Alt Left: Why "Rape Culture" Is Simply Normal Human Culture As It Has Always Existed

Tulio writes:

Logical fallacy. “Normal” does not equal good or acceptable. I’m not just talking rape, I mean anything. Slavery was also once normal too. Just sayin’.

Tulio: Let’s look at their definition of Rape Culture. Once we look at it, this Rape Culture thing is simply the way that all or nearly all human societies have functioned all through time. In other words, it’s normal. It’s not even pathological. It’s just the way people are.

In rape culture:

  • Men act masculine and practice obligatory masculinity. Normal.
  • Women act feminine and practice obligatory femininity. Normal.
  • Women are sexually objectified by men. Normal.
  • Women experience high levels of “sexual harassment” by men in the workplace and elsewhere. Normal.
  • “Sexual harassment” is seen by women as “just men being men.” Normal but possibly not even true in the West anymore.
  • Society is dominated by men. Normal or at least typical and de facto among humans. Possibly not even true in the West anymore.
  • Rape is an ever-present fear for women. Normal.
  • Rape is seen as something which can never be eradicated. Normal.
  • Men are expected to prove their manliness via masculinity. Normal.
  • Men prove their competence via masculinity. Normal.
  • Men are expected to suppress their feminine sides. Normal.
  • Women are expected to suppress their masculine sides. Normal.
  • Rape has an evolutionary basis, and males have an inborn tendency towards rape. Normal.
  • The onus is on women to avoid being raped. Normal.
  • The onus is not on men to control themselves and stop raping. Sadly normal in much of the world, but not the case in the West anymore.
  • Women take all sorts of extra precautions to avoid being raped. Sadly normal.
  • Women must treat every man they meet as a potential rapist. Sadly normal.
  • Patriarchy dominates society. Normal but not the case in the West anymore.
  • Men are supposed to be the protectors of women. Normal.
  • Although men are supposed to be the protectors of women, they do a rather lousy job of it. Sadly normal.

Do you see what these nutcases are doing? This horrible thing that they call rape culture that we are all supposed to be freaked out and upset and wringing our hands about is simply the natural, normal, probably biologically driven way that the vast majority of human societies on Earth have functioned as far back as we can tell.
In fact, societies used to be far worse with regard to this normal human rape culture.

Human society at least in the West has gotten far less rapey in the modern era than it used to be. In fact, there are suggestions that among Pleistocene humans, rape may have been nearly continuous and the violent abuse of women was so common as to be typical. Look at the skeletons of humans from 12,000 years ago that have been found in Mexico. The people appear rude, crude and robust in terms of features, were very strong in terms of bone size, and most of the women were found to have suffered many injuries. Even teenage girls had suffered quite a few injuries.

The thinking is that these early Amerindians were an exceptionally brutal people for whom violence was the norm, the females of the society experienced a lot of serious violence from the men, and rape was probably the norm. To say that life was short, nasty and brutish was an understatement.

Worse, the feminuts say that unless we unravel the way human societies have always been, we will always have this Rape Culture bullshit. Well, I guess we will always have Rape Culture then because it doesn’t look like any of this is going away anytime soon.

Nor should it, I would argue.

Look, the feminists have already told us what their idea of a Non-rape Culture is. And it’s not a culture you would even want to live in unless you were a Cultural Left nut.

A Non-rape Culture is one in which:

  • Men do not act particularly masculine and women do not act particularly feminine. Granted we are already getting there, but is that a good thing? You want this? What sort of freakazoid society is that?
  • Men do not attempt to prove their masculinity. Maybe not a bad idea, but it will probably never happen, one reason being that women themselves will not tolerate this as it is often women who try to force men to prove their masculinity.
  • Men do not attempt to prove their competence by acting masculine. Ok, that sounds like a very bad idea and a recipe for mass incompetence.
  • Women are not sexually objectified by men. Granted we are already headed that way, but is that a good thing? Do you want to live in a society where you where if you try to be sexual in any way with a woman in public, even by looking at her, it is nearly illegal? Sucks or what?
  • “Sexual harassment” is removed from work and other public spaces. To feminists, sexual harassment means men looking at women, men flirting with women, men making sexual remarks to women, men acting seductively towards women, men asking women out, men asking women for their phone numbers, etc. Feminists apparently think this is evil or something, and they want to remove the ability of men to act sexual towards women in most public spaces. I agree that they might grant us active heterosexual scum special “pickup zones” that might look like bars, nightclubs, or special cafes, but they would resign this activity to those areas only and proscribe it everywhere else. Granted we are already halfway there, and it’s just about a firing offense to ask out any woman at your work, but is that a good thing? You want this?
  • The onus on women to avoid being raped is removed. This would be nice, but logically that would just result in women doing a lot of stupid and heedless things and probably a lot more women getting raped.
  • Rape is seen as something that could be wiped out if we only tried hard enough. It would be nice if we could have a society where rape was seen as something that could be wiped out, but logically that is probably not even possible, and it would just result in the sort of thing we are already experiencing: endless, vitriolic, pointless, irrational and poisonous “wars on rape” which would boil down to “wars on men,” more women hating men, more women turning into lesbian idiots, more insipid laws and rules like consent agreements on college campuses, and more men responding via reactionary movements. Sort of like the society we have now.
  • Men no longer feel that they have to protect women. Fine! We won’t protect you ingrate bitches anymore! See how you like it! Tell you what, men resign from protecting women, and the rates of violence and rape against women are going to go way up. That’s because contrary to Mary Edwards Walker (probably a dyke no man would protect anyway), men protect women from violence, rape and other harm every single day, possibly hundreds of times a day or more, often with considerable risk to themselves. But they want us to stop risking our asses for women? No problem! See how they like being even more defenseless!
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27 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why "Rape Culture" Is Simply Normal Human Culture As It Has Always Existed”

  1. When in Rome do as the Romans do. It depends on the environment, in some places it’s cool for guys act flirty etc.. and some places it isn’t. Also gender roles are not set in stone, nor should they be. Some women for instance, like athletics and some guys enjoy writing poetry.

