be pure Indians from the jungle. Many of them could pass for Italians.
    Also, the Spanish Texans seem to have enforce a kind of racial hierarchy on the newcomer Indians and they seemed to mind their manners a bit more.
    The Germans in Austin-area little Texas towns are mostly from Lorraine on the border of France like the parents of the infamous Joe Ball fed people to alligators. There others of course but predominantly Alsation.
    I think that you can hear some old-timers still speaking German in some of those little East Texas towns.

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