A Bit about the Sasquatches

Paul C.: Also, what other secret information do you have?

I know this sounds absolutely insane, but I was selling the directions on how to get to one of the hottest Sasquatch Habituation Sites in North America. That would be the Alberta Habituation Site. It was a closely guarded secret and the information was almost impossible to come by, but a lot of people wanted to go out there and see if they could find the Sasquatches.
If you wanted directions to that site, I sold the directions for $100. And I had a number of buyers too.
It’s amazing all the ways you can make money if you just put your mind to it.
There are those of us who are absolutely certain that these things are real, and there are lots of us out there working on this. If we ever prove these things are real, it’s the story of the century. The are definitely shot and killed from time to time, and I know of a few cases. In fact, a good friend of mine shot and killed two of the damn things! And I believe him too. There’s no way he is lying about this. I know people who knew him before he shot these things and they said he never believed in them and laughed at and ridiculed people who believed in them. Do you have any idea how many stories like this I have of people who thought Bigfoot was the stupidest thing in the whole world right up until the day when the 9 foot tall thing ran across the highway in Oregon? Or whatever your story is. I cannot even count how many stories like this I have heard.
I believe they are real because my good friends told me that they saw these things. They told me with a straight face and there’s no way they are lying. They told they saw them as clear as air just like you were standing in this room next to me right now. The people I know who have seen them were nurses, university biology and anatomy professors, college professors, schoolteachers, authors, you name it.
They can ridicule us all they want to. We know these damn things are real. I just hope I do not die before we unveil these damned things.
I have heard of three shootings in recent years. A body was almost surely recovered in one of them as I know an impeccable source who saw a photo of it. In the other case, I am not sure if they got a body or not. The problem is that when you kill one of these things, you go over to look at it and it looks like an 8 foot tall Paul C. covered with hair. Everyone completely flips and thinks they have killed a person. Every single person who kills one is afraid of going down on homicide. Hence the bodies are left there or buried. Some seem to be retained but those have a very nasty habit of disappearing. The last I heard about the most recent is that the government was in possession of it for a while.
Even if you can keep the government from stealing it, these bodies have a way of disappearing. God knows where they go. They’re red hot dangerous to hold onto, so I suspect people dispose of them. Dump them in the ocean, set them on fire, who knows?
One more problem: if it ever gets out that you have a body, the government usually comes out and steals it. They come in black vans or helicopters and they are dressed in all black and they carry automatic weapons that they point at you. Seriously. The “men in black” come out and steal them. We have since learned that US military intelligence dresses in all black. We think these people are maybe with DARPA.
You are thinking cover-up. Yes there has been a longstanding government cover-up of these things since the Patterson film at least. The Smithsonian is very deep into this and has been covering this up for over a century. It all goes back to Powell Doctrine.
You are asking me where the bones are. We have them. They are in university collections, but they are all labeled “Indian.” Sasquatch bones look like human bones except they are much larger. Any strange ancient bones found in the US are automatically labeled “Indian.”
If you are wondering what they are, they are not apes. They are actually human beings. Sasquatches are people. Thing is they are not human beings like you and I. We are Homo sapiens sapiens. They are something else, perhaps something like Neandertalis or Heidelbergensis. You know those subhumans like Neandertal, Denisova, Flores Man, Sulu Man, Red Deer Cave Man? Well, guess what? They never went extinct! A few of them survived and that is exactly what these Sasquatches are. They are simply prehistoric men. It’s not as insane as it sounds if you think about it.
Just imagine if Neandertal or some of those other subhumans never went extinct. Well, this is the remains of them, the Sasquatches. Yetis and the other similar things are all the same creature, and Yetis exist too, just like Sasquatches. And those Orang Pendeks in Indonesia absolutely exist. I know people who search for them almost full-time and they swore up and down that these things are real. And a quite famous US journalist and environmentalist saw one in 1995. I think they may be related to Flores Man. Orang Pendeks are like the Flores Men that did not die out.
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22 thoughts on “A Bit about the Sasquatches”

  1. Funny thing is, RR actually did a article speculating that Homo Erectus may’ve existed in America based on a site over 100k that may reflect Hominid activity.
    While admittedly cynical for a long of the existence, I can’t help but to compare this to the discover of the Gorilla that was in turn compared to Hanno the Navigator.
    However Hanno, if the island he landed on was indeed Sierra Leone, most likely encountered Chimps rather than actual Gorillas.

  2. Hmmm, if Sasquatches are people, wouldn’t that make your friend a double murderer? I would see if any LE agencies have a reward out on two unsolved “Indian” murder cases. 🙂

    1. Human hybrid. Whether you believe that giants once roamed the earth something has tampered with the human genome: evolution, biblical fallen angels, aliens, etc. This is not altogether different than megalithic structures that can’t be explained. Who did this and where did they get the knowledge?

