Do Chinese People Lack Humanistic or Humanitarian Values?

Commenters are suggesting that Chinese people are ruthless, coldblooded elites who lack humanistic and humanitarian impulses and care nothing about those less well off or lower on the income or class scale than they are.The problem is that this depends on which Chinese we are talking about.
Perhaps this is a good description of the Overseas Chinese of Southeast Asia and surely that is the view of the Taiwanese regime. However, even here, the record was mixed as the Malaysian Chinese for whatever reason were the main supporters of the Malaysian Communist insurgency for many years. The Chinese in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam tend to be more of the typical ruling class Chinese elites.
However, I knew several Taiwanese people who, while not favorable to Communism, smiled when I told them I was a socialist. “Oh, you are a socialist?” They asked. “Yes,” I said. And then they smiled. So I doubt if Taiwanese are ill-disposed to socialism.
People must also understand that Chinese people lack the individualistic values that Westerners often have. The Chinese are collectivists. Collectivist people tend to be more supportive of things like Communism and socialism.
People must understand that although yes, Chinese do value and money, status and class, the reason for this is not genes or IQ, it is Confucian values. It is a misconception that high IQ people tend to be lacking in empathy.
I do not know about Chinese people, but China is still run by a Communist Party called the CCP. I know quite a bit about this party and it is a lot more commie and socialist than the media or just about anyone else will tell you. They actually believe in the greatest good for the greatest number, something most capitalist countries abandoned long ago. Their policies in China reflect that. All land is owned by the state. There have been proposals to get rid of that, but the CCP wants to keep it in because if they get rid of it then a lot of people will lose their land. They want the rural people to still have land so that if they can’t make it in the city as is often the case, they can always go back to the countryside and farm.
There is little hunger in China. Malnutrition is at about 6%. Minorities can receive education in their native language. Only 6% of the population has no toilet facilities and more or less shits outdoors. Compare that to India with 60% shitting outside. China is a world leader in green technology and solar power in particular.
All education is free through the graduate level. There is no homelessness. Any homeless in big cities are either sent back to their village or put up in homeless shelters. The Chinese government is spending an unbelievable amount of money on upgrading the rural areas. something few capitalist countries will do. They are worried because the conditions out there are not that great and it is resulting in a lot of immigration to the cities.
Fully 45% of the economy is publicly owned by either the state or more commonly local municipalities. How is China a radical laissez-faire free market Libertarian country when the state owns half the economy? All of the public enterprises are still officially owned by the workers. The workers get a check every month for their share of all of the income of the enterprise. The state then deducts 95% of that to plow back into the enterprise. So enterprises that do very well have workers that make very good money.
The #2 leading television manufacturer in the world is a Chinese state firm owned by the workers. It has successfully competed with countless capitalist firms throughout the world and has out-competed almost all of them.

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101 thoughts on “Do Chinese People Lack Humanistic or Humanitarian Values?”

  1. Indonesian riots and Philippines poverty reflect the extent to which Chinese lack humanistic values as the “market-dominant minority” of Southeast Asia.
    Opportunistic businessmen pay workers nothing, bribe politicians, show no regard for anything but the bottom-line in business.
    Muslim Filipinos drove them out of the South Philippines economy and in Indonesia they were massacred after Suharto-a politician whose dictatorship had been propped by their earnings-died.
    Chinese business class who seize the economy of any country will depress wages, siphon off billions back to China and also become involved in the drug trade.

  2. SOUTHEAST ASIA Indonesians and Filipinos would probably argue that Chinese have utterly no concern for the countries they live and do business in.
    Business is the weapon of hegemony, not military. They bribe, corrupt, prevent union-formation and thus became vastly wealthy in Southeast Asia.

  3. Without Chinese, South East Asia is a shit hole. The South East Asian state progression is directly proportional to the Chinese population percentage.
    The pogroms against Chinese are due to envy and political fights between native elites.
    You lie that Muslim drove Chinese out of Southern Philippines as you know nuts about Pinoy history. Chinese Muslims control Southern Philippines.

