Empathy and IQ: Some Misconceptions

There is a common notion by some elitist commenters on this site that the more intelligent people are, the less they care about those who are poorer, lower class or less fortunate than they are. This would suggest that higher IQ people fit the stereotype of vicious and uncaring elites = the 1%. But the truth is so much more complicated.
Actually, the most humanistic, empathetic and humanitarian societies are run by high IQ peoples like Whites and Northeast Asians.  As you descend the IQ scale, you notice that people just can’t seem to do socialism well. One thing that I have noticed is that as IQ lowers, people are less and less likely to want to share resources with their neighbor. You see more and more, “Everything for me and nothing for anyone else.” You see zero sum game politics, tribalism, casteism and all sorts of bullshit.
I have concluded that in order to even have the conception that one ought to share with others, one needs a fairly high IQ. This is because the basic typical human tendency is a tribal “everything for me/us and nothing for anyone else.” That’s how dumb people think because that is a base, barbaric animalistic way of thinking.
Even to contemplate that resources should be shared with one’s neighbor seems to require a higher IQ. We see this also in crime rates. Crime rates are a good proxy for empathy. As IQ declines, crime rates rise, often by a lot. As crime rates correlate with empathy, falling IQ leads to lower empathy. As IQ rises, crime rates fall. Since crime rates correlate with empathy, rising IQ leads to higher empathy.
If this is true, we should also see corruption decline with rising IQ and rise or even skyrocket with falling IQ. And indeed this is what we find. Therefore, corruption = crime rate = empathy rating, all three correlate with IQ. As IQ rises, all of these things will fall, and as IQ falls, all of these things will tend to rise.

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44 thoughts on “Empathy and IQ: Some Misconceptions”

  1. Iv’e seen some non-empathetic people at my university. They study engineering but have the same morality as your typical KKK person. Just bunch of alpha male smart-asses in my opinion.

    1. You can’t force others to change, you can’t force them to take responsibility for for another persons emotions or actions. You can’t manage other peoples perception of you.
      Having a healthy sense of racial or cultural identity by recognizing differences between races or cultures and acting to preserve that sense has nothing to do with morality. Low IQ individuals will take unwarranted responsibility for the civic and philosophical heights some of their ancestors achieved. They will blame other races for their spiritual lethargy and their unwillingness to dedicate themselves to cultivating their mind, body, and soul.
      Other low IQ individuals will try to make entire races or cultures responsible for the wrongs some of their ancestors committed and demand reparations in the form of money or policy. They will gaslight and emotionally manipulate the weaker minds and hearts, to instill guilt or passion in the youth or those who had a stunted psychic development (both categories are psychically underdeveloped, susceptible to suggestion, malleable, and lacking integrity).
      There are high IQ individuals who are sociopathic and calculating. They know how to play impressionable against each other, they are just pawns in a game to them. That’s the real conspiracy. They fund things like feminism, multiculturalism, and globalism. They prey on a weak morality, a superficial morality. They advocate altruism above philanthropy. They advocate humanism above supernaturalism. They advocate codependency above individuation. They advocate the state above the family. They know what they’re doing.
      You are among the used. You can’t change it, you can’t change the world. The conspiracy is too big for you to handle, it’s set against you in ways you don’t understand. There is another conspiracy above it, a bigger one. It conspires to help you, to save you from the web that has been woven over the world, the web you are stuck in, and struggle against. This pronoia is a metaphysical, prophetic, and lawful immune response to the pathogen that plagues the world. This pronoia can only protect you if you let it in your heart. You have a dry seed inside of your heart, that seed contains what will save you. The tree that grows from that seed will suffocate the alien tree that has cast shade on your soul and grips the world. There is only one thing that can make that salvific tree sprout, it is an act of faith and vigilant dedication that brings the water. This is beyond IQ, culture, and physical race. Time is short, the water was given to the world 2000 years ago. Next will be fire.

