America As a Wealthy Version of a Banana Republic

Lousy people create lousy countries. We don’t even have a democracy anymore. We have a Latin American style oligarchy with a Latin American style corrupt press that speaks with a single voice. We even have Latin American style corrupt courts all the way up the highest court in the land.
The Legislative branch is as corrupt as any Latin American Congress as 90% are directly on the take and bribing politicians is for all intents and purposes legal thanks to another corrupt Supreme Court act.The Legislative branch has spent most of its time lately dissolving the state (shutting down the government), resembling a typical do-nothing minimal Latin American state in the process. And it attempted an electoral coup with a Latin American style fake impeachment attempt on a sitting president.
The Executive Branch is truly scary like a Latin American dictatorship that just dissolved Congress like they always do, having decided that Congress is no longer needed to declare war, I mean any war anywhere.
George Bush’s caudillo-style signing statements were one of the worst abuses of power the nation has ever seen. The government spent most of its time using the state to target and smear opponents, Latin American-style.
We have state governments who used corruption to redraw electoral maps in the spirit of utter contempt for democracy. The same states spend most of their time trying to prevent people from voting. Sort of like Latin America where armed troops stand outside the polling places and watch you vote. Who ya gonna vote for?
Now one of the political parties is apparently openly fascist in the style of a typical Latin American rightwing party. The other political p0arty of the so-called left is absolutely useless to lift a finger against the oligarchs, or worse, they are the oligarchs, once again in the style of Latin American Christian Democrats (Duarte) and social democrats (APRA, AD, PRI) who are anything but.
And now we have an open fascist running from President while a complaint press cheers. His opponent is an Accion Democratica-style fake left cipher. As usual, there’s no one to vote for. There’s violence in the streets and at the rallies. Politicians are making open violent threats against the opposition. Demonstrations turn into free for all’s between gangs of the hard Left and Right.
And I’m sitting here thinking, “Ok so when do the death squads start? The political assassinations? The cardboard shack slums tumbling down the hills for miles on end?”
I’m thinking I must be in the wrong hemisphere. Banana republic, here we come.

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7 thoughts on “America As a Wealthy Version of a Banana Republic”

  1. It depends on how much money you have, if your making 100,000 or 200,000 a year, especially from a job you earned via education, rather than inherited, then you’d have a strong reason to feel “entitled” to the American way. Also, I’m sure those who inherited wealth have some twisted justification for their wealthy, normally via some HBD explanation of NAM and poor white backwardness.

    1. Hey, aren’t YOU the one who constantly talks about poor whites as backward, and sometimes even calls them worse than NAMS?

  2. Basically, the rich in the US, the ones who didn’t earn the cash via an ethical high pay job, think they are a type of royalty. See, that’s what all eltie classes everywhere think. They believe in the “Divine Right of Kings” from way back since Ancient Rome.
    However, nowadays they have more scientific reasons to justify thier tyranny, usually using HBD theories. That’s why the alt left’s mild obsession with HBD doesn’t benefit the working class. It’s only giving power to the enemy. It’s like having a Tokyo Rose brodcast during World War II demoralizing the US troops.
    Finally, the ones who have earned wealth via educaiton, acutally, also think they are royalty, and thier problem is worse than the other ones. It’s because they believe they earned it, say being a doctor or lawyer, which gives them this almost devilish pride that difficult to bring down.

    1. America has millions of lawyers. Almost anyone with a brain can pass the bar. I’m not sure that makes you part of the 1%.
      Doctors? Sure, they make $100,000 per year. That is good money but Paris Hilton spends that much in a week.

    2. You keep saying over and over that the Alt Left has some fascination with HBD. Actually that is not true. Only a couple of wings are like that, and though those were the founding wings, they have now been taken over by some new groups who don’t really want to discuss HBD much at all, although some are willing to discuss it. But their official policy statements say “We don’t care to discuss HBD stuff.” This is now the dominant wing, the race-neutral wing.
      You really need to clarify this in your posts.

  3. Sad thing is, a coming together of Nationalists (Who need to Socialize Economy to Gain Power) & Socialists (Who Need to use a Nation-State to push International Issues) usually results in a quasi-dictatorship.
    Basically a stifiling of innovation under nationalist guise ala China?

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