North Korean Update

EPGAH: What was that bit about North Korea? They invaded South Korea, they massacred and kidnapped South Koreans, and in general, they deserved to be reduced to rubble and cowering.
If it hadn’t been for China’s interference–who didn’t want a thriving democracy at their border, rather than a country who would rather be illegal immigrant slaves than starve in their own country–there wouldn’t be a North Korea anymore, just a unified thriving Korea.
Why does North Korea get a pass, and why is there deafening silence over all the bad guys Russia and China became butt buddies with (And still are, like Kim Jong) and/or gave guns&bombs to?

Your average North Korean really hates the US and regards us as a deadly enemy and that first paragraph would be exhibit #1 for that attitude. I would not get your hopes up about a US invasion of North Korea being an easy win.
I do not know if it is fair to say that North Korea attacked South Korea. They had been attacking each other back and forth across the line for some time. Who started that back and forth is the subject of a good debate. The best evidence shows that the “North Korean invasion” that started the war was actually a case of two large armies attacking each other at about the same time. It is true that the North overran much of the South though.
Nobody is actually starving in North Korea anymore is how I see it. If you go there, you won’t see any starving people. Most people will look pretty well fed. But you might see a few middle aged men who seem far too thin for their age. That may be due to what they went through in the past. If you go to the rural areas, there are trucks full of smiling field workers everywhere, people pushing carts or with horses on all the roads and the fields full of happy workers. The rural villages look very respectable by 3rd World standards. If you go at harvest season, you will see fields full of harvested crops, in particular corn.
There are day care centers in many places that are open 24 hours a day so workers working any shift can drop their kids off.
North Korean industry is better than you might think. They have made a knockoff of a Mercedes Benz that looks and reportedly drives almost exactly like the real thing. I doubt if many could afford one though. Workers in factories are treated very well, much better than their counterparts in most capitalist countries.
The cities are full of workers too. Everywhere you go in Pyongyang, you see men working on the streets or on construction. You also see truckloads of working men going to wherever. They’re definitely pretty busy in North Korea.
The nights are a bit weird as they are short on electricity due to the oil problem. You will see tall buildings everywhere in Pyongyang at night with most of the lights out. The streets are not well lit up either. Nevertheless, there are some people out and about often, especially teenagers and young people, including girls and young women. They don’t seem to be worried about the lack of lighting. You even see people with their stands out selling things at night in the poorly-lighted streets. There are lone women out there manning their street stands on very dark streets after dark. They don’t seem to be worried about crime. I would gather based on the behavior of people out in these poorly lit streets that the crime rate must be awfully low.
And you will see people chatting and texting away on cellphones everywhere you go in Pyongyang. There’s an Internet, but it is mostly a North Korean intranet. Smuggled in South Korean soap opera tapes are very popular and many people watch them. Not much is done about this. Things are loosening up so much that they are having a mini-STD epidemic because so many married women are now having affairs. No one much cares about that either.
The price of oil went up 10X overnight with the fall of the USSR. I ask you how would the US fare if the price of gasoline suddenly went from 2.50 to 25.00? You think everything would be just fine. As a result of that, the heavily mechanized agriculture in the rural areas nearly came to a halt and many factories simply shut down and were not able to function anymore. That’s one reason that they wanted those nuclear power plants.
In the far north, there is a lot of gold mining going on, mostly illegally due to new finds of gold. I think a lot of it is hydraulic mining. The situation is pretty out of control and the state can’t get a handle on the mining. So instead they are just letting any North Korean who wants to go up there and mine gold, however, the state very much wants a hefty portion of your proceeds in tax. Still, gold miners are quite happy to keep at it as even with the tax, you make a lot more mining gold than being an ordinary worker.
They are allowing some business, and they even have a few rich people now. A few people have a net worth of over $100,000 in North Korea now, which qualifies as very rich. This was unheard of before.
The border in the north is actually somewhat open. They catch people going across all the time but not much is done to them as so many people are doing it. Guards on both sides of the border are easily bribed and it is not extremely difficult to get across other than some large rivers that are in the way. There is even a fair amount of cross-border traffic going on, as many North Koreans who cross the border to China do not stay in China but instead travel back and forth periodically.
Considering that North Korea is probably the most sanctioned country on Earth (quote from George Bush) with new sanctions being put on all the time, it is amazing that they economy even runs at all. They are locked out of the vast majority of the world’s banking system via SWIFT bans and although they are very rich in minerals, they are unable to export nearly all of their minerals. Their only real trade is with China. They do a lot of illegal arms trading though as it is one of the only ways they can make money.
Of course the treatment of dissidents is utterly appalling.