  2. While what Robert says is true, concerning the populous they don’t seem quite that empathetic.
    I believe this can be boiled down to clannishness. While overall correlating negatively with IQ, it’s possible to coexist with a high IQ.
    Empathy, I believe, develops through selection where at phase one monogamy is selected to building stronger bonds within families and develop less aggression. at Phase two, different immediate families breed together which leads to Outbreeding, increasing altruism.
    In the context of low IQ, it’s basically selfishness and impulsiveness that develops from an environment where living conditions aren’t that brain dependent and basic resources are abundant. this would develop through a polygamous for of breeding.
    I’m not sure what happened with NE Asians, but overall clannish feelings seem to persist.
    Possibly it could be due to a difference in HOW high IQ with social cooperation developed. While the exact mechanics I’m unsure of (HBDchick’s blog may tell me some clues) The effects seems to be a sort of alternative or incomplete version of the “european” version we typically associate with were you have high IQ benefits to use resources and cooperate efficiently but just that threshold.
    It could be VERBAL at issue, because typically I think as introverts they would reserve emotions, thus not really doing much social selection for ways to deal with them through expression on a regular basis.

    1. I should elaborate regarding introversion and Verbal IQ.
      Verbal IQ I believe basically determines how incline they are to express emotion outwardly, while extroversion vs. introversion determines how often and how carefully the project it.
      While likely careful in how they do it, lower verbal likely contributes of how much they tend to express it. So this could be traced back to how their development/selection for IQ differs from other high IQ groups.
      With Blacks on the other hand there Verbal, compared to there overall average, is higher thus express themselves more but extroversion makes them express it less carefully to a disjointed level. Extroversion to a moderate amount wouldn’t, but in terms of relative distribution they have a heavier frequency of when it reaches more pathological levels (not always).

  3. Have to side with Phil here. To say empathy correlates with IQ is obviously wrong, as we see so many racist, and otherwise mean people who have a high IQ. Therefore, the racist stuff etc.. mostly is coming from the culture, a desire to be clannish, a desire to be “one of the boys”.

      1. Depends on the person. Some obnoxious punks can also be smart. Wasn’t it on the movie “Good Will Hunting” where Robin Williams tells the kid that despite his high IQ, he just didn’t get it, he just didn’t have the wisdom of someone who has experienced life?

    1. It’s not true. The highest IQ countries have the lowest corruption and the lowest crime rates. Higher empathy would lead to less corruption and lower crime rates. Lower empathy would clearly lead to higher crime rates and more corruption. And we see that as IQ declines, crime rates and corruption levels go up. So obviously empathy is correlated with IQ.
      Further the only countries that seem to have been able to share things at all with each other are high IQ countries with Whites and Asians. We see that lower IQ countries generally cannot share things very well. You see a lot more zero sum game, everything for me and mine and nothing for anybody else type thinking.
      If empathy is not related to IQ, then why do higher IQ people lower crime rates and why are they less corrupt?

      1. That’ s interesting, but what is considered empathy? Calling black people niggers and liberals nigger lovers seems to be the past-time of not only the dumb, but also a large number of fairly high IQ people, yet in the past, such high IQ people did keep society running smoothly. But they weren’t very nice people, at least in modern egalitarian terms. Thier sense of doing things could be considered highly immoral and cruel.

        1. Which parts of the US are the most militantly antiracist? The cities with the most Whites. The more Whites in a city, the more antiracist it is, the lower the crime rate and the less corruption. Also IQ is correlated with liberalism. As IQ rises, people become more liberal. Liberals are more antiracist. So as IQ rises, Americans at least become more antiracist. As IQ declines people get more conservative. Conservatism is associated with racism. So as IQ declines, people become more racist.
          And in the US, Whites have the lowest levels of racism and Blacks and Hispanics are quite racist. Whites have higher IQ’s than Blacks and Hispanics.
          The human norm is to be a racist, tribalistic asshole. I think it takes a certain IQ level to overcome basic human programming and get beyond that stuff. Lower IQ people can’t seem to get beyond their basic human programming. That’s what it seems like anyway.

        2. It’s a little more complex than that. Where I live a large number of racist dicks, so to speak, are around about, and a lot of them are even really smart, engineering majors, computer majors.
          True that for the most part, some white areas are anti-racist, even in Tennessee, but some areas are militantly racist, and the militant racists will go to non-racist areas to harass if they’re made angry enough.