    1. Any Filipino who has a choice between working for a US Company (IE Call Center) and some Chinese-born stingy “Chinoy” will choose to work for a decent wage (Relatively) for Americans, Brits or even Japanese.
      Methamphetamine is the greatest contribution of Chinese to the Philippines which they manufacture and all the money goes through Chinese-Filipino generals back to China.
      Filipinos were better off under the Spanish or even American colonialism before Insiks mostly from the Fujjian province swarmed into the place after World War II to monopolize business and wreck local manufacture with importation from China.
      Agriculture is still in the hands of Spanish Mestizo land-owners.

      1. People work for USA companies because US companies are still the most capitalize in the world. That allow them to provide many benefits. Period.
        When Chinese companies are as rich, people will prefer to work for Chinese companies. That is why many people prefer western companies of natives, as these natives companies lack of capital formation and they are stingy.
        And now even a lot of USA engineers like to work for Chinese companies like Huawei.
        The Chinese involvement in Philippines is far earlier than white man, and the Pinoy elites are Chinese mix blood.
        The Chinese mestizo controls Philippines. Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte himself is a mix blood Chinese as well.
        Show me evidence Philippines drug monies goes back to China. Stop lying. Every one know monies in SE Asia are park in Singapore or HK. No one ship monies to China.

        1. CONFUCIUS You Insiks would do more damage if enough Spanish half-white Mestizos did not remain in political power and agri-business not to allow you to convert the place to Taiwan or Yunnan province.
          Bastard children like Marcos/Arroyo of Chinese smugglers and Malay “comfort women” mistresses have robbed the Philippines to purchase shoes in Paris. Theft and greed with no moral sense is in the Chinese DNA along with prostitution and drug dealing.
          Duterte Chinese? Which “Family Association” does he belong to? Looks pure Malay to me.
          Maybe a Spanish priest far back who gave him his family name.

        2. The only civilization that can challenge white man is Chinese civilization.
          And it is chinese who controls pinoy till date. Spanish mesitzo got little or no power. Talking about Spanish reining in Chinese is a joke. We kick them out.
          Duterte have an “Roa” ancestor. Go check it out.
          No one better in prostitution than the pedophile devdasi institution of India.

        1. JACK No, they robbed the country blind like Marcos and Arroyo.
          Spanish and then Japanese were far worse than the Americans towards Filipinos.
          Especially Japanese.
          You are citing a single incident or two within a brief occupation by U.S. forces that terminated 400 years of tyranny by Spain.

        2. Chinese is world factory flooding not just Philippines.
          Say what you want to say, the fact is Pinoys choose to kick out USA, and choose the rule of Chinese elites. All anti colonial fighter are Chinese.

    2. “Envy”? “Chinese-MUSLIMS!” in Zambangoa.
      You Insik, probably have a picture of Confucius in your Shabu lab and your sampling your own wares.
      Granted a Confucius-loyal population of Chinese racists out for their own interests do not improve any county and their dominance over business ensures sweat shop conditions with depressed wages that stagnate the economy….I’d want them out to.

      1. Moron go read more.
        There are Chinese Muslims and Chinese Muslims even fought Uighur for China. The Xinjiang went into China hand because Hui Muslims hate separatist and defend China.
        Chinese Muslims in Southern Pinoyland controls philippines with natives elites.

    3. CHINESE POPULATION PROPORTION…Taiwan is what happens when a country in Asia has a great number of Chinese immigrants….THEY KILL THE NATIVES AND THE SURVIVORS RUN UP INTO THE HILLS!

      1. Then there are tribal warfare which the Taiwan natives attack Han as well. The Chinese in Taiwanese are natives and Chinese mixed..
        The natives in Taiwan are headhunters. We civilized them.
        The hill tribe in Taiwan have affinity to Chinese culture. In reality, the Fujian Chinese, predominantly found in Taiwan, is 50% non-Han in gene are close to Taiwan tribe, even way before they migrate.
        I am a Fujian Chinese.
        At least we never create Dalits for the Taiwanese Chinese.
        The Aryan will conduct genocide if Brahmins Romance with Dalits.

        1. Fujian Chinese are the curse of the Philippines from small villages in the Fuji Province. They are more base, rural and pig-ignorant than the Cantonese or Han Chinese.
          This is why Philippines is more of a mess than other Southeast Asian countries.
          Hakkan are especially base and lacking in moral sense.

