Internet Hindus Don’t Like Me

Oh noes!

Some people are just mean! Oh dear, what is one to do?

What could be worse than being insulted by Indian ultranationalists and Hindutwadis?  One shudders to think!

Let’s see what they called me: chutiya?, White Supremacist, degenerate Hindu hater (RL: Thank you), huge faggot, Lundsay?, toxic person, skinny, formerly homeless, degenerate fag, and maderchod?.

Robert Lindsay is a White American and a degenerate Hindu hater. He will take any opportunity to bash Indians and Hindus. He’s essentially an Abrahamic supremacist.

Thank you for the kind words, sir.

He is definitely a huge faggot. A Randian once posted Lundsay’s blog on r/india, saying that we must not look at those “harsh words” and rather self-reflect. Self-reflect, my ass.

Try it some time for once.

Lol, I remember sending multiple email death threats to Robert when I was pissed off reading his anti-India posts. He bans people from his blog for disagreeing with him, perfect twat to become a Randian mod. I was 17 back then. I never had encountered such a toxic person.

Why thank you.

He’s a skinny white 50 year old who used to be homeless, who cares what that degenerate fag thinks?  Indeed. Who the Fuck is this Lindsay? The hater is right about the shitting though. It’s a fucking deep cultural malaise. I have traveled to piss poor countries and even they don’t have this massive problem of shitting on the roads or indeed stuff like absolutely disrespecting road rules and all that.

One word: Designated!

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52 thoughts on “Internet Hindus Don’t Like Me”

  1. Bob,you’re well known to the hindutwadis crowd. I browse this big hindu site(from what I can judge,the members are 0.001 to 0.1 percenters of the hindus)whenever I need comical relief and found your name there.
    However,one must give the hindus some credits, lets say one is born with serious deformity and has the choice to live the life of a circus freak like the elephant man Joseph Merrick or be worshipped as the elephant god Ganesh. The choice is very clear,isn’t it.
    Not to mention if one is born a cow:

        1. Everyone does, the modern ‘secular’ constitution makes it disadvantageous to be a Hindu.
          Minority Schools get government support & don’t have to take kids free under reservation. The government also confiscates all Hindu temple donations for example
          Yes, there are many problems with Hinduism (I’m a Sikh btw) however, keeping it under essentially government dictate will never allow it to flourish & reform.
          I sincerely believe on an equal or even less disasterous playing field, christian missionaries themselves would be becoming Hindus, to use clever language.
          The common outside observer doesn’t realize how deep the institutional bias against Hindus is. Yes, untouchability is evil but the states in the North where it exists are poor as fuck. The so called upper caste doesn’t really have it much better, especially with reservation.
          Beside, it can be reformed as untouchability disappeared in Japan, France, Spain etc with economic development. Forcing secular education where Indians are taught about Muslim Kings (ie 2 chapters on a 2 year Mughal ruler Vs a paragraph on 27 yr Hindu rebel) & told the Hindu rebels were evil, is formenting civil war.
          Koenraad Elst’s book Decolonizing the Hindu Mind begins with looking thoroughly at the Hindu revivalist movement from many angles.
          Criticism from Hindus & outsiders is examined. I’m about half way through the book & recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in the topic.
          As I understand Robert is short on money, I’d be happy to lend it after I’m done if he’s interested.
          As always,
          Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  2. It’s more just the missionary attitude, of these people can’t fix themselves without our help.
    Otherwise, it’s w/e India has its fair share of idiots.

  3. Robert, if internet Hindus do not like it only means you are intelligent, mature, broad minded and stick to truth. these are the traits hated by internet Hindus. If these losers hated me, I would consider it a compliment. LOL.
    Internet hindus are mostly low IQ uncivilized losers from small town India with zero sex life. These frustrated souls see the more westernized English speaking desis of both genders partying and having a good time. This pisses them off a lot. They are also pissed at Whites and East Asians as they feel inferiority complex feelings just by looking at people of these two races. They also do not posses good English skills, knowledge of the world and other cultures in general and sound logical thinking to put their points across in a proper way. They do more disservice to India as their antics and stupid rants have convinced the entire World that Indians are all low IQ idiots with the mental ability of a 4 year olds. By their crazy antics they give a bad name to their beloved ‘Bharat’. Blacks, Arabs, Thai, Whites, East Asians all laugh their asses off when they read their childish comments. They are bringing the world together in that sense.
    Here check this out about these losers

    1. Again, high-caste Indians into which I lump the Parsees do not care what anybody thinks of them.
      Why would they? They know who has the power and the education and the wealth both in India and abroad.
      That’s the sad part….The caste system has repeated itself in Dubai, London and Canada. Poor Indians form gangs, pollute neighborhoods, get mixed up in drugs or drug-dealing, domestic violence and riots. There is some pimping and minor amounts of prostitution (Especially among the sexual Bengali women whom I have used).
      Brahmin in the West? You’ll find them in a nice California. Low-caste Indians. These will be roaming the streets of Vancouver with knives or guns.

