Stop the DNC Before It Kills Again!

The Alt Left of course opposes the horrific DNC Clintonite wing of the Democratic Party which is on record for rolling back and even getting rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the whole nine yards. I have seen the DNC documents. Yep, the DNC is actually on record (in secret) of getting rid of the entire welfare state. They hoped to have gotten this seriously underway in the 2020’s, with heavy rollback by 2025 and full rollback by 2030. I am serious. The DNC is actually on record saying just that! They say essentially that all of these things are on the wrong side of history, neoliberalism having won in 1990 with the collapse of the USSR. They sound exactly like rightwingers who equate the welfare state with “failed socialism” and Communism when they say that, and of course, DNC Clintonites are rightwingers. These people are Corporate Democrats. That is the best and most sensible way to look at the DNC crowd, (((Debbie Wasserman))), (((Henry Kissinger))), (((Victoria Nuland))), (((Donald Kagan))), (((Robert Rubin))), (((Larry Summers))), Joe Biden, John Kerry, Obama, and the rest of the despicable Clintonite types. (((Dick Morris))), the poisoner of the well of Bill Clinton’s mind and inventor of triangulation, was always nothing but a Republican (and boy is he a fire-breathing one now) even when he was pretending to be a Democrat. The above are the neoconservatives and neoliberals who now run the Democratic Party. Stop the DNC before it kills again!

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14 thoughts on “Stop the DNC Before It Kills Again!”

  1. What does (((Robert))) think of the (((Fed))) and the U.S.’s monetary policy?
    Does he believe (((Yellen))) and (((Obama))) are sincere in the changes they say they want to make?
    This government stimulus is ironically keeping inflation low; major businesses have no incentive to take major risks with ‘easy money’ iiuc.

  2. “Corporate Democrats”….yes!!! I’ve been saying this over and over to people I know for quite awhile now. The who stupid fucking useless worthless Democratic party has been completely taken over and infected by this strain for decades now. And yet the credulous lemmings keep voting the D over and over. Simply put, the Democratic Party is a staunch enemy of all working class Americans.
    And, re: the bracketology of our fearless leaders,
    (((John Kerry))) for sure earns his….but I can’t seen to find any evidence of Obama’s brackets.

  3. Dear Robert
    This is totally unbelievable! What about Obamacare? Do these neoliberal Democrats really believe that their voters are interested in this? The welfare state is a transfer state, which taxes the rich and subsidizes the poor. The more unequal income is, the larger the share of the population that benefits from the welfare state.
    What every Western country needs is a genuinely populist party which stands for 5 things:
    1 – support for the welfare state
    2 – opposition to mass immigration
    3 – rejection of foreign entanglements
    4 – skepticism about globalization
    5 – protection of the environment and the climate
    Regards. James