        2. Han Chinese who settled in Taiwan are less pig-ignorant that Fuji Province Hakkan peasants and can control their theft impulses slightly better.
          Chinese men will rape a dog so of course when Chinese settlers showed up on Taiwan 300 years ago they shot all the males and raped women.
          Civilized the Taiwanese?
          Which one invited Chinese to decimate their population and rape their women?

        3. Hawaii natives are more similar to Taiwanese that people with names like Lim.
          Amoy people part Polynesian? Sure its possible, they sailed all the way from Taiwan to South America.

  4. Singapore being a Chinese states is the cleanest and least corrupt in the world, far less corrupt than many of the white man land. And corruption in SE Asian states are due to fact that Chinese need to work with the corrupt natives,
    Even China, well known for corruption are probably cleaner than USA. At least Chinese are aware the massive corrupt officials and internet keep them in check.
    USA people does not even know they are captive of TBTF banks. You elites and shylocks and shylocks are your elites, making you guys think that you are living in democracy. In reality USA is an oligarchy.
    Difference is corrupt Chinese elites get thinks done and corrupt financial elites of USA get things into impasse.
    USA is now like India, nothing is done on national level.

    1. CONFUCIUS Why do Filipinos and other Southeast Asians go to the United States to work instead of Hong Kong if they have a choice?

      1. Why do Indians go to USA to work? People in USA hate you guys.
        China Chinese will come back to China soon. USA is no longer the El Dorado, and engineers in Huawei and get equivalent salary in China.
        Reason is capital accumulation. Now, China completed her phase 1 capilta accumulation and she can keep her talent with herself.
        And when USA lose wealth, USA will see massive brain drain to China.
        And I see even fucking Indians working there when I visited Huawei. You guys beg Chinese for a job.
        Get a fucking life you Brahmin slump dog.

        1. Hakkan Chinese are more pig-ignorant, base, immoral and violent than other Asians which is why Fuji Province dirt washing up from Amoy in the Philippines has made it a worse Southeaster country than Thailand or Indonesian where the people are Han Chinese.
          I’m white, by the way.
          Hakkan Chinese in the Philippines are stopped from making the country worse by half-white Spanish Mestizos (Mexicans basically) and Pil-Ams.

        2. LOL. Truth speak for itself. We created big tech that hammer you guys. We have low crime rate.
          The place is corrupt because of native.
          You are white? No way. I see you trashing Dravidians.

        3. Fuji provinces are so awful that Hakkan peasants will do anything to be drug dealers or pimps in the Philippines.
          Notice they would rather live in the Philippines their whole lives if they can get out than return to the China.
          I’m not Indian.
          In fact I am a white male who LIVES in Southeast Asia and IS MARRIED to a member of the overseas Chinese community, specifically Yunnan.
          Two children.
          No other details about myself or what I do or what part of Asia I live in will be described. I’m anonymous.

      2. Are you aware of how many Filipinas there are working as domestics in Hong Kong?
        Filipina domestic workers (i.e. MAIDS/NANNYs/HOUSE SERVANTs/ETC.) are so prevalent in HK that it crosses generations.

  5. Can this TRASH guy stop lying?
    Without Chinese, South East Asian will have even lower salary. The highest salary place in South East Asia like Singapore, Penang, Bangkok have the highest proportion of Chinese. The native tag along.
    Singapore salary is so high the India nationals dream coming here.
    And this TRASH guy lie that Chinese involve in drug trade. Anyone caught with a little more possession of drug in China and Singapore face death penalties.
    There are Chinese drug lords in Myanmar and Golden triangle, and that got nothing to do with Chinese business class. That got to do with traditional warlordism, as well as early stage of nation building.
    And in Indonesia, Chinese is so entrench in the elites that after Suharto is gone, things get better. Indonesia capital Jarkata just got a Chinese mayor,
    Indians are despise all across SE Asia.

      “Shabu” labs with 20 Chinese gangsters making meth is the biggest contribution of Chinese to Philippines in addition to some other minor scams.
      Please tell a white living in Asia why Southeastern Asians would rather work for an American call center or even a Japanese factory than for a Chinese shopkeeper?
      Southeast Asia WOULD BE WORSE for workers if A) Some European businesses did not operate there for lower costs and B) If Southeast Asians could not go overseas to work.

