Death to America? Sure, Why Not?

I am one of the worst America haters you will ever meet. I am a very happy person. I am not miserable at all. I go on living my life and just say the Hell with the country and assume it’s hopeless anyway. I really hate this country. I hate the government of course, but the government is put in by the people, who know exactly what the Hell they are doing. You can’t hate a government without hating the people who put it there.
This is actually rather painful to me as America is a part of me like my arm or my leg is. Hating my country is almost like hating my own body. It’s hard to take. I would much rather love my country, but how can you? That would be like loving a serial killer. How could I do that? I couldn’t do it if I tried.
Death to the US elites? When do we start? Some people need killing.
Increasingly our elite is even going against what the people themselves want. I am starting to really hate the US elite. Elites everywhere suck balls to the max because that’s all they can ever do in time and space generally. Elites suck because they are human. When a human turns into an elite, he automatically starts to suck if he didn’t suck already.
Our elites are true scum. I haven’t felt this much hate for them in a long time. What is really starting to make me mad is that now the people are starting to catch on to their crap, and they don’t care. They are just blazing right ahead with their elite project, and the Hell with what all of us think. Sheer, utter contempt for the population. What vile people.
Death to America? Good idea. I would love to say it’s too soon to tell, but I will die before then. Anyway it’s been looking pretty self-inflicted for some time now.
Death to the American government? That’s a thousand times more true than the first statement. The US government has sucked balls forever. Even when they get it right on domestic policy (Andrew Jackson, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, LBJ, and even Nixon), the foreign policy has always been horrific, even before 1900 when US foreign policy was US-internal for all intents and purposes.
Death to the American people? I have always felt this way, but it seems we are finally starting to act sensibly for the first time in many years. Its been ages since I felt any love for the American populace, but in the last year or so, I have felt those faint stirrings in my heart once again. God bless. I am even starting to think that the American people are sort of ok.
But the fact that 40-45% are perfectly willing to elect an incompetent, terrifying, psycho maniac as US President once again makes me think that people who say Americans suck have a good point. No decent people anywhere would come close to electing such a nightmarish nutcase. So maybe half the people are ok, and the other half ought to be taken out and shot, but it’s been that way since the early 90’s.
Bottom line is we have been a ferociously reactionary people for most of our history. What’s to love? Read Dickens and De Toqueville about how much we blew, and that was over 150 years ago. Sucking is in our blood.
Under George Bush, another shameful face of collective America not far off in memory, polls regularly showed that very high numbers of people hated the US and by extension its people. And who could blame them? Bush was the face of America. Sure, he stole the 2000 election (and the press knew that full well and refused to report it) and was sworn in by the most corrupt Supreme Court finding since Dred Scott. And he stole the 2004 election out and out with hacked voting machines but the press was again too corrupt to find out.
But still any decent people should have caught onto this and filled the streets until he left office head in hands.
Lousy people make lousy countries.

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0 thoughts on “Death to America? Sure, Why Not?”

  1. Americans suck because they’re racist, but the alt-left is too soft on racism, giving it a pass way too much. Racism for most of it’s history has served a role in justifying the American status-quo.
    Nowadays, at least where I live, you cannot boldly go out against racism, not even in this day in age. Just try it on social media sometime. I did mention people were giving me a rough time at the community college. It was fallout from Facebook.

    1. Now I admit I sometimes said some dumb kind of pussy things, but really the main root of the hate is just pure racism. It’s not going against the cool crowd, The people here are evil. I’m telling you.

    2. It’s just my wing and Rabbit’s wing who are the Racist Alt Left, lol. We are sort of the left wing the Alt Right.
      Actually there is a whole other faction now that is pretty much neutral on race. They believe in race realism to some extent, but they just don’t want to talk about it.
      So the majority of the Alt Left now is pretty neutral on race.

      1. Talking about race realism alienates too many people. For instance, no offense, but you might say your cool with Latin Americans struggling with oppression. However, once they find out your into race realism, they won’t be cool with you, not by a long shot.
        People just don’t get it, especially the NAMS (blacks, browns, southeast Asians, maybe some Northeast Asians). The talk about race realism causes mass misunderstanding and will cause people to hate you, that you really want on your side.

        1. I am going to go ahead and keep race realism as one of the values in my Alt Left wing. I don’t care if people don’t like it or it alienates them or it makes people hate me. Lots of people already hate me as it is.

  2. If you really hated america as much as you say you do, you would be in favour of serial killers who obviously just do something about all the problematic people that vote in idiot presidents like George bush (,they kill them.) You prefer to have a blog about all these idiots and prefer to whine about these idiots who vote for more idiots but there is actually a special breed of people who don’t just sit on their lazy ass. They do something about it! They kill people.

        1. Well you deserve to be mocked. That wouldn’t be remotely efficient, because the people you’re talking about would be in the millions.

