Something Wrong with America? or Why Is America Hated? By A. J. Harvey-Hall

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Something Wrong With America? or Why is America hated?

By A. J. Harvey-Hall, Australia

Where do I start?
I originally wrote this in 2013 when I was mad as hell, and here we are in 2015, and I am still mad as hell at you guys. Most of what I have written has come true.
Don’t believe me – ask your Remote Viewing (Project Stargate) people to drop in and check me out. It works both ways in case you are unaware.
Coming from Australia I can tell you a hell of a lot of where America “went wrong”. I am not saying Australia is/was perfect – it’s just a fact we were the last large island/continent settled by the so-called enlightened Westerners – due to distance we saw where everyone else stuffed up and decided as a whole not to do that (Commonwealth knowledge?).
Canada is very similar to Australia, so look to them as well. One thing’s for certain – everyone gets a fair go in this country. We are multicultural and tolerant. Early Western settlers did not treat the Aboriginals appropriately, but in summary, it was probably no different to any superior culture that overtook another at some time in history. It’s easy to look back and say what the Westerners did to Aboriginals was disgraceful.
I have a right to tell you how it is because Australia is the only country that has fought every war alongside America all through WW1 and WW2 and several “police” actions.
Let’s revisit some words spoken by one of your greatest presidents in the course of the America’s Cup back in 1962 when Australia was still a country of 10 million:
Quoting Kennedy –

Ambassador, Lady Beale, Ambassador and Mrs. Berckmeyer, Ambassador and Lady Ormsby Gore, the Ambassador from Portugal, our distinguished Ministers from Australia, Ladies and Gentlemen:
I know that all of us take the greatest pleasure in being here, first of all because whether we are Australian or American, we are all joined by a common interest, a common devotion and love for the sea.
And I am particularly glad to be here because this Cup is being challenged by our friends from Australia, this extraordinary group of men and women numbering some 10 million, who have demonstrated on many occasions, on many fields, in many countries, that they are the most extraordinarily athletic group in the world today, and that this extraordinary demonstration of physical vigor and skill has come not by the dictates of the state because the Australians are among the freest citizens in the world, but because of their choice…
Australia became committed to physical fitness, and it has been disastrous for the rest of us. We have the highest regard for Australia, Ambassador. As you said, we regard them as very satisfactory friends in peace and the best of friends in war. And I know there are a good many Americans of my generation who have the greatest possible reason to be grateful to the Australians who wrote a most distinguished record all the way from the desert of North Africa, and most particularly in the islands of the South Pacific, where their particular courage and gallantry I think met the strongest response in all of us in this country.
But I really don’t look to the past. I look to the present. The United States and Australia are most intimately bound together today, and I think that — and I speak as one who has had some experience in friendship and some experience in those who are not our friends — we value very much the fact that on the other side of the Pacific, the Australians inhabit a very key and crucial area and that the United States is most intimately associated with them. So beyond this race, beyond the result, rests this happy relationship between two great people.
– President John F. Kennedy, Newport, Rhode Island, September 14, 1962

