Diagnosis for the Philippines: Toxic America Worship

Jason writes:

Jason Y: New Filipino president hates America and is even meaner than Hugo Chavez.

Glad to hear it.

Jason: The people there though, in general, still like America.

Too bad. They really need to quit doing this. Filipinos’ love for America is probably screwing them up more than anything else because as usual,
America loves the fact that the Philippines is a shithole and wants to keep it that way as long as possible. By worshipping America, Filipinos are essentially cheering for the fact that they live in a shithole and saying they never want to climb out.
Further, America would get very angry if the Philippines ever started to get their act together, which they have probably never done at any time in their history, though give them some credit in the War of Independence and World War 2.
Jose Rizal was a great man. Where is the Filipino Jose Rizal in 2016? He doesn’t exist. Pathetic. Few Filipinos these days have anywhere near his majestic decency.
They are too wrapped up in the moronic self-harming culture of America worship to even figure out why their country is so messed up. And Filipinos are worse than Americans at voting against their self-interest. Worse, Filipinos are even incapable of understanding what their self-interests even are (sound like Americans?) while Americans are sort of starting to get a clue to the disease they have, though we are choosing the wrong cure as usual. But if you want to get better, have have to first get a good diagnosis.
But Filipinos will never get anywhere until they start hating us like we deserve to be hated. That’s Step #1.

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30 thoughts on “Diagnosis for the Philippines: Toxic America Worship”

  1. Why would they hate America, when they can go to America or Saudi and make money? That’s the big imperalist trick. Give them hope. Also, they love the culture, but again, it might be dangerous to allow the culture to cause them to like the government.
    Yeah, I was there in the country and you had some people who hate America’s guts, always have something mean to say to US citizens, or, on the other hand, you have ass kissers who think their positive comments about America are winning brownie points with me.
    The third group just wants to make money from tourists. That’s the biggest group, the unidealistic.

    1. JASON Hakkan Chinese like our lovely posters and Mexicans (Spanish-Filipino Mestizos) run the Philippines choosing to keep pure Filipinos in wretched poverty.
      Why are we blaming America for some Chinese and Mexicans in the Philippines who keep the country in poverty?
      They are the ones choosing to keep “Indios” in poverty. Why should America be blamed for this.

    2. Philippines is so trivial and unimportant to the West (They were a colony of whites for so long under Spain and the U.S. that they imagine a national importance they do not have) I’m not sure why we should care at all.

  2. Sorry for double post. However, again the white nationalist explanation, as always, is the people have a low IQ. Therefore, they deserve the poverty as the fate of nature, much as the untouchables in India do.
    Anyways, I wonder what excuse EP-GAH or Sam will give for the Phillippines, but I’m sure it’s along those lines, or maybe they have some wierd Jewish conspiracy which has absolutely zero to do with anything.

  3. Filipinos can BLAME Hakkan Chinese and Mestizos from Spain for the poverty in the Philippines.
    Hakkan Chinese refuse to pay Filipinos a living wage and Spanish Filipinos on the regional/local political level and rent-seeking land-owning class simply do not care. So what?
    Americans have nothing to do with this?

    1. The Hakkan Chinese would be what is known as an elite class, and the US backs the elites in third world nations. Since the US backs the elites, then the US is somewhat to blame.

      1. However with the US gone, after Duetere insults them out, the Chinese become the new backers of the Filipino elite. See the hypocrisy?
        Well, at least we can say the Filipinos will still like US culture. Who cares about Chinese culture?

        1. “CREADER” points out that Filipinos economy is owned by Chinese-Filipinos (This is why nobody can make a living wage) and of course Spanish Filipinos “Hacienderos” are rent seekers who do not care about anyone anyhow.
          Therefore let the Chinese cope with the problem and then when Duterte is thrown out of power for being a merciless dictator we do not have to put him up in Hawaii like that moron Marcos and his shoe lady.

        2. Chinese-Filipinos can get money from China.
          CREADER pointed out that they are Lower IQ as a people which has been exploited by the Chinese anyhow.
          Screw them.

      2. Why should U.S. soldiers risk their lives in the Philippines for a bunch of Chinese Mestizos to buy shoes in Paris who are dumb low-IQ descendants of Fuji prostitutes (Imelda Marcos) or peasants or pirates (Marcos)?
        Oh, and CREADER THE BREEDER mentioned Chinese Muslims in the South.

  4. DUTERTE can pull his menial workers and mail-order brides out of the United States and they can work for the Chinese Hakka for 2$ a day in Shoe Mart…No white would give a single dead rat’s ass.
    Spanish landowners are the ones forcing poor Filipino Malays to squat on their land because they own everything.
    Americans can take their sex trips to Thailand or invest their money somewhere else.
    Little pockmarked beggars like him do not matter.
    Spanish Mestizos and Chinese are the reason the Philippines is such a basket case because they practice a “I’ve got mine and screw you” type of Capitalism which involves a system of corruption down to the Barangay Counselor.
    How is the United States responsible for this?
    Chinese own the economy of Philippines and they can own the country for all most American whites care.