      1. Those high IQ Brahmins have the same hatred for Whites and everybody else as the low IQ thug Indians of Canada. They just do not show it on your face, they keep it among themselves. Whites destroy their pet believe that they ‘Brahmins’ are basically Gods on Earth. They realize if there is any group of people who have a better claim then them to be Gods on Earth it is White people. This fills them up with resentment.

        1. I will put it in a nutshell. Whites (and up to some extent North East Asians) force the egoistic ‘chosen people’ upper caste Hindus be be more humble about themselves. Ostentatious Desis (upper caste or lower caste) do not like being humble. Hence the hate YT disease among them.

        2. Also Brahmins and other upper caste Hindus like the Kayastas, warrior Kshatriyas are more Caucasian than other Indians. But they are not pure Caucasians like Whites. They have ASI Australoid genes too. This pisses them off. They are not some pure breed from the Gods as they claim to be.

        3. MALLA If Brahmin hate us that is unfortunate but their lifestyle does not include low-caste Hindu or Muslim features in the West such as gang activity, pimping, drugs, prostitution, violent robbery (A few commit fraud however).
          Their kids do not rove the streets of California in gangs like Bengali in London or Sikhs or Tamils in Brampton robbing whites.

        1. TRASH,
          Yes Brahmins and other upper caste are not much into gang crimes, they prefer White collar crime more, buying influence, nepotist behaviour etc…
          But during the days of the Raj, they along with Muslims took part in killing innocent women and children if given a chance. But when faced with British soldiers, they ran like cowards peeing in their dhotis /pants chanting mantras.
          Check this out

          Being Indian myself, I can say all of the stuff written in the book seems very accurate, names of places, descriptions etc… .

        2. One of the many reason why the “Gods on Earth” Brahmins hate the White man so much. There is history to it. Check out page 308 of that book on the Indian mutiny.
          Remember this was after the Bibighar massacre where Nana Sahib (Indian rebel) failing to capture a British position (full of women and children and wounded) used a cunning ploy of seeking truce and letting the Brits go by boat to save the wounded, women and children. As the British took the boats, he broke his promise and attacked them. Later he had the women and children (pregnant women and babies all) perhaps 100s all massacred in the infamous and cruel Bibighar massacre. But soon a British army was sent to avenge this brutality. Remember most of the mutiny guys were upper caste Hindus and muslims, Sikhs did not support it at all not the Gurkhas. Sikhs did not want the brutal Mughal empire brought back to power as the muslim rebel sepoys intended as they had suffered a lot under Mughal brutality.
          From page 308 of

          “Commanding in person, the Nana Sahib went forth that day to meet General Havelock, bent on doing something great in defense of his tottering throne. But, notwithstanding the disparity of their numbers, he soon realized the difference between them and the group of invalids and civilians, whom he had brought to bay behind that deserted rampart, or a front rank of seated ladies and children and a rear rank of gentlemen, all with their hands strapped behind their backs, as in his first “victory”. Now he saw before him, extending from left to right, the line of white faces, of red cloth, and of sparkling steel. With set teeth and flashing eyes, ahd rifles tightly grasped, closer and closer drew the measured tramp of feet, and the heart of the foe died within him ; his fire grew hasty and ill-directed, and, as the last volley cut the ail overhead, the English, with a shout, rushed forward at their foes.
          Then each rebel thought only of himself. The terrible shrapnel and canister tore through their ranks, and they broke ere the bayonet could touch them. Squadron after squadron, and battalion after battalion, these humbled Brahmins dropped their weapons, threw off their packs, and spurred and ran in wild confusion, pursued for miles by the British cavalry and artillery.”
          I told you Brahmins showed extreme brutality and cunning when facing helpless women and children but when faced with a battle hardened British regiment, these ‘Gods on Earth’ Brahmins ran peeing in their dhotis/pants, screaming like girls and chanting mantras so that the Gods would now save them. This is their mentality.