Let’s go back to the (your) War of Independence:
The English were wrong in what they were doing – hence independence – not a problem. In gaining independence however you put in place the building blocks that as of today are not crumbling – they have already crumbled.
Every builder in the world knows that unless your foundations are spot on and repaired when cracks appear, a structure cannot live for hundreds of years. You must update and repair as you go to ensure the building is viable for hundreds of years ongoing – not just paper over it.
The building I am referring to is the “United States of America”. It has now crumbled as a result of a demarcation dispute between your two political parties that act worse than our Australian Parliament. Each party is only out to make a name for itself and has lost the understanding of “serving the people”.
Let’s talk about your constitution – ohhh – am I upsetting you already? Remember I am an outsider who is looking in giving you an unbiased opinion.
When your Constitution was framed it was OK, for the day!
It is now the oldest ‘out of date’ Constitution in the world. Don’t stand behind your outdated constitution. Start again. Be bold.
Yes – you have made amendments, but those amendments are just papering over extensions – you need to go back and look at the foundations and do the work there.
Take one example – a right to bear arms.
It was OK 200 years ago when things were a bit rough – it is not acceptable in the 20th or 21st Centuries, but you will not remove that right. How many people have died in your country as a result of that one so called right?
Your gun culture is one of the bases (not basis) that has crumbled. This is ultimately why you have numerous police forces that are happy to shoot first and ask questions later.
Your children and work colleagues will continue to die in massacres as a result of this “right“. They will continue to die in soft target areas such as schools, mass transport, malls, parades (early days – wait for it).
Hang on – maybe the British, Russians or Communists are still coming to invade. Pity you don’t update your Constitution the same way you enforce updates to laws you force upon people who want to trade with you.
You allow gun lobbyists to “set the course” with government officials, senators and the public.
Since when did lobbyists of any ilk run the government? Since when did they represent “the people”?
You continue to think of arms as a gun – they are no longer guns – instead are bombs, viruses or maybe even the Internet itself. But it’s OK because you have a right” to bear arms.
Let’s talk about your medical care.
Actually let’s save time and refer to Michael Moore. He is spot on. How can you allow your own citizens suffer and even die on the streets because they don’t have medical insurance? And some of your citizens applaud this stance.
How about your returned veterans – even wounded veterans have to fight to get medical assistance upon return – why – because you outsourced the process and someone applied expiry dates that wounded veterans were not aware of. It then requires an act of Congress or a law to be passed to allowed them back into the system.
More veterans have committed suicide upon return that you lost in actual combat. That is an absolute disgrace.
Even that poor, small country across from Florida – Cuba – does it better than you. A pissant island makes you look like a disgrace. Ohhh that’s right…you won’t interact with them because they put one over you in the Cuban Missile crisis. Get over it – you eventually did with Vietnam. And that leads me to another chapter – Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia…or shouldn’t I mention all the “minor” illegal wars you waged?
You lost LOST the Vietnam War – admit it. You will also lose the Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars. The Middle Eastern wars are also bankrupting your country – why can’t day to day Americans see this? No one (starting with Alexander the Great) has ever conquered Afghanistan – get real or get out.
If you think those wars are over, and as G. W. Bush said, “Mission completed”…think again. You have effectively put people in charge who are far worse than the dictators that were already there in Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Afghanistan etc. and now you are trying to do the same in Crimea via the Ukraine. You are responsible for the extremists that are now running around the Middle East, and I don’t mean Al Qaeda. You are responsible for the creation of ISIS.
Let’s look at all those African refugees (including Syrians, Lebanese etc.) who are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe. The USA is totally responsible for all these simply because of WMD lies that resulted in the invasion of Iraq. All Middle East actions from thereon are his fault. He is a war criminal – oopps did I break one of your laws saying he is a war criminal in the land of the free and home of the brave? The land of free speech?
Fact – history is written by the victors.
The USA is trying to run the Middle East like a corporation – all the top executives from the G. W. Bush era on are criminals lining their own pockets.
Starting wars in the 21st century will no longer get a country out of a recession. It’s simply profit-making. Why don’t you take Saudi Arabia to task for 9/11? Ohhh that’s right, they control the oil flow. Don’t upset them – why don’t you find an alternative to Middle East oil?
Are you getting a message here?
The entire world dislikes and even hates you. You have acted the bully for many years after The Korean War, effectively destroying the good will you established in the early 20th century. You are hated across all lines – economic, religious, social, political and otherwise.