  6. The reason South East Asia is worse off because natives are low IQ and corrupt. Singapore is far better than USA.
    If there are no Chinese, SE Asia will be poor. The poorest states in SE Asia are those that have little Chinese there.
    The white man MNC indeed make their impact in SE Asia for wage arbitration. And white man land is indeed more prosperous now and many SE Asian people go there and work.
    But the most heavily invested place in SE Asia like Penang, Singapore Bangkok are those with Chinese population. No MNC will go to place like Kelantan, Aceh, full of Muslims.
    The Chinese and Mestizo simply make things work.

    1. Chinese-Mestizos in Philippines started stealing as soon as Spanish/Americans gave them a country to run-Marcos, Arroyo and every Chinese-Filipino Congressman you can think of.
      Spanish-Mestizos and Pil-Ams own enough and have enough influence to prevent them turning Philippines into Taiwan where the natives are left to run around hunting pigs for food in the hills.
      Low IQ I agree with-Chinese are smart enough to deal drugs in Philippines or Cambodia and Malays are dumb enough to get hooked on them. Same principle with native politicians and bribery.

      1. Chinese has been controlling Philippines not just from Marcos. Chinese has long history in Philippines and that is why Philippines have quite sino-phille.
        In short, Chinese is Pinoy and Pinoy is Chinese in Pinoyland. There are interwine before even the arrival of white man.
        Name a Spanish or USA in power today and compare with a sea of Pinoy elites.
        Chinese have been fighting Spanish and USA in Pinoyland since immemorial. Below Datuk Piang, a Chinese Muslims controlling Muslim Pinoy.

        1. Filipino Malays hate Chinese and China as do Spanish-Mestizos who are basically Mexicans.
          They would send Chinese-Filipinos back to Amoy if the Americans allowed them to.
          Philippines are “one” with China?
          That’s what Chinese who want to control the South Sea trade route would like.

        2. I don’t think Filipinos hate Chinese/Filipino mixes as much as you think. Actually, a lot of the women who are mixed are very beautiful. But of course, anyone with any Chinese blood is going to be hated and resented to some extent because Chinese influence causes higher IQ and more money.
          Note, on the island in the Pacific I spoke of, where a white/Islander mix family is hated cause they have positions in government, schools, and own everything on this one island.

        1. Spanish half-white Filipinos are the hot women of the Philippines and that is why Filipino television looks like a Mexican fashion show.
          Chinese-Filipino men lust after them and this is why most Filipino actresses are Mestizos.
          BRAHMIN? Why Brahmin? I could be a black Dravidian or maybe even a Sikh if I were an Indian at all, which I am not.
          I’m white, obviously.

  7. When it was Chinese vs. Spanish or Chinese vs. American you ended up being “owned” for 500 years.
    I cannot really speak for Indonesia and Singapore was built by British who simply gave Lee the ass-caner enough money and industrial infrastructural assistance to build a country which he ran according to the desires of his English masters.
    It’s fairly small so Chinese with some Indian help can run a city-state that is half the size of say, Italy.

    1. Moron. Indon is Dutch.
      At least we manage to build it to first world. Every single Indian infested alien land are shit hole of caste.
      The Guyana natives hate you guys for making them dalits. You guys bring Devdasi to Nepal.

      1. Philippine Television feature no Chinese-Filipino women and looks like a Mexican fashion show of Spanish-Filipinos because secretly Chinese-Filipino men love white women. That is why Filipino television is so white.
        I’m not Indian. I have no idea why Brahmin would dislike Chinese.

      2. Devdasi? I have no idea who that is and I suspect you are not the product of Hakkan ignorant dog-eating peasants from the Fuji Province at all but an Indian yourself.

  8. You too got trapped by Robert. LOL! When I saw the post, I knew Robert’s trolling.
    Anyway, besides all that back and forth, I suggest we all look at the reality of things. Words aside. Trash, you have no case at all.

    1. Case against backward Chinese Hakkan peasants from their horrible Fuji Province villages actually improving the lives of Malays?
      Or Africans? I think I do. Africans are not as mellow as Southeast Asians and their countries are so volatile that the Chinese will not be able to establish overseas Chinese business communities as they have in Indonesia or Philippines which is something of a blessing for Africans.
      The Indonesians wanted them out so badly they killed them when the police state collapsed with the death of Suharto.
      They would go back to China but their villages in the Fuji Province are so backward and awful that it is better for them to risk their lives by remaining in Indonesia.

