Another Terror Attack in the UK

On London Bridge. Three attackers used a van to plow into pedestrians, then got out and started stabbing people with knives. 6 killed, 48 wounded. All three attackers shot dead. Story is still unfolding. Looks like it happened ~Midnight London time.

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0 thoughts on “Another Terror Attack in the UK”

  1. Bismullah irRahman irRahim.
    My observation as a 10% Muslim:
    The attackers didn’t really pick a spot nor weapons like explosive that can maximize casualty. A good template is the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh. The purpose is sensationalism and to agitate a new wave of anti-Islam phobia and further radicalize the Muslim minorities in UK and prepare for World Jihad One. Apparently the UK public and elite might be falling for that.

  2. They need to make all Muslims leave, though, it’s not the PC thing to do. However, unlike ep-gah, I’m not calling on all NAMS to leave, just the Muslims. Anyway, note it’s too tough to find out who the good Muslims are so “better safe than sorry”.
    Oh, by the way, East Asian nationalists are pretty scary too, check them out on But they’re gigantic pussies, so it’s not worth it to throw out all East Asians because of them.

    1. Definitely, the Muslim thing is a reluctant thing to do. It’s a last resort, only cause the minority is so dangerous that people cannot take a chance.

    2. JASON
      Muslims cannot be deported because they are second-generation UK subjects. They can only live in the cities. None of them possess the skills to live in the rough country terrain of rural England, Scotland or Wales (Hill country that produced the Appalachians). So it is only city centers that face this risk.

      1. The moms and pops of these Muslims could. Look how rural the terrain in much of the Arab world is.

        1. Jason
          The Muslim immigrants are usually grateful to be in England. Just like the Mexican immigrant or Jamaican they have escaped dire poverty and are pretty happy to have a job and efficiency apartment. Compared to the standard of living back in Bangladesh or Libya it is pretty good.
          I’ll add that they are hard workers at menial jobs that most English people do not want to do. Pakistanis, for example, worked midnight shifts at the mills in the 1970’s because no white man wanted the job.
          Their kids, born in rough areas of London or Paris, feel differently. Just like the American children of Mexican immigrants. They have had to attend shitty schools in second-hand clothes and experienced no other level of poverty than the one they were born into in a First World country. The whites they have been around, whether in London or in East LA, are poor and crime-prone.
          This is the generation that represents the threat.
          The Pakistani immigrant does not want to commit a crime and be deported back to a village of dreadful poverty.
          It is his kids. They cannot be deported anywhere and prison is not that big of a threat for them.

  3. I’m really surprised that this isn’t happening in the US. I’m guessing the are saving something spectacular for us.
    England is 4% Muslim which means about 2.7 million Muslims there. Even if 99.9% of them were decent people, that’s 27,000 who aren’t. If a mere 0.01% of them were radical extremists, there are enough of them for one to commit a terrorist act every single day, 365 days a year for the next 74 years.

  4. TULIO
    I spent years in Dubai as well as being from Detroit, which has the highest population of Arabs in the world. So here are 5 reasons:
    A) Geography. The poorest countries in the Arab world which are mostly situated in North Africa are near to Europe. You can get a Eurorail pass to get to them.
    It is awfully difficult to reach the U.S. with $200 for a railway ticket from Istanbul or Sicily.
    B) Social safety net. Not many Muslims want to go to the United States because they would have the same experience standing around Day Labor waiting for work as Mexicans. America’s poverty and raw capitalism are not as inviting as queuing up for welfare in UK or Sweden.
    C) White peasantry. In a neighborhood in Sweden or France full of liberals who suck one another’s cocks a foreigner grows bold. Not so in Missouri full of rude Anglo-Celtic peasants who are xenophobic enough to kill an Arab for breathing on them. East Coast and Cubans are descended from Southern Europeans who fought Arabs for 1,000 years. The Arab or Pakistani’s instinct is TO FIT IN FAST. And they do.
    D) Former colonies. Most terrorists come from the failed societies that France and England ran as colonies to begin with. Pakistan, Algeria, Yemen etc. There is some colonial resentment there.
    E) Immigration. Hard to illegally immigrate to the U.S. from 8,000 miles away and most of the immigrants will be from the white-collar professions. The children of Egyptian surgeons in Detroit or Iranian business moguls in Beverly Hills are having too much fun spending Dad’s money on blonde sluts in expensive bars on Rodeo Drive or partying it up at the Country Club to go to Paradise just yet.
    The son of the Pakistani immigrant has grown up in London near the canal or some other bleak rainy English slum where his father worked a shit job. His older brother is on crack and he spent some time in juvenile reform schools himself for stealing cars or assaulting a police officer. The Brits he meets are white trash or heroin addicts or prostitutes. There is some racial tension with Jamaicans and Africans from other former British colonies. In short, his life sucks anyhow.
    F) There will be some terrorist incidents in the U.S. Nothing is going to stop that. But in general geography, lack of a colonial relationship, social class of Muslim immigrants is going to be an obstacle on North American soil.

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