What is your obsession with Israel?
Fact – Israel was founded by Jewish terrorists. They set off bombs, killed people and destroyed property to achieve their aims. Because the world had ‘sympathy’ for Jews after WW2, it happened and a blind eye was turned. Today Middle America strongly believes in the Bible literally and as such wants to see Israel succeed in order the “Second Coming” results.
People – the Bible is a guide. It is not Gospel.
Why? In the early centuries, the Roman Catholic Church held conferences and decided which books, writings and teachings ended up in “The Bible”. God did not decide which early Christian books ended up in The Bible – so it is absolute rubbish for someone to state that the Bible guides what the United States should do. Too many real accounts of Jesus’ workings were excluded. The Roman Catholic Church is responsible for closing our eyes to the real Christ.
Hopefully Pope Francis can arrest this BS.
There are numerous United Nations resolutions that Israel has refused to comply with. By the way – are you (USA) financially paid up with the UN, or do you still refuse to pay in a timely manner in order to attempt to remind them that you rule over them?
How about the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that lead to invasion? Colin Powell held up a drawing and said – here is the proof. You never found proof and never admitted you were wrong. Yes – Saddam Hussein was a bastard but he had the warring clans under control. It was all ALL about oil and nothing else. When the mud got too deep, you changed tact and said it was all about democracy. How far is Greece from Iraq? – damn closer that the USA. If the Greeks could not influence them – you sure in Hell can’t.
You can resolve the Palestinian problem in a matter of weeks, but you won’t due to that “minority” in the Middle East. This bullshit has been going on for 60 years.
Everyone knows (sorry – obviously you don’t) – the longer a problem festers, the harder and more costly it is to resolve.
I worked in the finance industry for many years and can only say that the number of times “we” (non-Americans) had to change our processes and rules etc. because the USA had set ‘”new standards” makes me sick. The standards set were not improvements – they were changed to line your pockets.
Look at Sarbanes Oxley for example – the world spent hundreds of billions of $’s attempting to comply because the USA would not do business with another country unless they did so only to see the USA itself found it too costly to implement itself! What a joke!
We now have many European countries in dire straits as a direct result of the exporting of American ways.
You destroyed the financial industry with your Subprime rubbish.
What about changes to financial models and makes etc. of any product or service that demand that people buy the “updated” version to reline your pockets. This is simply to keep the money wheel turning. You are desperately trying to ensure it keeps turning long enough for your problems to be passed to some other country or the next generation.
Ever thought about how much you spend on items such as defense, spying, war, inventing, manufacturing and using machines of war? Just imagine if only half of that was diverted to your health programs, science or to the benefit of other countries less fortunate? What about converting the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines into an international force for peace and relief of local and international disasters?
How can you allow a company to have a patent on the human breast cancer gene? You have to be kidding the world – but then again that’s your Constitution at work. No one owns human genes!
What happened to the “United States” that I remember as a child? That far-off country whose technology was so far advanced we could never dream of equaling.
What happened to that country that every county – even Russia in the old days – feared  -a form of respect?
Oh – and how long before I get the FBI, CIA, and all your other bullshit muscle agencies to frame me for some rubbish and shut me down…
A parting true story:
In late 1978/early 1979 my family traveled to Washington state where my father was working on behalf of a company in Australia. Unfortunately, departing Auckland NZ they had an emergency which meant we had to go back, dumping fuel on the way. 24 hours later we took off again after repairs and finally landed in Honolulu. My mother was pretty savvy and said get to the front of the Customs line so we can get to the connecting flight to LA.
Well – I was at the front of the queue, 18 years old, looking at an overweight female Customs officer wearing a gun strutting back and forwards. Her welcoming words to the Australians and New Zealanders were, “If you step over that yellow line, I will shoot you!” What a fucking joke – in 1978! No wonder you have a gun problem.
Welcome to America!
Congratulations to the NRA who lobby the most congressman/women on both sides.
Fact – I was born in July 1960, and in November 1963 I still vividly recall my parents being very upset when they heard of the news of Kennedy’s death despite my being three years old. All the more remarkable is the fact that we lived in Papua New Guinea – a protectorate of Australia at the time – literally a colonial backwater. I was too young to understand but remembered the words Kennedy and death and vaguely remembered the Cuba Crisis. We cried in the backwaters of the Pacific!
I fully understand that the Kennedys had their dalliances. Small beer in the scheme of things.
He and his brother are the standard you must return to.
Did Kennedy not say “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country?”
And in closing, written on the base of the Statue of Liberty…