  4. They cannot have devised such a rollback : it is stupid, unless they too are being swept by the Trump syndrome. First of all, from a crony capitalist point of view, that doesn’t make sense : the best thing to keep the masses at bay is to conserve some meagre social programs necessary for the survival of quite a large group, and to be distributed by cronies in the framework of a mafia state, like Italy has always done since Roman times : you have to keep people dependent by any means. If they do let it happen howsoever nevertheless, they call upon themselves, not necessarily on the party but on themselves, their instant demise, for as I said if you invoke the fact the War on Poverty was on the wrong side of history, you must also accept Civil Rights, that stemmed from the very same influence, was on that very wrong side of History all the more. You have to reinstate race inequality based on the subservience of Blacks as natural-born slaves as it was as that nation was born. When you declare a movement towards human progress to have been wrong, there is no limit to the regressive movement you trigger, and it goes fast, it is like pitching back a soccer ball by opposing resistance, the regressive momentum knows no limit, it is quite often instant, it could go to the point of condemning all past popular rebellions, to the point of doing away the rabble-risen American republic in favour of the pre-Revolutionary regime of hereditary monarchy and nobility.
    It may be that some Jews have nothing against the grand return of racial prejudice Trump-style provided they are the new top, like in Israel. That seems to make much sense, since people tend to forget in America that the original white racism of anglo-saxon supremacy was philo-semite and put Jews at the theoretical top, the anglo-saxons owing their superiority to their status of lost tribes of Israel (many religious sects of the kind that were among the main founding factors of America), and the Whites being white in direct proportion to the proportion of original Jewish blood in their ancestry. That form of pro-Jewish White English racism antedated by far the antisemitic, Indo-Aryan fantasy that came to be made itself known in Central Europe and among the pro-German Whites in America up to Nazi times. But consider the fragile edifice of political correctness to be a kind of Maginot Line against the naturally impending danger of instant return to fascism. Once you openly deride the times when it was built as having borne only bad fruits, you make a dent into it, and one dent is sufficient to crumble it all. In the same way JFK and even Roosevelt from heroes are made into errors, you have to make Saint MLK back into a Beast, and that’s it, when you give way to regressive instincts their pour in like sea water into a broken dam. Actually the point when pro-White racism is to make a grand comeback is precisely what the racist Whites fear most, when they are no longer a numerical majority : White racists should actually rejoice when that day has come. Why? The truth is that ethnic groups that are not very White but not Blacks in the classical sense, the off-White as I cal them, tend to be first and foremost anti-Black racists without any remorse (the number of various ethnic groups at war with each other but agreeing upon the necessity to exclude Blacks first as subhumans is just incredible, that alone could make a unified world as dreamt by globalists workable, as it did in India from very ancient times onwards), and also tend to consider as superior an ideal type of White deity to be distinguished from the actual Whites living in the USA, but making them proud again of what they are nevertheless. The politically correct system of hypocrisy is forced by its own logic to accept more and more exotic religions with their whole racist or sexist agenda, that is the case with many brands of Islam. When the Whites proper are a minority, the White racists enjoy again a majority as for their public, the only real ones to find themselves suddenly in a despised minority’s position are the professional anti-racists and the Liberals among the White, and that includes first and foremost many Jews of secular type considered as traitors by more religious or neo-red-neck Jews so to speak, as is the case now in Bibi’s Israel where Trump, not Clinton is the favourite. Of course the Blacks find themselves in a very very bad situation as they have never experienced since long.
    There has already been an example of that situation : Quebec, where a very caricaturesque Frankfurt-style cultural marxist took over much of the francophone population in an adventure towards separation so as to build a new country as a radical feminist, pro-gay and race-mixing utopia, whereas the more traditional right-wing (and mafia-like) French Canadians, and who identify rather as Whites rather than as French-speaking, supported Canada and have won thanks to the will of Canada and of the US not to let such a state appear, to the support of immigrants in general that were just put off by the Quebec cultural leftist crowd as by degenerates. Expressing pro-white resentment and trampling upon all what used to be believed in in the sixties is now fashionable in Quebec : on one side you have a struggling and losing minority of French-speaking White hippies that are leading a rearguard combat centred around the cult of French language as a single issue symbolizing all other themes of political correctness, on the other side you have a triumphant alliance of various White open racists (Jewish, Italian, Greek, and anti-Quebec French Canadians defining their own group like the three former). The Maginot Line of political correctness has been locally turned round so to speak through a kind of neutral ground that proved to be pro-fascist in a passive way but pro-fascist nevertheless, that of off-white foreign cultures.
    The Democratic Party therefore must repent of having committed the error to succumb to the sirens of neoliberalism in the same way they repented of having been racist Dixiecrats for all too long spell of their own history, the Democratic Party must clearly say there is a limit to social regression and to the cult of corporations as deities, that the dismemberment of USSR in 1990 was not an event that positive but positive only in as much as it ended with a regime having grown corrupt but having otherwise helped human progress when it was less so, the Democratic Party must repent from having for a while abandoned the ethos of Johnson’s Grand Society however hypocritical it was, the Democratic Party must make back the workers and their hope for a better future the backbone of their platform, otherwise they are doomed and give way to a one party totalitarian system of the kind now led by Trump, where wackos and psychopaths alone are welcomed, a kind of alternate history where the Third Reich would have won and where enlightened people, even corporate establishment mandarins and experts, have to go underground and try to pass unnoticed, like the sexual perverts and deviants did among the ruling class (never say ruling elite in America) once did not so long ago for fear of being lynched, a kind of Mexican or Colombian drug-lord-led society this time posited as a national ideal and model for the world with a mystique and claiming of the Far West as well as of the times of Aryan Germanic invasions and Viking incursions having been the best of ancient times. Once you repent from having believed in human progress, the shock and the reverse momentum you cause is very swift and strong, it can even been instant.

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