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0 thoughts on “North Korean Update”

  1. To Rob:
    Your average North Korean really hates the US and regards us as a deadly enemy..
    Well sure but largely irrelevant if the US did go to war with them.. the same could be said about Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, etc..and I doubt Kim Jon Un tells the populace how much food aid the US and it’s ally South Korea sent to North Korea in the past two decades.
    I would not get your hopes up about a US invasion of North Korea being an easy win.
    Of course the US will never attack North Korea – China would step in and has publicly and privately through diplomatic channels stated as much.. and I am convinced they would step in also if North Korea did something incredibly stupid and attacked South Korea (they would stop North Korea).
    North Korea is China’s red headed step child.
    The price of oil went up 10X overnight with the fall of the USSR. I ask you how would the US fare if the price of gasoline suddenly went from 2.50 to 25.00?
    Well we experienced a 4x increase (as did the rest of the globe) after the Arab oil embargo. But we should probably compare North Korea to another socialist nation that underwent the same process, Cuba. Yes they had the “special period” but they managed through without starvation (I know someone who visited twice during that time) and had special centers set up to feed children, pregnant women, and other at risk populations. After a few years they were thriving – certainly more so than many other Caribbean nations whereas the same can not be said for North Korea in comparison to Northeast Asia.
    Personally I would rather not even utter socialist and North Korea in the same breath… to me it’s sort of like trying to have a public discussion about racial differences and then a bunch of Stormfront freaks walk into the room and stink the place out. North Korea gives Marxism a bad name.

  2. You guys have to remember that close to 30% of Koreans were killed in US bombing raids then you will understand why North Korea is the way it is today.

    1. Read the Wikipedia article. They invaded South Korea and we bombed them back out of it. But if that is “why North Korea is the way it is today”, how come South Korea rebounded so fast?
      Hell, Japan was nuked–TWICE–and they’re literally better than ever now!
      And as to the embargoes, TJF compared it to Cuba already.
      So how do you explain those vs. North Korea?

  3. I never said the border wasn’t porous. I said China enslaves illegals.
    It’s called “Laogai”–Reform Labor. The idea is that you WORK the evil right out of the criminals’ bodies…BUT they have the option to NOT work, and if they take that, they become organ donors, rather involuntarily.
    So illegals are actually beneficial for China in two ways.
    First, they MAKE the illegals work, rather than just SAYING they’re “Only Here To Work”.
    Second, they get organs for their useful people!

  4. I don’t see why EP-GAH doesn’t love North Korea. It’s the ultimate racist paradise. If the KKK had thier way the US would be like North Korea.

    1. Jason, racist in the sense? I believe you went to South Korea. Do you have an idea about North korea?Have you travelled to Pyongnang? I presume North Koreans have a visceral hatred of south koreans an Japanese. But couldn’t a chinese or people from countries like Myanmar, vietnam, Thailand be accepted there

  5. Koreans regard Southeast Asians the way that Southeast Europeans are regarded in Northern Europe. Lazy, fun-loving, excitable, promiscuous, corrupt, dim people with a love of beaches.

      1. BRAIN DAMAGE What traits do Northeast Asians believe Arabs and Indians share with Southeast Asians. Koreans and Japanese have so little interaction with Arabs or Indians that I am curious what they would be.

  6. Philippines is Korea’s Mexico. They regard them as “raped-up Guinea Pigs”: a mixed-race.
    They hold Southeast Asians in contempt for having a market-dominant Chinese minority running their economy.
    But of course Japanese hold them in contempt.
    Chinese are also held in contempt by Koreans as corruptible,

    1. Right, but the South Koreans, well at least when I was there, sure love mixed raced Obama.
      Another question is, “Like Germany, how come being pure hasn’t lead them to become a master race that could take over the world, like the British have done?” Oh, I know. It’s a shitty location located between other nations and no island geography to give them security. OK, but France and Spain did fairly well with the same location near the sea.