        3. And exactly the same thing happened with the Chinese in 1962, I believe the War Nerd wrote about this in his article ‘Fag vs Fag’. After bullying tiny countries like Nepal around them, they decided they could take some Chinese territory. The Chinese had conquered Tibet, but deep in their hearts, they would have wanted to do the same but the Chinese got their first. the Chinese were facing famine, infrastructure in Tibet was crap in those days and there was the Taiwan crisis going on and most Chinese troops were concentrated on the opposite side. Nice chance to sneakily capture some highland territory, that is what our PM Nehru thought. But unfortunately for them, the Chinese came and the Indians all dropped their guns and ran peeing in their pants. It was a rout. The Chinese took kindness and gave all the territory back. But how do we explain this to the people, how brave awesome India got conquered by those Chinkies. Propaganda, crazy propaganda. India has historically been one of the easiest place to conquer BTW much easier to conquer than China or Europe at the least.
          Guess what in our nationalist history books, it were the British who are shown as cowards, in all those fake history based serials I had to watch in my childhood it were the Brits shown as evil cowards. Similarly we were taught that it were those sneaky yellow chinki Chinese who back stabbed us by claiming ‘Hindi Chini bhai bhai’ (Hindis and Chinese brothers) the earlier. When I came to know the truth I was aghast. We have a way to do a swicheroo in our historical narrative. Nay we are experts in this and also in spreading rumours (crazy rumours). We were told China wanted to reduce their huge population so Mao chose a war with Brave India to reduce their numbers. We are told how the British started Sati in their hatred for Hindus BUT IT WERE THE BRITS WHO ENDED THIS CRUEL PRACTICE. Sati was where the wife would jump in the funeral pyre of her husband after her husband’s death, basically suicide. Brahmins were given the jewelry and also a lot of money during this. No wonder the Brahmins loved it. But those evil British came and forbade this practice. No wonder the hatred for Whitey and Christianity (I am upper caste Hindu BTW). Those evil cowardly Brits came and allowed the lower castes in schools, ooooh how evil, screamed the Brahmins. The British told the Brahmins all humans are equal including the dark dalits, many Brahmins and other upper caste Hindus fainted and had to be fed holy Ganges water to revive them.
          It reminds me of a tale in our ancient texts of a great Hindu king who is supposed to have conquered the whole world and later even heaven and hell. Millions of Hindus believe this crap. In actuality archaeologists found that his kingdom was probably the size of New York. LOL.

    2. MALLA These losers are definitely not Brahmins or Parsees. I would put my money on most of them being Tamils with a few redneck Punjabi Sikhs and maybe a lower-caste Gujarati.

  4. The most common characteristic that I see these internet Hindus or bhakts (hindi word for devotee) as I have met many of them in person is they are all sexually frustrated uncool loser guys. A White dweeb playing video games in his mother’s basement or a black ghetto rat is a far far superior specimen of humanity than these scum. For them, the Westernized Indian world of night clubs in big Indian cities is a scary alien place which they want to be part of but so not how to.
    They mostly live in small towns where the girls are ugly, rude and have very high opinions of themselves. Basically they live sad lives. They some how blame the West for this. As I have said earlier even the looks of White people and East Asian people give them an inferiority complex, they feel like monkeys in front of Gods. Besides, the fact that such attractive races dress better, are more cooler, are physically better, live in prosperous technologically advanced first world conditions makes them crazy with anger and despair.
    You also come across female internet Hindus or Bhakts all of whom who are ugly (both in face and bod) even by Indian standards. They know no Westernized Indian guy or White guy or East Asian guy will ever give them a second look without puking. Strangely if you meet them in person they behave like Gods gift to man, typical princessesbut know that compared to Westernized desi and especially White, North East Asian girls and hell, even Middle Eastern and South Eastern girls are ugly and disgusting things. Westernized good looking Indian gals have no time to waste on the Internet discussing history or civilizations, they are busy on facebook and in their selfies.
    So when they feel rejected by the modern world they fall back upon their so called ‘glorious history’ of India. it does not matter that a lot of it is fake bullshit, anybody who rationally questions on their version of history and culture is immediately termed an ‘anti-national’, India hater, ‘Macauley child’, ‘Macaulay Putra’ (Lord Macaulay introduced Western modern education in British India which according to them destroyed the great traditional education system of the country, they hate him with a passion). It is the only thing they have to give them solace.

