Shocking News about Melania's Signature!

It is tight, cramped and shows a lack of generosity of spirit. Billionaires lack a generosity of spirit? Who knew? That’s how they got to be billionaires in the first place. By being controlled sociopaths. Nice guys finish last in capitalism. Capitalism is like a pond. The scum rises to the top. Great system! If these class-cucked clowns called Americans had one bit of sense, they would realize the  obvious: Guess what dummies? Billionaires are not your friends! Ever heard of a thing called class war? Look it up. Class war is continuous under capitalism. No matter how much the rich have, they are never satisfied. They always want more. Since money doesn’t grow on trees like Americans think, the only way for the rich to get more money is to take it from the other classes. Duh. So under capitalism, you have a continuous process whereby the rich are constantly trying to take more and more of the money and wealth away from the lower classes. That’s what class war is, you silly people. It’s a battle over a pie. The pie’s only so big. For the rich to get richer, which they always do under capitalism, they have to take more and more pie from all the rest of us. They;re taking your stuff! They’re taking your money and wealth and putting it in their pockets so they can get even richer. And you American jokers think billionaires are your friends. Americans! Listen up tards! Billionaires are not your friends!

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0 thoughts on “Shocking News about Melania's Signature!”

  1. Good post and to the point. Why people can’t get it is beyond me. They think paying taxes is the problem. What they don’t see is that their taxes are funneled straight to the rich through the government. Not to mention, even if they didn’t pay taxes, they still wouldn’t have that much more money (not to mention lack of baseline services).
    The right can’t argue with these facts so they deter any critical thinking by scapegoating liberals, the government, minorities, poor folks. You know what I’m talking about.

    1. What is your proposal? Socialism or communism? Dictatorship? The facts of life…..the strongest survive and control the weak. Its built into the environmental system of all living beings. Be thankful you live here instead of venezula.

      1. Btw….based on any cultural standard today, Melania did well. One thing we know….she didn’t choose to be first lady and doesn’t give a shit about it. Let the woman live her life in peace.

        1. No rightwing crap about “doing well” on this board please. No praising the rich. We hate the rich here. They are our class enemies!
          You keep posting this rightwing stuff and I am going to have to ban you.

      2. Sorry Mitch. We do not allow rightwingers to post on this site at all. They’re all banned immediately. We are socialists here. This is a socialist blog. Venezuela is fine. The rightwing sabotaged the economy just like they did to Chile in 1970-1973. It’s exactly the same project. And right now, the rightwingers are rampaging all over the country, setting stuff on fire, killing innocent people. They are trying to riot so much that they bring down the government. Venezuela was doing great until the oil price crashed.
        There is a problem with the government but it has nothing to do with left or right or socialism or capitalism or any of that. The government will not float the currency because it will be a very unpopular decision.
        PS the economy of Venezuela is 100% capitalist. It’s all in the hands of the private sector, the capitalists. There is no socialism in Venezuela unless you mean the Norwegian kind, and Norway is way more socialist than Venezuela.
        China is more socialist than Venezuela by orders of magnitude and the economy booms right along. I thought socialism fails?

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