          Considering a person’s given luck, all they could accomplish would be statistically insignificant.
          Now, if you mean killing people for political reasons then your best options would to form a group, but then that would become terrorism and not just “serial killing”.
          And any type of likely success would either
          A. Assuming that no one is going to actually respond to it.
          B. require assistance from an outside force.

        2. Phil, Money is not everything. It has never helped me in any way. It certainly can’t buy love. So you can keep your millions. I’ll continue supporting the good work serial killers do in my own country THAT IM PROUD OF.

        3. Where the hell did I mention money? What I’m talking about is exactly how efficient would serial killing be compared to, you know, actually effective forms of “action”.
          What it appears to me is that me simply poking holes in your logic, if you can really call it “logic”, you associate me with your political opposite regardless of the evidence to suggest my affiliation (or lack thereof).
          “And you deserved to be killed Phil. I can feel it in the air tonight.”
          Ooooohhh….you should write a novel, King has nothing on you.

  3. Please don’t use the word “elites” to denote America’s ruling class. America is a rogue state, and a rogue state has no elite (an elite needs a culture to exist, and a will to shine otherwise than by intimidation) of whatever kind, it is ruled by a milieu (a French word denoting the underworld as a somewhat socially respectable community capable of both thuggery and diplomacy). Please use the word milieu if you love fancy French words, otherwise stick to plain anglo-saxon words such as gangs, underworld…
    Please don’t use the word “oligarchy”. In an oligarchy, the ruling few as the name indicates are all known individually (generally a team of about 50-100) and the common people are quite happy to identify them as their rulers (though they may object many of their policies) in the same way the common people are generally happy to have a monarch in most monarchies. Sparta was a genuine oligarchy, that used some forms of democracy (without free discussion) to ascertain its legitimacy from time to time. In a wider sense Britain is also an oligarchy if you consider the Royals and big aristocrats and genuine elite families (like the Huxleys) all Englishmen consider as their beloved institutions in person. In America the ruling few are secretive but quite numerous in absolute numbers though minute in percentage. What is at hand is a mob, the regime should be called an ochlocracy, government by the mob, by the worst, in the criminal sense of the word, and applauded and voted in by the mob in the popular, riotous, most uncultured sense of the word.
    It is a country proud to be criminal, and traditionally identifying with the most criminal episodes of its history, like the Western frontier days and their cowboys they extoll as moral models far above intellectuals and inventors America used to have at that same time, as if the latter were somewhat more shameful. The equivalent for Italy would be glorifying the heydays of Black Shirts and also of Sicilian Mafia as the fountainheads of positive heroes and role models.
    Never use the word democracy about any period of history in America (though in classical Athens it did mean the rule by a privileged community, the demos, too big to be called an oligarchy but having values most opposite to the common people’s and contempt-full of humanity at large at a degree unequalled by the French nobility of yore ; the word demos was to mean general citizenry only later on in Roman times), it is not compatible with America as a civilization. In order to have democracy in the common sense of the word as an ideal (not necessarily as a concrete realization) you need a forum of discussion, a public agora, you need a people who love some sort of political discussions where the fate of the world as well as of the community is discussed : that has always been considered as most sinful a pleasure in America, it used to be classified with decadent art and pornography before pornography was praised as a commercial venue. The very pleasure you indulge in writing this site makes you most un-American. You are supposed as an American to discuss politics only if your personal fortunes are at hand, you are supposed to discuss about it like you discuss economics when sitting at a company’s board. You are supposed to discuss politics only from the point of view of efficiency, never of values. Values are private and to be left to churches only, your purpose as a citizen is to work, not to discuss, not to understand. Hitler (together with many other authoritarian personalities, including in the religious world) stood for the same thing and he extolled America as both a racist country where he got inspiration from, and a country unblemished by the decadent European spirit if free discussion. You are supposed to be too busy seeking power or enjoying it if you happen to have made it to discuss politics in the Aristotelian sense. Anyway, most Americans are proud to explain to you that America was founded as a Republic, not a democracy.
    Don’t use the word people to denote the people living in America. America is not a people, it is a market and a corporation, the people there are there for economic interest reasons.

    1. As Judith posted, the business of America IS BUSINESS, but our political system has been overrun by letting idiots vote. From the most disgusting NAM that even YOU wouldn’t excuse the behavior of, to the most profitable businessman, to illegals and dead people, all votes are equal.
      Why should the NAMS, illegals, and undead get a vote at all? As was proven in the Turkey page, you can’t assimilate them, they’ll always wish death on the hosts they mooch from, so why let your enemies get even partial control in your country.
      TLDR: Never let your enemy vote in your country.
      Our Founding Fathers left us a country with limits on voting explicitly to avoid Ochlocracy! What happened to those limits?

      1. So what ep-gah? What does that statement have to do with the US failure in the middle east, and the resulting immigration which the right wing and the alt. right are always bitching about?

