The Benefits of False Modesty

False modesty is a fun game to play. A nice little social skill to add to your social repertoire. It almost always goes over very well. Actually you can use false modesty to discuss many things where you would normally be accused of bragging. You can talk about your three figure lay count, your career as a porn star, your former job as a gigolo, the time you picked up two women at once, you name it.
Just act ashamed and embarrassed about it and say it in a low, meek voice like you are saying, “I just drank a glass of water,” and it usually goes over great. People become very interested in what you have to say, will often compliment you, pat you on the back or even act like the admire you.
Bragging is not discussing your achievements and gifts. Bragging is about how you discuss your achievements and gifts.
I have just shown you that you can discuss achievements and gifts in a modest way that will go over 95% of the time.
Get on the false modesty train today! Start faking it!
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