  3. Yes, I am telling you, I have heard a number of these shooting stories. Everyone literally flips out, almost has a psychotic episode because it’s do damn weird, and then is terrified of going down on homicide. That’s the whole problem with these things. Check out the Minnesota Iceman story. That guy shot and killed one in Minnesota in the late 1960’s. He kept it around for a while but he got in trouble trying to cross the Canadian border where he was arrested for transporting a corpse across national lines. Gerald Ford actually got him out of that jam. After that, he put the real one in his freezer and commissioned someone to make him a fake replica. But two of the world’s leading cryptozoologists saw the real thing when it was on ice under glass. There were bugs on it and grass between its teeth and it smelled like decaying flesh. Their opinion was that it was some sort of Neandertal-type creature.
    He took the fake on tour around the US. He was very evasive about the whole subject, but he kept saying over and over that “laws may have been broken.” He was terrified of going down on homicide for killing one of those damned things.
    The damn thing attacked him in the woods of Minnesota in the wintertime. A group of them were hunched down over a deer they had killed and he surprised them. One jumped up and ran towards him so he shot it. It was a great big hassle getting the thing off the frozen lake into a vehicle because it weighed so much.
    Crazy story but I think he did kill a real Sasquatch. There are photographs of the thing under ice. It does look something like a prehistoric man.

    1. Minnesota iceman was a very real specimen, the original studied by Ivan Sanderson anyway. The Bigfoot species are relict hominids that survived in isolation. Whenever I debate a skeptic (better off debating the wind), I always bring up the thousands of pre-1850 newspaper articles reporting encounters with “wild men” and “wood devils,” etc. The behaviors reported in these obscure articles are incredibly similar to modern accounts in contemporary sightings.

      I’m so tired of debating people who have made up their mind about the subject without ever looking into it at all. If I hear that fucking Bob Heronimus in the PG film suit story one more time, I’m gonna snap. That idiot claiming to be the one in the suit has done more damage to this subject than Rick the Dick could ever do.

      There’s a man on YouTube named ThinkerThunker who occasionally posts interesting breakdowns of alleged Sasquatch videos.

      He does a great job with the PG film, proving beyond a doubt that Patty walks unlike any human on Earth based on the almost 90 degree up-thrust of the back leg while walking. His video shows multiple random people walking spliced next to Patty taking strides. The difference is remarkable. He even shows film of Bob Heronimus attempting to mimic the walk of Patty and shows how far off he really is. To top it off he proves that Heronimus is about 2 feet too short as well.

      People always say either the guy (Patterson) admitted it was a hoax on his deathbed or the guy in the suit came forward years ago. Both are bullshit. The PG film is real and was an incredibly unlikely sighting only occurring because of the fact that Roger and Gimlin were on horseback and their scents and bipedal footfall were thus masked.

  4. it is proven. there are three reasons I say this. 1) since the digitizing of the p and g film lots of things can be seen. most notably is the size, the gate , and the muscle movement under the skin. thinker thunker and the proportional measurements of arms and legs is a true give away. the film cant be reproduced today and therefore couldn’t be produced in 1967.
    2) melba ketchums nuclear dna . especially sample 26 brought to her from the killings in the sierras. three nuclear and twenty midicondria dna were sequenced for homo cognitus. they were done on a machine and cant be faked. 3) recently Mitchel townsmen finished a paper where he and some help did a study on marks left on bones from three kill sites. the chewing marks were left by a large human like creature. bigger jaws and jaws with more extension. just looking at the sighting pattern from 45,000 report4ed sightings in the US and we se that they live where a large mammal could and there are few sightings in desert climates.

  5. Mr. Lindsey One Question
    Nimoy stated in In Search Of that the Sasquatch was thought to have crossed the land bridge from Siberia around the same time as the “Native Americans”.
    Why then? Why at the time of the Native Americans?
    Did he, like the “Native Americans” originate in Russia somewhere?

  6. Mr. Lindsey
    Why would the Sasquatch have “followed” the Native Americans across the land bridge to North America. Could they have been aware of its existence-this seems to be the case. What motivated this offshoot of evolution to migrate with Native Americans at the same time they were on their ancient move?
    Ice age? Food? Foraging on the edges of hunter-gatherer society? We don’t know how intelligent it is.

  7. Mr. Lindsey
    The fact that Sasquatch followed the Native Americans on that migration indicates that they might be much more intelligent that we think that they are.

    1. because sasquatch is better and faster through the snow I would say they came to America before the last ice age. they have been seen moving in mountains with snow very easily making travel in any condition routine and for greater distances. human migrations would usually be more than one , while many bigfoot ( especially young male) will travel alone thru snow , over mountains.

  8. BIG G
    Scientists theories that the Sasquatch crossed the land bridge along with the Native Americans which indicates that they were aware of it.
    This indicates that perhaps it was more intelligent than we thought.
    The question remains: why did it follow or accompany human migration?

    1. I don’t believe they followed human migration. being bigger and stronger then humans they don’t necessarily need larger numbers for survival like the smaller weaker humans that needed spears to hunt , or clothes to wear in extreme winter. there was a large 6ft at the shoulders tundra bear that probably kept single humans from traveling the tundra. modern humans in cold climates don’t need land bridges to travel. so bigfoots ability probably had it here before humans and human migrations probably happened before 12,500 years ago. using the ice edge like present day Inuit.

      1. Yes, it seems they probably would have come before, perhaps with many of the animal species that are shared by North America and N.E. and North Central Asia (certain types of deer, bear, wolf moose, and perhaps mammoth). and all Native American groups that believed in them (as far as I know) believed them to predate humans.

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