        1. I agree and most certainly I’m not Indian or Brahmin.
          In the Chinese caste system I would rang Cantonese and Manchuria (Part Soviet White) as superior to Hakkan which apparently most Chinese hate because they fled China for every corner of the earth in the 1800’s.

      1. Dude your knowledge is SO outdated.
        There are easily a million Chinese in Africa; in fact it’s well over a million. There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese in South Africa and Angola EACH.
        And no it’s not Chinese workers involved in construction across Africa. It’s Chinese that have packed up and MOVED TO AFRICA.
        Not surprisingly the Chinese moving to Africa are merchants that open shops in Africa or are persons setting up factories in Africa or are Chinese traders that are involved in the massive trade between Africa and China.
        “trash” EVERYTHING that you froth on and on about is completely out of date. Fujian province is one of the wealthier provinces in China.
        Dude update you information about the world and stop making a total fool of yourself.

        1. The only mixed-blood babies that will born in Africa will be to the Chinese prostitutes who always follow a Chinese expansion in rear-guard camp as they have in Dubai etc.
          Beijing is in the Fuji Province? Hong Kong? Shanghai? Chinese industry and wealth is on the coast where it has always been and I doubt that will be “updated”.
          You’ll see some fairly awful recriminations from Africans towards a market-dominant Chinese minority like Indonesia eventually.
          Probably sooner because African males are much less mellow and drunken than the Malays and there is not “Mestizo” mediation like Spanish in the Philippines who can be bribed to politically distract the Africans.

        2. ARCHI Beijing or Hong Kong or Shanghai are in the Fuji Province? I suspect that they are going to Africa and Han Chinese will continue to buy up properties in the West. Is Fuji Province still as poor or backward as it was when Chinese were pouring out of the Amoy port? Agreed, it has improved since then.
          Massive trade between Africa and China? Chinese will build factories and import their prostitutes as they have in Dubai and China Towns all over the world. On the side there will be some drug labs for distribution of meth and refined heroin as well.
          Africans really are not as mellow as Malaysians they are large, sullen, powerful black people who will probably soon dislike the Chinese market-dominant minority that wipes out their own cottage industries.
          Mixed-babies? Only out of the tired vaginas of industrial Chinese prostitutes that make Africa the last stop after Dubai towards the end of their career in the sex industry.

      1. I’m grateful for the opinions of all posters and especially Asian or South Asian ones because their responses when provoked all a very naked look into the actual psyche of these groups.

  9. Fuji province produces an awful amount of Hakkan pirates, smugglers, prostitutes and homeless who swarmed out of South China to make Malays miserable.
    What is it about the place that China did an “Australia” on like the Brits on the Southeastern Asian countries and deported its stupid Hakkan peasants to make Malays miserable.
    Oh yeah, Han tried to kill you.
    Why do Brahmin hate dumb Hakkan peasants from the Fuji province and what country in Southeast Asia were they running when the Muslims and Hokkien Chinese “kicked them out”?

  10. CREADERS has made my case for Chinese humanitarianism in Philippines.
    They more or less run the place and rob it blind leaving the natives to scurry around poor or seek menial jobs in Arab countries where they are raped.
    Chinese would turn African into a plutocracy of the same sort if they actually get their hands on citizenship.

    Britain imported Indians to Singapore and Brahmin would presumably try to find employment in Indian districts of Singapore while Filipinos seek employment from Chinese.
    Lee Cane You could not get the assistance from China to invest or develop Singapore so he went to the British.
    China like India is quite indifferent to its overseas exodus.
    In point of fact most Singapore Indians are not Brahmin: they are Sikhs and Tamils.

      1. hey chink faggot, tamils sweat and blood are behind Singapore. With tamils you chinks wouldnt lead a luxurious life abusing people. How typical of you chink mofus to discredit people in whose back you’re riding on. Even Lee Kuan Yew admitted it himself of tamils contribution towards singapore.

        1. NARSELVAM
          British dragged you to Singapore not Chinese.
          Chinese have a better ability to organize politically and financially so they have managed to rise to the top of the Singaporean system.
          It is doubtful that any other group in Singapore could have attracted foreign investment and developed it.