    That is why they hate the Aryan invasion FACT. The one and only one thing they have, i.e. their so called glorious Hindu culture, was based a lot on what the White blond Aryan invaders from outside.  This fills them with hatred and despair. They find this very unfair that Whites get to be the creators of the modern technological world as well as their Hindu Culture. Very unfair if you ask them.

    Besides their hatred for Muslims and the West (basically the all powerful White man) is their hatred for China. Earlier, they would blame the backwardness of India on its huge population instead of their own behavior. But since China with a bigger population has now got a standard of living 4 times that of India and a fast growing military, their population theory collapses. This fills them with hatred and despair.
    I personally find their suffering very funny.

    1. MALLA You’re average Hindi poster will be a Western-born, lower to middle-caste offspring of blue-collar workers, live in a run-down or shabby neighborhood in Canada or New Jersey or London.
      He will be a South Indian black of the sort that supports Tamil Tigers or a Punjabi.
      Privately, he feels envious of European perceived dominance both in the world and in the society he lives in-but grudgingly allows Brahmin or Khartis to relegate him to lower-class status in the West.
      He believes Goris or white women are sluts whom he desires but show little interest in him because he has neither status nor money nor looks.

      1. The concept of Goris (whites) being sluts is understandable since the 1950s and the later the hippy revolution as morality in the West slipped after WW2. But this was not the case earlier say during the Victorian era. Desi guys and even girls have a vested interest in the idea of the White woman or gori being a slut. Listen, Whites ON AVERAGE are better than the AVERAGE desi. Yes there are smart desis and dumb Whites, ugly Whites and attractive desis, but I speak of averages here. Desis see, Whites have conquered the world, have a very sophisticated culture and behavior (most of the Whites in the later British Raj era were officer class/ aristocratic classes), created the modern magical industrial technological world, have a rich tradition of culture and literature of their own, are better looking, White have built better societies, are physically stronger etc….. in other words White men seemed better in nearly everything. Also White men possessed the beautiful attractive White women. Now of course how do these egoistic desis with superiority complex feelings of their own get back at Whites. Why, by making many claims out of their asses. Claims such as ‘Whites have no culture’, ‘White women are sluts’ etc…., they give the desis solace, some way to get back at Whitie. Desi women also supported these claims as they felt even if the White ‘Mem Sahib’ is more beautiful with exotic features like light eyes and light hair as well as possessing a better physique, the desi woman had better morals (This is bullcrap, trust me Indian women can be very slutty too as long as society does not come to know). After the hippy revolution, these claims did in some ways become reality.
        The attractive hot White goddesses may be a sluts and thus more sexually approachable also fills the sexless desi guy living in small towns and watching porn movies with awe. These hot women should have been much more choosy but they are actually easy, it goes against logic. Besides this is a way to get back at the White man. That explains why many Indian guys in the West want to have a lot of White girlfriends but not marry them. Conquering the White woman is a way to get back at the White Man.
        But the truth is thanks to Western feminism and eating Mcdonalds food had led to many White women in the modern West to become fat ugly bitches and thus they in some way resemble Indian women in attitude. They are not the Victorian memsahibs like their great grandmothers. Indian women got there (being nasty) naturally without feminism but add feminism in the mix and they are even worse, hence the field reports by desi guys about how horrible some Western born desi girls are. Natural princess mentality mixed with Western feminism is super toxic.

      2. Trash, they may be Western born, but they bring their small town mentality with them. Truly Westernised desis in big Indian cities are a different breed. They may hate Whites too due to the same superiority inferiority complex feelings as well and also because they absorb the anti White cultural Marxist propaganda rhetoric from Western media they consume so much. The westernised desi hates the White race for the same reasons a liberal White hates the White race. In this, they are different from small town desis.
        It is just that small town desis have a higher birth rate and are flooding the big cities especially in the last two decades bringing their small town mentality with them. These small town desis living in Middle class big city India behave outwardly in some ways as the westernised convent educated desis (they dress more modern, are sexually more free) but deep inside keep their small town thinking patterns.