        1. The failure was just the failure to kill enough terrorists. If you’re a Conspiracy Theorist, maybe they stretched out the war for Fun&Profit?
          If we killed them, they would AVOID us instead of INVADING us.
          And again, they’re not IMMIGRATING, they’re INVADING! They’re not assimilating to their betters, they’re trying to force the same shit that made their countries worth failing onto their betters, in their betters’ countries!
          Even when they assimilate, as in the page about Turkey, they want their betters to “disappear”, AKA die. That’s not immigration, that’s invasion.
          Also, how did our “failure” in the Middle East result in Mexico’s shit dumping on us, and now Mexico dumping terrorists on us?

        2. PS, if we had killed enough of them, they wouldn’t have enough left TO invade us with. Shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out right?

  4. My congratulations for being so frank and precise!
    I’d like to do the same here in Brazil under a coup d’etat.
    Best regards.

    1. Yep. People think I am miserable, but actually I am very happy. I actually love being an America-hater. I mostly hate the elites, the media and the government though. I used to hate the people, but now I am starting to think they are halfway ok at least. But the very notion that Americans might elect Trump really makes me wonder if the American people are ok after all. I mean what decent population would ever elect such a psycho maniac. A population of psycho maniacs would, that’s who.

      1. Most Trump supporters Iv’e seen are alt-right or “in the closet” alt right. Even mainstream Republicans like Bush, and look at all the Hitler names he was called, don’t like him the least bit.

        1. Among conservatives, some, even though elite supporting scum, are quasi-normal decent human beings who naively think they are doing good for all humanity. However, others have always been alt-right or borderline alt-right, or in the closet. These people have never had a candidate until Trump, before they probably supported Republicans as a lesser of two evils.

    1. How is the foreign policy “Just Evil”? Don’t steal from us, don’t steal from our allies.
      That sounds more like the absence of evil, don’t you think?

      1. Possibly as Trash noted, the US goes in with noble motives with the so called “savages”. However, they fuck things up, then you see the massive immigration thing into Europe which Ep-gah and other WNs, Republicans etc.. will complain about.

        1. OK, let’s hear more details. MOST IMPORTANTLY: What country has NOT “fucked things up”™ in their dealing with the savages?
          What country does not DESERVE to be invaded by savages?
          And are they getting invaded anyways?

        2. Broken homes, pill-billies in the rural gas stations and gangsters pushing crack on garbage-strewn streets, families trying to live on $8.25 an hour, Scarface Banana Republic violence on the Southern border, pockets of sophistication and culture on tiny slivers of the US West and East Coast…oh yes, I am sure that the average person in Turkey or China is just dying to have such a lifestyle brought to them.
          Nobody is impressed in other countries and they have bad memories of earlier whites showing up.

        3. And yet, we still have MILLIONS of NAMS telling us that if we make certain concessions, they’ll stay in our better country. Why don’t we tell them to let the door hit them on the way out, and return to the countries they’ve already fucked up?
          And you have a funny idea of sophistication and culture, if you count coastal SJWs. And on the West Coast? Mexicans have already terraformed most of California into Mexico II, don’t you think? If not, why not?
          As to the rest of your claims, who MADE the broken homes, who MADE the streets garbage-strewn? (Admittedly, America doesn’t have corporal punishments for littering like a lot of NAM countries do. They have lower Standard of Living, but BY GOD, their streets are trash-free, right?)

        4. When they have bad memories of earlier whites showing up, do they bitch about it on the Internet, which was brought to them by whites, or do they go to the hospital and take advantage of white tech to save their lives from their own bad habits?
          Where do their “bad memories of earlier whites showing up” come from exactly? I think they have a lot to thank whites for, if they weren’t so busy using our inventions to bitch about them!

        5. Yeah good point TRASH, the white have really FUCKED UP things in regards to NAMS whom they’ve been sort of given parental authority over.
          What these WNs don’t see is that whites also have selfish motives, hence they don’t really give thier all to help out NAMS, even though conservatives claim they do.

        6. My comment also belongs in this semi-thread:

          So what ep-gah? What does that statement have to do with the US failure in the middle east, and the resulting immigration which the right wing and the alt. right are always bitching about?

        7. Except NAMs KILL their white parents.
          Usually, the parent/child relationship eschews homicide.
          I’m still waiting for details: How did whites fuck things up, or are the savages just ungrateful? We made things better, and got basically a large-scale Menendez-ing for trying to force them to take tennis lessons?

  5. Phil
    Didn’t I just tell you to shut up?
    look at what you made me do. I’m angry now on a public website, using my real name.
    Just Shut up OK?

    1. Well actually no, you didn’t tell me to shut up. You ominously responded to me both distorting my point to you in a delusionally defensive nature and saying that I should be killed.
      What? You’re blaming ME for something YOU choose to type? Don’t blame me for you not knowing how to control your emotions or going around commenting with your real name.
      This wasn’t the first time though this happened so I’ll go, I’ve seen enough from you.

  6. “But the fact that 40-45% are perfectly willing to elect an incompetent, terrifying, psycho maniac as US President…” I know right? And then there’ are all those Trump supporters…

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