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    1. Names nowadays can hurt you, get you fired, get people to avoid you, and otherwise do real economic/financial/social harm to you. It’s why you see people from beat cops to politicians bending the law to avoid being called “Racist” or “Islamophobic”!

      1. Let me explain something to you;
        When you endorse the Charleston Church shooting, yes people avoid you.
        It’s justified.
        It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.
        ‘tards gonna tard.

        1. I see both sides as being biased toward their own racial group. For instance, black could bring up the pregnant black lady Mary Turner (something like that) who was lynched and then bayoneted with the baby coming out stomped on the ground, while white nationalists could easily bring up some white people burned alive in South Africa.
          Well, both instances I mentioned were true and have photographic evidence.

        2. Yes, but both instances happened in a white country, so shouldn’t the whites get the benefit of the doubt?
          One thing about white countries, with the possible exception of Iron Curtain era, is that if you didn’t like our countries, you could always leave!
          Why is it then that NAMS hate white countries so much they pour IN by the MILLIONS, then bitch, rather than take their balls and leave?

        3. No ep-gah, both instances had photographic evidence. Also given human nature, there is always a high probability of such savage behavior.

        4. I never denied they had photographic evidence.
          I said they both happened in white countries.
          If we’re so damn “racist” or “violent” or whatever, why don’t NAMS keep a healthy distance, instead of invade our countries and come right up to our damn faces?
          @Chiune, I never ENDORSED the Charleston Church shooting, I said I UNDERSTOOD it, it was a random backlash against Black random violence, namely, the burning of Ferguson and/or Baltimore. If NAMS think their violence has a negative consequence, maybe they’d stop. If there is no punishment, they are “justified” in continuing their violent behavior, right? Shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

        5. So the pregant lady lynched was in the damn face of white people, and that justified what happened to her? Forgetting that a lot of the whites didn’t really want blacks to leave in the south at the time, as it was cheap labor?

    2. Also, the SJW crowd seem to have given up sticks&stones for Molotov cocktails, if Ferguson, Baltimore, and Milwaukee are any indication?

  1. Is it possible to avoid being a self righteous SJW and a Nazi? Both sides seem made for each other, as they are too extreme in opposite directions.

      1. Well, the SJWs have a load of evidence to point to the savagery and lies of Nazis, and the Nazis have a load of evidence to point to the self righteousness and lies of SJWs.

  2. It’s really beginning to feel more “real” with DNC email hack.
    I mean, yeah, it’s all fun and games to mock these people on the web, but now that we see Hitlery is just planning to move the democratic party (the party of Margaret Thatcher ), even further to the right, while no one takes notice (too busy checking ‘privilege’), is terrifying.
    Where I’m coming from/What I’m referencing;
    And of course the concept of “Barack Thatcher” is enabled by the GOP shifting right,
    they’re all working together, like a trust.

    1. If the democrats move right the voting block may punish them, but then again NAMS might not have any other choice. It’s a lesser or two evils thing. Note, however, if this were a business thing, it would lead an opening for something new, and whoever getting in on it would get rich.
      If a large group wants product L and only product Z and T are available (T used to be the choice, but now it sucks), then you have a possibility to get rich.

  3. Sorry to say, some of these insults are quite witty and amusing. I hope I don’t get banned for admitting this. 😆
    Myself, I sort of agree with Robert on the issue, but I’m not as extreme. Maybe I agree with him 33 percent.

    “Assholes, psychos, mean boys. Fuck em, bully em. They deserve it, they should not be that way, that’s no way for a boy to be. That behavior needs to be arrested. An asshole, psycho, mean boy may well grow up to be an asshole, psycho, mean man and that is a lot more dangerous. Nip it in the bud.”
    Irony of this level should have a name of it’s own.
    I have a better idea how about we just bully Robert Lindsay.
    nerdy men made the internet you’re using as your personal mind toilet bob.
    Control through shame and violence is not acceptable, period.
    Your kind of good boys who do their society`s bidding and torment others were in turn my favourite targets through the school system. How many of the good, proper and not nerdy by any imaginary fault jocks were put by me and a certain friend through the whirpools, how many we`ve straight up beaten to blood and teeth I can scarcely recall, but you know what? They all cried in the end, many pissed themselves too, why some acted positively girly as their posteriors were desecrated by a baseball bat to the cheeks and a cigarette butt marked their pristine brows…
    My old ramona was my badge of honour back in the day and as stupid, immature and brutal I`ve been and as much as I regret it, this old jacket of mine acted like a leather wing under which all, even the nerdiest of misfits could go not just for revenge but also empathy: My best buddies in school were a fat kid, few tabletop nerds and my best bud of all, a brutal, barbaric in behaviour yet gold hearted giant of a man.

    1. This one takes the cake:

      “Assholes, psychos, mean boys. Fuck em, bully em. They deserve it, they should not be that way, that’s no way for a boy to be. That behavior needs to be arrested. An asshole, psycho, mean boy may well grow up to be an asshole, psycho, mean man and that is a lot more dangerous. Nip it in the bud.”
      Irony of this level should have a name of it’s own.

  4. The problem is extremists are attracted to either ends.
    The Alt-Right consists of stupid violent thugs who beat up innocent Asians outside their furher’s rallies, while the SJWs are psychotic hippy freaks, who excuse NAM violence.
    There needs to be something in the middle

  5. When you see the type of stuff the “fire breathing WNs” post year, it’s hard not to at least empathize with the SJWs.
    I’d prefer to have them in charge (as they basically are) as opposed to the Alt-Right.

    1. Well we got a good whiff of SJW bullying during the W. Bush administration. Note, Robert is against W. Bush, but you gotta admit, the whole anti-Bush thing was anti-white. The whole thing against Bush was a war against, flyover country, white people, NASCAR, W. Bush, the notion western civilization was a good thing etc…

      1. It was mostly being pushed (the anti-white Bush thing) by soccer hooligan cocksuckers, hippies etc.. who all want to be in the cool “in-crowd”.

      2. JASON Who was waging this war against the Flyover and disliked Bush? Europeans who feared that refugees from yesterday’s forgotten war would pour into their tiny countries?
        You cannot blame them.
        Bush was not responsible for the financial meltdown in 2008 and it would have happened regardless.

        1. I suppose most of the flyover country people thought the US wouldn’t fuck it up, hence there wouldn’t be the problems Europeans feared would happen, and BTW, did take place.

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