    2. Isn’t it funny that Koreans worship Canada, and that nation is the polar opposite of Korea. The people are tolerant, it has many ethnic groups, the people have a calm mind opposed to the psycho Korean one. Gosh, talk about opposites attracting.

      1. Koreans-Americans return from LA with all sorts of horror stories that I myself heard in Asia. Such and such Korean girl got introduced to coke and became a crack whore, such and suck Korean shop owner shot by NAMS, Korean teenage wolf pack gangs.
        Vancouver is sort of like America but without the racial discord, street violence, poor infrastructure and so on.
        So Canada becomes an attractive job market.
        Not that they give two shits about whites. Its simply opportunity to them.

        1. Well, no shit they have a bad view of the USA, they always go to urban areas. Snobs as always, they have KKK views of NAMS and diss a whole nation due to them, despite the fact only a minority of NAMS are ghetto.

        2. OK, and the Koreans are not on the LA corruption? The Korean girl became a crack whore due to NAMS, but not cause of Korean gangsters? Typical Koreans, like SAM of the white race on this blog, they deny their own race can really be evil, it must have been caused by NAMS somehow.
          Also, again the Koreans purposely go to “dens of sin” in the US, but not the boring USA heartland which resembles Canada, at least if you avoid meth infested areas.

    1. American dissidents are much-loved by notorious foreign outlaws.
      Mexican drug cartel leaders appear ready to fall before bowlegged, slit-eyed Penn to perform oral sex on him.

  7. Let’s not also forget the treatment of the innocent handicapped by them. They harshly discriminate against mildly handicapped people, and then they bitch about the typical stuff about the USA (the NAMS, drugs, AIDS etc..)
    However, maybe nobody is interested in Koreans and their fucking 19th century Victorian age world. Plus, given the fact they want to live in the 19th century, and ALSO want to move to the den of sin of LA, Atlanta etc.. and then BITCH about it back home.

    1. JASON You speak good sense. Barbaric countries where handicapped, children, the elderly are discriminated against are tragic but Americans CANNOT AFFORD TO KEEP SUBSIDIZING THEIR UNGRATEFUL ASSES.

      1. Yeah, but in places where they are given so called “tough love”, like in South Korea, the handicapped cannot even get a job sweeping the floor, even if they are decently intellegent.

          The latest madman to be elected to the Philippine office called our President a “son of whore”. We give this nation how much AID?
          Do we really need their prostitutes and postal workers THAT BADLY?
          Let their island sink into oblivion.

        2. These countries are handicapped. Culturally and emotionally I mean. You lived in Korea and have a better grasp of why than I do, but the bottom line is that there is something seriously wrong with their culture.

        3. One of the few Trump talking points I agree with. Let the Europeans and Northeast Asians go their own way. We don’t need to protect them with our army.

        4. The response to 9/11 also showed the barbarism of the Korean nation. Many even kept videos of people falling for the towers for something to laugh at.

        1. So was Manson, Dahmer, Gacy and every other serial killer who made the world cringe.
          Racists believe that past 100 IQ human beings develop heaps of empathy, compassion, good will. They don’t. They simply become cunning.
          The fact that Theodore Robert Bundy can commit 50 homicides before he is caught while the average NAM sex offender commits 2 or 3 is the only improvement intelligence offers.

  8. NAMS are not responsible for Korean-American underbelly-youth gangs, sex industry, drugs dealing, loan sharking.
    They are attracted to California the way Scots were attracted to Appalachia-there are contacts there, a familiar culture, an informal safety net.
    Koreans have not gotten along famously with NAMS either and sometimes they commit some HATE CRIMES in Los Angeles.

    1. One excuse they give is that Asians didn’t colonize or enslave NAMS, so they have no reason to have a guilt trip. But does that also explain their vile insensitivity to nearly anyone else who is downtrodden, except Bin Laden. Funny they would praise Bin Laden’s attacks, yet would look down on a Saudi in their nation as inferior, but ass kiss a Canadian.

      1. Even if they had enslaved or colonized NAMS I do not feel that they would be on a guilt trip.
        As it is they simply write them off as barbarians and whites as slightly inferior people with a tendency toward stable self-government and surplus economies.
        Canada is attractive for business or work opportunities. They do not evaluate countries on any moral or ethical principle.

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