    1. Tell you what. You, as a straight man, go ahead and abandon masculinity and adopt femininity. You try that for a while and then get back to me and let me know how it goes.

      1. Lots of guys abandon masculinity and nobody gives a shit. For instance, does anyone care that Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics, some of them, are a little un-macho?

        1. Simon and Garfunkel are masculine guys. If you think you can abandon masculinity and just cruise through life that way, by all means, go for it, but my experience in life has taught me that doing that leads to all sorts of lousy problems.

        2. The definition of masculinity is up in the air. For instance, nobody like whiny wimps, but you might get away with it if you can put it to guitar lyrics.

        3. I will go against the Cucks on this one.
          This is a very key part of human nature, doing these things defined in “Rape culture” (which, it isn’t).
          We don’t want a repeat of Nanking or anything but very small expressions of sexuality are part of what helps humans exist.

    2. It depends on the environment, in some places it’s cool for guys act flirty etc.. and some places it isn’t.
      Tell you what. Please name some of the places in society where it is not ok for guys to act flirty, ok?

      1. In the teaching profession it can cause social problems, loss of respect among students, faculty. Probably it wouldn’t be cool in a co-ed military unit, but I know most social conservatives want the military segregated by gender.
        Flirting generally leads to a load of problems in any kind of working situation and it’s especially worse if the boss want to get some.

        1. In the teaching profession it can cause social problems, loss of respect among students, faculty. Probably it wouldn’t be cool in a co-ed military unit, but I know most social conservatives want the military segregated by gender.

          I worked in teaching for a long time and I dated my fellow teachers. It was not a problem. Do you have any idea how many teachers date each other?
          I have no idea about the military but my nephew met his first wife in the military so it looks like people do hook up there.

          Flirting generally leads to a load of problems in any kind of working situation and it’s especially worse if the boss want to get some.

          Do you think that flirting should be banned in the workplace? Do you have any idea how many people date people at work?

  2. Dude a black kid stuck his finger up his ass and stuck it up my nose. Do you think he was trying to defile white women?

    1. I see a double standard where WNs, not referring to RobertLindsay, would praise being a chauvanist male, as long as the guy was white. Get it?

  3. Possibly I see a thing where cool guys can flirty nowadays, but creeps, worms cannot. So any guy the girls don’t like would be a sexual harasser, but not the guy with the in-fashion hair-do and funny jokes. Correct?

    1. I used to be the cool guy who could get away with flirting a lot, but now that I am an Omega due purely to age, I am the creep/worm type you refer to and yes, pretty much any flirting I do pretty much gets seen as something like sexual harassment, correct.

  4. Generally, a guy can somewhat get away with channeling sensitivity into music, but just saying it out loud, like on social media or something, could get you labeled a wuss. Saying stuff outright, like “Oh I love the little children of the world or something.”, is just too wussy to be taken straight. It’s kind of like how you wouldn’t drink vodka straight.

  5. So the twenty on one rapes by the refugees on European women
    are simply boys being boys. Funny it didn’t happen to the same
    degree BEFORE these “opressed” dezins arrived.

    1. Muslims are practicing rape culture, yet these WNs are condemning the sexual harassment of German women to an extreme degree. However, the white man, according to them, should be able to rape if he chooses. ???

  6. My point is that normal does not mean justifiable or excusable. Sure one could argue that rape is “normal” in the sense that it would happen frequently if law and order broke down and there was no social stigma against it and men knew they could get away with it. But you could say the same thing about burglary.
    Now as far as this SJW definition of “rape culture”, it’s blown wildly out of proportion. I don’t believe there is any rape culture to speak of in the West.

    1. maybe because it has to do with the fact the negroid sup-species (homo sapiens aficanus?) happens to be the most polygamous of all the human racial groups, as perhaps best demonstrated by the fact 80% of all black people are born out of wedlock in America! As I’ve been spending time here in Omaha, especially in the area that is the epicenter of African American life throughout Omaha’s history, I’ve come to witness the worst of black (mis)behavior, though I’d say the recent immigrants from eastern Africa tend to display even lower registers level of intelligence than the brownish black Americans, as the latter tends to be more crime prone for some reason, as it’s not uncommon around here for black men to have 5 children with 3 different women, sometimes 1 of them being white.

      1. No, that’s not always been the case. It wasn’t the case before the 1960s counter culture thing. Actually all groups to some extent went wild at the time, but NAMS have had it tougher as they don’t have the resources to bounce back from the damage as much.

        1. Actually and I can expect to get a lot of criticism from WNs over this one, the drug stuff with NAMS was orchestrated to keep the NAMS under control. For instance, cocaine was banned because of the threat of productive cheap black workers, pot was banned to keep the wetbacks out, and herioin was banned to keep the chinks out.
          So yeah, drug use is bad, but what’s worse is the government which really WANTS the NAMS etc.. to do drugs as a method of social control, and now we can extend this stuff to poor whites who are kept down via meth etc…

  7. 200,000 plus years of human evolution vs. just 50 years of cultural ‘marxism’, in other words, can’t really fight nature!

    1. In some situations aggressiveness is called for, in other situations, you look like a creep or a dork. For instance, a bachelor party might be the appropriate places for whooping and hollering over some barely dressed women. On the other hand, grabbing a waitresses’ ass at IHOP wouldn’t be appropriate.

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