        3. The human norm is to be a racist, tribalistic asshole. I think it takes a certain IQ level to overcome basic human programming and get beyond that stuff. Lower IQ people can’t seem to get beyond their basic human programming. That’s what it seems like anyway.

          That’s normally the case, but Iv’e seen too many people that I know are smart, who are racist assholes. A lot of their thinking came from their peers and upbringing.
          Possibly exposure to other cultures is a problem. Take when I went to Korea and then I come home and get mocked as a chink lover by some kids, whom I know aren’t retarded. They’re just average boys, and the parents are just the same. These people here, a lot of them, are just bigoted creeps, and it has nothing to do with IQ.

      2. You have a point Robert, in regards to government a society in general, but I mean in terms of standard social “empathetic”.
        Basically I think it has to do with Verbal IQ differences, and introversion/extroversion differences.
        As you said yourself, they are a “collectivist” people. They would have a form of empathy, but it would be limited to certain areas, on of which would be matters concerning the people.
        More individualist types, while having looser connections, then to have a wider extension of empathy.
        Overall, it’s not so much the presence of empathy but how it is expressed.

        1. Robert is saying low IQ = tribalistic asshole, however, actually the low IQ can become less racist when money is involved. For instance, if your a black tourist, in say, the Phillippines, a place full of anti-black racists, then you could gain more respect than what is usual for a black man.

        2. Jason does not seem to understand the meaning of the words:
          Scatter plot
          Gray area
          He also seems to believe that “the exception disproves the rule.” However, this is not true at all. Exceptions do not disprove rules at all, and they never do in the case of averages. In fact, there is even a saying, “The exception proves the rule.”
          Jason thinks that because he met some high IQ racists, that this disproves that Whites get less racist as IQ rises. But they do, on average, of course. People get more liberal as IQ rises on average. Liberals tend to have lower racism. Therefore, as IQ rises, there is a tendency towards greater liberalism and less racism.
          I have a very hard time understanding how Jason disputes this, other than throwing up the odd exceptions like he always does.
          Jason you really think that some exceptions disproves careful studies showing average tendencies among groups? I guess Jason does not understand what the word average means.

        3. OK Robert has a point I understand averages, it just seems like the meanest people are the majority, because they are so mean, they drive you up the wall.
          I think that’s a big problem in race in America. Say some black guy goes to a white area, some rednecks hassle him, so he stereotypes all rural whites as KKK. Likewise, some redneck is hassled by a few ghetto NAMS, so he stereotypes all NAMS as “white hating, criminal savages”.

        4. Sorry for double post. Note, it only takes a couple of really mean NAMS, rednecks, homophobes, whoever, to make a place hell for someone. That’s how these people terrorize an area, and cause the people they torment to begin to think, “This whole place is FULL of racists and/or hoodlums.” etc…

        5. HBD dictates;
          “Social liberals are smart”
          “but social liberals are wrong”
          it’s counter intuitive.
          “racialists are dumb”
          “but racialists are right”
          Both the Alt-Right and the Cultural Left take only the second and first halves of those two statements, and leave out the parts that they don’t like.

      3. You need to define crime. The definition you are using seems to be simple stealing, but those that do the most damage to others they have no empathy for, are those with graduate degrees from harvard. George W had a false war that killed millions, nixon started his war on drugs to specifically arrest and keep from voting groups he was certain was hurting his re-election bid. Bernie Madox destroyed life savings of many. Hitler killed 50 million people, etc etc etc……

    2. Not true. The only countries that have made much progress at all in antiracism are the White Western countries. The White Western countries have less racism and more antiracism than anywhere else on Earth. And fi you look around at lower IQ countries, they are often insanely racist, way worse than Western Whites.
      In fact, Hispanics and Blacks are far more racist than Whites, and in fact they have lower IQ’s. Sometimes I think it takes a higher IQ to be antiracist at all. The human norm tendency seems to be racism and tribalism. Only smarter people seem to be able to get beyond this.

      1. Nah, sorry got to disagree to some degree here. Iv’e seen too many engineering and computer majors who are racist, but normally they’re racists of the pussy variety. They will never directly confront an anti-racist.