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
Emma Lazurus

My country totally lacks world-shaking oratory ,but I think we more than make up with it in our actions.

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20 thoughts on “Something Wrong with America? or Why Is America Hated? By A. J. Harvey-Hall”

  1. Funny…..lived outside the U.S. myself. Knowing all this history, they still beg to live here. Green jealous of Americans. Wait in line for a visa.

    1. No patriotards please. All patriotards are banned immediately. We are pretty much America-haters here for better or for worse. Oh, and you can’t see love it or leave it or why don’t you leave either. That’s also an instant ban.

      1. I fucking hate blind Patriots. America is a shit country and will probably never be fixed as long as the current systems remain in place. Trump is sure not going to fix the shit. But I admit, and I think we all do, we enjoy these feminists SJW retards getting triggered daily by Trump. Kathy Griffin’s is the latest example. That’s about the ONLY good thing Trump is doing – triggering femnazis and libpukes. Other than that he is destroying worker’s rights and destroying any social welfare systems to help people.

        1. Extreme SJWs are better left ignored and Trump’s policy of purposely ignoring blacks and others (in a sense of being massively rude), is stuff that W. Bush, McCain, or Romney wouldn’t have done. It only creates a lot of division in our nation when these groups, though, different, are American citizens (of the same tribe).

        2. The idea of a FemiNazi threat – as in say, Madonna at the White March against Trump, is massively exaggerated. You literally cannot even find these people except when really searching out a college campus. They have no effect on government policy or daily people’s lives – not even when Obama was president.
          But white supremacists dwell on this dumb stuff as though, these groups are going to launch nukes or something.

  2. I’m sure America still represents hope, opportunity and freedom in a way no other nation can. That’s the reason people are willing to risk life and limb (literally, in the case of Mexicans) to cross over there. Every time you tuck into a McDonald’s burger and wash it down with a large serving of Coca Cola, you are getting a slice of that freedom (and unwanted calories) America has been marketing and exporting to heathen lands.
    Sure, US foreign policy sucks. But, things could be a lot worse. Imagine a world running on Chinese money, European opportunism, Saudi oil, Indian governance and Russian muscle power. A world without America couldn’t have been possible in the first place. It will be a bunch of countries trying to conquer and colonize each other. America provides a natural counterbalance to mankind’s worst instincts, a notion which says that Might is Right.

    1. Eating burgers and drinking coke is freedom? Even North Korea has more freedom than America in certain ways. I read marijuana is fully legal in North Korea. America is an incredibly backwards country that refuses to evolve.

      1. Cliched as it may sound, I can’t imagine a world without McDonald’s burgers, fries (although Poutine and Belgian fries are way better) and Diet Coke. Also, KFC, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Taco Bell. I would really starve without these food chains. The free Wi-Fi offered is a definite plus.
        Self-service US-style restaurants are a life-saver when you have to survive on a shoestring budget. As a result, they symbolize true freedom for me. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to balance the anti-nutrients in fast food.
        I have often heard Yanks say that McDonald’s and Burger King outlets in overseas locations are managed better than they are in the country of their origin. The ingredients are fresh, less preservatives are used and the service is always with a ++smile.

        1. I couldn’t imagine people eating fast food or even grocery store food without a multivitamin supplement. But all sorts of people do.

  3. What a moron. Nobody is allowed to die in the streets due to lack of medical attention. Reagan made it law 30 years ago. And if you removed the two largest minority groups from this country, our murder rates and gun violence would be reduced by over half and we would be as safe and crime free as the majority of European countries with stricter gun laws. So many things wrong with this post.

    1. 250,000 people a year in the US die from lack of medical care.
      I am wondering if this post is Patriotardism. Patriotardism violates Comments Rules, and all patriotards are immediately banned. Let me do some research and see.