        2. Vedda Tamils are basically like aboriginals and become hopeless alcoholics who get legless drunk on 1 single shot of the cheap whiskey you love to drink.
          You make decent accountants for others but can never organize yourselves enough to own your own company.
          Unlike Sinhalese the Portuguese and Dutch did not even want to have sex with your women so you got no interest or privileges in their colonial administrations.
          You are at the bottom of every social system in the world from Singapore to India to Canada to Dubai.

        3. SINHALESE were attractive enough for the Portuguese and British to use the females sexually so they have enough Caucasoid blood to behave at the level of a Gujarati or Bengali.

        4. Subhuman trash, australoid tamils created the functioning indus valley civilisation. Aryan marauders were just shit . They just know raping, pillaging and hijacking other people culture. South India was not conquered by any muslim barbarians. Talk to us about civilisation when you stop walking on all your fours.

        1. The Tamils in Malaysia are criminals. If not for Chinese who civilized them in Singapore, Tamil will be champion rape race.

        2. Chink mofu, without Tamil labour Singapore is nothing. It’s because of u privileged self entitled Chinese rascals tamils are relegated to the bottom. You guys are absolute shit. There are many areas in Malaysia and Singapore that have prospered due to tamils labour. But then how would a self entitled snake eating chink pig like you know. Racism is in your blood.

  12. Brits probably civilized them to a degree but I doubt they could run a first-world country like Me Cane You-give Fuji Chinese their due for a certain degree of business-minded cunning and modernity.

  13. That 6% “open defecation” in China is way off. The actual number is more like 1 to 1.5% or 14 to 20 million persons. Even WHO agrees to those numbers.
    The only reason there is any numbers of “open defecators” in China is because of the Kazakh and Mongolian and Tibetan HERDERS that spend more than half the year out in the pasture tending their herds of yaks(Tibetans) and sheep/goats/horses(Kazakhs/Mongols).
    As for China/Han, the Chinese and the Koreans and Japanese never practiced “open defecation” because as peasant societies they held human shit as too important as fertilizer to be wasted (something I can’t understand why predominantly peasant indians didn’t figure out but instead let “pollution” control their thinking – which goes to show how stupid stupidstitions override common sense) so the Chinese and Koreans and Japanese understood enough to build outhouses to relieve themselves in giant buckets to collect their precious “night soil”.

  14. Now you are sounding out of date. You’d be hard pressed to find Herders living like Genghis Khan on the steppes in Sovietized Khazakh or Mongolia.
    Indians really just do not care if they are crude, it is not a lack of toilets in India.

    1. You’re aware that nearly half of the populace of China remains rural right? Even in Russia, where 75 of the population are urbanites there remain a not insignificant number of Turkic and Mongolian and Tungusic peoples that have not moved to the Siberian mining and industrial centers and remain as reindeer/caribou pastoralists.
      The population of Tibet is over 70 percent rural and of the near 30 percent of people living in the various Tibetan cities are overwhelmingly Han so thus the vast majority of Tibetans live in rural areas. HOWEVER, except for isolated valleys where barley can be grown, the VAST expanse of Tibet/Qinghai is NOT conducive to fixed sedentary agriculture but rather, the vast expanse of the Tibetan-Qinghai plateau is grassland which is PERFECT for cattle(yak) pastoralism.
      In Xinjiang, while the uighurs are farmers in the vast baking expanses of Southern Xinjiang/Tarim basin desert, in the Northern Xinjiang/Dzunghar basin, especially the far north, the topography is vast rolling valley grasslands: perfect for nomadic pastoralism. So while a large number of Kazakh and Mongols have assimilated into the Han culture and have become monolingual in Chinese/mandarin and reside in various cities and towns in Northern Xinjiang, there are still VERY substantial numbers of Kazakhs and Mongols that remain rural and thus, like Tibetans practicing a rural life that the geography dictates, so do the rural Kazakhs and Mongols practice nomadic pastoralism.
      THUS AS I STATED: the overall VAST majority persons practicing “open defecation” are those nomadic pastoralists residing in Tibet/Qinghai and (mainly) Northern Xinjiang. There is also a very small minority of “indigenous” peoples in parts of Northeast China (“Manchuria”) that also still live nomadic pastoralist lives.
      Which brings up your insistence that the “Manchus are the most caucasoid peoples in NE Asia”. I simply don’t have a clue where you get that cause it must be from an alternate universe. I can only surmise that you BELIEVE that the Manchus are heavily interbred with Russians. Well THAT SIMPLY IS NOT TRUE AT ALL.
      The Manchu people are/were TUNGUSIC ALTAIC-speaking peoples which means they are (almost certainly) linguistically joined to other Altaic peoples like the ORIGINAL Turkic and Mongolian and Korean peoples.
      I’m willing to bet that you believe that all Turkic speaking people all look like Turks in Istanbul. Well they don’t . The original homeland of Turkic speaking peoples are in the region of the Altai Mountains on the lands east of present Novosibirsk and those persons ALL had “oriental features. Even today in Kazakhstan, Kazakhs have classical “oriental” features. Well the Tungusic/Manchu peoples are of the same ethnic stock as the ORIGINAL Turkic and Mongolian peoples. And besides having “oriental features” “Manchu” people are like Koreans and Han/Chinese peoples in having very little body hair and males have scant facial hair.
      The Russians only began to settle into Siberia in the last 150 years with great majority occurring after the Trans Siberian Railway was built. There simply is no way that there would be enough intermingling of Russians and “Manchus” in that period to produce “very caucasoid” Manchus.
      The reality is that persons in China with a Manchu ancestry is indistinguishable from Northern Chinese.nor Koreans. Persons with Manchu ethnicity have LONG been assimilated into the Han culture and have lost their Manchu language and even their Manchu names.
      Like I said, I don’t where you get your “information” but it is in NO WAY based on reality or facts.