        1. Jason,
          1.Understand correlation
          2. I’m pretty sure that it’s mainly those with a decent verbal IQ that don’t become racist as opposed to mathematical types.
          3. Exactly what location were these “racist majors” because that will likely influence it as well.

        2. Maybe your correct. Of course, I’m speaking of math and computer majors in the south, and of course, even in the south, humanities majors etc.. might be less racist because the humanities departments are typically left-wing. However, those going into humanities to begin with might be more sensitive types.

      2. ROBERT
        Hispanics are such a mixed-race themselves, though. Indian with a Spanish/Arab/Sephardic Jewish admixture as well as some African.
        Who can they be racist towards? Whites? Well some of their ancestors were whites.
        Blacks? Well, I suppose most Mexicans have no African ancestry.

        1. To Trash,
          from what I read from other’s experiences Hispanics, while not as bad as blacks, tend to get into thw white guilt/ criminal forms of clannishness.
          Also keep in mind, not all “whites” were viewed the same. The “white” people typically mean historically are Anglo Saxons.
          Anything not Northern was scene as different, the exception being the assimilated.

        2. Hispanics care nothing about Whites.
          Hispanics are crazy racist against Blacks, way worse than Whites. WAY worse.
          And in Latin America, Hispanics are crazy racist against Indians. Whites in the US and Canada treat Amerindians far better than Hispanics do.

      3. ROBERT I agree and Judea-Christian values emphasize a suppression of baser impulses while NAM groups simply give in to these impulsiveness.

  4. Mathematical types do not seem that intelligent in daily life. When I hear about how having an absurdly high IQ with great math skills determines your fate I am not so sure.
    Lawyers, screenwriters, novelists, producers, sales people, con artists, deal makers all make more money than a math teacher.

    1. True, but lawyers etc… have waiting lists for employment, but they need math teachers, and also higher paying math stuff like engineering or data science.
      The game of being a sales person requires start up capital for even a skilled one to come out on top, and the same with con-artists. Stuff like an MBA will not get you anywhere cause now you have to pay more for a better school, cause MBAs from your average university don’t mean anything nowadays.

      1. Sorry for double post
        Typical blue collar occupations require massive start-up capital because the local auto shop has already hired enough competent staff and you cannot get enough advertising to make your own shop with start-up capital. Also, if you wanted to teach ESL overseas, then many jobs are open, but the pay is only 24,000 a year plus free room and board, the schools are corrupt and disorganized, and therefore it’s difficult to survive at most of them (and they have a strong bias against American people).
        McDonalds is always hiring, but the pay is so low that a single person can only barely survive.

        1. Sorry for triple post, but in the end you have to be incredibly talented and you have to know people who recognize that who can pull strings.
          Otherwise, you would have to maybe dig ditches for a year or two to raise about 10 or 20 thousand in start-up capital to be able to out-do competition in certain industries by simply bombing the population with advertising. However, certain medical fields and math, science professions exist where competition exists at university or trade school, so once your out there IS NO competition.
          The army is always an option for some, but then as Robert suggests, your selling out to the rich.

  5. “TRASH”, you are thinking from the perspective of the one drop rule.
    It is possible in Latin American countries that someone who is 25% Amerind is prejudiced/”racist” someone who is 75% Amerind.
    This may seem silly to American Whites but things just work differently in a society where individuals have more diverse ancestry.

  6. I think Phil is onto something with the verbal IQ thing.
    Although of course many mainstream Conservatives aren’t racist, the over representation of libs in academia is most acute with the verbal oriented subjects- like Sociology and English, and least in Engineering, per a source that blogger Pumpkinperson referenced.

    1. It is also a counterargument to the ‘Jews only like NAMs because they want to see Whites decline argument’.
      Jews have IQs much higher than Gentile Whites overall, but especially in Verbal things.
      Such could explain the phenomena of Jewish anti-racists.

  7. Amerinds are a strange bunch. Until I got on Facebook I wasn’t aware how much they hate white people, even ones nearby, the Chrokees in North Carolina. However, it could just be extremists and I’m getting a wrong impression of all of them from one Cherokee poster.
    My own family has many strongly Amerind looking people, but generally we’ve always been one of the community and considered ourselves white. In fact, much of my family, even the Amerind ones are strongly Republican.

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