Financial Situation Update

I write these not to beg money. Instead I am just showing you that you are not making me rich. Every time I see a Donate button somewhere, I always worry I am making the guy rich. With a lot of these guys, I would love to see a financial situation update so I can see exactly what he needs.
If I ever got to the point where I had lots of money, I might even take the Donate button down and work for free. I would have to think about it.
Remember “To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability”? Marx. My Mom always hated that line and acted like it was very unfair somehow. The people who need money the most are those with the greatest basic needs. You give a rich person money, and all you are doing is helping buy a new yacht or or a $10,000 bracelet for his wife or pay for another night at a $300/night hotel. People either need money or they don’t. Rich people don’t need one more damn nickel, sorry.
In case you are wondering how us Commies think, well, this is how we think.

Will 100 dollars be enough? Sounds like his financial situation isn’t great, so perhaps it is. Just asking the question.

Assuming this fellow is not a troll (I get a lot of trolls on here making posts like this) sure, of course. And I can prove it.
Right now it is the end of the month, so I have to hardly spend any money. That is because I need $300 above my small trust fund check to even pay my bills and still be at budget. Budget is $15/day. Yep that is what I live on after bills are paid.
Right now I have $255 over budget. Some of that will get spent over the next three days. So I am still $45 short of even what I need to pay basic bills next month and still be at budget and I pretty much have $0 spending for the next few days unless I wish to dip into that $255.
Not to mention some rather pressing expenses, the main one of which is fixing my air conditioning at $90. It’s 90-100 degrees here some days. Driving with no air con is murder.
You guys are not making me rich. You are just allowing me to function at a basic level, pay my bills and take care of some highly important expenses like car repairs that pretty much need to get done.
The purpose of this post is to show you exactly my situation so you can determine what, if any, my needs are. That’s the only reason.

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0 thoughts on “Financial Situation Update”

  1. I’m sure many people find your financial situation relevant, personally I do not. While I don’t and have no reason to argue your personal finances; I enjoy your blog and spend time reading it. For this reason I will donate. It’s not my business how or why you spend the money. I enjoy your product and I will pay for it.

  2. But people do make yachts. The rich are a boon for yacht makers, though, I’m not defending right-wing politics. I cannot really say that the gold is worth the cost, though. Well, miners are paid, but not a lot.

  3. I don’t understand why you’re unable to monetize your high value blog by getting ad traffic. If a lazy ass online “pimp” like yours truly can do it, so can you. All you’d need is like $100.
    Heck, I do it for you for free minus domain registration charges, server costs and small stuff which is nothing really. Maybe you can pay me a small token.
    Do remember if I have to migrate all your past content to a private domain, it might consume a week of my own time because of the sheer volume of stuff you write (TRASH’s bandwidth alone would consume like 20% of your entire website).
    I’m lazy as hell but I do a great job with PIMPING up websites. I don’t know a thing of code but your website can be on the best online platform. You can choose the interface. Gold chains and all.

    1. I recently migrated one of my websites to a Latvia-based company called Mozello. They won’t cost more than $14/month. Unlimited storage space. Free domain comes with package. The blog interface is kick-ass. Way better than WordPress.
      The only downside, maybe you can’t trust the Latvians. They’re a very shady bunch of people.
      In that case, there is an alternative Israel-based platform called Those Yid assholes are now doing some great websites. It will cost you $15-20 per month but the sites have sleek, smartphone-friendly UI, motion templates and a sharp, easy to manage dashboard. The only downside is a-la-carte service model. They will pinch every damn penny out of you if not careful.

    2. Sorry to say, ad companies won’t touch this stuff with RobertLindsay’s 10-foot pole, lol. They don’t want to be associated with stuff so blatantly racist (well, maybe race realist is the actual word). Bottom line, it’s too offensive, sort of like Howard Stern.
      I don’t think ad companies even want to get near a lot of Republican online gurus. For instance, as I mentioned, some Republican blogger gets 50,000 a year in donations cause ad companies find his material not good for business.

  4. I heard tell of one political forum where the owner made around 50,000 in donations a year, something like that. However, I think he was probably catering to a more popular political view like the mainstream Republican one. I mean somebody getting on there like Ted Nugent could probably pull that off.
    On the other hand, with this forum, you’re not catering to the mainstream WN crowd cause your too compassionate toward NAMS and you’re not pulling toward them cause your views are socialist. Also, you’re not attracting bleeding hearts or mainstream communists with posts about evil boys, so the Democrats are out.

    1. I suspect the blog is driving in mostly curious people who probably hate what you have to say, unfortunately. Those people won’t give a dime for sure.

    2. You gotta realize the Communists, at least judging from posts on, vehemently hate the right-wing racists. In that case, someone who is trying to be both race realist and a communist is going to be seen as a laughing stock, at the least, and a traitor at the most.

  5. One option on the table is to write books and sell them online like David Duke. However, again, I suspect the blog is mainly full of haters who don’t post anything but simply read the posts.

    1. A definite problem with niche topics. I recently launched an online course on behavioral science. The topic is a bit racy. There is some sexuality intended of course but nowhere near as vulgar as the mouth of United States’ Pussy-grabber in Chief. He gets a pass for every damn misadventure. I get crucified for even mentioning the word “sex”
      My course sold only 3 subscriptions before folding up. SAD.

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