Turkey – The Sick Man of Europe, a 100 Year Running Joke

The Turks make up a single race – Turkic-Armenian-Kurdish-Ashkenazi Jewish. The Turks tried to turn most of these people into Turks by eliminating their ethnic identity via abandoning their religion and language. The Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians refused to give up their languages but most importantly their religion, so the Turks killed over 2 million of them for that sin. The Kurds continue to see themselves as a distinct ethnic, cultural and linguistic group from the Turks. The Turks wish to eliminate the Kurdish language, culture and even ethnicity. and that is why the Kurds are slaughtered like flies over there.
Turks are a profoundly backwards people, and they like it that way just fine. In fact, it infuriates them that anyone demands that they act civilized. Turks don’t exactly have European Enlightenment values – in fact, they have exactly the opposite. Erdogan is an Ottoman imperial Sultan and Caliph combined with a murderous Young Turk mixed with an Ataturkist ethnic ultranationalist. He’s literally one of the worst human beings on Earth, and the Turks worship this man like a God.
The Turks are enraged that Europe sees Turkey for the Sick Man it is. Hence they refuse to let them into the EU.
Letting Turkey into the EU would be catastrophic.
First of all, Turkey is incapable of abiding by the EU’s European White Christian Enlightenment values which now verge on Culture Left parody. The Turks don’t even believe in the Renaissance. Why would they believe in the PC SJW Left? Get real.
In order to join the EU, one must do a minimum number of things, including have a minimal base of European civilized Enlightenment values. These include basic human rights, limits on corruption, basic rights for minority groups and their languages, religions and cultures, etc. Turkey fails as miserably on all of those counts as they did a century ago when the Young Turks unleashed their Shoah/Islamic Jihad.
Turkey is a land frozen in time or worse where clocks actually run backwards instead of forwards like they do everywhere else. An example of this is how Erdogan has recreated 19th Century Turkey as the new imperial Sultan/Caliph.
A good guess of how backwards a nation is is whether or not the Left has been driven to such desperation and exasperated rage that they have take up arms. Nowadays, the Left only takes up arms in the most reactionary of holes. The Turkish Left has been so abused that they have been armed for decades. They carry out regular bombings and assassinations. Turkey is the Colombia of Europe, the India of the Near East.
The only way to let Turkey in would be to so weaken these EU ultra-liberal laws to the extent that they barely existed anymore. Further, poorer Turks would flood all through Christian Europe, further Islamicizing an already badly Islamicizing Europe. Even with only a few Muslims, they are causing havoc and chaos all through Europe. Imagine 10’s of millions of Turks given free reign to move to any part of Europe that they wish.
Turks have moved to Germany in large numbers and they have assimilated very poorly. Many of them hate Christian Germans, both their culture and their religion. They stage regular riots calling for the death of Jews, etc. Many are sympathetic to radical Islam. In Germany, many Turks have turned to street crime. Honor killings continue.
There are already far too many Turks in Christian Europe. Let’s not let 10’s of millions more in please.
There is of course a minority of more or less progressive Turks often working in and around academia, the opposition parties and the media. There are good people in the opposition, even in Parliament and there are many fine journalists, including some of the bravest and most daring investigative journalists. I work with a lot of Turks like this now. They bear no resemblance to what I just wrote above other than perhaps denial of their land’s backwardness. These are finest sons and daughters of the land.
Sadly the more forward-looking Turks have long been a minority, though they may make up 20-30% of the population. That’s enough to cause a lot of rowdy (and often violent) street protests, but it’s not enough to win an election.
Like the Colombians, every four years, the Turks march off to the polls to vote for another reactionary ultranationalist nut.
I would say that Turkey is hopeless. 20-30% is not enough to turn a land around, and Turkey has hurdled horribly backwards since Sultan Erdogan assumed the throne and crowned himself Caliph. He has emboldened all of the worst aspect of the Turkish soul in the same way that Trump is doing in the US. Perhaps Turkey can move forwards, but I will not see it in my lifetime.
There is nothing a Turk hates more than a mirror. It’s like a cross to a vampire. Turks refuse to look in a reflection and see what its really there. Instead they wrap themselves up in Rube Goldbergian fortresses of psychological defense because the truth is too ugly to bear. You can’t begin to cure an illness until you diagnose it, and until Turkey looks deeply into the illness of its body politic, it will remain, as always, the Sick Man of Europe, first as harsh truth a century ago, now as pitiful caricature and running twisted joke a century later.

He who is not busy growing is busy dying.
– Bob Dylan
To thine own self be true.
First of all, know yourself.
– famous aphorisms


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0 thoughts on “Turkey – The Sick Man of Europe, a 100 Year Running Joke”

  1. Have you been to Turkey? Its nothing like this, certainly it is dealing with its history – but for an alternative view maybe go and read Sebastian Marshall – its a bit full-on self-improvement cool-aid but he is a bright guy and some of his blog is absolutely superlative – and he loves Istanbul (I have only been briefly but I will go back too).