  5. America would not want Philippines as “a colony”. Chinese-Filipinos with Beijing loyalties own everything and a few Spanish/Mexican families with dual passports who own the land the squatters get thrown off of.
    Let them fight China in a guerrilla war as all their money is going through Hakka Chinese back to China anyhow.
    Spanish Filipinos own the land and corrupt politics so let Spain deal with these pesky “Hacienderos” who are still after 500 years putting their money in Spanish banks.

  6. CREADER THE CHARMING HAKKA POSTER sums up the enduring fact that Philippines is run by a syndicate of Chinese Hakka kleptos and a few Mexican families left over from the Spanish Colonial days in Government/Media/Agri-Business.
    Some pockmarked hideous little freak has been elected who dislikes North Americans? Let him, we do not need his mail order brides or prostitutes or menial workers.
    Since Chinese Hakka shopkeepers and Spanish Half-breeds do not want to pay a decent wage to their employees it is not the problem of the U.S.

    1. As I was saying in my comment, he’s just picking one group of gangsters over another. Switching sides in a turf war. Giving the middle finger to one, thinking it’s making him a big man, only to be the bitch of the other group.

      1. CREADER THE CHARMING FUJI CHINESE has summed it up: America’s taxpayer is expected to prop up syndicates of Chinese Hakka moron peasants who spill out of Amoy because they are incapable of running a country.
        Hakka will lie and cannot be trusted with money which is why Philippines, Indonesia and China’s own government is corrupted/ineffectual. They live off what they can steal because that is the nature of Fuji province and in their DNA.

  7. Who pray tell would the President seek out as an ally. Not the Chinese. Spanish left the Philippines more than 100 years ago.
    Australian quite wisely want nothing to do with Asians who regard them as white trash anyhow.
    I’m not sure what value he would be to the Americans.

  8. Philippines is run by a Syndicate of Fuji Hakka cutthroats and peasants and prostitutes and the President is an ugly policeman who brags of booze and Viagra binges.
    If they want no imperial commitment from the U.S. then that is fine. Like Ukraine, it makes very little difference to anybody who does not happen to have a mail-order bride.

  9. CREADER is correct that Filipinos generally have low IQ’s which is why Chinese run the place.
    Crystal meth cartels, prostitution of the low-level sort, minor street gang activity in Southern California, remissions from menial workers.
    Filipinos add little to the North American cultural mosaic…except an inability to eat with knife.

  10. Worship of the U.S. (except for its foreign policy, which is hated with a passion by nearly all non-Americans) is endemic through the entire turd world, the exception may be Muslim countries. At least half of all turd worlders would do anything for a chance to migrate to the U.S.
    Turd worlders are always trying to replace their own culture by a xerox copy of American culture, their inferiority complex towards Americans is so off the charts it can only be described as a mental illness.

    1. ULTRA COOL Alas, nobody from Sweden or Italy is attracted to Minnesota or New Jersey anymore. Scots would no more immigrate to Appalachia than jump in the Thames river.

  11. I think the first step for the Filipinos is to stop calling themselves Filipinos. To me, Filipino means King Philip’s pet. I would rename the Philippines to something that ill inspire pride and nationalism. Like Rizalia.

    1. brain
      To some degree the Spanish mestizos still have a great degree of power in the Philippines, though.
      The Chinese-Filipinos have stolen some of it as they rose in the ranks as merchants but the Filipino high society is Spanish-speaking and Mestizo.

      1. I see little hope for the Filipinos. I have more hope for the Indonesians than the Flips. It is a pretty messed up culture that will not see any light at the end of the tunnel unlss they start to reinvent their culture from the ground up. Catholicism is another problem. Just like South Americans, the Mestizo elites will continue to rule while opportunists like the Chinese entrepreneurs will continue to fill in the gap. It is only natural.
        A friend of a friend of mine saw the opportunity to start a motorcycle distributorship in Bangladesh because the existing supply chain was really inefficient. The cost of this inefficiency is passed down to the consumers. Being a poor country, motorcycles or scooters are the preferred mode of transportation. This guy is a Hong Kong Chinese. Invested about 300k USD, started from the ground up, worked really hard and now is doing very well importing scooters from China. Made even more money financing the purchases. Just like the Chinese Filipinos, he saw inefficiencies and took advantage of them. The Filipinos being in their home country have the advantage over the Chinese and should technically be able to do better. This story is being repeated countlessly all over SEA, South Asia and Africa. Westerners and North East Asians filling the inefficiency gaps.
        India being somewhat of a protectionist country, is trying its best to cover its inefficiencies but sooner or later the dam will break.

        1. BRAIN DAMAGE
          I got my ass kicked in Bangladesh for a watch in fact. I am a civilian worker, not an NGO, and I actually quit. My ass was kicked in the street in front of children and everyone else.
          There was a load of people watching my ass being kicked. It was funny. One mugger took his belt off and hit me as I was down.
          Its a real shit hole.

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