The Hell with the Pentagon

As the agency which enforces US foreign policy at gunpoint, the Pentagon has always blown. First of all, there is no such thing as the Defense Department. When has the Pentagon ever defended the country? Pearl Harbor? They did a fine job there, huh? Obviously the task of the Pentagon is not to defend the US mainland, which is all it ever ought to do anyway. Its task is to running around the world starting wars and killing people in other countries. Leaving aside whether that is sometimes a good idea (and I think it is,) what’s so defensive about that? The real name of the Pentagon is the War Department.That’s what it was always called until World War 2, which the War Department won. After that in a spate of Orwellian frenzy, we named an army of aggression an army of self-defense and comically renamed its branch the Defense Department. It’s like calling cops peace officers. You see anything peaceful about what a cop does in a typical day? Neither do I? There was a brief glimmer of hope there in WW2 when we finally starting killing fascists and rightwingers instead of sleeping with them, but the ink was barely dry on the agreements before we were setting up the Gladio fascists, overthrowing Greek elections and slaughtering Greek peasants like ants. Meanwhile it was scarcely a year after 1945 when the US once again started a torrid love affair with fascism and rightwing dictators like we have always done. We were smooching it up right quick with Europe’s fascists, in this case the former Nazis of Germany (who became the West German elite), Greek killer colonels, Mussolini’s heirs, actual Nazis in Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Jew-Nazis in Palestine, Franco (who we never stopped sleeping with anyway), Salazar, the malign Mr. Churchill, the true repulsive Dutch royalty and disgusting European colonists the world over, who we showered with guns and bombs to massacre the colonized. In 1945, a war against fascism, reaction, Nazism and malign colonialism had ended, and for some reason America had fought against these things instead of supporting them as usual. 1946, and we were back in old style again, hiring Nazis by the busload for the CIA, overthrowing democratic governments and putting in genocidal dictatorships, becoming butt buddies with fascist swine everywhere. So you see we have always pretty much sucked. World War 1 was fought amidst one of the most dishonest propaganda campaigns the world had ever seen, the Korean War was a Godawful mess where we turned North Korea to flaming rubble with the population cowering in caves while slaughtering 3 million North Koreans. The horrific catastrophe called the Indochinese Wars, such as the Vietnam War, the Secret War in Laos and the Cambodian Massacre, where we genocided 500,000 Cambodians with bombs, driving the whole place crazy and creating the Khmer Rogue. Panama and Grenada were pitiful jokes, malign, raw, naked imperialism at its worst. The Gulf War was a brief return to sanity but turkey shoots are sickening. Of course that followed on with the most evil war in US history, the Nazi-like war on aggression called The War on the Iraqi People (usually called the Iraq War), the Afghan rabbit hole which started out sensibly enough but turned into another Vietnam style Great Big Mess. I suppose it is ok that we are killing Al Qaeda guys and I give a shout out to our boys over there fighting ISIS or the Taliban and Al Qaeda in South-Central Asia, Somalia and Yemen. Some people need killing. But I sure don’t feel that way about their superiors, the US officers who fund and direct ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. out of an Operations Center in Jordan with Jordanian, Israeli (!), Saudi, UAE, and Qatari officers. And it was very thoughtful of the Pentagon to cover up the Ukrainian Air Force shootdown of the jetliner which we saw on the radar of our ships in Black Sea. And it was nice of the US to relay the flight path of the Russian jet to the Turks 24 hours in advance so they could shoot down that Russian jet and kill that pilot. One hand giveth and the other taketh away. For every good thing we do in Syria and Iraq, we do 10 or 20 bad things. Pretty much the story of the Pentagon. Sure if you fought in WW2 or one of the few other decent wars, you have something to be proud of, and I can even say, “Thank you for your service,” but the main thing is that you signed up for the rightwing army of the rich that is dead set against the people and popular rule everywhere on Earth. Sure, it’s a great army, professional, super-competent and deadly, but it’s generally tasked with doing lousy things. Why anyone would sign up for that reactionary nightmare of an institution is beyond me. America needs to level the Pentagon and put in a true People’s Army instead. Like that would ever happen.