    2. Look I just went through your comments and I am not sure how you even stayed on this site all this time.
      Should have known better.
      You are banned. Violations:
      Promoting conservatism. Generally banned, but social conservatism alone is ok.
      Promoting conservative economics: Immediate ban.
      Conservative. All conservatives are banned.
      Patriotard. Patriotardism earns an immediate ban.
      Goodbye and good riddance! I am very sorry that you infested our board for all this time. My mistake.

  4. So, do you basically hate the US because of our military actions? I am against what I see as military industrial complex intervention in the world as well. President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of this in an astonishing speech.
    I wish that less money was spent on the U.S. military industrial complex- which is also welfare for certain U.S. companies. I would not mind that a lot of money be spent on defense technology. I would like to see our veterans taken better care of. I would like to see an end to US veterans coming home in coffins and maimed physically and mentally/emotionally. It’s bullshit.
    I also despise globalism business policies and the outsourcing of U.S.
    As far as the poem on the base of The Statue of Liberty, what are you trying to convey about that? The US has always taken in more immigrants than anywhere else in the world. It has escalated wildly in the last 30-40 years. In some ways, I think immigrants have more rights than U.S. citizens. I would like to have a decades long moratorium on immigration just to sort everything else. I believe that massive immigration, both legal and illegal, hurts U.S. workers. Outsource American jobs, then bring in foreigners to compete for what jobs are left- what sense does that make??
    Also, regarding immigration, the U.S. does not even discriminate on basis of education, skills, finances already in place when coming here, or background in general. They even allow people in with horrible diseases and with diseases that the U.S. eradicated 60-100 years ago. I hate that.
    As far as guns- well, it’s not like you can go back in time and see to it that they were never invented. The U.S. has ALWAYS been awash in guns. I believe there is NO WAY to have anything like gun confiscation because it will be as easy to get any kind of gun you want underground as it is any kind of drug.
    Freedom of speech that is given to us by the Constitution is a beautiful thing- unique to so few places. Yes, there is hate speech and arguing, but no one can be arrested for it (except for some forms of threats) and no ones property can be confiscated or destroyed over it.
    So, except for our military policy, I truly don’t see all the focus on the United States by other nations.

  5. USA is not just hated but admired — until now.
    While PRC Chinese seems hating USA in blogs and forums, their elites keep shipping their scion to study in USA. Same as those Islamo crack pot.

  6. I am embarrassed of the United States actions over the decades. I am an American but I agree with your article wholeheartedly. We are a nation of idiots.. Zombies if you will. I question our government over and over yet there is nothing that one person can do. Now we have this orange moron in the White House and it’s just getting worse. I can only hope and pray that something happens and drastic changes occur. Here’s to hoping that one day my great nation will be returned to us and to the world.

  7. Guns are not the problem. Nonetheless, those who are shouting for its legalization are generally Patriotards or Nazis (but ironically, Hitler never allowed private gun ownership in Germany, hence the Holocaust). Of course, they want guns cause their private armies (militias) depend on it and the members constantly feel threatened by crime from poor non-whites and whites.
    Anyway, guns have their purpose, but those obsessed with them are often “projecting” as is so common. For instance, the likes of Jess on here are constantly bashing most of the US male population even ones play American Football as being sissy wimps (cucks) who won’t shoot a gun etc..or run a trotline (to quote Hank Williams Jr.) etc.. However, the idea that people are wimps because they don’t own guns is ludicrous – and even more so – saying people are wimps because they don’t agree with far-right extremism.

    1. Why don’t these Nazis ask a typical average Republican who hunts and fishes all the time if they’re a wimp – simply cause they don’t agree with racism?

    2. Ultimately, a big division comes between the alt-right trash and Republicans when it comes to abortion. Since most Republicans are real Christians and not eugenicist Thor worshippers, they object to abortion – of any race, even though, certain races are deadset against Republicans (blacks who usually vote totally democrat).

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