  15. Turks in Istanbul are Greeks. I’ve been there-unlike most Asians-and of course it is on the Mediterranean so the people are Slavic, early Greek, Arabic.
    Manchurian Chinese originated in Siberia and yes, Eurasians look different from Han Chinese on the border of Vietnam, for example. They are 6 feet tall, have Caucasoid physiques (Long lanky builds) and paler skin.
    Turkmenistan and Mongols? Who knows where these people are from, really. Their nomads and their descendants now live as far West as Hungary.

  16. ARCHI On one hand you say that the Fuji Province is now the most developed place in China and in the next you support my posit that most of China’s development is on the Pacific Coast from Hong Kong up to Beijing.
    Which is true?

    1. “trash” frothed: “you say that the Fuji Province is now the most developed place in China”
      I WROTE: “Fujian province is one of the wealthier provinces in China”
      “trash” frothed: “that most of China’s development is on the Pacific Coast from Hong Kong up to Beijing”

      1. Even Cantonese in the Philippines find the Hakkan Chinese of the provincial areas to be crude and ignorant peasants.
        They migrated through Amoy, which is a pretty minor part of China’s economy, but most were from the backward-ass interior around the river.
        Anyhow the interior of China as you say is quite rural and essentially the coastline are factory towns owned by Sam Walmart.

  17. This may be a bit off-topic, but I think the western beatnik or karate guy’s obsession with the orient is often shallow, and they’ve never really been to Asia, but that’s not saying the east isn’t exciting and massively different, but it’s not always better.
    Steely Dan commented on this in this parody hit:

  18. Collectivism isn’t always better. For instance, eugenics thinking is heavily biased against the disabled. It often doesn’t give certain people a chance because it wrongly assumes some can never amount to anything useful Also, is being useful for society always a criteria for being allowed to live?

    1. Sorry for double post. Basically collectivism simply evolves into anothe big brother philosophy. I mean, doesn’t everyone hate nosy and preachy people? How about health Nazis? Well, a collectivist society, much like a “holier than thou” church, would be full of these assholes. 😆

  19. My best friend jason growing up was a Chinese guy. Note the use of the word was. He told me that his mother would never hug him, no matter how bad his life got. he attempted suicide at one very low point in his life and he still didn’t receive affection in the way he needed. He was always put under pressure to achieve rather than become a moral person. His younger sister Jenny was treated similar. He told me that it was normal for Chinese parents not to touch their kids affectionately.