  2. Awww…….I love Istanbul! Great food, great shopping, great people, beautiful city! I’d move there in a minute. Germany uses Turks like the US uses Mexicans- cheap unskilled labor for the most part. France does the same thing with Moroccans, Algerians, etc.
    I’d vote for Egypt as the India of the Near East. What a pigsty & same problem with asshole men harassing women on the street. Slums galore, zero sanitation, over population & piss poor for the most part.

  3. Great, I have just read this awful and weird comment of yours on turks which is full of lies and cliche. I try to understand whether you are doing this deliberately or you are an average american whom we know as ignorant and don’t like to read and research at all. Check this out:
    ” The Turks tried to turn most of these people into Turks by eliminating their ethnic identity via abandoning their religion and language. The Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians refused to give up their languages but most importantly their religion, so the Turks killed over 2 million of them for that sin. The Kurds continue to see themselves as a distinct ethnic, cultural and linguistic group from the Turks. The Turks wish to eliminate the Kurdish language, culture and even ethnicity. and that is why the Kurds are slaughtered like flies over there”
    If Turks wanted to eliminate and destroy ethnicity in the lands that they conquered, they would have definitely done it! Nobody would have stopped them. For example, there would be no armenians left on earth (but somehow they showed up in syria and america and later in armenia in very large quantities) On the contrary, we were always merciful and have always been kind, understanding and giving towards them. Still we are. That’s why it is happening, we are being blamed for the things we haven’t done! It’s the reward..
    You read my previous comments, I insistedly wrote that turks are white race and has no racial connection with kurdish, arabs, armenians and persians. But you claim that ” The Turks make up a single race – Turkic-Armenian-Kurdish-Ashkenazi Jewish”?? Then how can you claim ”The Turks tried to turn most of these people into Turks by eliminating their ethnic identity via abandoning their religion and language”. If we were the same race (which is out of question), why would we ever try to eliminate their ethnic things??
    You know what? I believe your are writing these bullshit just to confuse people or to attract people with no idea to your baseless claims. I think I am wasting my precious time trying to write my research results here but feel sorry for the others who do not know anything about Turkey; and most probably other americans will tend to believe in these lies too.
    Turks are not racists. We have never discriminated kurdish from us until 1980s when PKK started to attack on turkish army and civilians. They performed well-organized massacres in the south-eastern turkey and now killing people in western turkey as well, by blow-ups. We still think kurdish are our sisters and brothers if they don’t support PKK, although we are not from the same genetics.
    You can’t just write whatever you want about a nation (even a race) and get away with it. I would say very bad things about americans and others but I don’t as I have conscience. I will not write another word under this defective topic, it’s so meaningless and disgraceful. You can believe whatever you want, but I suggest you stay away from the ‘sin’ of misinforming people with the baseless, non-scientific things you have in your biased mind.
    Are you sure you americans and all other nations are mirroring yourselves?

    1. Then why can’t you just let the Kurds go be Kurds instead of “Mountain Turks” who have only religion in common with you?

      1. Baby, at this moment we can happily let them go, because they give us nothing but pain, death and financial cost. The problem is, however, they don’t go. You know why? because they are never this comfortable in other countries like iran, iraq and syria. they are hated. You can find them everywhere in Istanbul, maybe more than turks. Other reason is they don’t wanna leave without claiming diyarbakir and some other south-eastern parts of turkey, which, of course is not acceptable by turks.
        So come and see yourself, if you dare. Turkey is now a hell that cannot be discussed from a distance, come and see, experience yourself

    2. Turks are semi Whites as best as there has been a lot of mixing with Arabs. Even Persians have a claim of being very White by middle Eastern standards. Many Persians I have seen can pass as Whites and they even behave like Whites. The original Turks being Whites, well that is possible as Central Asia was full of White people once like the Cumans.
      So your theory may be true.

      1. hmm, another victim of little-knowledge. Malla, I think you have an idea about how persians originally look like as we all do. They can claim to be white only on the northern parts of Iran as there still live Turks (mostly in Azerbaijani part). If you see white-looking persian then understand that they are descendants of turks who ruled there, especially on the north.
        read my earlier comments, if you can find them, and understand that we are NOT semi whites, we ARE whites.

        1. Buusra, I dated this German looking Iranian muslim girl who said she was 100% Persian. I had an Iranian Zoroastrian guy friend who could pass as Englishman.

        2. I understand Malla, many people dont know their origin and ethnicity, even many turks here. It is because lack of interest for research and education. So if she didn’t know her roots, it is perfectly normal.
          Btw, thank you for your positive approach towards my comments:)

      1. Check out 2.01. So westernised liberal migrants hate Germans soo much that they want them to disappear. Talk about genocide. That is what I mean, western culture will not turn non-East Asians into Western people. There is stupid belief that Western culture will somehow transform non Whites and make them honorary Whites. Dumbest idea ever.

  4. My dear Robert, as a final word in this beautiful section; You have posted a quote of Bob Dylan above; did you know that he declared that he is Turkish jew from Khazarian origin? He looks Khazarian.. There are so many jews like him in the USA

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