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9 thoughts on “The Hell with the Pentagon”

  1. America now seems to consider the times of the New Deal up to Johnson’s war on poverty to have been an error, a treason of her own nature. America seems to repent of those times, quite like France did of her recent left republican past under Marshall Pétain during the German occupation. It is now ripe time for America to repent of having fought on the wrong side in WWII in Europe.
    There seems to be a problem : the Jews. The Jews, will you cry! That makes such a repentance impossible.
    But there is NO such problem. It can be argued (facts proper don’t matter since they are no longer part of the New Paradigm as was heralded by Marilyn Ferguson : there are only opinions now, out of which the material universe results through collective creative visualization in proportion of one’s financial power) victoriously that had America fought on the right side during WWII, there would have been no Jewish Holocaust, because incipient Israel was a member of the Axis together with Italy, Spain … and prevented from welcoming European Jews as new colonists by Britain, whom the US should have attacked on Germany’s side instead of supporting.

    1. OK the above statement is pretty much against everything Robert stands for: The New Deal, War on Poverty. Well, Robert doesn’t like so called Jewish supremacy, but generally such Jew hatred comes from the racist conservative right.

        1. Exactly. I am pro New Deal and showing what shall be the consequence of rejecting it, repenting from having been an ally of France and Britain rather than of the Third Reich. My sarcasm is Talmudic so to speak. People mistake the Talmud for a book of religious content. It has none. Quite the contrary it is intended to explain the Torah away so as to make it void of any fanatical, shariah-like content. It is a book of method only, to teach different ways of reasoning as all not conducive to truth but to the absurd. Ultimately, your brain circuitry is forever damaged to the point you attain real illumination giving you direct access to truth when reading the Bible or the Great book of Nature without the help of any man-made words.
          When in front of a moral monster like America, the thing to do is not to try to contradict it logically : it is fact-impervious, America is proud to have entered a post-fact and post-rational period of History in the same way they speak of a post-modern civilization or post-democratic political system. The only thing to do is to give it more and more of its own vibration, of its own resonance frequency to make it crack, crumble and implode like a dam.
          Many people think the problem with America is Zionism, or the Jews if you will. Ariel Sharon used to say Israel should have no concern with American public opinion since they control America through and through and America knows it and asks for ever more such control. That is a gross blunder, testifying to the fact that in Israel too the mean IQ is dwindling at an even faster rate : among Israeli Jews (but that includes many African and North African Jews whose IQ has always been measured about the same as other neighbouring Mediterraneans, which does not prevent the product of their thought to be in fact more interesting than those of Ashkenazis who are very efficient brain-wise but tend to conform to the same model), it is now only 95, down from maybe 120 or more when it was peopled mostly with idealistic Ashkenazis.
          America is not “controlled” by Israel or by international Jewry. America never had any soul of its own but Israel, long before Israel proper was put on the map. Israel need not exert any control expertise onto America, the effort it now makes to that purpose are just counter-productive and are to be explained by the overabundance of Jewish expertise in that field looking for any outlet justifying its employment. But were for instance AIPAC’s manipulative expertise to disappear, America would obey Israel all the better, as through telepathy, and as was already the case during the early sixties when Israel proper did not care about such an expertise, as was the case before Israel appeared on the map. Israel is the soul, and America the body. Or if you will Israel is a kind of bottled where America’s soul is enclosed. America as a nation was created right from the start (1776 and long before) as an entity without any soul of its own but Israel, as the manifestation of Israel in the New World. When you say some entity is controlled by another, that presupposes one will is curbed by another, but America has no will, no individuality of its own but the Jewish Israeli one. When Israel and America are to separate, and the day is drawing near, America will experience no relief, America will crumble like a dead body and divide into two, four, eight … one thousand pieces and more. The present dumbing down of America is not the result of a Zionist policy, as I am irked to see expressed by some commenters I am otherwise very thankful for expressing their own views. The present-day dumbing down of America is quite the contrary the result of growing NEGLECT of the general American mind by the Jewish intellectual elite as they become more and more self-centred and interested only in personal or group nostalgia, as happen with so many former leftist who interpret all their former political experiences into mere existentialist trips. The American-Israeli body-soul complex, like a former hippie musician having turned into a Hell’s Angels cocaine addict, is getting prematurely wicked, old and about to die as a result of its karma, and death means separation of soul from body.
          The problem with antisemitism in America, even in its very mild and perfectly justified forms seing for instance much of present-day Judaism turning into mere Kabbalistic sorcery, is that once stated as an opinion leaves you with no national soul to rely upon. That is very different from France who has a soul of its own apart from Israel’s. When you no longer have a national soul to rely upon, you can no longer express any charitable points of view to be heard by the social body, nor create any interesting work of art, that explains why those who criticize most the Jewish financial establishment and the control it exerts on so many things always end up with Libertarian or survivalist ideas where the ambient society is to be done away with, where the poor are to be shot down like rabbits when things get bad, that explains why the American dissenters tend to be even more right-wing, even more fascistic than the established fascists they curse. That explains why American life is so empty and robot-like except in places such as Manhattan where the ambient society is secular Jewish. When in America you reject or just neglect the little bit of Israel you have in you, no matter your personal like or dislike of Jews, you lose your soul. The problem is that the soul of America that is Israel is growing very dark, but there is none other. A dark soul is somewhat less a catastrophe than the utter absence of soul : as an individual you can talk to it and develop it into a personalized version of it, you can redeem it somewhat into what it could have been hadn’t it taken the decision to choose evil.