  20. Mind you, Robert, Russians are like that TOO!
    And you are fine with spreading Communism around.
    Let me tell you this, you are mercantilist at heart, ’tis for ‘tat, you think if you give people “free money” one way or another, they will return the favor. Perhaps even to someone else.
    Like that movie “Pay it forward”.
    But the opposite is true, you give them ’tis and they want more from you. Because people around here have a surplus of humans to get rid off, they basically interpret that giving away stuffs to “buy favour” is a sign of inherent weakness/ docility.
    Like hunters vs preys, they will rip you off!
    Take the Japanese troops in the Pacific as an example. They thought Americans treated POW well because Americans feared what would happen to them if they’d been defeated and captured by the glorious IJA.
    In other words, these people want ruthless leaders/ funny elders to kick them and guide them to kick others, and not much freedom or democracy.
    The nickname for a Japanese soldier in the IJA was “bullet”, they even had that mindset “better wasting people than bullet”.
    The Japanese commoners should be thankful that the USA invaded them. You guys improved their lots alot.
    Obviously in the middle of a group of Westerners, I act differently than if I am part of such a group. I am expendable in the latter.

  21. New Filipino president hates America and is even meaner than Hugo Chavez.

    Glad to hear it.

    The people there though, in general, still like America.

    Too bad.
    I am one of the worst America haters you will ever meet. I REALLY hate this country. I hate the government of course, but the government is put in by the people, who know exactly what the fuck they are doing. But increasingly our elite is even going against what the people themselves want. I am starting to really hate the US elite. Elites everywhere suck balls to the max because that’s all they can ever do in time and space generally. Elites suck because they are human. When a human turns into an elite, he starts to suck if he didn’t suck already.
    Our elites are true scum. I haven’t felt this much hate for them in a long time. What is really starting to make me mad is that now the people are starting to catch on to their shit and they don’t care. They are just blazing right ahead with their elite project and the Hell with what all of us think.

    1. I never said I disagreed with how he thought. It’s mostly sarcasm. But honestly though, he’s trading one for the other, China for America. Both nations are bent on imperalist domination, or do you think China has positive points? You did mention they have some socialist stuff going on you like.

      1. China is far less imperialistic than USA or all other nation that have disposal to be imperialistic.
        Even today, white man procurement of strategic resource and influence in middle east or Africa is by supporting arm factions or color revolution. Other than that, buy massive financial infiltration through world bank, IMF, Goldman…etc
        China buy friends by building infra-structure.

        1. Well, that’s because Western leaders are still concerned with exporting human rights and revolutions. I don’t know whether you can see it for yourself, but South Korea is somewhat better than North Korea, Taiwan than China, Thailand than Cambodia, and Ukrainians are mostly ok with Russia out of sight.
          Speaking about Africa, Africa is always…. Africa.
          China gives direct money to unpopular regimes, but who cares about that. That’s state secret! The Chinese don’t much want to dirty their hands.
          Robert? He hates America too much to see things clearly any way.
          North Koreans only have intranet, a local network for themselves, they definitely dont complain.
          I think Robert is mostly bored, he doesn’t hate that much, he is just bored to death because living in the Jungle is of course more exciting than a highly regulated society.
          I’m watching a Transformers movie, I and say to myself: “Bullshit!”

          Some solve boredom by joining IS.

        2. CREADERS Like most Hakka shopkeeper class you believe that Southeast Asia should be run by peasants pouring out of Amoy but at the same time accuse the U.S. of Imperialism!
          Philippines and Myanmar would be much, much worse if the U.S. did not have enough influence with the native elite and Spanish mestizos of the ladder to keep foul Fuji peasants from literally killing the natives off like they did to in Taiwan.

        3. No you don’t, Hakka peasants show up in places that were British or Spanish colonies and either pay off the government through bribes (Philippines/Indonesia) or you were COOLIES of British administraitions (Singapore, Malaysians) like Me Cane You was who convince the Brits to finance infrastructure.
          IMPERIALISM! These the same Insik Hakka peasant who believes (Like most Confucian peasant Amoy) that Southeast Asia wants or depends upon Chinese to “run its economy”.
          You do point a gun at their head economically and most Filipinos would want every Hakka peasant like you gone tomorrow if the option existed (You showed up with some money as the Americans were leaving and wriggled into the merchant class which allowed you to run rampant over the economy so they cannot get rid of you).

    Hakka peasants have become an Imperialistic headache and nightmare in Myanmar and Philippines but are somewhat held in check in Malaysia and Singapore by Sikhs and other Indians.
    On one had you complain about U.S. Imperialism and on the hand you believe Chinese Hakka peasants should “run Southeast Asia”.
    Scary, dumb Fuji peasants.

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