    2. MALLA
      Their characteristics:
      1) They are lower-caste Tamils with some redneck Punjabi thrown in.
      2) They live at home even though they are 30 years old.
      3) They wish to have an arranged marriage for a sex slave because they cannot earn enough money or offer enough assets to attract a woman not forced by her parents at 17 to marry him.
      4) They decry Western amorality but have never been to the West and would go their if given a chance.
      5) Their primary inferiority is towards Caucasian men for some reason who have no idea that they exist.

      1. TRASH,
        All your points are 100% correct. They also have hatred towards the Chinese in Malaysia as the Chinese are very successful (they always are). Probably they hate Native Malays too.

        1. MALLA I do not believe the British should ever have been in India either and that Indian men have the right to a sovereign country.
          It is a shame that so many women in India are forced to be sex slaves in an arranged marriage.
          But that Malla, is really not the White man’s business.

        2. MALLA Indians were brought to Singapore against their will by white men and had no choice but to make the best of it in a Chinese colony. They were mostly poor Tamils who were also shipped to Sri Lanka.
          So I feel bad for them to some extent.

        3. Yes the British were in Indian for a few hundred years like everywhere else and yes some ancient tribe of Ukrainian males intruded into the Dravidian society and pushed aside Dravidian males to some extent in setting up the caste system.
          However, the Desi male obsession with whites is really dull and pointless: white men have nothing to do with Indian politics and the few that marry Indian women usually have a decent job (Small percentage).
          I personally do not understand it.

        4. TRASH,
          If you read the article in the link he is talking about recent Indian immigrants who are given a preference by the Government over local Singaporeans and are skrewing up everything.

        5. TRASH, I agree the Brits should not have been in India. We Indians did not deserve their good rule. But if I was born in India then I would have comandeered a boat and would have escaped to England. Muslims and Hindus killing, raping and plundering each other, Thugees killing travelers, fat corrupt Kings and tyrants, crazy caste system, crazy muslims and their brutality of infidels, disease, crazy religions. no thank you. O boat to England.

          We Indians really did not deserve their rule.

          Of course many sensible Indians are missing them already

          From the above link
          “Mumbai, not Hong Kong, would have been the centre for finance in Asia, instead of the second-rate city it has become since the British left.
          Delhi would have more bits like the ones the British built, the only elegant parts of the city, just as British South Bombay is the only elegant part. Cities such as Surat and Ahmedabad and Hyderabad and Indore would have become civilized. Under English and Scottish bureaucrats, architecture, certainly civic architecture, would not be as ugly as it is.
          Justice would mean something. Gandhi and Nehru repeatedly got arrested voluntarily because, correctly, they trusted British justice. Today’s politician resists arrest even though he may be innocent, because he’s liable to get stitched up, like Omar Abdullah.”
          “Europeans, of course, told us who and what we were. After 3,000 years of illiteracy, we learnt of the existence of the Indus Valley civilization from John Marshall in 1924. The identity of our greatest emperor, Ashok (died 232 BC), whose lion capital is our emblem, whose wheel is on our flag, was revealed to us by James Prinsep 175 years ago.
          Our Aryan ancestry (or fantasy) was gifted to us by William Jones in 1786, when he reported the link between Sanskrit, Ancient Greek and Latin. The barbarism of Muslims at Vijayanagar was revealed by Robert Sewell, when he translated the 16th century work of Fernaos Nunes and Domingos Paes. Between 1879 and 1894, Max Muller translated the entire Upanishad, Vedas and Dhammapada. This helped Vivekanand go lecture the Americans on India’s greatness at Chicago in 1893.
          The great German tradition of Indology continues through men such as Heinrich von Stietencron, but a sustained engagement through colonial government would have resulted in more attention to Indian studies.
          Growing up in Surat, the only books I had access to were in Andrews Library, built in 1850. This is because Gujaratis, a mercantile people influenced by Jains, have no use for literature. The British stuffed it down our throats like medicine, educating the first reformers, people such as Narmad Shankar who attended the Elphinstone Institute. Shankar compiled Gujarati’s first dictionary in 1873, but the native instinct was strong and he reverted to Vedic tribalism in the last decade of his life.
          That is the cycle South Asians normally follow: illiteracy, awakening through contact with European culture, and then a belief in our superiority.”

  5. Guess this language:
    Boux boux ma daengz lajmbwn couh miz cwyouz, cinhyenz caeuq genzli bouxboux bingzdaengj. Gyoengq vunz miz lijsing caeuq liengzsim, wngdang daih gyoengq de lumj beixnuengx ityiengh.