  2. White nationalism, aka white supremacy, pretty much gives a green light to every form of imperalism imaginable. Also, the alt left seems to be too soft on racism. I mean, if your not against racism hardcore, then your for it. Politcal correctness seems to be a way of keeping the soldiers in line, lest they go to the other side.

  3. America is not alone having changed the name of its ministry of War into that of Defence to denote a ministry devoted to wars of aggression. France made the name change about the same time, in 1948 (just at the time time to engage in a series of disastrous colonial wars : they had also changed the name Ministry of Colonies into that of Overseas France without the natives being given any French citizenship), but for the reign of de Gaulle, someone of less hypocritical character, it adopted the name of Ministry of Armies which was kept until his departure. The first country to have made the “Orwellian” name change was USSR under Stalin in 1934. Actually the very first one was Weimar Germany in 1919 under the Allies’ pressure not to have a Ministry of War worthy of that name but only for police and repression purposes, but this was a label of humiliation and Hitler reverted the official name to Ministry of War in 1935. UK made the name change under Churchill in 1940, actually to denote the merging of three portfolios, War, Admiralty and Air for a single purpose which was actual defence against a specific impending invasion, and the temporary name became permanent in 1946. Canada’s ministry was always called of Defence, not War, but that was because the country was not considered fully independent from Britain until the Westminster act of 1936, and therefore not allowed to take the initiative of any war.

  4. Jews, Shmooz 😆
    The whole Jews and white nationalist thing is just some kind of justification for “Divine Right of Kings”. The elite classes have not really earned their wealth, but they need some wacko reason to believe they deserve it. So they get into HBD and basically develop theories which reduces NAMS and others to dogs, and of course, humans are superior to dogs.
    However, worse are doctors, lawyers etc.. who have earned wealth. They would have a more solid real reason to like the American way. They would be less anti-Jewish, cause they don’t need HBD theories and whatnot to justify their wealth.

  5. What was that bit about North Korea? They invaded South Korea, they massacred and kidnapped South Koreans, and in general, they deserved to be reduced to rubble and cowering. If it hadn’t been for China’s interference–who didn’t want a thriving democracy at their border, rather than a country who would rather be illegal immigrant slaves than starve in their own country–there wouldn’t be a North Korea anymore, just a unified thriving Korea.
    Why does North Korea get a pass, and why is there deafening silence over all the bad guys Russia and China became butt buddies with (And still are, like Kim Jong) and/or gave guns&bombs to?

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