What Do the Words Communism and Socialism Mean?

I am sort of a Commie. I am definitely a Socialist. Commie, not sure. Sort of almost kind of just about barely maybe a Commie. I still believe in market. I actually think that what the Chinese are doing is the best implementation of Communism or Socialism or whatever you wish to call it that has ever been done. And there are quite a few Marxists and open Communists out there who support what the Chinese are doing very much. I think any future implementation of Communism or Socialism will have to have some sort of a market. There are a lot of us out there who call ourselves Market Socialists. We don’t want the state running everything. We want a market also.
Communism or Socialism themselves are words that don’t have much meaning. They mean whatever meaning we humans decide to give to them. They have no inherent meaning in and of themselves. Check out Heidegger if you do not believe me. He makes it quite clear that the real meaning of objects is whatever we humans have decided are the meaning of those objects.
Words don’t mean much. They are just sort of “tags” that we stick on objects when we try to explain and give meaning to them. So there is no real meaning of any object. Any object means whatever you, I and the rest of us say it means. Meanings of objects are created by man. A search for the real meaning of objects will lead you down a rabbit hole you will never emerge from because you are looking for something that is not even there. You can’t find something that’s not there in the first place.
Anyway, enough philosophy.

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6 thoughts on “What Do the Words Communism and Socialism Mean?”

  1. I forgot to write an April fool joke I had in mind for a while, it goes like this:
    “To respond to President Pence’s announcement of national emergency to ban sodomy after 100s of 1000s of homos march-in daisy chained in major US cities to the tune of Hava Nagila which literally means ‘Let’s be Gay’, the gay militant Dan Savage announced the long awaited ‘CUM-munism Manifesto’. Besides advocating a radical board LGBT liberation front to counter Christian fundamentalism, the manifesto also want literally the public or collective ownership all anatomical components, body fluids, technical devices associated with orgasm. he also propose establishing CUMmues in all US cities and towns where sex to whatever fancy is free and unrefusable. All voluntary services at the CUMmues will carry tax credits..

  2. Socailism is a fairly generic terms, and it irks me that Marxists and Communists have appropriated it. I consider Socialism to generally be a socio-economic system geared around society, where public society, not the private individual is the prime beneficiary and the locus of the economic systems morals.
    Unfortunately, because Marxists control the debate, Socialism is always portrayed in their very specific terms, which means that the renting of humans for labour continues (its just the state that rents people, not private business), that the state is all encroaching and markets make way for central planning.
    China is a good example of an economy that remained Socialist, but simply admitted enough market economics to make it work.
    People used to think that the fall of the USSR settled the Communism/Capitalism debate, but the debate is far from settled. China is showing modern Capitalism to be the sick dog, and its only because most people in the West think that China is rabidly Capitalist that they haven’t woken up to this reality yet.

    1. It’s equally annoying that Capitalists have appropriated “Democracy”, which, barring a higher spirit, has acquired the same status of any old school religion.
      Democracy is de facto mordendays religion. Like old fashion ones, it’s values, rituals cannot be questioned.
      Un-believers are demons/sinners/witches/kaffiruns/dictators, or whatever evil sounding names that are perfectly alright to be burned/stoned/beheaded/drone bombed/colour revolutioned. Not only alright, but duty bounded to do so, actually. The clergy/ruling class will tell you so in churches, mosques, or on TV programs, newspapers etc.
      Of course, there’re some open minded ones that are more tolerant of the un-believers, but they’re very much the minority.
      Human haven’t changed much in a thousand years. For Whites, “Democracy” replaces “Christianity”, and they push them in the same way. For us Chinese, “Buddhism” change to “communism”, and we take them in the same way too, which is altered some to suit us.
      One can only hope the “dictator bombing ” period doesn’t last as long as “witches burning” period….
      I heard that John McCain is in Australia telling the Aussies that China is a bully. So I guess no end in sight yet….

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