  6. Here’s an accurate translation of all those kind words they have for you.
    Chutiya Mild expletive meaning moron or gullible idiot. Literally translates to from the vagina. Actual usage may vary from endearing banter between close friends to a full-blown insult of another person’s intelligence.
    Lundsay There’s no such expletive in Hindi but seems like they just coined one EXCLUSIVELY for you. “Lund” literally means penis, but is most often used to call out on dickheads and their obnoxious behavior. “say” is preposition whose English equivalent is “from”. So, “Lund-say” would literally mean someone who has DICK FOR BRAINS.
    Mader-chod Literally means “Mother-fucker” except with far worse connotations. It’s a battle cry for Indo-Aryan warriors, and is used with very high frequency during a hostile exchange. There’s no room for mild usage. Not to be used in polite company at all.
    Calling someone a Mader-chod in India is literally grounds for physical assault and/or lynching. In fact, the legal courts sometimes give an accused, 3-4 years off a manslaughter sentence, if they can prove that the dead person was using this expletive to provoke them.

  7. GORA GHANDU is what the average white will hear in India which can be translated as “white asshole”.
    POGGLE GORA or “crazy white” for that drugged-out nutcase in Goa.
    KALLA for black Dravidian people from the South.
    I heard it all in India.

  8. One must actually visit India and live there to form an opinion. “Poggle Gora” for the crazy white, “Gora Gandu” for the white asshole…
    Brahmin and other middle-to-higher castes won’t abuse you. You’ll get it from “Kalla’s” or the blacks.
    A Gora must keep silent however and since few us are actually bothered to any great degree what a Desi thinks or feels about us, it does not make us angry.

  9. SHI I would have to keep my actual business in India anonymous as my activities were part of semi-public company but “Poggle” and “Ghandu” and “Khalla” are the most common slurs.
    Low-castes will assault you but higher-castes generally will keep their opinions to themselves about everything.
    This rule applies to dealing with Indians in the West:
    Suburbs of California? Call a Brahmin or a Khatris anything.
    Ghettos of Canada? Sikhs will shoot you for looking at them the wrong way in some sections of Vancouver or Brampton.

  10. Al-Beruni (973-1048; another was Firdausi), “commissioned” by Mahmud of Ghazni to produce his monumental commentary on Indian philosophy and culture — Kitab fi tahqiq ma li’l-hind. “In his search for pure knowledge he is undoubtedly one of the greatest minds in Islamic history.” Romila Thapar calls him “perhaps the finest intellect of central Asia … His observations on Indian conditions, systems of knowledge, social norms, religion … are probably the most incisive made by any visitor to India.”
    We writes
    “The Hindus believe that there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, no science like theirs.They are haughty, foolishly vain, self-conceited, and stolid. They are by nature niggardly in communicating that which they know, and they take the greatest possible care to withhold it from men of another caste among their own people, still much more, of course, from any foreigner … Their haughtiness is such that, if you tell them of any science or scholar in Khorasan and Persis, they will think you to be both an ignoramus and a liar. If they traveled and mixed with other nations, they would soon change their mind, for their ancestors were not as narrow-minded as the present generation is.”
    Nothing has changed in a thousand years. Al Beruni was wrong, mixing with other peoples has not changed Hindus at all. they have the same narrow minded mindset even now!!!!
    “for their ancestors were not as narrow-minded as the present generation is” by this does he means the pure Aryans? I do not know. Did the new mixed Aryan ASI population turn out this way? Inward looking losers.

  11. The funniest shit and stupidity concentrated, I ever watched was on an internet forum years ago where Internet Hindus and their black cousins the Afro-centrists fighting it out about Egypt. Both sides full of insecure losers claimed Egypt and both sides brought their stupid idiotic theories. Their low IQ gibberish was enough to make Pharoah Ramses had he been alive today to commit suicide to escape this planet of idiots. For me, I nearly committed suicide via laughter.

      1. I don’t care if ancient Egyptians were black or green or Martians. My point is Internet Hindus and Afrocentrists are cut from the same cloth of stupidity.

  12. JASON North Koreans eat tree bark and are half-naked and starving.
    None of that is going on anymore. That’s been over for some time now. And they were never half clothed. North Koreans are always well-clothed, even in the countryside.

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