Not Enough Good Men To Go Around

Jesus Christ! Get a load of this clown, will ya!

I must say, looking at this photo, there’s might slim pickin’s out there these days! I don’t blame women for complaining!

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0 thoughts on “Not Enough Good Men To Go Around”

      1. But to get you a woman who doesn’t want to bitch you into being a worthless emasculated husk, you need a Fistful of Dollars, followed by a medvat of penicillin, know what I mean?

      1. The funny thing is that white supremacists wouldn’t be laughing at this either. See, they’re as uptight and douchebag-ish as the SJWs.
        Probably WNs will just comment that Mel Brooks is a Jew Bastard, and all this stuff is some sneaky attempt to get whites to laugh at their own justified racism, much like what you see on the sitcom All in The Family.

    1. Good point, women in the Civilized World have gone Full Retard with all the feminism, bullshit, from “Looking at a girl is objectification and rape” to the bizarre ones like NOT having sex with your wife is rape!

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