America: We're Number One!

Time to rejoice, patriotards! America is Number One again, like it always is!
Donald Trump came in first place, beating out all contenders, for the stupidest President in US history. Yep, he really is a dummy. He’s so dumb, he can’t even read! Trump is so dumb, they asked him to spell dumb and he said, “Dum!” America! We’re Number One!
I guess the question is, “Is Trump nuts or is he dumb?” It’s a good question. He’s obviously nuts. He has a severe personality disorder. In fact, Donald Trump is a diagnosed psychopath. He fits in perfectly with his psychopathic political party and it’s sociopathic voters. America! We’re Number One! Number One is sociopathy! So not only is he nuts, but he’s also evil.
It’s really a trick question. He’s nuts and he’s evil and not only that, but he is severely fucktarded. The guy can’t even read. I mean c’mon man. Little children can do that. Little tiny children can actually read books, something the Presidunce of the United States can’t do. Little tiny children are smarter than the POTUS. Pitiful!

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8 thoughts on “America: We're Number One!”

  1. A completely dick move of Trump to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate accords. When other leading polluters – China, EU and India are doing everything they can to rein in CO2 emissions, the US reneges on its past commitment to 195 countries, going back to pre-1950 mode again. Let us remember we got to this state in the first place today because the developed, industrialized world has been screwing with the planet for nearly 150 years and the developing world has played catch up after all these decades.
    At a time when 97.1% of scientists are in agreement that human activity is contributing to global warming, melting glaciers and rising sea levels. Trump is like, “Who cares? Fuck this planet.”

  2. As y’all know, he’s a classic narcissist in the psychodynamic sense. It sounds cliche, but he is textbook and probably one of the greatest narcissists of all. He took it to the point of being president!

  3. I said before the election that if he wins he will be the laughing stock of the world and he is living up to that prediction!

  4. The 97% statistic is from a government report….give me a break. Do your homework. The scientists signing up don’t want to lose their government funding. Check out this website. The author has a proposal with data (what a concept) that climate change just might be the cycle of things. Take a read…

    1. The 97% statistic is scientifally accurate. I am sure that that guy’s site can be easily taken apart. There are sites up there that sit there and do nothing but take apart the newest lies that the Deniers come up with on a daily basis.
      Also no rightwing politics on this board. Conservatives are not allowed to post here. Personally, I am sorry that conservatives are even alive. I like cancer more than I like conservatives. Cancer is humane. It kills pretty quickly. Conservatives just slowly torture societies forever.
      If you keep posting rightwing junk, you will be banned.

  5. we need to get behind Trump for the time being to prevent a neocon coup.
    Obviously most democrats are preferable to Trump but we have to be pragmatic.
    As someone who is of draft-able* age, I am going to ignore a lot of the shit that he does because I do not want to die in Tehran.
    *a draft to an Iran/Shia war under a Pence government would surely start a revolution, but you can never be sure how much propaganda people will eat up.

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